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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


H is for the hours you spent away
A is for the anger in my veins
T is for the terrible way you treat
E is for the emotions that blind me

How can I be so stupid
As if it's ridiculous for me to love you
Tell me why deep down I knew it would not last
Even if it lasted for a while

I hate you
You broke my heart
I hate you
You tore me apart
God please tell me
Why am I so stupid
To fall for some fuck like you
Trash like you should have never
be able to get someone like me

H is the hell you put me through
A is the altercations we had
T is for all the time that I wasted on you
E is for everyone to see what a fuck you are

I know that hate equals care
But that is all because of my anger
But deep down inside
I know it's only indifference

I hate you
You broke my heart
I hate you
You tore me apart
God please tell me
Why am I so stupid
To fall for some fuck like you
Trash like you should have never
be able to get someone like me

I know I would be fine
A loser like you would never bring me down
I have pride, diginity and class
While you are nothing but some trash
That I should have never even met

I hate you
You broke my heart
I hate you
You tore me apart
God please tell me
Why am I so stupid
To fall for some fuck like you
Trash like you should have never
be able to get someone like me

I leave you one note
That you better change
Cause I don't want the next guy
to suffer from
a bitch like you

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Short Note from the Golden Lounge of Qantas in Singapore

In the famous catchphrase of Krusty the Clown 'Hey Hey Hey' all the way from the superficial tropical version of London in an island known as Singapore. Now, I decided not to bring my laptop along due to the fact of a new copyright law, so I can't talk much with you guys and my one blog post a day plan remains obviously ruined again (London was an excuse, but this is a valid reason, well slightly invalid but stronger than London's). Sigh, adding more homework only, lol. Also, my cell is unable to connect to Twitter or Facebook, so my status updates are also left in vain. It just goies to show how us humans are now so dependent on our electronic devices that it gets downright frustrating that it just doesn't work.

Just a short summary of my trip ie a helluva long wordy post so be prepared to squint your eyes people!!! Or so I think it is, I dunno, I have like an hour to type before leaving for an 8 hour flight towards Sydney.

So just a short summary on my trip:

Arrived on airport around 10 or 11 as flight leaves at 12, checked in and had Starbucks with family. Got my BRAND NEW DEODERANT FROM UBER MEN CHUCKED INTO THE TRASH because it is only 25 FREAKING ML MORE THAN THE DAMN LIMIT! ARGH!!! So ticked off. Not to mention, my dad is on hyper stress mode, cussing here and there, (here and there meaning me), don't worry, I am already used to the degrading verbal abuse.

After that we arrived on the plane and guess who decided to make a guest appearance in this episode of my life? MAKRETING CONCEPT LECTURER: Lynn Wee! OMG!! HAHA, pleasantly surprised, I know. After leaving, we checked into the Marriot Hotel and had a blast at the 27th floor. I forgot to take the pic of the room though, sad, but later I will show u pics of my bro in a bathrobe in the bathroom! I also got my hair before the trip... HATES IT! Damn should have waited for the better one!

Since we were on a bit of a time crunch, we only went to Bugis for shopping. HUGE discounts on my fav store TOPMAN!, bought a purple shirt for CNY! Also went there and bought a new watch from a stall there, the watch isn't cheap but it is not expensive either, the design is quite impeccably cool, and I also kinda got enticed by the hot chick selling them, haha. Okay, a part of my watch dropped, screw that bitch for selling me that stupid watch!

Also, the people in Singapore are like H.O.T.! Seriously, I have never seen so many people, locals and foreigners alike that  I would so like to date and have sex with haha! Seriously! Hey, a certain Canadian Hot Chick is studying there right?? God, and funny thing is that they looked at me too but kinda not liking my ahir so.. I need to shave off that effing hair and lose weight and... Kuching makes me fat because there is absolutely nothing to do there and if there is something to do, then all those stupid suburban bozos will be there and I am not like them, so yeah. You get the point and no Darren you cannot borrow my iPhone. No Darren I seriously mean it, no! Darren needs to chat in MSN but the comp in the lounge got no msn.

Oh, and I also had problems guiding a certain direction illiterate person through the Singaporean street who acts as if she knows the way but actually doesn't and since she is on a higher heirachy in terms of family positioning than me, it all ended with us walking around like aimless ducks on the streets. Also, I have to use colours and numbers to explain to her.GOD!

So here goes like this: We need to go to use the red train and the go to City Hall in order to connect to the Green Train to get to Bugis. But we stop at the wrong station so because this is for the purple train so we need to go back to the red train again and go to the next stop which has the green train.

Her question: Oh oh oh so we go which way?

Me: Didn't you look at the sign?

She looks (directions point towards the left but she looks towards the escaltor which is her left): There?

Me: *slaps head and points toward the actual direction*

Her: Oh that way... How do we get there?

Me: *ignore*

And you ask me why I rather travel alone or with friends, backpacking and living in very very cheap and dirty hotels and probably having to resort to prostitution to get by rather than an all expense trip stay at Disneyland Paris with my whole family...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Lying down there on the street
Aimless and fazed
I almost didn't recognize you

You look like you haven't shaved for weeks
So haggard and tired
It shocks me that you are now like this

What happpen to you
Where did it all go wrong
I couldn' believe it
That the guy I used to know is now gone

You seem possessed by another soul
You don't look like yourself
It seems that the person I know is long gone
And yet I am standing here
looking at the vessel that
was once your body

You are looking out on the street
Drifting through life like a spectator
Like you were born just to watch

Your scruffy hair needs a cut
You need a wash
But you didn't seem to care

I tried to talk to you
But you only look at me
As I stare into those eyes
I saw that your spirit has already left your body

You seem possessed by another soul
You don't look like yourself
It seems that the person I know is long gone
And yet I am standing here
looking at the vessel that
was once your body

I lost my patience and tried to help you up
You still treated me like I was invisible
I search through your pockets
And I found cocaine
When I showed it to you
You got down to your knees and cried

You now know that you have been possessed
And you have lost yourself
It seems the person I knew is coming back
And now I am helping you up
The soul has retunrned
into your body

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thank You

It's been a wild ride
It's been a fun time
But now it's all over
And I know we can't be together
I will miss your smell
I will miss your taste
I will miss all the laughters
That we shared together

It's the end of the road
There's no more down the line
This is where we part ways
And I will miss you while you are away

After all that we have been through
I just wanna say
Thank You

The lessons you taught me
The people you introduced to me
Showed me a big part
of who you are
A servant of Jesus
A caring friend
A good time all round family man
I guess I was stupid to push you away

It's the end of the road
There's no more down the line
This is where we part ways
And I will miss you while you are away

After all that we have been through
I just wanna say
Thank You

I know that you have other duties on you
and I accept that you and I are not to be continued
All I ask is that you promise me one thing
That you never stop being you


This is the end of the road
There's no more down the line
This is where we part ways
And I will miss you while you are away

I do not know
What's going to happen to you
All I know is
I will be waiting for you

So please stay safe
May Jesus take my place while you are away

After all that we have been through
I just wanna say
Thank You

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Pressure To Couple Up

Whenever, you go to the mall, or being at school, or having a meal at a local restaurant, or generally being anywhere. A single person who has never entered into a relationship before would definitely feel envious or rather uncomfortable when hanging around with a lovey-dovey couple. This is because this is when that certain single person feels that there is this void in his or her life, this void cannot be filled by just anyone, it has to be filled by someone you care about, someone you cannot stop thinking about, someone that when you meet that someone, it makes not only makes your heart flutter, your hormones go crazy and your objects of sexual desire tighten, harden and pulsate with pumping blood vessels of the need to engage in sexual acts, but also a feeling of pure content, happiness (not THAT kind of happy okay) and relief aka a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

The void that exists has a hunger of a need that is to be fulfilled, that hunger turns into insecurities and then all of a sudden a fear rises within you. You begin to ask yourself  'Am I going to be alone for the rest of my life where my only campanionship is four dogs who I treat like human beings?' By the way, the aforementioned four dogs are on hormone overload right now and yes they are trying to satisfy their beastial urges by fucking each other, especially Liberty! God, my most prized pooch is nothing but some high class slut who wants a fuck any chance she gets, going around mating with every single dog in the neighborhood! I can seriously tell you, the male dogs were literally LINING UP for it! And here I thought that I raised her better! Screw that slutty dog! (as if she isn't screwed up already).

