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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Forgive and forget
Does it really work?
pretending that everything will be normal
Pretending that nothing has ever happened
Like we were just good friends?
I don't know
It really opened up a large wound in my heart
Calling me an animal sodomist and all

I don't know why that really caused be to go ballistic
Maybe the term
'Straw That Broke The Camel's Back'
is involved
I have been
for the past 5 years in my high school
I guess you add that up in me
I go nuts
You guys really don't know how much that hurt

After that incident
After following LC's car home
I went to my desk
i took a penknife
Contemplating whether to slash my wrist or not
It may be shocking to you
But its normal for me
And its not the first time
I have been through this a few times already
Luckily, I have a bright future and friends to live for
Unlike Thomas Wilson of 'The Lotus Eater"
I still feel like I should not leave this world
I know if i go this early
I would not be peaceful
my soul will wander and haunt those who haunt me

In the end, I cried myself to sleep
Didn't wake up till about five or six
I wasn't in the mood for anything
After dinner
I went to the fridge and ate a whole box of ice-cream
One of my truest friends is a sweet, fattening substance
that i consume

Usually, at this stage, my gay side usually comes out
Making me think that how great would it be to have a boyfriend
I have seen myself with
and maybe even
They look safe and secure while lying on my shoulders
Kinda makes me wanna protect them
And I know that they are safe with that smile on their face
I wanted that feeling
To feel safe and secure while lying on a body of a man
A nice older man who is about a few years older
Max 10
I feel that way with Aaron
and vice-versa
But we are only best friends and nothing more
We can kiss each other
but couldn't imagine ourselves having sex with each other

I can't belive I am saying this
But right now
in my life
i need a man
A car
and some space.
This is the first time in my life i wanna feel the shit
how jenny and eric feel about each other
betcha jenny has lumpy breast of an old lady
and eric's cock is like
3 inches when fully erected

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Hate 5Sc1
I hate you people
I FUCKING HATE you people.
You guys suck!!!!!
I cannot fucking believe that I have to spend 5 more months with you idiots!!!!
I really hate you!!!!!!

I hate
Senk Siang
Khoon Sheng
Mei Shan
Yee Ying
I really hate you guys

I hate the rest of you for not even helping me
grabbing me to one place
and cool me off!
No, you have to watch the train wreck
You wanna watch the straw breaking my back
wanting me to breakdown
and watch me cry
I really really hate you guys for that!!!!
The closest person who helped me is Andrea
She only told me to cool off
That's it

The rest of you guys???
just watch!!!
Like some nice tv movie
With that stupid bitch Jenny Chiew laughing her bitch-ass laugh
Melissa chuckling
Eric as usual behind his man
laughing away!!!
You never even stand up for me!!!
You just let me get bullied and bullied and bullied
For 5 years
Never even bother to care the emotional carnage surrounding me
I bet if i lay a finger on them, you guys would report to the discipline ppl

I really hate to go to school everyday
Just seeing your faces make me sick
It reallly hurts you know
You guys just know how to bully
That's it
You know what
I believe in karma
What goes around comes around
You guys are going to get something bad to you sooner or later

You guys always laugh at me
Tease me
You never gave me the respect I truly deserve
Treat me like dirt
Is it because I am too nice?
Too forgiving?
Too different from you?
That I am not 'normal' like the rest of you?
Yeah, I am unique
That's what makes me special
You bunch of retards
You think its cool to gang up on me
You think its cool to make me upset
What the fucking point are you trying to make by treating me like that?

Don't worry
if you are organizing a reunion
I won't come
You have your fun
I maybe a student of 5sc1
but i am not a family member of 5sc1
It seems that you guys are off better without me
i just crossed out a few names of the hate list
Am I really too forgiving?
Its just 2 hours after the incident

Do you know who keeps on insulting me?
You pengawas ppl
Aren't you guys supposed to be upholding the image as good ppl
The bright kids?
The ass-kissing minions of Helen Tan?
The 'cops'
You guys just stain the good name of pengawas of SMK Sungai maong
you guys are nothing but jerks

I don't expect you to like me
I don't expect you to hate me
I don't really care if you like me or hate me
I expect you to accept me for who I am
I expect you to respect me for who i am
I don't expect you to gang up on me and bully me
For who i am
I hope karma strikes back
either you guys all go to NS
I leave this country
or In future,
I am more sucessful than you will ever be.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I hate conservative people because they just suck okay!
If you don't believe me, ask Bush, Saddam Hussien, India and China
You conservative people suck
This is the NEW AGE baby!!!!

