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Friday, August 31, 2007

Independence or Intolerance?
My school has just recently celebrated the school version of Malaysia's independence.
Where we will be waving flags like a bunch of maniacs
unfortunately, God was not so keen of allowing everyone to celebrate.
It rained.
Still everyone is in full spirit and i did get some down time on studying
Besides, SPM is coming soon and happens once in a lifetime.
After that its college.
Merdeka on the other hand happens every year
Where 'brainless' kids like you and me assumed that Malaysia's independence
is used for playing fireworks like the 4th of July.

Anyway, teachers were not allowed to teach
Mr.Law was so sad
The principal is so hard-working,
forcing everyone to spend money on flags.
even though God tried his best to stop Malaysian schools from celebrating
The spirit of Malaysians still shine bright, well some of them
The patriotic songs filled the air.
Me and my friends sing along because its fun
The merdeka spirit caused some to do little antics for fun
Then there were performances from the students of SMK Sungai Maong

The Malay poem sent shrills down the spine because the girl performing it sounds like fingernails clawing the blackboard.
The chinese one sounds pathetic
The english one lasted three seconds.
Then it is followed by the Malay traditional lyric thing that they do
The highs by the girl cracked glasses
The lows by the guy caused ear-sores.
After that its the song-time.
Chinese song sounded like shit
Malay song can rank top 10 in the worst American idol auditions ever.
English didn't even happened
Just goes to show, my talent in singing is the best.
In the end, the prinicipal aka Mdm Helen Tan lead everyone to cheer merdeka
It sounds some what dispirited.

Which leads me to another topic
the king of bluff,
the dominator of dui-paoing
the crack-up of cannons
Wong Xiang Lun actually wrote a great essay on English.
Its about the last day of SPM
He wrote that i was a bad singer who is always out of tune
and reads the lyrics out.
he said that I went beserk and caused a dent on the principal's new truck
Next term, if there is atopic that allows, I will get my revenge
But if there are other tempting topics, i might change.
Besides, its not good to stoop as low as a bluffing cannon

Sunday, August 26, 2007

So many movies!!!!

Well, we all know that there are so many summer releases in the market right now

so what are the movies that are a must see.

since I have a really tight schedule

I made a list of the movies that are I gotta watch.

Transformers, Fantastic 4 2, The simpsons movie and Ratatouille are not included because i have seen them

so here goes

1. WWE Summerslam

Although its not a movie, its in the top of my list

I am an avid wrestling fan, and the biggest party of the summer is one of my favourite PPVs.

Besides there are a lot at stake.

diva's battle royal, cena vs orton, kennedy vs umaga vs carlito, khali vs batista

Oh my God it is just a must see!

2. Hairspray

It looks kinda cool

it makes me interested about it

I wanna see this movie because I am curious.

3. Superbad

You gotta love this one

There is a lot of swearing and cursing

Its very funny too.

Plus, its about a bunch of geeks who try to lose their virginity.
So, I wonder who will accept them

4. I Pronounce You Chuck And Larry

Two straight men who turns into a gay couple for insurance

That sounds like its really hilarious

Besides, I love to watch Adam Sandler since Click

5. Rush Hour 3
Who could not wanna watch Rush Hour 3
I love all the rush hour series so this should be fun
Besides, I don't watch a lot of fighting movies lately.
I guess I am turning into a more romantic comedy type.

6. Perfect Stranger
I love it, the title sounds so cool
The trailer is so cool because its very psychological and spooky
Not like the ghost crap.

7. My Super Sweet Sixteen the movie
I needed some comfort for last year's major disaster
Besides it makes me drift away into my own world
where I actually have a Super Sweet Sixteen
Without my brother or his pathetic friends

8. Nancy Drew
This is a nice little tween movie
I have never read Nancy Drew but just wanna see it
Out of curiosity

9. The Bourne Ultimatum
Action-packed with a lot of stunts
Its so cool
I would love this, its all one mind and hunting down.

10. Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
I am a Harry Potter addict
So watching the movie may cure my pain.
You know,
my parents bought deathly hallows and only allowed me to read it after SPM
Locked up in a safe
Trying to find the key
Man its so hard.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Weirdest Dream
I had one of the world's most disturbing dreams last night.
Its like some kind of musical.
Its three different scenes
with three different background music

The first one goes like this.
I was blabbering spanish with Bernat Quintana
You know,
Maxt from El Cor de la Ciutat
which made me wonder where is Enric
Anyway, he escorted me in the dance studio
I still don't know what am i speaking
Although I was speaking very fluent spanish
With my own accent of course.
Anyway there was music playing the whole time in background
Then I suddenly recognised the song
'Me Haces Falta' by Jennifer Lopez
Bernat kissed me goodbye and said 'te quiero'
which means 'I love you' in spanish.
I did the same and started doing ballet
during that time, I got flashes of what bernat is doing
First, he went to the store asked the store clerk for something
Its a ring
Was Bernat going to propose to me?
So after that he went out.
He got chased by a group of people.
He ran into the street and then got rammed by a car
Blood was oozing from his head as he lay face down
The phone was ringing ( seems familiar)
I was the one calling
I talked to him, not knowing that he was dying. (seems so damn familiar)
Suddenly the whole thing went blank

I reappeared in some kind of chruch
to be more specific, St. Joesph's cathedral
Marrying some hot chick who I don't recognize
'Stranger' by Hilary Duff was playing
We entertained some guest
We were having fun
However the atmosphere seemed so fake
After that, I went to the foyer
I saw her making out with another woman
I was angry
Got out of the mansion
Yes, a mansion
Drove off
I lost control on a sharp bend and the whole car went off the road
Tumbling downhill
The car later exploded

The next thing I knew,
I was wearing a tux
The signboard said SMK Sungai Maong, Class of 5sc1, 2007 10th year reunion
Know it feels weird officially.
Classical music was playing
It clashes with the cheesy red setting
I looked around
A few are pregnant and a few have babies or kids
Some have engagement rings around them
As I looked around, i am the only one who is single
'Lonely' which was one of my own songs was playing
Suddenly there was darkness wirling around me.
In the end, I woke up, sweating
I couldn't sleep that night
So I did my bio homework to pass the time.
Some guy with some girl watching sepet
Its the hols right here in my place.
Its so serene
The heat may be sweltering but i am good.
Samantha came like 6.45 in the morning to wake me up
I was like what?
Calling me to wake up at 6.45 in the morning?
She told me its important, so i let her in
She flicked the switch and we watch this movie called: sepet
Sepet is word in Malay which means slit eyes like Jia Jia or Teresa
But Teresa is a Latina and she has slit eyes for some reason
Anyway its a story about a chinese boy and a malay girl falling in love
Very interracial but strangely i find it quite interesting.
We were literally glued to the screen.
Funny thing is, it is not American, its MALAYSIAN!!!!
Wel, I guess that its one of those rare movies that are not your taste but you love it.
At the end, the malay girl went to England to pursue her studies.(Scholarship with only 5As puh-leeze)
While the chinese, not to mention seriously cute boy, riding his crappy motorcycle got into an accident
Blood was oozing from his head, which we literally shocked!
We even cried when the malay girl read the romantic letter the chi boy sent to her.

Another achievement of Malaysia Boleh because i rarely cried in movies
The list of movies that i cried are:
1. brokeback mountain
2. sepet
3. simpsons movie (laughed till I cried)
4. gigli (so horrible that I cried)
5. House of wax (Its Paris Hilton for God sakes)
6. Saw III (scared till I cried)
7. candice michelle becoming women's champion