Anyway, where was I? Oh right the void thing.

So then you decided to go crazy like those male dogs, searching around, seeking a suitable chick to screw around with, sometimes your hormones cloud your judgment that you decide to get any pussy you can get, even if they are fat, smokers and have shit for brains. (Don't you know smoking makes you fat and so not hot?)

After that, you got what you wanted, then you realized those lovey-dovey fantasies that your beloved non-single friends are painting do not come just like that. It is not something as easy as opening a pack of instant noodles okay? It takes a lot of work, honestly, a lot. I mean even though, I am in the dating game for a short time, I honestly already feel exhausted. It takes time, a lot of work, a lot of care, a lot of attention, a serious hangover, toleration and consequently, a lot of money. With my trip to Australia coming up, it honestly is a bad time for me to start a relationship, jeez, with the money I spend these days, I am really feeling the burn. It's like, I wanna impress you but Australia is coming up and I wanna enjoy, have fun, go shopping and buy some stuff from Quicksilver so that I am wearing what you people will be wearing next Chinese New Year (the 2010 one is THIS Chinese New Year by the way.) Well, at least I got my shirts down, I have one from H&M, and another from Topman, ready rock your socks off, there is another Topman top, but I am kind of worried about my bulging tummy. It is tough for me you know, when it comes to working out, I wanna work out but it's tough without support. I have no friends interested in working out, my brothers are lazy like sloths that somehow have a high metabolic rate, my parents are characters that if I go working out with them, I think I should move far far away or disappear from the face of this earth and hide in a hole somewhere in the Antartic, me myself needs constant motivation and support because I can't do it alone and I don't like to be alone. Moreover, that stupid mother of mine likes to buy unhealthy snacks in order to entertain Ryan, me being a person who likes to eat, finds it difficult to not succumb to temptations. Oh by the way, Ryan unlike his older brothers, get to eat whatever the fuck he wants.

As I said, relationships are tough. Those lovey-dovey couples are either drugged by hormones or truly went through it. The early stages in my relationship, which is now is tough, because we always argue and make up. It's been a while like this. We just got to know each other and taking it slow, very slow since it's a long distance relationship which I do not like. My adivce? Make sure that you prepare yourself before going in, because it's going to need a lot of energy and concentration, and sometimes it makes you feel that you need to rethink your priorities.

If you feel that you are not concentrating on work or school, and you feel that your performance is ailing, by all means, end it. In the end, your girlfriend is supposed to support you, not distract you.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Brendan Goh, Down Under!!!!

Seriously the words are so damn obvious, but just in case you don't know, I am going to tell it to you in an abstract video. I am going to this place from the 19th, all the way to the 1st of January 2010. So check it out people.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Spotlight On: Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is one of the singers from one of the ever popular Brit girl bands Girls Aloud, after they have decided to pull off from band duties for a while and try out solo careers, the famous X-Factor judge or Mrs Ashley Cole of Chelsea (BOO!!!!) decided to pull off a solo career first ahead of her other bandmates Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberly Walsh. Now, unless you sound different from what your band usually sounds, you are destined for failue and also the fact that usually when it comes to band members who pull off solo careers, only one is destined to be successful ie (Beyonce, Ronan Keating, Robbie Williams, Rachel Stevens, Jesse McCartney). So with the already high status that she has (X-Factor Judge, Mrs Ashley Cole and a Girls Aloud member) expectations, to say the least, were high. So she released her first single 'Fight For This Love' and it hit number one on the UK Charts, her next single featuring Will.i.a.m (who she was featured in his song 'Heartbreaker') titled '3 Words' (also name of album) is slowly becoming a hit. The videos below show the vids, check them out before continuing, if your net is down or whatever (Guiliano) then download the damn song or play it in ur head for 5 seconds and read on. 'Fight For This Love' is an official video while '3 Words' is not.

'Fight For This Love' is a very catchy song, the video is a little French with a bit of Micheal Jackson in it. I love it. As for '3 Words' there is a certain kind of calmness into it, a bit of like song of peace with a nice clubby beat. Very smooth.

Cheryl Cole is what to us, as what any crooner was to our grandparents, smooth beats, nice clubby feel, a sense of energy but more towards peace. Think of a modern 1920s speakeasy, very Chuck Bass. Her music definitely needs a few more listens to take in it's hidden charm. At first, you would feel like this song is nothing special, but you feel that you should listen to it a bit more, then you keep on listening to it, which you will then find yourself loving it. Chery Cole's music is mysterious, noir, charming, calming, indulgent and a very outspoken soft confidence. I think that Cheryl Cole's album may probably find it's way into my car, because I can definitely imagine myself listening to it while driving.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spotlight On: Adam Lambert

Man, when Adam Lambert says it's going to be different, I didn't think it was going to be this different.
His new single 'For Your Entertainment' was extremely hot.
Just think about this, he is probably the only artist that can become the male version of Britney or Lady Gaga and yet still being able to pull it off as cool and normal.
Don't believe me, then judge it for yourself where performed it at the American Music Awards, however, viewer discretion is advised. Curious? Well watch the video for your entertainment. For all that I can tell you, I am damn entertained.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Why my posts aren't like others

Okay, by now are maybe like a year or two ago, you probably would think this about me.
Brendan Goh has a blog
Brendan Goh has fluent English
Brendan Goh indeed does has typos in his blog posts that he doesn't bother to check them, therefore causing retarded-ness and confusion when reading.
But then you ask

Where are all the pictures,
Where are all the reviews of local restaurants
Where are the bloody camwhore pictures of you and some brilliant hot chick with humungous breast who has an affinity towards Canada *coughcoughbiancacoughngcoughcoughpohheavyheavycoughcoughliancoughcorderocoughheavyiknowyourcoughfullname*

Well, there are no pictures of me with some big breasted Canadian Asian hot chick on my lap because...
Okay, I am not gay
I know you think its gay because guys should have hot chicks on their laps
Plus those crazy fantasies of me and some Latino/Korean/White/Pinoy/Japanese/Samoan melting pot hybrid of a boyfriend who probably never exists and even if he does, we would never meet or he is straight.
Here are some excuses reasons that I will never do such things

1. I am basically an angel, well an acid tongued angel but still, I am an angel.

I RARELY go clubbing, me in a club is as rare as me getting caught wearing my sweatpants inside out while going shopping for some groceries. Okay, maybe that's not the right thing to say, uh... ah hah! It is as rare as well it doesn't rain in Chinese New Year. The only time I hit the clubs was during New Years and that's it. Why? Well first of all, it is not G.A.Y. which is awesome and fun. Clubs in my suburban town of Kuching are usually packed with people. When I mean people, I mean people who have no taste in fashion, slutty little minxes and also stupid parents and grandmothers scaring the shit about me about stories of people going into clubs, get into fights and then die there. One of the stories that I can remember very well is that there was this girl who got in with a bad boy but the girl wants to break up with the bad boy, so the girl asks another guy who was studying overseas but came back for a visit and also to help her out and settle, so overseas guy did as the chick told him to do, he got banged up, went to a coma and died. Voila! The trend that sets my fears in Kuching nightclubs.

2. My friends are angels too.

It is true my friends are like me, angels. I mean I am the angle that can be a fallen angel but these people are probably like God's elite little group of goody two shoes. Basically I am a good boy that can go bad, they are people that will never go bad. Therefore, happy and content = boredom. What am I to do? I am very good at choosing friends, cause I always choose the ones who are happy and content/ boring. Maybe because of the fact that the ones hanging in clubs are usually unable to communicate with me in my level of- obviously/ apparently/ although I do not think so-English.

