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Monday, October 26, 2009

It has been one week

Wow, I really cannot believe that it has been a whole week since I blogged
I mean, I have gone without blogging for over a month, but that was forced, this was voluntary
Which tells me, that October is an extremely busy month for me
Other than my usual TV Shows to watch in the computer, I also have dreadful assignments to complete.
TV Shows have November Sweeps ( Period where they air new episodes every week)
We have Assignment Sweeps ( Period where we have to submit an assignment every week, on top of out regular homework)

Other than that, I also have a group marketing presentation to finish, which is only fiar because I am pure dead weight in the accounting area compared to Siaw Wee and Belinda
Thus, it ends with me paying the favor by preparing a marketing presentation all by myself right?
Seems so unfair right?
They have to slave over a whole assignment
While I just type words in 24 slides.
Marketing Lecturer has a few choice of weapons, she either shoots you with a small little water gun or full blast with a nuclear bazooka!
My presentation usually ends with minimal damage.
Yay me!

Other than that, I have been trying out Smackdown vs Raw 2010.
Going to write a review soon
Yeah, but first I have Accounting and Quantitaitve Analysis to finish
Yeah, Assignment Sweeps
Sweeping my sanity away.

Oh, I got 3rd place for debate but lost for public speaking...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cowards to note

Well, we all have people that will hate us, no matter what.
The world is so diverse, that whatever you do, you would definitely have to be ready to be expected to be judged on by others.
Not everyone in the world loves you, not everyone hates you either.
However, everyone is a critic.
And everyone has haters
Whether it is pure jealousy or down right disagreements (pure jealousy is most likely it), everyone has a motive to hate.
Yet, there are definitely some people who are more... let's just say... 'passionate' than others.
When I mean 'passionate' I actually mean 'having the time to wake up at four A.M. in the morning, posting hate notes on your chatbox.'

Believe me, there were down moments
There were times where I have decided that blogging only causes more harm than good
There were moments where I just stare at the screen pondering whether to delete this blog or not.
There were sometimes, I feel if this blog is not worth it at all.
But when I look down to the core, I would always know that I am doing the right thing.
 Why? Because...

This is my BLOG!!!!

And I can do whatever the fuck I want with it! (within the legal restrictions of national law of course)

If you have followed me since the day this blog was born, you would know that I have faced all these kinds of haters before. In fact, taking a look back at my past trials and tribulations in handling these dimwitted, untalented losers, I can actually categorize them into a few types.

1. I am a psychiatrist who buys my degree for 99 cents at the 99 cents store.
These people are seriously annoying, they act smart because they think that they are smart. They definitely will use some sort of terms as if you feel that they are breaking you down to the core, word by word. In actual fact, they really are just beating around the bush. They wil crap a bunch of words where it only revolves around one single keyword. usual noted keywords are sad, depressed, angry followed by a slur of deductions and assumptions.

Seriously, if they are fucking actual psychiatrist then people like Jamie Ding who is pursuing a degree in psychology would might as well have gone to spend 99 cents to get a degree in psychology instead of spending thousands of dolloars and 4 years in Segi. Personally I think it is insulting to pose as a psychiatrist where there are many people doing it as a profession. Honestly, the person that should go and see a shrink is not the blogger but the person posing at it in the first place? What kind of crazy hatred that makes them feel that they need to impersonate a psychiatrist in order to bring someone down?

2. The person who wants you to delete your blog
Let's say you have an opinion, and lets say it really stirred up a controversy. There will definitely be some people will say that your blog should be deleted because it is so hurtful and whatever.

Well, in my opinion, I am blogging whatever I like to blog. That person does not have the right to judge nor to demand you to delete your blog. Your blog concerns only you and no one else. I personally feel that you should not heed to their demands of deletion. You are not a politician, you do not belong in a political party, it is just you. So why should you delete your blog just because you have an opinion and feel it is important to raise an issue?

3. The meaningless insults of a douchebag
It is just a slur of degenrative comments of some idiot with no brains. Usually it is a bunch of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians.

