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Friday, May 30, 2008

200th episode of Brendzblog!!!!
Wow, its been 200 posts already, and it took me almost 2 years to do it, lol
So, i guess this sorta proves that I am not a very frequent blogger.
I just blog twice as much than normal people.
So yeah, compared to Jamie, who has around 365 post per year, I am way behind with my 100 per year.
Well, 200 posts and still going strong!
Am I going to keep this blog?
Yes, for now.
But I think its definitely gonna change.
I don't know
Nobody knows.
Blogging is fun for me.
In my opinion, its sorta my haven.
A sanctuary of peace where creative thoughts flow into an ocean of ideas, thoughts and refections
A punching bag for me, when I feel sad and want to rant about something
Its sorta like a second mouth for me
Where I can voice my opinions, reveal my feelings, process my thoughts
In fact, a lot of inspirations come to me when I am blogging.
As I am typing these words
An aura of creative juice, splash its paves its way into my thought
Waiting for my hands to paint and splash on an empty white screen.
The feeling is peaceful, my pace, rapid but calm
Like a new machine working very smoothly
Poetic, as I am, it takes me a while to think of words.
It pretty much makes me stay on top
Keeps my mind working
Helping me piece words in different arrangements in to witty, poetic and meaningful opinions.
Sure, sometimes you get sick of me bitching this and trashing that
repeating an interest like its a fetish
write something that you cannot entirely understand that makes you think that I am crazy, weird or a pompous prep with 'deep' English but in actuality your proficiency in english is not as fluent as mine and that MOST people actually understand what I am saying and feeling.

I guess its just me
I am diffrent, unique, individualistic, and more importantly, I have an opinion.
A different perspective in life.
Everyone has an opinion but what matters is the substance in it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This is the bored stage... and I am loving it.
For some freaking reason, I felt very happy lazing around at home.
No work
No assignments
No projects
No nothing
Just sitting around all day watching reruns of Desperate Housewives
Getting a daily dose of Ellen
And of course, hours on the computer and PS2
Plus, I am binging
Which probably means that I am depressed.
well, I guess I am, but I don't know what I am depressed about.
Which means I have to have a lot of thought.
But now, I felt calm for some reason, enjoying my bout of depression.
I don't call my friends and go out
I don't go to the movies
People these days are so busy that I felt its bad to bother them.
Although I am still glad to quit my job.
The negatives seem to edge out the positives, slightly
But that's all I need to make a decision.
Decisions like these is black and white for me.
As for petty things like choosing where to eat,
Buying a new Cd or clothing.
What movie to watch,
What kind of yogurt drink to drink
It takes me a long time to choose.
Sometimes I stand there for like 10 to 15 minutes,
I felt that people are looking at me and thinking
'Is this boy too poor to afford air-condition so he come here to get the air-condition?'
These days, I don't know what to do.
All I think about is starting college soon.
But now, I think I wanna enjoy my free time.
Think of it as a sabatical.
Its been almost a week now,
so I felt that I sould just rest and laze around.
And think of what to buy.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Why? Why? Why? *smack* *head bleeds*

That shit ass actuallly won American Idol?
He didn't even rocked it last night!!!
I mean Archuleta brought the house down,
he stole the show, and looks adoerable doing it.
And you let some ruggedy, rocker win this thing?
This is SO UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean it's not as unfair as Taylor Hicks winning American Idol 5,
cause he sucks and Katherine is way more opoular
but still, DAVID COOK?
Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot believe this!!!
Its a total shocker!!!!
This is very upsetting.
He doesn't deserve to win!
Archuleta does.
I mean just look at him, hear his voice.
Its melodious!!!
Argh, forget about it.
What's done is done.

*looks towards the camera*
I am not good at predicting American Idol winners
even though I got it right twice.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Anymore Tags and this is getting tedious

Who do you wish understood you better?
the fucked up place we call the world

Do you know anyone named Molly?

What have you been thinking about a lot lately?

What kind of music do you listen to?
things that my brother doesn't listen

Have you recently done anything you regret?

Do you think bestfriends can be replaced?

Who will you be with on saturday?
at first, co-workers. now, my friends

Who did you sit with at lunch?
not schooling yet, will tell when i am in swinburne

Honestly, how many people have you fallen for?
a few

Name something that made you smile today?
David Archuleta kicked ass on Idol!!!!!!!