3. I am not a very popular blogger.

I don't get hundreds of comments everytime I put up a post, usually I am lucky if I even have one or two!!! My form of blogging mainly is about me and my life, it is my opinion only. Plus, my form of humour is usually a bit dark and which some people usually do not get. Moreover, I blog for me. I don't blog for anyone else. Obviously I am happy to write a review or an advertorial but I don't get much feed here, most people read my blog are from Malaysia and the United States, yet no one bothers to leave a comment or click the ads.

4. My life is not interesting
I don't own a gym, I am not the blogger of the year in Nuffnang's awards, I obviously have not met the Black Eyed Peas, Tony Fernandes does not sponsor me free flights. I also have not met Lewis Hamilton, currently dating an American, dyed my hair blonde and having my own web show. I also do not have two published books, I don't post pictures of my ex boyfriend and his current girlfriend who is so obviously below me and thrash them all over facebook. I also am not a student in NYU, though I definitely wished that I am one and I do not get the opportunity to go to London everytime holidays kick in, I only get to go to London like once in, well a lifetime. So screw me.

So yeah, I am definitely not that popular but that's who I am. It's my life and currently my life is for my parents to screw cause obviously I have not gotten to an overseas university. If I graduate from Swinburne, well, it is the end of the world people, prepare to suffer the 2012 thing.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Left for dead: The Parody

My bro was watching some ridiculous reality TV series that displays real horrifying, absurd, ridiculous, tragic, something only dumb nuts would watch kind of things that was caught on camera. When I mean dumb nuts I mean when you are watching TV, then some stupid relative comes over and say the following questions.

What is this?
Why is he like that?
EEE, how come like that?
Is this a reality television show?

To which I will reply, 'Shut the fuck up and watch the damn thing.'

So anyway, we were watching this show when we saw this man got run over by a car and he just lay there on the floor. For the next, I dunno few minutes, people there were just watching the guy lying there on the ground, motionless and not calling the ambulance. Even a few cars drive by and slow down to watch but then leave. After that a few people were also just watching the guy. So creepy and weird and its something that bloody asians would do, but the tape was American, which is why it's so weird.

So I decided to compile a few fictional scenarios of what would happen if it was in Malaysia.

Guy gets ran over by some super pimped up Proton Saga that is probably too heavily tinted in the wrong way so that he drives around like some blind maniac on the streets.

Scene 1: The Kepo Old Ladies
Old Lady A: Aiyo, why like this.
Old Lady B: The guy got run over leh
Old Lady A: Aiyo,why like that
Old Lady B: Dunno leh, must be thos naughty children, drive here and drive there always very fast one, people should only drive when they are 40 la! Road so much safer plus every 1 km must have bump one.
Old Lady A: Ya lo, eh, isn't this man has the son who was involved in that one girl two man sex scene on TV?
Old Lady B: Yeah, what was it laio ah, my kids always watch it one.
Old Lady A: It call the show ah... International something la
Old Lady B: Poor man la, not only dying like that but also having to bear the shame of his son kissing another man on TV.
Old Lady A; Eh, shouldn't someone call an ambulance?
Old Lady B: Aiya, my phone no credit la
Old Lady A: Aiyo me too!

Both Ladies then walk away.

Scene 2: Measurements and Lottery
Guy A: Hey look is that a dead guy on the street?
Guy B: No, he is alive la. See him over there, the chest up and down, wan die, dun wan die like that?
Guy A: Oh, poor thing guy not in car la! We can get teh number to strike 4D or toto! Sure fa chai one! Another man's misfortune is our fortune!
Guy B: Aiya, you not creative one! See right, we can get number from the clothes! From the backside of pants and the shirt.
Guy A: But he wear collar shirt leh, no number one! Only S, M, L and XL nia.
Guy B: Hiya, you not creative one, flip him over the backside, okay, pants size is 36 then take one of the shoe off. Shoe size nine for US, ok this mean that in Europe is 44. So it is 3644 and then we go and buy one pao. Fa Chai Here we come!
Guy A: Wah, you so smart ah!
Guy B: I am not smart, it just that I have a 3 year experience in working as a shop helper in Ah Beng R Us.
Guy A: Wah! Chio wei!

Scene 3: Opportunity Strikes
Guy walks over, grabs wallet, takes money, put it back and walk off.

Scene 4: Blind Motorcyclist
Dude runs over the man with the motor cycle.

Scene 5: Distracting Children
Children at the back making noise and annoying parents. Parents wishing they did not have so many kids and should have used protection since like ever.

Children making noise
Mom: Look kids dead guy
Kids: eee!! Let me see, no let me see, no I wan see!!! OOOO!!!!! YUCK!!!!! EEE!!!!!

Yeah, that's all I can think off, feel free to comment by giving other more creative and absurd scenarios.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Finals are coming!!!

I am so dead
I am so dead

So why the hell am I not studying?
I dunno, suddenly no inspiration to study
Yeah, prepare for my funeral
Please come.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


In my room
I turned my head and looked out
Rain pattering on my window
I look out on to the fields
Children having fun without a care

I turned and look down at my phone
You called me and I answered
You wanted us to be together
But there is this little thing that's holding me back

Its called distance
I wish you were holding me right now
But you couldn't
Cause you are so far away that I couldn't touch you
I want to feel your breath
I want to feel your kiss
But this thing called distance
Is breaking me apart

Seems so close
Yet so far
I need you right now
But you can only care from afar
Makes me wonder if it's all worth it

I know you are good
I know I like you too
But you are so far away
It does not make me feel safe

It's called distacne
I wish you were holding me right now
But you couldn't
Cause you are so far away that I couldn't touch you
I want to feel your breath
I want to feel you kiss
But this thing called distance
Is breaking me apart

I don't care how much you say you love me
I don't care whatever things you would do
All wanted is to be with you
But you are so far away
How can you expect me to love you

It's called distance
I wish you were holding me right now
But you couldn't
Cause you are so far away that I couldn't touch you
I want to feel your breath
I want to feel your kiss
But this thing called distance
is breaking me apart

How to behave in a cinmea.

How to behave in the cinema

  1. Watch the fucking movie
  2. Eat the fucking food
  3. Sit like any other normal person should
  4. Laugh when apporpriate
  5. Silent phone
  6. Keep kids under the age of five at home
  7. Seats are tight, keep legs together
  8. Refrain shaking legs
Right, this is how you are supposed to behave in the cinema.
But did most people do it? No.

I was watching Micheal Jackson's 'This is it' yesterday
First time I went there with my mom
Was it an enjoyable experience?
But we will leave that for another post
I will screw MBO, Spring and SESCO later
Right now, I want to screw those bloody bastards in the cinema who interrupted my inspiration of the cheography and creativity of the late Micheal Jackson.

Anyway, I was sitting there and guess what during the whole time?
I did not mind the guy was being energetic, after all I respect that
But sooner or later I found out that the bastard was mocking him
Honestly, I was trying to enjoy my movie and that fucking bastard screamed in the fucking theather
And you know it is hard to concentrate when the moves in protrayed in the dance becomes synonymous with cheesy 80s porn
Thank you bastard grunting sex noises in the cinema.

Then there are those bloody fucking children
These children should be left at home or grandma's or somewhere
Screaming and whining and being annoying as usual over spilled popcorn
Screw those children
Honestly, Spring should have a daycare center to dump these stupid kids at.

Then there are those bloody ones that are too old to be stuffed there
They take AGES and I mean AGES to choose a fucking seat
Those bloody fucking no brain, badly dressed little whores with their shoes screaming 'I am a young, underage Asian whore who charges 10 bucks an hour and 50 a night! Woo hoo! Oh I am feeling especially slutty today!Fuck and Suck for 30 Bucks! Plus I have no pussy hair!'

