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Monday, July 27, 2009

Some of my more 'exotic' members of my wardrobe

I love my clothes, I really really do
In fact, I don't mind even posting pictures of them
Putting them on my blog
Showing the quilt my grandma made me
I mean, come on, who has a grandma that is a knitting sensation that devotes time, love and care to produce a quilt for you, that is so snuggly and warm and absolutely perfect for rainy afternoons with a nice pot of warm tea on the side.
Now time to show you guys some of my clothes in my wardrobe
These are just some of the stuff I bought from London

This is my awesome 3/4 pants from Primark. Not going to tell you the price because Paris says its tacky, so I am not gonna do it too. Anyways, this pair of pants is so cool, perfect for some ultra chic vacation wear. I usually pair them with a plain colored tee, preferably red, blue or green with my matching Adidas sneakers.

This is a pair of dark purple skinny jeans or move. Skinny jeans are jeans that are like super tight and well, real skinny on your leg and thigh area. Btw, I introduced Purple Skinny Jeans, its my fashion statement, I rock! I usually pair it with a shirt. The Skinny Jeans are from Uniqlo.

This is my super awesome high fashion pants that I bought from a boutique in Camden Town. Perfect for formal wear, my pants are absolutely HOT!

This is my signature pale pink pants from Uniqlo. I love it and it definitely is my favorite because it so totally stands out. I love them, I usually pair this with my Zara polo that I got from Champs Elysees.

My Zara polo that I bought from Paris or Champs Elysees to be exact. I love it so much but be careful though, the material is kinda strecthy so always becareful with it, especially with washing machines and when wearing it, don't pull it down too hard, best be gentle.

This is a close up of my tee, so that u can see the French inspiration towards it.

This is a tee from Berskha, I love it because its blue, and I like blue and white so I think its cute, I love it.

I know Glamour Magazine says that wearing tees with raunchy words on them is called a Fashion Faux Paux, even worse is when there are suggestive pornography printed on tees in the UK. But definitely, this is my ultimate guilty pleasure, I know its tacky but I just love it when people need to read the sign on your T-shirt, plus I am doing the world a favor by teaching them proper English, I teach people how to properly use the F-Word when I wear it. I found this in one of the many souvenir shops found in Central London, actually I got them at Camden Town, I think. I forgot already, lol.

My Berskha white JEANS! HAHA!!! Chester, I got WHITE JEANS!!! HAHAHA, its so white, so delicate, becareful though, I wouldn't wear them on rainy days. But becareful with it though, the colour may bleach other clothes that have colour.

This is my shirt from Topman, I would say that it is one of my more expensive purchases, lol. Its one of those clothes where I just have to have it. I need to have, and swear I look good on it. And it fits me perfectly, I usually pair it with my purple skinny jeans from uniqlo.

This is my red pants from Uniqlo, major hot color if you ask me, as you can see, my bedsheet is red, so I need to put it on the floor for contrast. I usually pair it with a simple black tee. I love it so much, lol.

Well, that's about it, wait until I take more pics and I am gonna camwhore with my new sunnies, well old sunnies from River Island, but they are sunnies. Anyway, TTYS. Sorry for not been a lazy blogger past few months, need to get bitten by the blog bug again, still waiting for it, lol.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I want to move out of Kuching Because...

Since I can't, I will compile 25 reasons in no particular order on my reasosn to leave this shitty town.

  1. I want to move out of Kuching because I cannot stand my mother
  2. I want to move out of Kuching because there is not enough shopping malls
  3. I want to move out of Kuching because I don't like the humid weather
  4. I want to move out of Kuching because most people here are idiots
  5. I want to move out of Kuching because most girls here have no taste in fashion
  6. I want to move out of Kuching because I want a fresh start
  7. I want to move out of Kuching because I want new scenery
  8. I want to move out of Kuching because I am not sexually attracted to the guys here
  9. I want to move out of Kuching because I am not sexually attracted to the girls here
  10. I want to move out of Kuching because I can clearly see that the transexuals are actually men in a dress and some make up
  11. I want to move out of Kuching because I hate the trashy fashion sense here
  12. I want to move out of Kuching because the place is boring
  13. I want to move out of Kuching because I prefer larger options
  14. I want to move out of Kuching because I am jealous that my youngest brother is going to a private school even though he has an intelligence of a halfwit
  15. I want to move out of Kuching because I am realizing my youngest brother got the education I wanted and I find it unbearable to live with
  16. I want to move out of Kuching because if I am stuck here for another 2 years, I am pretty sure that I am going to commit suicide
  17. I want to move out of Kuching because I am poretty sure I can lose weight and be fit elsewhere
  18. I want to move out of Kuching because I like cities and Kuching isn't.
  19. I want to move out of Kuching because students here would think that Swinburne is a resort hotel if there is a swimming pool available.
  20. I want to move out of Kuching because there are too many geeks, dorks and nerds here.
  21. I want to move out of Kuching because some people think that heart shaped nugget is WESTERN FOOD
  22. I want to move out of Kuching because the word 'western food' exists.
  23. I want to move out of Kuching because I find most people here annoying and immature
  24. I want to move out of Kuching because Swinburne has more slackers than actual workers
  25. I want to move out of Kuching because there is no Prada

