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Monday, February 19, 2007

This is a two cans of empty cat food with a rope attached.
Unbeknownst to all of you, it has many uses
As you all know, it can be used as a phone and it is legal to use in school.
From left, jeremy, luke and alex. These guys are my friends from school. Thus, the shabby looking classroom and the disastruous uniforms.

We are doing a comercial for 'Friskies'. We have created a slogan called 'Friskies, God's gift to cat food.' As you can see we got everything right but those guys are no top models like yours truly

Did u noe that u can stuff it in your chest, and get instant breast?
OMG, alex has BIG BOOBS!

Luke, unfortunately is a sex addict so he decided to fulfil his sexual arousal, Alex did not seem to mind to oblige.

I just had to take one more shot, because he even has nipples on it. Is that milk on Luke's mouth?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Temperature + Ass Kissing = PRESSURE ^3 + Attempted suicide.

I know, that you don't really get the title.
I know that you don't really understand what the fuck i am saying.
The pic helps?
Funny huh?
It was drawn by one of the coolest teachers in the whole damn world!
She was explaining about how temperature increases the effective collisions in a rate of reaction.
Anyway that was a joke on our sunflower-haired principle to help us further understand the the rate of reaction.

So back to the real deal okay?
Just like my dad whose hobbie is comparing their children to other people.
The principal compared us to her former school, homework wise
She said the homework load of her previous school is 3 times of the homework load in our school
so to ass-kiss, um i mean impress her, the teachers all so stupidly, um i mean loyally obliged
and guess who suffers?

My homework is now 3 mountainious piles of books, essays and other crap!
Did you know that what we are doing in a week is an australian's load for the whole month?
Did you know that American's homework load is like 1 small hill compared to our Mount Everest like homework pile?

With all due respect Madam Principal
Your decision to increase homework is deadly and stressful?
Did you know that some of us are attempting suicide?
Thus, that's why temperature means a principal who respects dictatorship!
We are teenagers, not clones, robots or armies.
We need our freedom
We need to let down our hair
We have a life!
Kuching has only 1 Jia Jia
Not 7 dozen types of Jia Jia at bintulu.
That's why you should never compare and revolutionise our school in an extreme way even though it may be for our own good
We should have time to focus on our extra-curricular activities and leisure

Speaking of crap, we were handed out thesr guide book for students.
The rules are GOD DAMN way longer than most schools as they have a notice full of rules that has a maximum of 30
Instead of a book full of them about our uniforms?
Whatever happened to democracy?
We are like prisoners and dogs for GOD SAKES!

Therefore i think SMK SUngai Maong is pretty much called the Prison school that forces innocent students to be nerdass dogs!
Forever remaining the name of asians as nerds and slaves!