I honestly do not find people eating in the cinema, after all I do too
but there are people who want to display their fabulous chewing power by chewing loudly in the theather
And slurping their drinking cups like noodles
God, I cannot tell you how many times I feel that I should be the first Malaysian to murder someone with an iPhone.

Then there are idiots who forget to silent their phones
You know, one ring ruins the whole moment
Which sucks.
Screw those people who forget to silent their phones
Hoenstly Kuching Cinemas should have one of those societal marketing adverts like the cinemas in the UK.
I don't care if it's 20 Ringgit, I call it 4 Pounds
They display noises of ringing cell phones, idiots talking loudly and crying babies.
Then a slogan and silence.
Cool right?

Then, there are people who cannot seem to sit probably
I had one bad experience is that there was some idiot shaking his legs and causing my whole chair to vibrate, I don't know if he was kicking my chair or whatever
But I sure as hell feel like giving that person a good old Pedigree on the steps.

Then there is Ryan, who although is my brother is absolutely annoying.
Narrating to me
I can watch the fucking movie and do not need you to narrate, so shut the fuck up you little bastard.

God, honestly, if you want piece and quite, go buy a damn DVD player and a large screen TV, renovate a room into a home theater and have your very own popcorn machine.
There, silence and you no need to stuff yourself in the crappy cinema again.

Right, wait for a few days and I will tell you why I shold screw MBO, Spring and SESCO.

Oh cast of my life update!

Main Cast

Siaw Wee
Jia Jin
Kiat Seng

Recurring Cast
Debaters Club

Monday, October 26, 2009

It has been one week

Wow, I really cannot believe that it has been a whole week since I blogged
I mean, I have gone without blogging for over a month, but that was forced, this was voluntary
Which tells me, that October is an extremely busy month for me
Other than my usual TV Shows to watch in the computer, I also have dreadful assignments to complete.
TV Shows have November Sweeps ( Period where they air new episodes every week)
We have Assignment Sweeps ( Period where we have to submit an assignment every week, on top of out regular homework)

Other than that, I also have a group marketing presentation to finish, which is only fiar because I am pure dead weight in the accounting area compared to Siaw Wee and Belinda
Thus, it ends with me paying the favor by preparing a marketing presentation all by myself right?
Seems so unfair right?
They have to slave over a whole assignment
While I just type words in 24 slides.
Marketing Lecturer has a few choice of weapons, she either shoots you with a small little water gun or full blast with a nuclear bazooka!
My presentation usually ends with minimal damage.
Yay me!

Other than that, I have been trying out Smackdown vs Raw 2010.
Going to write a review soon
Yeah, but first I have Accounting and Quantitaitve Analysis to finish
Yeah, Assignment Sweeps
Sweeping my sanity away.

Oh, I got 3rd place for debate but lost for public speaking...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cowards to note

Well, we all have people that will hate us, no matter what.
The world is so diverse, that whatever you do, you would definitely have to be ready to be expected to be judged on by others.
Not everyone in the world loves you, not everyone hates you either.
However, everyone is a critic.
And everyone has haters
Whether it is pure jealousy or down right disagreements (pure jealousy is most likely it), everyone has a motive to hate.
Yet, there are definitely some people who are more... let's just say... 'passionate' than others.
When I mean 'passionate' I actually mean 'having the time to wake up at four A.M. in the morning, posting hate notes on your chatbox.'

Believe me, there were down moments
There were times where I have decided that blogging only causes more harm than good
There were moments where I just stare at the screen pondering whether to delete this blog or not.
There were sometimes, I feel if this blog is not worth it at all.
But when I look down to the core, I would always know that I am doing the right thing.
 Why? Because...

This is my BLOG!!!!

And I can do whatever the fuck I want with it! (within the legal restrictions of national law of course)

If you have followed me since the day this blog was born, you would know that I have faced all these kinds of haters before. In fact, taking a look back at my past trials and tribulations in handling these dimwitted, untalented losers, I can actually categorize them into a few types.

1. I am a psychiatrist who buys my degree for 99 cents at the 99 cents store.
These people are seriously annoying, they act smart because they think that they are smart. They definitely will use some sort of terms as if you feel that they are breaking you down to the core, word by word. In actual fact, they really are just beating around the bush. They wil crap a bunch of words where it only revolves around one single keyword. usual noted keywords are sad, depressed, angry followed by a slur of deductions and assumptions.

Seriously, if they are fucking actual psychiatrist then people like Jamie Ding who is pursuing a degree in psychology would might as well have gone to spend 99 cents to get a degree in psychology instead of spending thousands of dolloars and 4 years in Segi. Personally I think it is insulting to pose as a psychiatrist where there are many people doing it as a profession. Honestly, the person that should go and see a shrink is not the blogger but the person posing at it in the first place? What kind of crazy hatred that makes them feel that they need to impersonate a psychiatrist in order to bring someone down?

2. The person who wants you to delete your blog
Let's say you have an opinion, and lets say it really stirred up a controversy. There will definitely be some people will say that your blog should be deleted because it is so hurtful and whatever.

Well, in my opinion, I am blogging whatever I like to blog. That person does not have the right to judge nor to demand you to delete your blog. Your blog concerns only you and no one else. I personally feel that you should not heed to their demands of deletion. You are not a politician, you do not belong in a political party, it is just you. So why should you delete your blog just because you have an opinion and feel it is important to raise an issue?

3. The meaningless insults of a douchebag
It is just a slur of degenrative comments of some idiot with no brains. Usually it is a bunch of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians.

They are stupid to begin with, why bother?

4. The spammer
He comes to your blog at 4a.m. to publish a bunch of repetitive words of nonsense.

The person's current main purpose in life is for you to delete your blog, you should feel honored that your influence is radical and that there is someone that is pathetic enough to spend time to copy and paste stupid comments on your chatbox every second.

5. The gang
The gang are like a bunch of people who repetitively post hurtful comments on your blog. They are a collective of people who plan to get rid of your blog.

They are definitely the toughest yet due to their strength in numbers. But remember, there is something called momentum. Sooner or later, they will give up.

All of these people are nothing but a bunch of cowards. They do not have the balls to show their true identities because they like to haunt you from afar but are actually afraid of confrontation. They have no lives and are pathetic little souls. Personally, these haters got the short end of the stick for me. They have no purpose in life, they are cowards and they plainly are just a bunch of losers with an obsession of the superficial. That is why they are fake people because all the crap they own is fake.

Just take it this way, these losers would rather stoop and buy a fake 200 dollar Louis Vuitton bag in order for some sort of pathetic little recognition that they actually own something designer and part of the high society. We, on the other hand would work our way up. We depend on hard work, personality and good credibility. With that, we are shown to have the style, the facade, the worth, the honour and the confidence to carry an ORIGINAL Louis Vuitton bag from the actual French Fashion House instead of pawning it from some Asian illegal immigrant.

We say Louis Vuitton, they yap LV.

Remember, it is your blog and if you have haters, that means your blog is important and one step towards being a superior one. It is not about the comments in your blog, although some feedback is good but what's most important is the content.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

7 Types of Clothing that you should invest now (Guys)

I am a guy and yes, I pride myself as a self proclaimed fashion and styling icon.
Because I dress better than most of the drabs around.
Seriously, all those episodes of Project Runway, Gossip Girl and 90210 of looking at how the actors dress and look like ans I have no fashion sense? You gotta be kidding me.
The only reason I ask for someone's opinion when buying clothes is to reduce my cognitive dissonance and prevent me from spending more money.
Because, God knows what super hot pants or shirt comes along, I would immediately buy them.
Thankfully for my UK clothes, I don't dress like the boy from Padini or the boy in all the plane jane stuff in malls.
As we all know, stuff here is either high quality and outdated or trendy but trashy and looks like it will rip in a few weeks.
So here are the following that you will need to start investing on, to be in.