Thursday, July 16, 2009


How could you do this to me
That you hurt me down to the core

How can I trust you?
How can I love you?
How can I forgive you?
When you stabbed me in the back
and left me for dead

My heart breaks into two
Stabbed in the back by someone I valued
How could you do this to me
How could you betrayed me
How could I love you anymore
when you betrayed me
when you betrayed me

Because we never talk like we used to
Are the words that come up when I think of you

How could you do this to me
When I helped you in everything
Now thanks to this curve ball
Makes me wonder, if our relationship is worth it at all

My heart breaks into two
Stabbed in the back by someone I valued
How could you do this to me
How could you betrayed me
How could I love you anymore
when you betrayed me
when you betrayed me

Let these violins portray
My built up rage
Let the piano play
The sorrow in my heart
As it all calms down
I am left with nothing but a broken trust

My heart breaks into two
Stabbed in the back by someone I valued
How could you do this to me
How could you betrayed me
How could I love you anymore
when you betrayed me
when you betrayed me

When you betrayed me

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spotlight On: Shaheen Jafargholi

This kid is basically phenomenal
He was on Britain's Got Talent along side the famous Susan Boyle.
Micheal Jackson was planning to pass the torch to Shaheen during his shows in London.
Sadly, as we all know MJ died of cardiac arrest before he is able to start his 'This Is It' tour where he would have performed 50 shows in London.
However, the kid along with High School Muscial Guru, Kenny Ortega came to the memorial to pay the tribute.
I have to say, it was amazingly shocking!
So Brendzblog Legionaires
I present to you
Shaheen Jafargholi!

Monday, July 13, 2009


My twitter got hacked
Someone posted that I am dead


Alive, kickin and bitchin yo!

Why am I not updating these days?

  1. Playing WRC on PS2
  2. Reading Angels and Demons
  3. Shopping
  4. Sleeping
  5. Typing something else
  6. Writer's block

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Born Better

English is a language that is internationally recognized and well established in various career paths. Most English speaking countries (countries that where English is thought, it need not be a national language) use English as a medium of communication to teach students in schools, especially colleges. Business, international forums and events all use English as one form of communication. In today's competitive world, English is now more important than ever, especially in a continent rich in diversity such as Europe and Asia. With so many languages used, you need a language that most people understand, that it when English comes into play.

Now I am very disappointed with the government putting English far away in the background in favor of the Malay language and respective mother tongues of other races. Revert back to the backwards way of using Malay to teach Science and Math has pushed English to somewhere in the end of the alimentary canal of the Malaysian Education Ministry. In my opinion, it is a step backward for Malaysia and contradicts Malaysia's new economic policy of opening its businesses to investments from foreigners.

English is definitely a language that is very important in our everyday life. I know that it is hard to most people because it is a language of white people and not Malays, Indians or Chinese but it is a you can't beat them, join them situation. Everyone is learning the language, as it is the language that most people use for things international. Plus, I can tell you, that those of us who are good at English (at least in my experience) tend to be better contributors to the nation than those of us who suck at English. Here are a few reasons why those of us who are fluent in English are plainly 'Born Better'.

1. We have better information or at least better understanding at the information

Most of the info we get are in English. If you give the same piece of paper filled with technical information to a person who is fluent in English and a person who is not. I can assure you that the one with great fluency will triumph over the non fluent one. The English language is always conducted in professional businesses. Nobody is going to do it in Chinese or Hokkien unless both parties can use the language. You know why most employers prefer graduates from universities like Swinburne instead of local unis? Its because of the English Language proficiency.

You can take my couples article for example. I can honestly tell you, there is a huge barrier drawn from those who are good at English and those who suck at it. Those who are good obviously will agree with me, those who suck well all they can yap is calling me 'gay', 'cibai kia', and 'chao ang mo' in any order and insulting my mother. Obviously their mothers did not raise them properly. (Unfortunately they are in Swinburne too. So employers just have to look at how the way they talk)

2. We are much saner.

We don't put one foot up on a chair, slurp, talk loudly and post hurtful anonymous comments on other people's blogs. We don't listen to trashy music while driving 180 km per hour in the little kancil. We have obviously much better fashion sense and we do not carry fake designer bags. We also do not dye our hair into colours that resembles the faeces of animals.

