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Sunday, November 23, 2008

My holidays

So there are a few things that happened during my week long holiday.
Well, I can tell you that my holidays were
No action at all.

I didn't sneaked out of my house to some girl's house and serenade her with Secondhand Serenade's 'Fall For You' which I think the song sucks.
You know, its for those 'secondhand' people.
I didn't go to grappa, get drunk and got gang bang by 4 large dicked Malays
I didn't sneak out of my house just to meet someone in a car then drive to some park and receive a blowjob. (or was it give?)
I wasn't kidnapped by some dominatrix in a catwoman suit who tickles me with a pink feather thing around my crotch and whips my ass with a black whip at the same time while I was chained with my arms and legs spread.
I didn't go to the croc farm and wrestle the crocs like Steve Irwin
I didn't throw cow's blood on Wilhelmina Slater for wearing a rare snow leopard fur.
I wasn't involved in the protest in Thailand where someone hurled a grenade and killed people.
I didn't impersonate Joe Jonas and dumped a girl over a 27 second phone call
I did not do anything but I did do something.

I went to Spring for some Brendan time since I was bored and have nothing to do but be an idiot and do some window shopping (which I swear I never do)
But I bought food so not really window shopping.
Window shoppers are losers.
So then I saw the bitch and pathetic couple of Jenny and Eric or Jeneric (Great! Just My day!)
I call them Jeneric cause they are common trailer park trash
So the bitch and the bastard macam Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag only Spencer and Heidi are more better, talented, bitchier and more exposed than them acting like love sick cow whores and a sick looking drug addled pimp walking around Spring like the oh so destined living in Trailer Park trash.
Most probably window shopping
(SEE! Told you losers window shop!)
So I was like HI, you know being nice and all
Then the dumbass bitch Jenny laughed like some hyena cow whore for whatever cow whore fucktarded reason
While the boyfriend was like waving hi
I walked away, sensing that when I look at them, I just need to puke
Cause they look so much like trailer park trash.

Another interesting thing happen is Spring Cleaning
Which my mom was so enthusiastic about
Where I carry a lot of things to the Salvation Army
My mom as the average clueless Malaysian that think the Salvation Army is some kind of dumping ground wanted to dump the broken fan and microwave there too
Which thankfully I told her not to
and then we sent it to the recycling center instead.
So to all Kuchingnites
Please do not dump your useless junk to the Salvation Army
These children are people too.
People with holes in their nether region part of their pants.
So please be considerate
If you things are broken
Send it to the recycling center!

Oh yeah! My car is NO LONGER a TRANNY
As I was washing my car, alone
(Wow, Brendan so grown up!!!!!! Wash car by HIMSELF AH!!!!!!!)
Then I saw it
The sissy, rainbow, gay pride butterfly is GONE
I was estatic
I thought that my dad took it off so I was very happy
Yeah right.

I was in esctacy till I found out what actually happened
My mom told me everything
Some bastard peel off half the butterfly sticker.
Dad, pissed, peeled everything.
I can imagine him being Ben Beng
The male and ah beng version of Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifa Jackson.
Here is a youtube clip of Bunifa
Btw, there's more but this is my fav.

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