Are you single or taken?

Can you name a quote from the song your listening to?
I wanna stay all night on the floor,
gonna dance like there's no tomorrow

What's the closest thing to you that's liquid?

Describe this year of school in one word:

What's something you're happy about?
David Archuleta

Are you dating the last person you kissed?

The last person you fought with?
That will be... I forgot

What were you doing last night at 10pm?

How long is your hair?
okay la

Name something that's on your mind right now?
my cerebral cortex

When was the last time you got yelled at?
today, by my dogs for serving food so slowly

Who do you really want to see right now?

Are you pregnant?

Where do you see yourself in 6 years?
Not in Malaysia and very successful

Do you swear a lot?
I have a foul mouth

Can you leave the house without makeup?
I am a dude, of course

What are you currently listening to?
Bad Girls by Danity Kane

Do you bite your lips alot?

Have the cops ever come to your house?

Favorite drink?

What is in store for your future?
Something very good... I hope

Do you miss someone today?


Who's your last missed call?

Do you always wear your seat belt?

What do you wear to bed?
my underwear

What's a happy time you've had in the past week?
getting a 2000 hit ko in dynasty warriors

What's something that can always make you feel better?
shopping spree

How many people have you liked in the past 8 months?

Would you go back in time if you could?

When was the last time you lied?
i dunno, how can I remember?

How has the week been?
very bad cause i was very sick

So is there something you wish you could tell someone but you cant?

Happy with life?

What did you wear today?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I feel so bleagh...
Okay, yes. I don't have much to blog about lately.
Cause I will either be at home, at work, at play or on someone's bed.
Dota sucks, swear will never tried it but out of boredom did.
Highly regret that.
Sick for pretty much past few days.
So less time on msn and blogging.
I was really sick but at least I lost some weight.
Gonna spend the morning doing something.
TV, Playstation 2, Comp, Books.
And pretty much continuing my life.
So that's all... shortest post ever.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Post Torrie Binge
Torrie Wilson released?
As of 8th May 2008?
God I feel so depressed!!!
This can't be happening!!!!
Damn it.
I am going to have to go on a binge.
I am going to gain weight again and I don't like it.
This news pretty much made me snap so I am binging tonight.

Reasons to binge
1. Torrie Wilson Released
2. I don't have someone to cuddle with at night, nothing but a pillow ( pathetic I know, since I have 3 large ones and 2 normal ones and I only use one.)
3. I am bored
4. I am being paid to little
5. Candice is still not back from her injury.
6. I already bought the food

Reasons not to binge
1. Don't wanna gain weight, wanna lose weight
2. Wanna pose for Playgirl

Well, that's about it.
Alright, I am binging.

Pringles, check
Snickers, check
Doritos, check
Cadbury Marble, check
Cadbury Whip, check
Mars. check
Haagen Dazs, check
Desserts, check
To Dau Kueh ( Nut pastry), check
Donuts, check
Candy, check
Whipped Cream, check
Chipsmore, check
Arnotts, check
Famous Amos, check

Monday, May 12, 2008

I wanna cry,
Its so sad.
Its such a tradegy.
Her departure is so sad.
I cannot believe something like this happened
Does her back has to be so injured that she is forced to do the unthinkable.
She is only in for seven years.
Its ended so prematurely.
A piece of my heart is broken
Because a WWE Diva has decided to retire
Bye, Torrie Wilson
I will miss you.
They would look so perfect together.
Now I must mourn.
And try to mend my broken heart.
Remaining Divas
Beth Phoenix
Mickie James
Candice Michelle
Jillian Hall
Ashley Massaro
Katie Lea
Eve Torres
Michelle McCool
Natalya Neidhart
Kelly Kelly
Lena Yada
Bored so I am doing a tag.

Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes?
Yeah, actually and I splashed cherry infused vodka into his face.

Do you ever keep arguing when you know you're wrong?
Yes, cause I fight to the death

What does your second text say?
Brendan, why the hell are you walking around in bags full of Padini?

What are you listening to?
Touch My Body- Mariah Carey

What’s one word to describe you?

What are your plans for this weekend?
Work, Work and more shitty work

What makes you laugh?