Anyway we found the sequel to sepet
Its called Gubra
The chi guy died, we didn't watched it because its lame
But more to the fact that the chi guy died
Did you know the funny thing?
The chi guy was involved in the accident but he is still able to answer her and talk to her
That's so weird
Anyway, we wikipediaed Gubra it seems that after the credits rolled
we will see a topless chi guy sleeping next to the malay girl
and they have wedding rings on their ring finger.
We don't wanna watch it because we seen the chi guy wrapped in a towel
To keep our fantasies alive
Gosh he is so hot!!!
Do you know the funny thing is?
He looks very much like the hot guy that appears in my dreams now and then.
The dreams started sometime after my Form 4 term.
At 9, I am going to sammy's and watch Goodbye Boys
Another Malaysian film
She told me that there are hot boys there
So its cool, I am down
Besides, Josh, Anna, Sean, Lucy, Lawrence, Anna and currently in Kuching, Stacy
are coming too.
Another slumber party.
I feel like an eleven year old everytime i said 'slumber party'

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So Not Me
I don't feel like myself today.
I feel weird, a little retarded.
A lot of people chose not to sit next to me for some reason.
Hate me?
I don't know
What I do?
The only people who pissed me of was Vincent and Jia Zhi.
I don't know.
Anyway, I actually was patient for one hour waiting for my mom
Because I bought Maxt along.
Maxt is my son aka my iPod
I know its weird to give a name to your ipod
but Maxt is my little baby.
Besides, he is gonna get an upgrade soon.

I was a total teacher's pet on History
I actually remembered the arab jahiliah stuff.
you know, the wine, polygamy and robbing stuff.
Anyway, Alex was his very obnoxious self
Giving bad puns along the lesson.
Strange enough, 1 hour and 45 minutes was not that long at all.
SPM is around the corner.
But for some reason, no one is getting the jitters
Maybe except me
As I was not myself today
Felt like a nerd although not wearing school shirt.
Maybe the fact that me, not wearing uniform makes me concentrate better.
That's it!!!!
Uniforms can lose a student's concentration in their studies
So uniforms rule should be abolished!!!!!!

In case you are wondering,
Yes I got selected for National Service
and yes,
I may not be able to participate in Survive My challenge.
So my opponents are spared from my overdramatic antics
Because this boy is in 3 months of military work
Great, huh
I hear that they will shave heads for guys.
That sucks
I am so totally gonna pull 7 antics

1. The Gisele
I will say" don't shave it too short!"

2. The Catie
instead of saying' I look like a boy'
I say "I look like a bald prostitute"

3. The Ann
I will whine " I look horrible in no hair"
Because I look good in short hair

4. The Brandy
"How am I going to tell my boyfriend about this?"

5. The Cassandra
"I don't wanna look"

6. The Jade
"Oh God"

7. The Jaeda
Just cry, cry and cry

I really should act like Jaslene when they shave my head, i will think that they are shaving off my anger and resentment. But think about it, a bunch of small brained, patriotic, military doofuses shaving your head. God, I have to pray extremely hard that they don't shave my hair too bad or shave of a chip of my ear. some people actaully liking national service and wanting to attend it. Imagine that!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sudden realisation of great truth.
I got one of those before.
Well, quite a lot actually.
School is very peaceful without Eric, Hubert and Jenny.
Ahhh, such peace.
Actually felt relaxed
Hmm, was it the fact that i was not wearing school uniform or the six cans of beer that I had last night.
Yes I am allowed to drink beer.
No egg, no soy sauce and its not even sour.
That's why i over indulged
However, the beer or me not wearing uniform got me thinking.

I suddenly realised that i am alone.
I feel alone, hallow and that my existence is meaningless.
Will my insecurities erode?
I don't know.
Everyone was talking and chatting away.
everyone except me.
I looked around and everyone's mouth was moving except mine.
No doubt my mom would be happy.
Because i actually paid attention throughout the day.
Even in physics which paying attention is a serious tall order.
Don't get me wrong, the teacher is fine
Its the subject.
Its soooo boring.