They are stupid to begin with, why bother?

4. The spammer
He comes to your blog at 4a.m. to publish a bunch of repetitive words of nonsense.

The person's current main purpose in life is for you to delete your blog, you should feel honored that your influence is radical and that there is someone that is pathetic enough to spend time to copy and paste stupid comments on your chatbox every second.

5. The gang
The gang are like a bunch of people who repetitively post hurtful comments on your blog. They are a collective of people who plan to get rid of your blog.

They are definitely the toughest yet due to their strength in numbers. But remember, there is something called momentum. Sooner or later, they will give up.

All of these people are nothing but a bunch of cowards. They do not have the balls to show their true identities because they like to haunt you from afar but are actually afraid of confrontation. They have no lives and are pathetic little souls. Personally, these haters got the short end of the stick for me. They have no purpose in life, they are cowards and they plainly are just a bunch of losers with an obsession of the superficial. That is why they are fake people because all the crap they own is fake.

Just take it this way, these losers would rather stoop and buy a fake 200 dollar Louis Vuitton bag in order for some sort of pathetic little recognition that they actually own something designer and part of the high society. We, on the other hand would work our way up. We depend on hard work, personality and good credibility. With that, we are shown to have the style, the facade, the worth, the honour and the confidence to carry an ORIGINAL Louis Vuitton bag from the actual French Fashion House instead of pawning it from some Asian illegal immigrant.

We say Louis Vuitton, they yap LV.

Remember, it is your blog and if you have haters, that means your blog is important and one step towards being a superior one. It is not about the comments in your blog, although some feedback is good but what's most important is the content.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

7 Types of Clothing that you should invest now (Guys)

I am a guy and yes, I pride myself as a self proclaimed fashion and styling icon.
Because I dress better than most of the drabs around.
Seriously, all those episodes of Project Runway, Gossip Girl and 90210 of looking at how the actors dress and look like ans I have no fashion sense? You gotta be kidding me.
The only reason I ask for someone's opinion when buying clothes is to reduce my cognitive dissonance and prevent me from spending more money.
Because, God knows what super hot pants or shirt comes along, I would immediately buy them.
Thankfully for my UK clothes, I don't dress like the boy from Padini or the boy in all the plane jane stuff in malls.
As we all know, stuff here is either high quality and outdated or trendy but trashy and looks like it will rip in a few weeks.
So here are the following that you will need to start investing on, to be in.

1. Checkered or Plaid Shirts.
This is preferably to be short sleeved. Long sleeved ones are not only impractical as they will make you sweat in the humid weather but it also makes you look like some trashy hillbilly from out of town. Avoid anything that resembles curtains or picnic table cloths. Your best bet is hues of grey, white, black, yellow, lime green and blue. Make sure that the plaids are not plain ones like the ones you see on chess boards, there should be a combination or large and small squares or different colours for the ones of chess board design. It should be 3 or more to be exact. Also, please make sure that it is tight fitting, loose makes you look fat.

2. Bright colored pants.

Never to be afraid of giving your pants some color, hues of black, grey, white and blue are long gone.  The more outrageous the colour, the better. Think pink, electric blue, lime green and anything that is bright that will make you shine. Now, you don't want to walk around like some walking traffic light, so some neutral colored top would be perfect, preferably white or in the same hue or black.

3. Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans are so in, even though I only have one pair, I am already madly in love with skinny jeans. Best bet is dark colors like black or purple, bright ones are cool too. The darker the better but don't wear them too often guys, unless you want infertility issues in the future and don't worry about the tightness, it is actually extremely comfortable.
Perfect with plaid shirts, actually amazing with plaid shirts.

4. Square Ended Ties

These were very popular in the 50s and 60s and thanks to Mad Men, apopular cable television show, it is making a comback. It is definitely something different compared to before. Now a little thing about vintage, vintage clothing means a modern twist on already outdated looks, not rustling for something out of your grandfather's napthalene filled dusty old closet. Pair it with a suit, some striped pants and some sensible black shoes.