We also do not wear earrings that light up like some kind of beeper. We do not ride our motorcycles like surfboards. We do not rapidly increase the morality rate of the nation's car accident index. We are not lazy, anti-Americans/potential terrorists. We do not act like someone that has popped up from the jungles of Mount Santubong.

We do not have a narrow mind. Moreover, I can bet these people do not even know how to write one sentence in English.

3. We can mix with anyone aka we do not discriminate

Race or religion does not matter here. We have one language and we group together because of same interest, not because of the color of our skin. We tend to be much better at harmonizing than others. You see teaching things in English eliminates the whole playground advantage the mother tongue gives as everyone is learning it and almost everyone is unfamiliar with it. By using English in the medium, it will eliminate the whole racial discrimination thing. Even if everyone learns Malay, but the Bumis have been learning it since they were born, so that is like a 7 year advantage. With English, most Malaysian families do not bother conversing in it, thus everyone is new.

You see, English is important in today's society. We should not pull it back, we should push it forward. For the benefit of the younger generation.


VOTE: NO (for those of us who are born better)

vote: yes (for those of you choosing to be losers for life)

Monday, July 06, 2009

Goodbye Foundation!

Goodbye Foundation!!!
To celebrate this special occasion, a bunch of us classmates decided to head on over to Food & Tea (well, Martin decided that he wants to go Food & Tea and insisted on it even though after repeated vain attempts of convincing him not to i.e. me since I used to work there) to celebrate one final gathering as a Foundation Class before moving on with degree.
I have to say it was quite a success gathering this much people.

Yeah, we asked a waitress do take a pic, not bad photography skills, I have to say.

Me taking a picture of my drink with my hp (Yes I do food whore *blushes*) and Doreen too (she doesn't food whore she is just there). LOL. The masterminds of the little gathering. She suggested it and I just did the work. If it was not for her, an end of foundation lunch would not have been possible. So thanks Doreen!

Yuyun, Jia Jin, Johanna and Martin! Great people!

GUHAN! The most positive and supportive man that I have ever known! You would do someone's wife very happy one day! Martin and that cute Body Glove shirt (thinking of buying, not green though, white? Nah! I hate the rough cotton)

There is Audrey and Siaw Wee! And... Oh.No.He.Didn't! Martin! That guy took the picture while I was eating! OMG OMG OMG! You know how badly it will effect my celebrity status??? (None actually, I have to eat, I am human and plus sized!) I am NOT fat, I am PLUS SIZED! HEALTHY!

Okay, the weird paparazzi photos of me so has to stop!

Yeah, this is when we started to count the $$$! Belinda starts being the accountant of everything, taking charge with authority, lol. I don't know about you guys, but after accounting and getting into more math, my brain is like mush. Belinda even said that my math is horrible (you can add doubles in badminton into the mix). Btw, have you seen Belinda's Michelle Mccool inspired hair? That is so COOL! I love her hair! If I were a girl, I would totally get that hair and be a mean girl! That hair means business yo! (Okay, I really need to lay off the wrestling)...

And this is SO NOT what we gave to the cashier! Why? Cause we paid exactly the total stated and yes it is a long receipt. Its 17 people and there are like 35 items there! The extra item is not me, just saying that I do keep watch of my weight!

Yeah so it totals to 222.53 and a 20 dollar service charge! Yeah a 20 dollar service charge! I hate service charges! I would prefer to tip!

Also attending is Jacqueline, Min Chiong, Kai Xia, Ee Ling, Kelly, Cynthia and May!
You guys were great! Though I guessed I should have spent more time to get to know you people. But not to worry, cause I learned a lot about other people that day! Which is great!

After that, we obviously went SHOPPING!! (Well, I obviously went shopping)
After hitting through Body Glove, Parkson and then PADINI!
Just so you know, the only thing that I am proud in Malaysian Products is PADINI!
The rest...
So Martin wanted to buy a half off jacket but he has to buy a full priced item to get a discount. So, he asks me to buy, which I refused! (Hello! I need to two large segments in my wardrobe just for T-Shirts! Moreover, they are spereated to many categories which is a long story so all you need to know that I shop a lot of tees until my closet is full and my mother is pissed about it. As if I give a damn.) But actually I do, cause enough is enough (brain) but it never hurts to get just one more (heart).