1. Checkered or Plaid Shirts.
This is preferably to be short sleeved. Long sleeved ones are not only impractical as they will make you sweat in the humid weather but it also makes you look like some trashy hillbilly from out of town. Avoid anything that resembles curtains or picnic table cloths. Your best bet is hues of grey, white, black, yellow, lime green and blue. Make sure that the plaids are not plain ones like the ones you see on chess boards, there should be a combination or large and small squares or different colours for the ones of chess board design. It should be 3 or more to be exact. Also, please make sure that it is tight fitting, loose makes you look fat.

2. Bright colored pants.

Never to be afraid of giving your pants some color, hues of black, grey, white and blue are long gone.  The more outrageous the colour, the better. Think pink, electric blue, lime green and anything that is bright that will make you shine. Now, you don't want to walk around like some walking traffic light, so some neutral colored top would be perfect, preferably white or in the same hue or black.

3. Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans are so in, even though I only have one pair, I am already madly in love with skinny jeans. Best bet is dark colors like black or purple, bright ones are cool too. The darker the better but don't wear them too often guys, unless you want infertility issues in the future and don't worry about the tightness, it is actually extremely comfortable.
Perfect with plaid shirts, actually amazing with plaid shirts.

4. Square Ended Ties

These were very popular in the 50s and 60s and thanks to Mad Men, apopular cable television show, it is making a comback. It is definitely something different compared to before. Now a little thing about vintage, vintage clothing means a modern twist on already outdated looks, not rustling for something out of your grandfather's napthalene filled dusty old closet. Pair it with a suit, some striped pants and some sensible black shoes.

5. Short Plaid Pants

FINALLY, something from an Ah Beng trend that I actually like and give a damn to blog about. Short pleated pants are amazingly great if paired with a hat. I said HAT not CAP. Then you need a coloured jacket or shirt that is opened up and a plain white tee inside. Finish it off with some nice BK or Addidas. Remember, plaid pants are bold and structured giving off a serious persona and it is defintely best to tone it down by making the rest of your outfit more relaxed. Slippers are not recommended, unless it is the same colour. Avoid anything graphic or wordy on your tee, I just imagined a fat Ah Beng holding a cigarette posing. As for a striped top or polo, better not, doesn't match.

6. Beach Wear

Beach wear is moving from the beach to the streets, where you can have people posing as posers and act like they actually know a thing or two about surfing. Here is one thing you need to follow, no contrasting colours, unless you have shoes on. ie white tee and black shorts must go with black shoes and no slippers. If it is slippers, then head to toe must be of one color, then it looks much better.

7 Huge Sunglasses

Now this is my thing aka copyrighted by Brendan Goh and meant for Brendan Goh and Brendan Goh has set the trend for guys wearing large sunglasses. Huge white sunglasses is my thing, no bastard, bitch and or slut can copy it, I am the original. I am the Boy with the White Sunglasses. If you do it, screw you. Yes, sunglasses are great, however, they should match your face. I found out that my sunnies suits me the best when I have a longer face and longer hair, white a simple Nike Visor works well with my short hair. Sunglasses is not about the clothes but it is about your face because sunglasses can work well with any outfit.

So I know some of these things can be a little if not a lot far out for some of you guys since this is a suburbabn town and your trashy fashion blind friends may mock your style because it is European/American and they will only praise and hail it if some stupid Japanese Anime Cartoon Character with a ear piercing shriek for a voice wears it about five years ago, well don't worry, wear it now. When your friends wear it, you say that it was so five years ago and I already donated it to charity, or you can sell your clothes to them and make some serious cash.

Fashion is subjective, trends come and go. If we are bored of the old one then we move on towards the new one. But it is always better to be a few steps ahead, don't you think?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Album Review: Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel by Mariah Carey

I was window shopping with Belinda and Siaw Wee (I know, I feel so poor when I window shop, it's an ego thing). Then I stumbled upon the album aka the picture you see above. With a swipe of my card, RM36.90 gone and a heavily reduced cognitive dissonance (marketing term meaning regret after purchase), I headed out the store and gave an album review of it. I decided to review it in two ways before writing this: 
  1. While driving
  2. In front of the computer. 
I personally love Mariah Carey albums because they are obviously good and I never feel guilty when buying them. Ever since Emancipation of Mimi, I am sold that everytime Mariah releases an album, I will buy because she is that good, lol. Other than Mairah, I will buy Script and Lady Gaga. It seems that for these three artists, money is not an issue. 

The following is the list of tracks that I got, if you can see from the list below, I got the European version. Most of the songs were written by Mariah herself. 

  1. "Betcha Gon' Know (The Prologue)" (additional producer(s): James "Big Jim" Wright) — 4:00
  2. "Obsessed" — 4:05
  3. "H.A.T.E.U." — 4:28
  4. "Candy Bling" (additional writer(s): Ahmad A. Lewis, Stefan Gordy, John Klemmer) (additional producer(s): Los Da Mystro) — 4:03
  5. "Ribbon" — 4:21
  6. "Inseparable" (additional writers(s): Robert HymanCyndi Lauper) — 3:34
  7. "Standing O" — 4:00
  8. "It's a Wrap" (additional writers(s): Barry White) (additional producer(s): Heatmyzer, James Wright) — 3:59
  9. "Up Out My Face" — 3:41
  10. "Up Out My Face (The Reprise)" — 0:51
  11. "More Than Just Friends" (additional writer(s): Sean CombsChris Wallace, Rashad Smith, Mark DeBarge, Etterlene Jordan) — 3:37
  12. "The Impossible" (additional writer(s): Donald DeGrate, Albert Brown) — 4:01
  13. "The Impossible (The Reprise)" — 2:26
  14. "Angel (The Prelude)" (additional producer(s): James Wright) — 1:04
  15. "Angels Cry" (additional writer(s): Crystal Johnson) (additional producer(s): James Wright) — 4:02
  16. "Languishing (The Interlude)" (additional writer(s) & producer(s): James Wright) — 2:34
  17. "I Want to Know What Love Is(written by Mick Jones) (additional producer(s): James Wright, Randy Jackson) — 3:27
European download, additional songs[48]
  1. "Obsessed (Cahill Radio Mix)" — 3:20
  2. "Obsessed (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit)" — 3:12
  3. "Obsessed (Jump Smokers Radio Edit)" — 3:19
  4. "Obsessed (Friscia and Lamboy Radio Mix)" — 4:11

Notable Songs: Obsessed, I Want to Know What Love is, Angels Cry, Standing O, Ribbon, Candy Bling and H.A.T.E.U.

The Good: I had fun listening to the album, for me, I kinda feel like I am watching movie when I am listening to this album, every song she had in the album tells a story where a music video will be imagined in my mind and giving me a visual interpretation of the song. I can honestly tell you that I can make a nice little musical chick flick from the songs in here. The playlist was organized quite nicely and it really does generate some kind of good flow.

Obsessed although less favorably reviewed by critics and fans alike, for me, it was one hell of the great song, other than a little agenda behind me, I find this song standing out the most in the album because of its catchy tune.

Mariah Carey's cover of the Foreigner's I Want to Know What Love is was definitely the shining star of this album, expect this song to hit number one if Obsessed fails. I Want to Know What Love is somehow feels a little like a contestant in American Idol singing it but she definitely sings this sing better, a mash of Mariah Carey's voice and a nice blob of good old Gospel makes this song truly angelic.

H.A.T.E.U. which is the third single from the album is another of Mariah's love song somehow stands out because it is the only song that samples Mariah's vocals in the electronic lower vocal register, as if you are singing in front of a fan with full speed.

Candy Bling is nice for me because it's a very sweet song as the title promises.

Ribbon starts with a little Poker Face-esque voice which I truly enjoyed and it was a really nice romantic song and it is one of my personal favorites in this album, I would love for this song to be released as a single. It talks about a girl having a crush and having the guy's ribbon on her mind, I don't get it but I hope you do.

Angels Cry is truly one sad song, it was extremely lovely and talks about the fall of the golden couple and the angels or fans crying. I say that is song is my favorite in the whole album, it is kind of like the anti We Belong Together and it is a nice song, I hope it becomes a single because it is one fantastic song, plus the vocals are like super freaking high here at the end. A ballad that really touches the soul.