5. Short Plaid Pants

FINALLY, something from an Ah Beng trend that I actually like and give a damn to blog about. Short pleated pants are amazingly great if paired with a hat. I said HAT not CAP. Then you need a coloured jacket or shirt that is opened up and a plain white tee inside. Finish it off with some nice BK or Addidas. Remember, plaid pants are bold and structured giving off a serious persona and it is defintely best to tone it down by making the rest of your outfit more relaxed. Slippers are not recommended, unless it is the same colour. Avoid anything graphic or wordy on your tee, I just imagined a fat Ah Beng holding a cigarette posing. As for a striped top or polo, better not, doesn't match.

6. Beach Wear

Beach wear is moving from the beach to the streets, where you can have people posing as posers and act like they actually know a thing or two about surfing. Here is one thing you need to follow, no contrasting colours, unless you have shoes on. ie white tee and black shorts must go with black shoes and no slippers. If it is slippers, then head to toe must be of one color, then it looks much better.

7 Huge Sunglasses

Now this is my thing aka copyrighted by Brendan Goh and meant for Brendan Goh and Brendan Goh has set the trend for guys wearing large sunglasses. Huge white sunglasses is my thing, no bastard, bitch and or slut can copy it, I am the original. I am the Boy with the White Sunglasses. If you do it, screw you. Yes, sunglasses are great, however, they should match your face. I found out that my sunnies suits me the best when I have a longer face and longer hair, white a simple Nike Visor works well with my short hair. Sunglasses is not about the clothes but it is about your face because sunglasses can work well with any outfit.

So I know some of these things can be a little if not a lot far out for some of you guys since this is a suburbabn town and your trashy fashion blind friends may mock your style because it is European/American and they will only praise and hail it if some stupid Japanese Anime Cartoon Character with a ear piercing shriek for a voice wears it about five years ago, well don't worry, wear it now. When your friends wear it, you say that it was so five years ago and I already donated it to charity, or you can sell your clothes to them and make some serious cash.

Fashion is subjective, trends come and go. If we are bored of the old one then we move on towards the new one. But it is always better to be a few steps ahead, don't you think?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Album Review: Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel by Mariah Carey

I was window shopping with Belinda and Siaw Wee (I know, I feel so poor when I window shop, it's an ego thing). Then I stumbled upon the album aka the picture you see above. With a swipe of my card, RM36.90 gone and a heavily reduced cognitive dissonance (marketing term meaning regret after purchase), I headed out the store and gave an album review of it. I decided to review it in two ways before writing this: 
  1. While driving
  2. In front of the computer. 
I personally love Mariah Carey albums because they are obviously good and I never feel guilty when buying them. Ever since Emancipation of Mimi, I am sold that everytime Mariah releases an album, I will buy because she is that good, lol. Other than Mairah, I will buy Script and Lady Gaga. It seems that for these three artists, money is not an issue. 

The following is the list of tracks that I got, if you can see from the list below, I got the European version. Most of the songs were written by Mariah herself. 

  1. "Betcha Gon' Know (The Prologue)" (additional producer(s): James "Big Jim" Wright) — 4:00
  2. "Obsessed" — 4:05
  3. "H.A.T.E.U." — 4:28
  4. "Candy Bling" (additional writer(s): Ahmad A. Lewis, Stefan Gordy, John Klemmer) (additional producer(s): Los Da Mystro) — 4:03
  5. "Ribbon" — 4:21
  6. "Inseparable" (additional writers(s): Robert HymanCyndi Lauper) — 3:34
  7. "Standing O" — 4:00
  8. "It's a Wrap" (additional writers(s): Barry White) (additional producer(s): Heatmyzer, James Wright) — 3:59
  9. "Up Out My Face" — 3:41
  10. "Up Out My Face (The Reprise)" — 0:51
  11. "More Than Just Friends" (additional writer(s): Sean CombsChris Wallace, Rashad Smith, Mark DeBarge, Etterlene Jordan) — 3:37
  12. "The Impossible" (additional writer(s): Donald DeGrate, Albert Brown) — 4:01
  13. "The Impossible (The Reprise)" — 2:26
  14. "Angel (The Prelude)" (additional producer(s): James Wright) — 1:04
  15. "Angels Cry" (additional writer(s): Crystal Johnson) (additional producer(s): James Wright) — 4:02
  16. "Languishing (The Interlude)" (additional writer(s) & producer(s): James Wright) — 2:34
  17. "I Want to Know What Love Is(written by Mick Jones) (additional producer(s): James Wright, Randy Jackson) — 3:27
European download, additional songs[48]
  1. "Obsessed (Cahill Radio Mix)" — 3:20
  2. "Obsessed (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit)" — 3:12
  3. "Obsessed (Jump Smokers Radio Edit)" — 3:19
  4. "Obsessed (Friscia and Lamboy Radio Mix)" — 4:11