Then I saw it. I looked hot in it and I bought it! 50 bucks fly away just like that and it is so worth it! Plus, I have something up on my sleeve, I always do!

Then I had to go to Pending to take a package from London. Obviously is my Marc Jacobs tee (will reveal soon). Which then came out with a bag from Selfridges and another from Marc Jacobs! Love them! Yes! I keep shopping bags! They make awesome gift bags!

So I removed the tag from the Padini tee and then told my mom that I left it in London! And I tried to lied my way and said that I wore it many times in London so therefore it does not go to my mothers closet where it is taken hostage till Chinese New Year. (Yes, that is how horrible she is! Very unfair!) Clothes are meant to be worn and showed off to those who can never afford it! I tell you, my food can be cheap, my bed can be queen sized, my house can be rented but my clothes have to be hot! Anyway, I failed and its kidnapped along with my Marc Jacobs! At least she is smart enough not to keep the jeans I left there till the next Chinese New Year because I wore them at this year's Chinese New Year!

Other than that, Sweetheart From Hell by Lim May Zhee. Not bad I have to say. Its the bitcher, self centred version of Becky Bloomwood.

By the way, the shirt that I wore in the pictures above? Its from Topman!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Movie Review: Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen


I get to see more of Megan Fox being absolutely sexy! I get to see Megan Fox looking oh so hot! Oh right, Sam goes to college. Something about the All Spark and the Revenge of the Fallen. Egypt, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megan Fox's breasts and explosions, explosions, explosions and... oh yeah! EXPLOSIONS! KA BOOM!!!!!!!!

The good:


Nice and flashy special effects


Sam's really embarrassing and loony mother that found cannabis.

and... um


The Bad:

Shallow storylines, soft core pornography and cheesy sex references and what do you get? A perverted teenage pubescent boy's dream movie that he can enjoy with his fellow friends and a very, very, VERY ANGRY Brendan Goh (emotionally) but happy (hormonally).

Fuck you, stupid transformers trailer for showing super cool and shiny images of explosions and cool fighting. Fuck you stupid hormones, making me watch some cheesy sex oriented action film.
'Oh its, MEGAN FOX!' You happy now, Brendan Goh's DICK? You happy wasting ten bucks, just make my eyes aimed at Megan Fox's curves. Actually I am quite happy, I slept very well last night (I will spare you the details since I am professional and reviewing a movie, not bragging how creative I am in bed, or fantasizing my creativity all over Megan Fox.)

Okay, enough about my favourite four letter word in the whole wide world that I prominently use in this blog, maybe I should put a content warning sign...

Micheal Bay seems to be lost in translation in this movie. I mean seriously, this guy's brain must have been switched from 'creative' to'sleazy' due to Megan Fox's sexual appealing-ness corroding it. It's as if Micheal Bay is incorporating soft core porn into the movie. Like the motorcycle scene.
Seriously, I can imagine it now.

'Okay, Megan! Get on the bike and paint it yeah. Camera one, give me a view of that nice bubbly ass of hers. Yes Megan, paint it, nicely, sensually. Show those red lips of yours that make up probably spends 2 bucks on. Yes, lift yourself higher a bit so that camera two can have a great view of the cleavage, higher, higher, higher, now straight. Lift your hair. Yeah, that's nice Megan, you are doing it perfectly.'

Also another reference to porn is of course, the stupid tiny robot, fucking Megan Fox's legs and the large balls of that robot thing that grind stuff. Enemy scrotum? YUCK!

Also, the story does not seem to shine out due to the less serious takes on it. (What movie is serious when you prominently show two large metal boulders as a robot's testicles?) Moreover, the cheesy sex lines also hamper it too. This is the end of the world and you are showing the balls of a freaking robot?

Josh Duhamel and Tyrese were pretty much invisible in this movie, and it sucks (for the girls, bisexual and gay men)

Also the two fighting cars that used to be a beat up ice cream truck. Yeah, what is up with them? They are so damn freaking annoying, it sickens me. Well, all I am sure is one is Latino and the other is Black.

As for Shia LaBeouf, he is okay. Just okay.

Also, there are a lot of mistakes for this movie. list about 40 of them.


Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen is a solid comercial movie, but the fact a number of stupid cheesy comedy just hampers the real reason of what this movie is about.


Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen gets 2 All Sparks out of 5

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Spotlight on: Mariah Carey

I so love this song
Right now

Honestly, it can be directed to few people who still cannot get over my couple's post

Honestly, get over with it.

Short post now, still in test week, wish me luck.

By the way, this is Mariah Carey's lead single from her new album 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel'

in stores, AUGUST 25!

I have never failed in buying a Mariah Album since Emancipation of Mimi