Anyway back to the subject.
nobody was talking to me.
I actually felt alone in this world and that i am not part of 5sc1.
I guess its true that nobody really cares about me.
They just treat me nicely and then make fun of me.
I seriously don't get it
when I try to open my mouth and voice put my opinion,
I get sushed up.
Nobody really wants to hear what I say.
I guess I am kinda needing a little attention
okay, okay alot!!!!
A lot of people find me annoying for some reason
its not like i talk a lot like Xiang Lun.
In fact I felt that i rarely talk at all.
Most of the time, i do keep to myself
I am not like Jenny who yaps shit everyday
However the irony is people actually likes listening to her.
I on the other hand, cannot stand her.

Life just sucks
How I wish to be studying in Australia right now.
Where people actually are very open
And accept people for who they are.
oh yeah, betcha 10 bucks that xiang lun's sister did not gave him the monowada boo pencil box and that he actually bought it himself.
Come on! The eccentric collection of happy meal gifts and stuffed pokemon plus the sustagen bottle?
They are evidence that Xiang Lun is a kid at heart.
Unlike me, drinking beer, watch desperate housewives and thinks pre-marital sex with both sexes is okay.
I may have my babyface
but I have lost my innocence.
Hey did you realised that everything i type has almost no abbreviations (short forms) or those stupid Manglish slangs?
this means I am perfect in my english, well sorta.

Honestly, i can imagine myself moving away and living in Australia right now
After that I will use that as a stepping stone to move to San Francisco!!!
My dream city.
Well, i gotta go watch tonite's episode of America's next Top Model because i have to study at night.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I just heard the new Natalie Imbruglia single,
Its called Glorious.
Wanna download it
But can't
Because stupid Frostwire Is unable to download the damn song
As for Bearshare?
Only wmv files no MP3s!!!!!!!!!
Who listens to wmv files anyway?

As I was saying I am very frustrated because
1. I dunno how to do my chemistry homework
2. I dunno how to do my biology homework too.
3. History? Clueless.
4. BM? 4get it!
5. English essay about the mum thing? Gonna do it soon, but need time to construct.
Although I only wanted the cert or shield or whatever that thing is you get for just participating, I wanna go to JAPAN!!! Fat chance but never hurts to try. Trying to find that dynamic angle.
6. Add Math project? Most likely tomorrow.

So right now I am sitting right here typing this post.
Oh yeah! I made a song about Jenny Chiew.

Jenny Chiew
is a bitch
This is because she talks like one
Why is she called a bitch?
This is because she looks like one.
Look out or the bitch
Jenny chiew, the stupid bitch.
Btw, bitch is called a female dog.
I am just doing this for fun though
But in a serious note, jenny reminds me of a pug.
Type 'pug' on google and you know what i mean..

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Things that I hate
Food that I hate: Hmm, I hate porridge. Its slimy and disgusting and meant for babies, the elderly and old people. I am not included in either of these categories.

Fruit that I hate: Is there a saying that a Malaysian should love durians and that if he or she hates it, the person should actually leave Malaysia. Well, *packs up suitcase and walks* see ya!

Vegies that I hate: Eggplant. Ewww. Its just ewww.

Celebrities that I hate: Not Britney, Lindsey, Paris or Nicole but maybe Joel Madden or K-Fed. What? They are the idiots who got Nicole and Britney pregnant in the first place!!!!

People that I hate: Jenny, Eric, Zheng Xiang. Need I say more?

Incident or situation that I hate:
" Hey, I am promiscuous"
" I am Brendan. Nice to meet you promiscuous"
" ..."
" Yeah?"
" I was just wondering, you know, if we could be friends" *makes a move*
" Ewww, GET AWAY FROM ME!!!! Why does everytime people get close to me, they wanna squeeze my ass?"

Music that I hate: Anything my brother likes and frequently listens I will hate it.

TV shows/Movies that I hate: I can't stand cartoons in chinese. Sounds so retarded, fake, squeaky and annoying.

Chores that I hate: Throwing out the trash

Things that I hate around the world. War!!! Duh!!!! How many people has lost their lives all because of a bunch of muel-headed politicians who chose the diginty of their religion over peace on earth!!!!