Notable Songs: Obsessed, I Want to Know What Love is, Angels Cry, Standing O, Ribbon, Candy Bling and H.A.T.E.U.

The Good: I had fun listening to the album, for me, I kinda feel like I am watching movie when I am listening to this album, every song she had in the album tells a story where a music video will be imagined in my mind and giving me a visual interpretation of the song. I can honestly tell you that I can make a nice little musical chick flick from the songs in here. The playlist was organized quite nicely and it really does generate some kind of good flow.

Obsessed although less favorably reviewed by critics and fans alike, for me, it was one hell of the great song, other than a little agenda behind me, I find this song standing out the most in the album because of its catchy tune.

Mariah Carey's cover of the Foreigner's I Want to Know What Love is was definitely the shining star of this album, expect this song to hit number one if Obsessed fails. I Want to Know What Love is somehow feels a little like a contestant in American Idol singing it but she definitely sings this sing better, a mash of Mariah Carey's voice and a nice blob of good old Gospel makes this song truly angelic.

H.A.T.E.U. which is the third single from the album is another of Mariah's love song somehow stands out because it is the only song that samples Mariah's vocals in the electronic lower vocal register, as if you are singing in front of a fan with full speed.

Candy Bling is nice for me because it's a very sweet song as the title promises.

Ribbon starts with a little Poker Face-esque voice which I truly enjoyed and it was a really nice romantic song and it is one of my personal favorites in this album, I would love for this song to be released as a single. It talks about a girl having a crush and having the guy's ribbon on her mind, I don't get it but I hope you do.

Angels Cry is truly one sad song, it was extremely lovely and talks about the fall of the golden couple and the angels or fans crying. I say that is song is my favorite in the whole album, it is kind of like the anti We Belong Together and it is a nice song, I hope it becomes a single because it is one fantastic song, plus the vocals are like super freaking high here at the end. A ballad that really touches the soul.

Standing O is an empowering song about a person really loving that someone but got played by that someone and  give the someone a standing ovation for playing that person, it is kind of like I am strong even though you played me and I congratulate you, you bastard.

The Bad: If you first listen to the album, you would probably feel that 'Obsessed' is probably the most memorable song, other than it is on the charts right now, it is probably the only song that she comes out like a large pop and the only energetic song in the whole album followed by other slow to mid tempo songs. The flow of love songs sometimes sounds so similar that you sometimes just drifts into the sounds of Mariah Carey singing, making it not really memorable and the four extra obsessed songs are not as good as the original nor the one with Gucci Mane in it. The Obsessed Cahill Remix sounds something like what would play, so not good. Jump Smokers Radio Edit reminds me of a wrestler's entrance at first follow by some serious base thumping, I probably call it the Ah Beng version of Obsessed. The Seamus Haji and Paul Emmanuel remix is not memorable for me while Friscia and Lamboy remix is Obsessed in slow motion with a nice clubby Candice Michelle theme song like feel. Obviously listening to four Obsessed songs at a time, makes it kind of redundant, repetitive, tiring and finally annoying.