Standing O is an empowering song about a person really loving that someone but got played by that someone and  give the someone a standing ovation for playing that person, it is kind of like I am strong even though you played me and I congratulate you, you bastard.

The Bad: If you first listen to the album, you would probably feel that 'Obsessed' is probably the most memorable song, other than it is on the charts right now, it is probably the only song that she comes out like a large pop and the only energetic song in the whole album followed by other slow to mid tempo songs. The flow of love songs sometimes sounds so similar that you sometimes just drifts into the sounds of Mariah Carey singing, making it not really memorable and the four extra obsessed songs are not as good as the original nor the one with Gucci Mane in it. The Obsessed Cahill Remix sounds something like what would play, so not good. Jump Smokers Radio Edit reminds me of a wrestler's entrance at first follow by some serious base thumping, I probably call it the Ah Beng version of Obsessed. The Seamus Haji and Paul Emmanuel remix is not memorable for me while Friscia and Lamboy remix is Obsessed in slow motion with a nice clubby Candice Michelle theme song like feel. Obviously listening to four Obsessed songs at a time, makes it kind of redundant, repetitive, tiring and finally annoying.

Overall: For me, comparing to Emancipation of Mimi, its a little too mediocre than that but it is much better than E=MC2 because I can barely remember listening to that album other than Touch My Body, I'll Be Loving You Long Time and I Stay in Love. But all in all, I still recommend you guys buying it, if you haven't listen to Mariah Carey, I recommend you listen to this, because it kind of wraps what Mariah Carey is all about, smooth, sensual, mature ballads and RnB.

Rating: Mariah Carey's Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel gets 4.5 halos out of 5. I want to give it a five but it is a little too mediocre even for Mariah Carey's stature (Nick Cannon to blame?). However, it is still a classic album and I definitely recommend everyone to get it. Also, I will post up pictures on the album soon, my camera is somehow locked so I cannot take any pictures which sucks.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

No more Power Rangers

Disney has decided not to produce anymore Power Rangers episodes but run the course with reruns of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers next year. The last group of rangers are the ones you see below, Power Rangers RPM (I don't know what RPM means but this is one of the funniest seasons yet).

This honestly for me, marks an end of an era. An era of Power Rangers. An era of believing that for once, even though we are a part of normalcy, the powers granted upon us promises to bring a greater good, a sense of adventure, the ability to drive giant robots and combine them together with your friends into bigger robots and getting to wear shiny spandex with cool weapons and gadgetry to defeat evil. Well, evil kicks our ass first then we rally up kick their ass and then the monster grows and we combine into big robots and beat the crap out of the aforementioned monster. This goes on and on for a year until the big fish gets killed.

I always loved Power Rangers as a kid, for me, it was a point that the people there were real. (well, I was like 3 when I watched Power Rangers, you expect me to know about cable wires and visual effects at the age of 3? I know the word 'ingredients' in German when I was three! Hah! And I know the word 'ingredients' when I was 3 even though I don't know what it means but I know how to say it! Screw my parents, I should have gone to a private school in the Upper East Side. Fine, I learned it from a chocolate bar from Germany that my aunt gave me, so what?)

Anyway, back to the story. Power Rangers for me, was an inspiration. While normal girls were into cookware, normal guys were into... into...Balls? Doraemon? Something? No idea, all I know was that the kids in my gram's neighbourhood never watched Power Rangers. I mean, Power Rangers was to me about normal teenagers, having secret identities, fighting crime, save the world and have cool stuff to kill monters with, who wouldn't want that? You can say that I am logical from the start since I am sure I am not some alien from outer space crash landing into Earth and assume a human name, or getting bitten by radioactive spiders or have retractable claws, faster healing rate and a skeleton made of adamantium or having psychic abilities that allow me to have a telepathic affair with someone's wife. Seriously, who wouldn't want to grow up and become a Power Ranger? You get cool stuff and inflict pain on monsters plus you learn valuable life lessons and have zero baggage that mutant abilities and superpowers come with?

Plus, you gotta love the morphing, its so freaking awesome. I mean have you looked at the morphing sequences of the Power Rangers? Who wouldn't want it? Plus, having a great fashion accesory never hurts either.

The main thing about Power Rangers is that they depict normal people given the ability to become superheroes. Not by chance or some whacked experiment but through forms well thought out plans, real cool technology and martial arts. When the rangers are in human mode, it shows that we have Powers but you guys are too pathetic to handle them and we care. Instead of being Ms Marvel and shoot a ray of energy turning the poor bad guys into dust. Plus, they can show to be compassionate and caring heroes.

For me, Power Rangers played a big part of my life, I have watched Power Rangers when I was a kid, and I watch them now too, minus two pathetic seasons, blame Disney for that by the way. Operation Overdrive my ass. For me, its really sad that there will be no more Power Rangers, it honestly felt as if someone close to me has passed away where I will mourn and think about the good times of me glueing my eyes on to the TV, blinding myself or possibly get epilepsy, watching the Power Rangers kick ass. Where after that, I will reenact what has been performed and then hurting myself, crying and asking for mommy.

Thanks, Power Rangers, Bandai and Saban but not Disney, you corporate G-rated piece of crap that made Power Rangers so lame until the last 2 seasons and for not including the Pink Ranger in 3 seasons, for 17 years (15 actually, I skipped 2) of fun filled enjoyment.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Think Before You Speak (That's So Gay)

I was actually on my way to class for my econs tutorial
Practically a normal day for me.
The morning rush hour was packed as usual where students were rushing to their respective classrooms, ignoring the world and engrossed in their own personal issues and their friends.

And the fact that I seem to dress better than everyone else, just my opinion, haha.
I know, I know
It was extremely self centered of me
But this is a very self centered blog.
After all, I always have an opinion.
Sometimes its more of a flaw than it is an asset, but most of the time, it works my way.

As I entered the elevator lagging my white binder file concealing a thick econs textbook and a stupid UK Army bag though I am sure I got a great deal. (Hello? $238 reduced to $180 reduced to $150 then I ask for another reduction to $100, good deal right?)
After 6 months, the fabric was torn and another lesson learned.

Anyway back to my story, this stupid dumb bitch was yapping whatever shit she was yapping, loudly in the elevator. Which I don't mind, even though her voice was fucking annoying.
Yeah, I have learned to be very tolerant, VERY TOLERANT!
I zoned out my mind with the lovely voice of Cheryl Cole (aka my next spolight segment), singing 'Fight For This Love'
But I did got a few one liners.

Here is how the scene plays out.

Stupid Dumb Bitch =SDB
Her Guy Friend = HGF

SDB: That guy ah so stupid and lame oh
HGF: What
SDB: bla bla bla what so ever
HGF: bla bla bla what so ever
SDB: bla bla bla something about lengzai and lenglui and chi chi maru and whatever.
HGF: bla bla bla bla bla bla
SDB: bla bla bla so stupid, fb, bla bloody bla
SDB: So stupid ah

Then she did the unthinkable, something she did was so degrading and discriminating that I wanna slap the rudeness out of that bitch's face.

Do you know what she said?

Do you know what she said that made me so pissed off that I really wanna vent it off now?

Do you know what she said that made me so angry that although I tried to shrugg it off but I couldn't, hence regretting to tell her off then and there, therefore venting it here in my blog and being assumed as a coward?

Then again, she is an undereducated slut, no use wasting time educating her the sensitivity and the respect she should give to the gay community just like every other races in this melting rice bowl that we should treat as well.

After a short pause she shouted these words.

"GAY, ah"

That stupid bitch

That stupid, slutty, undereducated, discriminating, sexist, fucktarded, bird brained, lopsided breast, trashy, ah lian, douchebag, insulting, degrading, fake, superficial, tacky, nutjob of a bitch.
I personally wonder how her mother would raise such a fowl mouthed fucktard.