Things that I hate about myself: Chicken pox

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Talk about torture
As my other classmates are suffering with the intense pressure of exams
I, on the other hand am sufferinng from the most irritant disease known to mankind
Chicken Pox!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly to tell you the truth it is killing me literally
It itches and it pains
Every morning, my back aches like hell
I have to take numerous showers just to stop the itching
I have to take like 22 pils ever single day
Take like 1 gallon of water
Making me feel like a pregnant woman
Because of the weight and very frequent peeing
I get soup with some noodles (boiled)
I have to eat loads of fruits and vegies
The only source of meat is some badly tasted boiled meatballs
Oh yeah, I have to drink coconut
Loads and loads of coconut!!!!!!
Its horrible I tell ya!

The first few days, I am only active for about 8 hours while the rest of the time is spent sleeping.
I actually have the energy to type this post
With the bottom end of a pen.
The first few days, I am technically bedridden
Can't even move
I can't scratch because the fever was so high that i can't move my arms
Anyway, tired and gonna sleep

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Quotes... I think
I came up with some quotes but I think the term random thoughts are more like it

I was elected to lead not to read

Am I as dumb as Paris Hilton?

I am gonna be me tonite, a little sweat ain't gonna hurt nobody, why are you standing on the wall, I am the one who like to get me bodied

I got the best of both worlds, classmates who hate me and nagging parents

I am too sexy


Gay pride so grab the man next to you and start fucking!!!!

Okay, that was so totally wrong

Is chicken tuna?

Spiderpig, spiderpig, does whatever spiderpig does, can he swing and go away? no he can't, cuz he is a pig. Lookout for the spiderpig

monokoro peekaboo

super-screaming cockatoos

i wanna fuck you too

i dunno, its the black and white gender confused pigs

Disturbia, I think my neighbours a serial killer

Well, I think there is a guy in crown square who is gay cuz he was checking me out while i shopped around.

Or maybe he was just trying to make a sale after all he is a salesboy

I wasn't worried, i like a little attention now and then

May my presence in your dreams will make you shoot cum, lol

Get me bodied, I wanna be myself tonite, can you get me bodied i wanna be myself tonite

Oh Ron, erecto!

I actually downloaded a gayporn movie

Reunion in ten years is more like suitable so that people can say " Omigosh (put name here) you're pregnant!"

Brigid, you are an honest girl. Proving that voluptuous women can be hot! (She will probably strangle me if I say she is fat)

Why does family guy and the simpsons like to associate cops and homosexuality while malaysia likes to associate cops and bribery?


Friday, August 03, 2007

God I am so screwed!!!
Exams on monday starting with chemistry is already bad enough
But putting physics and biology on the same day???
Its like choosing who is gonna die!!!
Total suicide!!!!
Moreover its paper two.

I can handle Biology but
I guess I gotta be ready for major ass-whopping with physics
I really don't understand and not to mention hate
Its boring!!!!
How the hell am I gonna pass physics???

School's been pretty dull other than a couple of antics
The new class T-shirt
Other than that, nothing.
Have you ever felt that when you are in a room with full of people,
but you feel so alone?
Its sad really
I am graduating soon
Going off to college
Chosen my road
Embarking my career
Fulfiling my purpose in life
Reaching to complete my destiny
With a whole new cast of people that I am about to meet
With a whole new adventure and challenges
With a whole new place to explore
With a whole new place to fit in
And I am going at it with a new attitude
Giving myself oppurtunity to explore something new about myself
Giving myself the motivation to suceed
Giving myself more endurance to carry on my purpose.
And to think that none of my classmates care?
It sucks
At that school I feel so lonely, isolated, neglected and shoved aside.
I really don't wanna leave school with me in bad terms with other people
It is just not right
Unfortunately, I will leave this school with me in bad terms with people
But you know me, I will easily forget you guys
Jenny, Eric, Elton, Hubert, Senk Siang, Zheng Xiang, Jia Zhi?
Hmm, I wish you guys an eternity of hell