Did you date someone you regret dating?
Yes, might I say, once a bitch always a bitch

What are you doing tomorrow?
Going to Anna's to watch RAW.

Do people tell you that you're pretty cool a lot?
Question seems to be phrased in an awkward manner and yeah.

What are you wearing right now?
T-shirt and boxers

How is your hair?
Short and spiky

Have you kissed anyone in the last 7 hours?

Do you like your first name?
i do

Do you like to cuddle?

What are your initials?

Baseball or football?

Still single and available

Favorite kind of blanket?
The one that my granny made for me.

What's your biggest fear?

What do you think of chocolate covered strawberries?

Been to Europe or the Caribbean?

Last person you talked to over AIM or MSN?

Do you like the color grey?
Its okay, I like it

Look outside, how's the weather?
Hot, sunny and shiny

Are you jealous of anyone right now?
Yes, I actually am.

Did you ever think someone didn't like you, but came to find out they reall​y did?
Nope, wtf?

How many different people of the opposite sex have you cried over?
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...none cause they are not worth my tears to cry over.

When you think of the rainbow, what pops in your head

Who did you last speak to on the phone and what did they say?
Brendan: Hello?
Mom : Cook rice, do the laundry and stop watching P.S. I LOVE YOU

What did you have for dinner?
Chicken Rice and Fish & Chips

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Eight Belles
Okay, the Kentucky Derby Tragedy is one of the world's most inhumane, sickening, disgusting, cruel and more evil than the Chinese eating dogs, Al-Qaeda beheading people and the Indian dude who had sex with corpses of children combined.

Did I mention that it is also very retarded, sad, crazy, idiotic, dumb and unecessary to do that?

I could never imagine that there is a much more crueler and blunt human being in the world other than the aforementioned people, but apparently there is and he is even more crueler than a Chinese-Indian muslim who has links with Al-Qaeda and loves to eat dogs and have sex with dead corpses. More importantly, the combination is imaginary.

What am I talking about, well I am telling you as a pet-owner, human rights activist, soon-to-be vegan and human being who is born on the year of the horse.

THE OWNER OF THE HORSE, EIGHT BELLES, btw FINISHED SECOND in the race has been euthanised because of her ankles are broken

To make it simpler, a horse who finished 2nd in a horse race was killed by her owner because her ankles are broken.




Personally, as an animal lover and a person who is born in the year of the horse, it really is a slap in the face.

I mean seriously, caring for a horse needs a lot of work and care and patience. Needless to say it needs lots of cash.

You spend millions to buy a freaking horse, shouldn't you, i dunno, have the funds to care for it?
Mend it while it is sick or injured? Have a barn for it to sleep around?

Instead of gunning it down and say 'Its a business decision.'

Have you ever hear me killing my own dogs, just because its broke its legs, or on the brink of death because it got knocked down by some insensitive, fat ass, cheesy, ah beng with a beat up SUV who has driving skills worse than a crippled, legally blind, grandmother and then say 'Its a business decision.'?

The answer is a big fat NO!

I will support it, care it, devote all my time on it!

I am even willing to sacrifice time off school or working, just to make sure that it can get back in its own two feet and yapping like the happy dog it was and always will be!

Its better than give it to Aaron Ong who will hang the canine, covered with honey and lemon marinade over an open fire rite?

Now look, the life of a race horse is very sad and very stressful. You can see the sadness in their very cute and droopy eyes.

You see, they must win and prevent from any injury, cause if they get injurned, like Eight Belles, will get some morphine injected into the blood and then probably sent it to an Aaron Ong clone in Kentucky to let him marinate it in some very special and personal marinade from Kentucky and roast it over an open flame.

Race horses can only do racing at an average of seven years.

After they retire, the good race horses and the lousy ones tend to go to different paths.

Ironically, the lousy ones tend to have the very good life or kena euthanised and shipped to Aaron Ong.

The good ones, will be forced to reproduce 'heirs' aka, new horse = more money.

I think its very disgusting and inhumane.

Its like asking a retired senior and his aged wife to reproduce so that their sons get to work and earn more money.

The men, will be spreading their hormones till the far edge of the barn and the females will be sitting around, barefoot and pregnant.

Not to mention, getting sleepless nights, mood swings, post-natal depression and of course sore tits.

God, working at Food and Tea and getting sore legs from walking around is enough.