Respect is to be earned but respect must also be mutual. There should be some basic boundaries between communities that they should basically tolerate and respect. Gays are now a part of our community, the tales of men loving men or women loving women is now a part of normalcy in our lives and in this modern age.

And to call something gay because it's something stupid, pathetic and degrading? That is just so wrong

It should be so stupid dumb bitch who talks loudly in the elevator where nobody even gives a damn.

I believe the only time that you call something gay, you should call it gay because it is gay, as in a gay person would like it. I think that is appropriate, the stupid dumb bitch however should rot in her and have a cactus penetrate her pussy. Lets see how that feels.

I personally hope my friends and family woulf stop using the word 'gay' as a degrading comment. People are who they are and if you not down with that, I got two words for you


Preferably to Amish county. That way you would not see any gay people arpund and you are free to fuck any women or man you like.

Or somewhere in the jungle where the Malaysian Media drag their nutjobs from. You can agree with them and talk how bad gay people are.

Because in every city, there will be a small gay populous. Whether you choose to deny it or accept it, it's up to you. But the fact still stands, they are gay, they exist and they are damn proud of it.

We as a community, should accept this and we should respect and tolerate their behavior. and if you think that I am the only person who says this? Well, you are wrong, I have Hilary Duff to back me up.

So, in conclusion. I think that we should think before we speak, give it a good rationale thought. If its dumb or stupid then say its dumb or stupid. Don't say its gay, its not good to hate. Just Saying.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spotlight On: Love and Theft

I always love indy and country music, they give me a sense of peace whenever I am on the road, I guess in that sense, I have the essence of a real man.
I love country music because most of them tell a story, a way to make me feel and reflect on myself. Some I can relate myself into, like Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Leann Rimes and Rascal Flatts are some of those big names in the country music business., but usually, the music that I chose are random at best, but they always have some form of energy in there.
I know that among my friends or dare I say, the whole Asian Continent do not update themselves much with the current hits.
Take 'Poker Face' by Lady Gaga for example, I listened to it way back last year and was hooked on it, by the time it goes mainstream, I still liked it but I have already moved on to Love Game, Paper Gangsta, Paparazzi and Starstruck .

Now let me introduce to you to this awesome new band called Love and Theft (they should totally change the name). When I first heard of it while surfing through the net, I was like, 'Love and Theft'? Sounds like a cheezy boy band, but I was hell wrong!

Their single 'Runaway' from their first album World Wide Open literally in my essence sends my world wide open, guess you can never judge a book. The song is obviously about a young man's feeling that he has had enough of the way he has been treated and decides to leave this shitty town for good. When I was imagining this video, I was thinking me, Kiat Seng and Martin were like pissed off with this place and decided to runaway. Martin gets a truck, Kiat Seng was on a bike and I get a muscular mustang in the middle of the dessert, driving towards nowhere. Then we reached some airport in Dallas (don't ask, I saw Dallas) and strummed our guitars and sing on top of a carrier truck.

Well, that's my version. I can honestly relate to the feeling of being stuck in a shitty town that even though loads of facilities become available but you still feel that it's boring and something's missing and you feel like you should get out of here, because there is nothing there that can offer you to stay.

Well, that's my version of the song, what do you think about Love and Theft's Runaway video? Listen to it and sound of below, if you still read my little slice of heaven.

Music Code Provided by

Oh and er... Anastasia is it? Do you mind spreading your kind promotional words to your fellow forumers about this awesome new song. I am pretty sure you can attract some nice buzz about this new band that so totally deserves some credit for their work. After all, you generated four pages of honest opinions about me, with me just writing ten simple sentences. I am pretty sure this lengthy post and video should generate much more than that, have fun print screening my page and post it up to that nice forum of yours. You people always wanted to make it popular right, so why not become an ultimate opportunist and take this offer. The way I see it, my blog gets more famous and your forum gets more famous, win win, what do you say?

If you are on Facebook and a friend of mine, well you are in luck. I have decided to post a Facebook Exclusive Intro to my family and friends in Facebook also, Twitter too. Now, if you know me and I know you personally, then add me on facebook, if not, then follow me on Twitter.

Monday, September 21, 2009

On TV: Good and Bad part 2

Sorry for not updating as often as before, life has been busy and I suddenly lack the inspiration to blog, I guess this is the time where I need sometime to wait till my brain gave more fruits so that I can extract the creative juices in me.

One of the reasons for this is my crazy need of watching TV on my laptop. Sad, I know but I lack the patience. Astro bores me these days, the only things interesting are reruns of the Simpsons, the Nanny, Bones and Desperate Housewives (yes, I know I watched already but no harm done). Oh and I am a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here ends on Wednesday, so it doesn't count anymore.
Right, on with business. I watched the new season of Gossip Girl and two new series which are The Vampire Diaries and Beautiful Life.

They are back. With the clean slate given by Gossip Girl when graduation ends, you would expect these kids to lay low and try to keep it clean as much as they can right? Wrong. Serena's out and back in her old ways, partying around through Europe over the summer, Nate has a new girlfriend who comes from a family that are rivals with his, Blair and Chuck try to keep their romance alive by being the bitch couple of New York thus making me feel disappointed.

Reason You Should Watch: If you follow the series, I expect you to continue watching, since its a great one. Expect more of what you see last season.

Reason You Should Not Watch: The trash meter is slightly amped this season thanks to Blair and Chuck.

Overall: Still a good season, nontheless, a 4 out of 5

Its about the life of models. A girl now becomes the new it girl thanks to a fabulous and red Zac Posen gown therefore stealing the spotlight of the old one who happens to be played by O.C. star Mischa Barton. Anyway, old it girl comes back after some form of exile, popping pills and running late to the aforementioned Zac Posen show and to show up being unable to fit the dress (Yeah, so not good for a comeback.) Then, we have a gorgeous Iowa farm boy who tries out modelling. Oh and Corbin Fisher gets frisky with a cougar, well actually cougar gets frisky with him, lol.

Reason You Should Watch: Its fashion and modelling, in a critical sort of way, it features the extremely kiasu world of modelling, more kiasu than XXX in China/Singapore. Features are star-studded cast that also includes Elle Macpherson and produced by Ashton Kutcher.

Reason You Should Not Watch: The low ratings it received. 1.39 million to be exact. You better pray it does not get cancelled though it probably would. But we will see, Gossip Girl started low but ended high.

Overall: I liked it, so it gets 4 out of 5
Twihards would love this, its based on a 1994 book by L.J. Smith. So in essence, Stephanie Meyer sort of copied L.J. Smith based on concept of a girl falling in love with a vampire, that's where the similarities end as there are TWO vampires chasing the girl and she chases one of them, plus she dies SEVERAL times (in the book).

Reason You Should Watch: You Like Twilight, You Watch. Quite witty too.

Reason You Should Not Watch: A little trashy in a sense that I cannot explain. Maybe its because of the fog around, kind of creepy but whatever.

Overall: Not really a big fan of it. 2 out of 5. But other people love it to death, me? Not So Much. Its like Heroes, lol.

Okay, I have to create a list where they feature shows, I would watch and shows that I would not.

So far

Gossip Girl
Project Runway
Models of the Runway
America's Next Top Model
Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
Ugly Betty

Sometimes, but not really follow
Melrose Place
The Beautiful Life

The Vampire Diaries

Pending: One Tree Hill

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wrestlers that should and should not be in Smackdown vs Raw 2010

Today, WWE has released their complete list of WWE Superstars and Divas in the upcoming Smackdown vs Raw 2010 video game

This year, a greater emphasis has been putting on created superstars, giving players the chance to give more options in their superstar's design.