Overall: For me, comparing to Emancipation of Mimi, its a little too mediocre than that but it is much better than E=MC2 because I can barely remember listening to that album other than Touch My Body, I'll Be Loving You Long Time and I Stay in Love. But all in all, I still recommend you guys buying it, if you haven't listen to Mariah Carey, I recommend you listen to this, because it kind of wraps what Mariah Carey is all about, smooth, sensual, mature ballads and RnB.

Rating: Mariah Carey's Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel gets 4.5 halos out of 5. I want to give it a five but it is a little too mediocre even for Mariah Carey's stature (Nick Cannon to blame?). However, it is still a classic album and I definitely recommend everyone to get it. Also, I will post up pictures on the album soon, my camera is somehow locked so I cannot take any pictures which sucks.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

No more Power Rangers

Disney has decided not to produce anymore Power Rangers episodes but run the course with reruns of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers next year. The last group of rangers are the ones you see below, Power Rangers RPM (I don't know what RPM means but this is one of the funniest seasons yet).

This honestly for me, marks an end of an era. An era of Power Rangers. An era of believing that for once, even though we are a part of normalcy, the powers granted upon us promises to bring a greater good, a sense of adventure, the ability to drive giant robots and combine them together with your friends into bigger robots and getting to wear shiny spandex with cool weapons and gadgetry to defeat evil. Well, evil kicks our ass first then we rally up kick their ass and then the monster grows and we combine into big robots and beat the crap out of the aforementioned monster. This goes on and on for a year until the big fish gets killed.

I always loved Power Rangers as a kid, for me, it was a point that the people there were real. (well, I was like 3 when I watched Power Rangers, you expect me to know about cable wires and visual effects at the age of 3? I know the word 'ingredients' in German when I was three! Hah! And I know the word 'ingredients' when I was 3 even though I don't know what it means but I know how to say it! Screw my parents, I should have gone to a private school in the Upper East Side. Fine, I learned it from a chocolate bar from Germany that my aunt gave me, so what?)

Anyway, back to the story. Power Rangers for me, was an inspiration. While normal girls were into cookware, normal guys were into... into...Balls? Doraemon? Something? No idea, all I know was that the kids in my gram's neighbourhood never watched Power Rangers. I mean, Power Rangers was to me about normal teenagers, having secret identities, fighting crime, save the world and have cool stuff to kill monters with, who wouldn't want that? You can say that I am logical from the start since I am sure I am not some alien from outer space crash landing into Earth and assume a human name, or getting bitten by radioactive spiders or have retractable claws, faster healing rate and a skeleton made of adamantium or having psychic abilities that allow me to have a telepathic affair with someone's wife. Seriously, who wouldn't want to grow up and become a Power Ranger? You get cool stuff and inflict pain on monsters plus you learn valuable life lessons and have zero baggage that mutant abilities and superpowers come with?

Plus, you gotta love the morphing, its so freaking awesome. I mean have you looked at the morphing sequences of the Power Rangers? Who wouldn't want it? Plus, having a great fashion accesory never hurts either.

The main thing about Power Rangers is that they depict normal people given the ability to become superheroes. Not by chance or some whacked experiment but through forms well thought out plans, real cool technology and martial arts. When the rangers are in human mode, it shows that we have Powers but you guys are too pathetic to handle them and we care. Instead of being Ms Marvel and shoot a ray of energy turning the poor bad guys into dust. Plus, they can show to be compassionate and caring heroes.

For me, Power Rangers played a big part of my life, I have watched Power Rangers when I was a kid, and I watch them now too, minus two pathetic seasons, blame Disney for that by the way. Operation Overdrive my ass. For me, its really sad that there will be no more Power Rangers, it honestly felt as if someone close to me has passed away where I will mourn and think about the good times of me glueing my eyes on to the TV, blinding myself or possibly get epilepsy, watching the Power Rangers kick ass. Where after that, I will reenact what has been performed and then hurting myself, crying and asking for mommy.

Thanks, Power Rangers, Bandai and Saban but not Disney, you corporate G-rated piece of crap that made Power Rangers so lame until the last 2 seasons and for not including the Pink Ranger in 3 seasons, for 17 years (15 actually, I skipped 2) of fun filled enjoyment.