Imagine having SORE TITS. *shivers*

Honestly, if owners treat their pets poorly like that, then I am going to go all PETA on them.

I am going to tarnish and grattify their houses Along-style and then spray chili sauce and deja mustard with sugar all over them.

Chili sauce and deja mustard are very sweet things, good to attract ants and make the house more... Alongnized.

Luckily, there is no horse-racing in Kuching cause you will probably find me in police lockup quite often.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Changing brands?
Brendzblog was fun, really it was.
I mean it pretty much dictates my senior years in high school till my post-college life
That means it ran for about 3 seasons.
I guess, and I might think its time for a change,
plus and besides,
I am getting pretty tired of this blogskin.
Need to find something that's edgy and gives some oomph,
This skin needs to be shed.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tagged by Tori

1) Slept naked?
only in my undies okay

2) Taken a shower with someone?

3) Kissed a member of the same sex?
Yes but I have to say it was an accidental and coincidental.

4) Drove a car?

5) Are you photogenic?

6) Been in love?
Yes, and it was great until she turned into a bitch.

7) Been dumped?

8) Do you seek revenge of being dumped?
Nope, I took the high road, I will never sink that low.

9) Gotten in a car with people you just met?

10) Been in a fist fight?

11) Snuck out of your/someones house?
yes, definitely

12) Had feelings for someone who didnt have them back?
not really

13) Been arrested?
not yet, unlike Santino Marella, lol

14) Hugged a stranger?
never done that cause ppl here might think you are crazy

15) Met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere?

16) Left your house with out telling your parents?

17) What time is it?
8 P.M.

18) Ditched school to do something more fun?
Sorry but I am a goody two shoes

19) Lost a friend?
yea, to a car accident but I don't know him well though.

20) Do you collect sea shells?
Yea but I always leave them at the beach

21) Been to an island?
yes, OH MY GOD, it was soooooo lovely but boring, terribly boring

22) Slept in until 3?
latest is like noon

23) Love someone or miss someone right now?
No one, cause I am searching for that person.

24)Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by?
Gosh, I never done that in a while! I always drift away when I do that, that was so lovely and peaceful.

25)Made a snow angel?
no, no snow here, T_T

26)played dress up?
Not a tranny, okay

27) Cheated while playing a game?

28) Been lonely?
yes, like now

29) Kissed more than 4 people in one night?
Yes, Lmao, It was fun!!!!

31) Favourite pair of shoes?

32) Felt an earthquake?

33) Touched a snake?
no too.

34) Ran a red light?

35) Been suspended from school?

36) Had detention?

37) Been in a car accident?

38) Had a party in your house while your parents were away?

39) Used a fake id?
no, they don't have them here

40) Crawled through a window?

41) Been lost?

42) Been to the opposite side of the world?

43)Lost Your Virginity?
Not yet *hypocrit* *liar* *slut*

44) Cried yourself to sleep?

45) Woke up crying?
Yes, very P.S. I Love You

46)Got piercings?
Used to, after that painful operation, never again

47) Done something you told yourself you wouldnt?

48) What music are you listening to?
Lots of music.

49) Caught a snowflake on your tongue?

50) Kissed in the rain?
Hah!! I danced in the rain

51) Sang in the shower?

52) Partied all night and regretted it the next day?

53) Had a dream that you married someone?

54) Glued your hand to something?
Dude, I maybe a bimbo but I am not an idiot

55) Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole?
ha yea, cuz i love licking flag poles.^_^

56) Ever gone to school partially naked?
What do you think I am? Kelly Kelly?

57) Been a cheerleader?
We don't have those here, even if we do, they would obviously suck at it

58) Had more then ten boyfriend/girlfriends?
Nope but I know someone who does

59) Didnt take a shower for a week?
I do not live in a jungle okay

60) Ever too scared to watch scary movies alone?
Yes, I am always scared of horror flicks.

61) Do you like chick flicks?
OMG! I love chick flicks!!!!!

62) Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?
Yes, it was a party royal rumble.

63) Who had the last birthday?
My dad

64) Broken a bone?
Not yet

65) Been easily amused?
Yes when people are pathetic

66) Laugh so hard you cry?
yes, who doesn't?

67) Lied about a personal detail?

68) Cheated on a test?
Yes, what? EVERYBODY cheats on Moral Suckies

69) Forgotten someones name?

