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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wow! I didn't know...
I know that I have always been a nice and sweet guy
Loyal to his friends
Always being there
Oh yeah, always fun and making a total fool of himself
Not to mention, narcisstic, over dramatic, a total bimbo, loony, whacky, emotional, soft-hearted, hot-headed, thick skinned, stubborn, lovable, bubbly, cool, fashionable and a total diva
And of course a trendsetter.
Everyone was wearing the same design of shoes that I wore like 4 years ago.
And you say it was for girls
Ha! now that all your stupid chinese superstars
with your lee hom, j.j lim, 7788 or 1122 or 5566 or 3344, that crap ass she band, plus that slut jolin chai who you all love
didn't you know that she is in the same category as lindsay, paris, nicole and britney
So why you love her and hate them?
I don't get you hypocrits, literally.

But this is not about them
Its about my so-called friends
I got to see what other people think of them
First hand.
Well, the first guy on the gossip block
is none other than Mr.Wong Xiang Lun
My right-hand man if you say so.
I know he likes to brag and bluff
(Which is why his nickname is called 'dui pao' aka big cannon)
But honestly its really funny.
Cracked me up like firecrackers
So Jeremy decided to do alittle trick to Xiang Lun
He told Xiang Lun that is there a highway that connects Kuching to Kuala Lumpur
So this is how the dialog goes
JL: hey did you know that there is a highway that connects here to KL?
XL: no
JL: you know the one with the ferry?
XL: Oh, that one! My dad has been there! He used that to go to KL
XL: Puan Malizan (english teacher), did u know that there is a highway that connects from kuching to KL?
PM: What, there is no such thing exist!
JL: Xiang Lun said his dad got go leh!
"Dui Pao" at its most embarassing moments
Well, Xiang Lun, as a word of advice, don't try to 'dui pao' if you don't know the topic
Imagine a flyover from Simpang Tiga to KL sheesh!
Ridiculous! Its like putting traffic lights on a roundabout at Simpang Tiga and the Travillion roundabout!
If you don't believe, try looking at the traffic lights from the road that leads to cheshire home.

Next is Catherine Yeo who is a former friend of mine and Chai Mei Shan, the loony girl who spreads the ever nortorious CMS disease.
You should never ever team up with Catherine because she just orders and orders and dumps everything on you like she is a bigshot boss or something. Luckily, I am a gentleman so I did everything.
She is such and idiot!
So Mei Shan and Catherine organized the Taichi telematch (total failure, that's why i am not going)
mei Shan bores the shit out of everyone with the stupid games that she and catherine planned.
The games are complicated and boring.
Thank God Luke and Cyril saved it with the treasure hunt
There is also this official ceremony for a telematch
excuse me, its just a telematch
Gather everybody and say 3, 2, 1, and go!
No need for some stupid official ceremony
What do you think this is?
Is this some ceremony that you will never getbecause losers like you and catherine who are boring girls and whacked up bitches who have seriously mental conditions?
Yeah like what ever!
neeways gonna find something to study
My dad is in his nagging grandma mode.
Before I go, let me tell you what he quote
"You and other children are like heaven and earth, people like me are already scared and study like shit while you are playing the computer!"
He is so paranoid like my mom.
Great, betcha ten bucks it is my grandma calling
Having three old women who nags shit everyday like a parrot is so annoying
No wonder i am called parrot, i repeat everything
just like them, in the gene pool
that's it!
I am adopting or at least hope the nagging gene is not in my child!
I wish they were dead
My Parents are the world's most sinister aassholes in the whole fucking universe
They bought Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows for me.
Unfortunately, I can't read it till after SPM
Let me ask you one simple question
Would I be interested in reading Harry Potter 4 months after its release date?
Hell no.
I probably already know every fucking nook and cranny of the story by then.
Thanks to my classmates who bla everything out
I know that its a few months till SPM
but why am I supposed to suffer like this?
Ohter ppl can have the freedom of going out on Saturday nights
Go to the cineplex and watch movies
Have shopping trips with friends
Go online at night whereas I am stuck in the morning
Read Charmed and Harry Potter
All they say that studying is way more important than having fun
I am a human being!
I should be able to have fun!
Do you know how much i miss my friends at the States?
Do you know how much I miss chatting online?
Do you know how lonely i feel?
Like I actually have any close friends at school
Probably the closest is a fat girl and 'dui pao'
Yeah, right
I don't why they are so Goddamn paranoid
Nagging, nagging and nagging
every sinngle fucking second
Why am I brought intop this cruel world
Why am I suffering a fate worse than death right now?
How I wish to graduate
You know what?
That's it
In order to rebel and get back on my parents,
I am now officially GAY!!!
Viva la Yaoi!

Sorry Candice

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The 100th post!!!!
Congrats to yours truly for his 100th post!
In this special occasion,
I am going to tell you a very obsessed passion of mine
Various pics of yours truly in different shades
That's like so totally COOL!!!!