Moreover, the create a finisher has expanded to include aerial attacks. Meaning trajectory, aim and speed is involved.
Another good news about Smackdown vs Raw 2010 is that they replaced that tediously annoying and boring Career Mode. Now they replaced it into giving you the opportunity to run the show in the WWE Story Designer Mode, where you can create rivalries and stuff and basically create a story, cool huh?
Also, Yuke's also imporved the loading time, which means you don't need to waste so many time waiting for a freaking match to start. Also there will be a storyline for your DIVAS and CREATED WRESTLERS with Mickie James as the one being played.
There is also an improved highlight reel which allows the footage you record in the game to be used in your entrance themes.
Lets also hope they solved the attributes thing, last time, I am only allowed to have one wrestler with increased stats.
Now, in every game like this, the most important part is the roster of players that you can use to play. Why? Because I want more wrestlers that I care about kicking their ass and less of the ones that I completely ignore.
Complete Roster Playlist is as follows
WWE Superstars
» Batista
» Big Show
» Carlito
» Chavo Guerrero
» Chris Jericho
» Christian
» CM Punk
» Cody Rhodes
» Dolph Ziggler
» Edge
» Evan Bourne
» Ezekiel Jackson
» Festus
» Finlay
» Goldust
» Jack Swagger
» Jeff Hardy
» Jesse
» John Bradshaw Layfield
» John Cena
» John Morrison
» Kane
» Kofi Kingston
» Mark Henry
» Matt Hardy
» Mike Knox
» Montel Vontavious Porter
» Mr. Kennedy
» Primo
» Randy Orton
» Rey Mysterio
» R-Truth
» Santino Marella
» Shad
» Shawn Michaels
» Shelton Benjamin
» Ted DiBiase
» The Brian Kendrick
» The Great Khali
» The Miz
» Tommy Dreamer
» Triple H
» Umaga
» Vladimir Kozlov
and William Regal
WWE Divas
» Beth Phoenix
» Brie Bella
» Eve
» Gail Kim
» Kelly Kelly
» Maria
» Maryse
» Melina
» Michelle McCool
» Mickie James
» Natalya
» Nikki Bella
Not Included:
Abraham Washington, Alicia Fox, Charlie Haas, Chris Masters, Courtney Taylor, Curt Hawkins, David Hart Smith, DJ Gabriel, Hurricane Helms, Jamie Noble, Jillian Hall, Jimmy Wang Yang, Katie Lea Burchill, Kung Fu Naki, Layla, Paul Burchill, Rosa Mendes, Sheamus, Tiffany, Tyler Reks, Tyson Kidd, Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder
Who Should Be Left Out:
Jesse (Cause he is lame)
Festus (The corn fed colossus isn't seen for a long time, why is he still here?)
Who Should Be Included:
Katie Lea Burchill
Everyone knows that Katie Lea Burchill is actually a talented wrestler that is under utilized. She should be included on the basis that she is hot!
Alicia Fox
She was recently named the #1 contender for the Divas Championship!!! Why isn't she in? Plus those LONG LEGS. I really can see her having a rivalry with one of my created divas.
Spicy hot Northern African Brit Layla. Who wouldn't want her? Plus, she has a great song.
Jillian Hall
It would never be fun without the Soulful Songstress. HAHA
Chris Masters
The Masterpiece should be included because I miss him and I need to kick his ass badly
Charlie Haas
Who wouldn't want him? He's good ass kicking fooder, better than Jesse anyways. Like Katie Lea, under utilized.
Paul Burchill, Yoshi Tatsu, Tyler Reks, DJ Gabriel and Hurricane Helms
Oh, I want them in cause ECW has a lot less Superstars and presence in the roster, more diversity and competition
Zack Ryder
Same as above and the fact that he is the #1 contender for the ECW Championship.
David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd
WWE should not have cut out the Hart Dynasty. David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd make great competitors as a team and individually as well.
I think that's about it, anyway, to all wrestling fans who read my little slice of heaven, please sound off below and give me your opinions. Thanks.
Two more people should be in this game.
Aww come on, she hosted Raw on Monday!!!! Also I would be very very very very Stratusfied, haha, lol.
It would never be the same with this former women's champ. She is definitely one of the best. HAHA, won't you agree?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

On TV: Good and Bad, Part 1

The second season of 90210! Yes there is a certain guy named Dustin Milligan who plays this certainly sexy guy named Ethan Ward is not around anymore as he was written off. Guess what people, he is going to stay in Montana with his daddy... screw the lousy writers. This season of 90210 promises to have a much classier fashion and much more nasty. Think the LA clone of gossip girl, think Swinburne University only much more interesting, think Brendan Goh in a place where people and him are in sync with fashion instead of being 10 years ahead and being assumed as a gay person.

Reason you should watch: Its more juicy than ever with affairs with married men, naked pics of a certain principal's daughter, a cute tennis boy whose attitude resembles Chong Zhia Hwa and I am so not kidding.

Reason you should not watch: Its like a clone of gossip girl, only less witty and more drama.

Overall: The new 90210 fares better than the first season thanks to a new team of writers and producers. 90210 gets 3 stars out of 5

All girls this season is 5 foot seven or shorter, thus giving shorter girls a chance to model. Tyra is attempting to change the world of fashion again. With the first ever Ty-over (immediate makeovers for the finalists), you bet its gonna open with a bang of shrieks and screams and loads of drama. Plus, you know Tyra, faking accents, elaborate entrances and what not. The judging panel has also changed with legendary supermodel Paulina Poriskova got the sack and now is Ms Jay, Nigel, Tyra and a guest judge. Also, Elite Model Management is replaced by Wilhemina models who happens to hire anyone.

Reason you should watch: Who doesn't love Tyra, drama, makeovers and fashion. Plus its a great test of fashion ability for you to be able to predict who comes first, lol.

Reason you should not watch: Ask Belinda Liew.

Overall: I like this new cycle, I think its hot, lol. Though slightly disappointed with a few of the selections (after 13 cycles, obviously I am pretty much an expert, I so totally should be the 4th judge, like Ellen Degeneres as Paula Abdul's replacement on American Idol, I will be giving the 'people's view'). Cycle 13 gets 4 out of 5.

If you like High School Music but the more adult and dark comedy version, watch Glee. I am sure you will have a lot of laughs with this one. Its about a teacher who used to go to the school he teaches, wishing to revive the Glee club to its former glory (Glee is Choir).

Reason you should watch: Its not like any other show, its different and very interesting. Its a musical comedy with a bit of darkness to it that appeals parents and kids alike.

Reason you should not watch: There is no reason

Overall: You should watch even though the film maybe banned here due to suggestive sex gestures, then again we all did em in high school. 5 out of 5 people.
Its like the old Merose except less campy, more mysterious, sophisticated and dark writing. But the elements of sex, drugs, murder and whatever things that make things interesting in it. Its just like the old one receiving a facelift relating itself to current issues that are deemed controversial.

Reason you should watch: Women and gays, the men, especially Colin Egglesfield (the guy on the left) is seriously hot and mysterious, lol. As for guys and lesbians, there is a bisexual girl on the prowl and she is blonde and she is hot... need I say more?

Reason you should not: This show just seems to be a little more of the critically acclaimed stuff as comercially, they just blend too well into the background, evidenced by their 2.3 million viewers in the season opener. So it might get a little boring.

Overall: I liked it but I feel the blend too, it gets 3 out of 5

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

10 things why Crowning a Prom Queen in College is so wrong

  1. You are having a PROM while you are studying in a COLLEGE
  2. Being a Prom Queen candidate in College states that you are either some glory hounding slut who wishes to relieve her former days as prom queen because right now your life sucks or some dumb slut who actually thinks its cool
  3. The title of prom queen is so low-rated teenage comedy and high school suburbia
  4. If you post the pictures on the halls, people will think how much you charge per hour
  6. Even if the sign says 'Prom Queen Candidates' it actually means (Nominees for Slut of The Year)
  7. If you won the title of Prom Queen, we know that you have many slutty girlfriends and serviced every guy that has voted for you
  8. Having a crown on your head in the annual College dance doesn't mean you are royalty and that everybody likes you, it means you sucked the most cocks.
  9. Its very very very lame
  10. College is a time to have fun, not bitchy cat fights and crowning people. Its not high school