70) Do you like Britney Spears?

71) Done something dumb while drunk?
Never been drunk

72)Who was the last person you slept with?
Owh god, all I know it is not Rachel cause she was my first, it was CJ I think

73) Blacked out from drinking?
Never been drunk.

74) Played a prank on someone?

75) Gone to a late night movie?
Yea, it was cool

76) Made love to anything not human?
That's disgusting okay.

77) Do you like participating in Sport?
Hell No

78) Choked on something youre not supposed to eat?
Yup, Paper. Don't ask.

79) Ever kissed a stranger?
Haha, no.

80) Ever made a burn book?
In the famous words of Tyler from the Real World, 'I am a master of burn books'

81) Celebrate the 4th of July?

82) Thrown strange objects?
I thrown a paper airplane at a teacher once

83) Felt like killing someone?
God, there are lots of yimes

84) Thought about running away?

85) If you could be anywhere else, where would you be?
I will be watching David Archuleta winning American Idol!!!!

86) What was the last thing you ate?

87) Cut your own hair?
Yeah, rite. Its like making your own death sentence

88) Performed a song in front of an audience before?

89) Do you have any Tattoos?

90) Cried over someone?

91) Celebrate Halloween?

92) Dated someone more than once?
Yes, I did

93) Had/Have a dog?
yeas, 3 in fact

94) Do you like Paris Hilton?
I love Paris

95) Smoked a cigarette?
nope, anti-smoking

96)Been in a band?
not yet

97) last concert you went to?
OMG, it sucked real bad

98) Broken a CD?

99) Shot a gun?
oh i will. in someone's fucking head.

100) Who do you tag?
Lets see, 5 ppl
1. Carmen
2. Aaron
3. Jamie
4. Luke
5. Aini
ACDC crew vs M&M Crew
The Biggest Online Dance Battle in the History of Mankind
So who kicked ass?

M&M Crew


Lovin Life
Yeah, yeah so I borrowed the Michelle McCool quote.
But honestly, yes!
I am loving my life of peace and harmony, well almost peace and harmony.
Its so calm, nothing to do everyday seems nice.
Nut unfortunately, I think that its time for me to go to school.
All this holidaying been's fun
but I am ready to get back to school now.
Besides, when I start school, my friends in the US are preparing to move into campus.
I am so envious of them!
Compared to me who is stuck in Kuching and living with my parents.
And I hate it!
Not much freedom plus nosy brothers!
Great, talk about a 2 in 1 package.
I hate the feeling of being close to home.
I feel so constricted, its suffocating.
And I don't like it, really.
But that's how life is, as usual.
Gosh, change that statement about Lovin Life
I will love it when I quit my job, go to college and get away from my parents
Right now, I am hating life and it sucks.

Monday, May 05, 2008

I just can't wait any longer
At first, I am picky
I wanna choose the right college that works well with my course.
Now, everything in my life is topsy turvy.
I can never get anything I wanted
I can never achieve anything I wanted
I am so depressed right now.
I am choosing a course that hopefully is similar to what I do.
My material life is gone now
Thanks to my parent's obsession with 4D,
I cannot have what I want.
It just sucks.
Why, does God have to punish me to get such an idiotic family.
Why don't I have a normal one,
Where I would have my own car, my own laptop and no job!

Yesterday, I met Isabel again.
With a purchase of Padini in tow.
And its sick that she has all this free time to dance and frolic
While I have to be stuck in Food & Tea during my weekends.
I hate working there.
The food sucks too.
Believe me, you can make more than half the dishes at home.
The people there look like they learned cooking from the cook book, 'Cooking For Dummies'
Plus, my manager keeps on hollering me to do all the nasty jobs!
Moreover, the guy is an asshole who gets messed up easily and simply bark at people.
Plus he plays that same kind of stupid music everyday!!!
Include a moody chef, and a "senior" who just bosses people around just pisses me off.
The chef reminds me of women during menopause.
The chef is a man, btw.
Did I also mention that he gets to talk and socialise around with others while I can't?
Anna's my friend, you cannot pull me off and ask me to do other jobs.
I know he hates me cause he treats others nicely and not me.
God, I am so quitting after end of this month.
Besides, I think I am going insane with the crappy chinese music.