Me in blue
Me in purple
Me in green
Me in yellow
Me in classic colour
Me in red
Black and White

Me in REAL Cothes

I camwhored at the physics lab except the real clothes one

Which is from the poorly organized Drama Competiton in Bau.
I was in some kind of human container
Real bumpy ride
It was real nice experience!
Getting to see the country side for once
Corn actually comes from plants and not trees!
Imagine that!

Another thing to be imagined is getting caught camwhoring in the Physics lab

Mr.Mok : Brendan, what are you doing?
Me : Camwhoring
Mr.Mok : What is camwhoring?
Senk Siang interrupting : He is trying to sell himself on the internet
Everybody (laughs)
Me : No, camwhoring just means taking pictures of youself by yourself
Mr.Mok : Aiya, you people, camwhoring all day

or even worse, Helen Tan!
Helen Tan: Brendan, what are you doing there?
Brendan : Camwhoring
Helen Tan: ...
Brendan : ...
Helen Tan: Meet me in my office right now

or probably Mr.Lis

Mr Lis: What are you doing there boy?
Me : Camwhoring
Mr.Lis: Are you trying to prostitute yourself in the internet?
Me ; No, camwhoring means taking pictures of yourself by yourself
Mr.Lis: Oh, okay
(looks and later points at my camera)
Mr Lis: Is this a handphone?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I hate my mom because she is a Class-A BITCH.
She is a glory-houng slut
She never really cares about me
Only nags everyday
Insulting me
Spiteful bitch!
I never gave you a punch in the face
because you are my mom.
Maybe thats a good reason to punch her too.
Its really unfair to me
Darren and Ryan can play the comp as loud as they want.
As much as they want
And as frequent as they want!
While poor me is imprisoned in my room.
I really hate her.
Other ppl like Jeremy Lim who I should point is worse in his studies than me can get to go to the Rain Forest Music Festival.
While me, I enjoy my glorious room with full of books
Reference books, Text books, Activity books and oh yeah, exercise books.
Btw, my Charmed books are collecting dust!
i just HATE her.
She also drives me around like a slave.
The other two have NO chores at all.

They sit around and do nothing
While I have to do this and that!
Ask them to open the door and they are even too lazy.
I have been helping my mom since I was ten!
Darren is fourteen and barely lifts a finger!
This usually leads to my tantrums.
Great now my dad starts!
Next, dear sweet old grandma!
After that, my aunt!
then teachers
and finally,
my own brothers who are so Goddamn shrewd!
You know what, they only know how to say
They only know how to annoy
They never really showed me that they can do it!
They never give any support in anything i do!
I really wish I can leave them
SPM only ruins my life!
Fuck you!
Stupid Ministry of Education!
Malaysia is a lousy country!
Too much pressure
Too academic oriented
Too nerdy!
They only want to produce a bunch of slave-droning nerds!
That's what they call modal insan slave droning nerds and potential terrorists!
I really, really hate this place!
Get me out of here!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I was just going through some blogs from the 2006 graduates.
It was so sad that the fact they will never see each other again.
Their gang has been like dispersed and seperated.

All of them going to their own seperate ways
Living their own life
and sooner or later
They will longer be a best friends
They will be aquaintances who have a history
Reduced to the, nothing more.

That's how that song from Nelly Furtado go

Flames to dust,
Lovers to friends,
Why do all good things come to an end?
Come to an end
Come to an end

Like its stuck in your mind forever
We, well you guys can enjoy the final few months of your high school life
I can't wait for it to end
Can't wait to get out of this country
Can't wait to never see your face ever again

You say
its not that I don't want to get hurt or anything
I already am hurt
That's why I never wanna see your faces again
Brings back bad memories
You left a deep cut in me
Drove me to suicide
Am I suppose to forgive you for that
I may be a forgiver
But this is something you cannot forgive and forget.

Besides, you guys always neglect me and diss me aside
when something is not my business
and its certainly not yours
At least tell me.
I feel very neglected when you guys gossip about someone
with me right beside
but never allowed me to be included
you left me alone instead
it just hurts.
Have you ever wondered that if you guys left me out
and walk away
Is there anyone sitting next to me or accompanying me?
I feel so alone that even my 'closest' friends
don't even wanna include me in their conversations

Its not that I never tried to make friends
I did
You just decided to bully me to have your own fun
After that, you transferred it to the younger kids
In fact, your constant bullying has never allowed me to reveal to you
How nice and a great person
I actually am
Honestly, its your lost

I have help some of you a lot in the past
You guys owe me 1
I don't know when you will be given the opportunity to pay me back
I hope, when that opportunity strikes,
you better do it.
That's my advice.

Friday, July 06, 2007

I didn't know that corn comes from trees.