I really don't like you people
You give some guy a medal for killing 2 men on the battlefield
But fired him for loving one?
If a gay guy wants to serve his country
He should be fired only if he doesn't shoot straight
and not because he is not straight
Did you know that homosexuality is an act of Christian Charity?
If there are more men and women going homo
then people like Ricky Yong and Jenny Chiew are like super hotties

Why is that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns that holding hands?
Who would give a law to lovers? love is unto itself a higher law.
If homosexuality is a disease than gay people can skip school and say
"Teacher, I am queer so i cannot come to school"

You guys never see the big picture
So narrow minded
You don't protest
You don't protest
You don't protest
You don't protest
Gay rights?
You protest!!!!!

What the fuck
The first three all includes lost lives
Gay rights is only right
But then you only disturb the things that actually do good
And ignore or taking the others for granted
So damn stupid

Maybe because homosexuality is God's way of insuring the gifted aren't cursed with chuildren

There is nothing wrong about having sex with someone of the same sex.
People should be very free about sex.
They should draw the line at goats.

The radical right is so homophobic that they are blaming global warming on the aids quilt

There are only six admonishments on homosexuals but there are 362 admonishments for heterosexuals.
It does not mean that God hates heterosexuals.
It means that heterosexuals need more supervision.

Nuff said.
Wadaya think?
I was bored
Got nothing to do
Went to Sammy's house as usual
So like we sat around
The seven of us
Me, Sam, Anna, Lucy, Sean, Lawrence and Rachel
(For some reason)
We are great friends although from different schools
Closer to each other than our own classmates

Anna is from Kuching High
Lucy is from Green Road
Sean is from Batu Lintang
Samantha is from St.Mary
Lawrence is from Lodge
and I am from Sungai Maong
As for Rachel,
she is staying in a place called Los Angeles.

So we compared our schools
(with Rachel interrupting everytime with the fireemblem game.
Gave it to her to shut her up but it just got worse)

Then I suddenly realised
These guys come from elite schools that
are raved about by people of the society.

St. Mary provided stiff competition to everything they entered
Batu Lintang is the best choir group in Malaysia
(They sang for RTM)
Kuching High is like St. Mary and good in Academics and math
Lodge... well, we all know that its good
Green Road are good with sports
(thanks to Chong Zhia Hwa)
and what about my school?
Best in running with Franco
Taichi lovers and enthusiast
Chinese chess and caligraphy kings
Hyper-active Leo Club (until recently)
Our school is best with the chinese stuff!
All those stupid dorky chinese shit!
No wonder everybody hates me!!!!!!
They all love CHINESE
while I am SICK and TIRED of IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It really makes me wanna puke
Putrid school
I wanna graduate and leave this country as soon as possible!!!!
Now I regret being so bimbo-ish
Like Paris Hilton

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Like where the hell is he?
Where the hell is Alex?
Btw, changed my blogger password so that a certain girl cannot invade
Boy, am I smart
The whole week she couldn't figure it out
Just like those stupid add math questions

So lets get back to the real issue here
Alex has been gone for 2 weeks
I really wonder where he is
Even his girlfriend doesn't wanna go to his house to check on him
She said that she is scared of his dad.
Really, his dad?
Looked scary?
I am really really worried about him

He keeps on assuring us that he is just sick
he said that he got a horrible asthma attack.
Is it even belivable?
Since all of us is so sick of waiting,
We made up a few theories

1. He is really sick
Its sounds logical, but then are you sure?
It really does sound like he is lying.
He was an actor before!

2. He wants to avoid Mr.Thein
Not logical AT ALL!!!!!!!!
He got me to cover him from Mr.Thein
I am very loyal to my friends

3. He wants to avoid Cikgu Zul
He did not complete his moral folio
and Mr. Zul is really firing his ass
Like some bounty hunter

4. He has some problems at home
Well it could happen
and its logical

5. He doesn't wanna go to school anymore.
Excuse me?
Its only a few months till graduation!!!!

6. He has a child
Well, that could happen
Maybe at 16 he fucked someone else
Instead of Nina
And got her pregnant
then has to raise the kid
Its not nina
cause she looked the same this morning
Oh yeah!
Luke and Franco made this up!

7. He is stuck in another place
Maybe he cannot get back
Then again he was here the monday after the holidays

8. He is heartbroken
Because Nina is leaving for KL
Then again, she will fly home and visit
Like duh!
No big deal

9. He is on the run from the cops
Only someone who is illogical as a twisted mind would only think of such ridiculous things!
Wait a minute!!!!!
That's Rachel's idea

10. He ran away from home
That is quite solid
Quite solid
But honestly, I really don't know

Saturday, June 16, 2007

How to answer survey questions
Just to piss ppl off.

1. Would you rather be called baby orbabe?*
Neither but babi sounds nice

2. Would you rather be doing this survey or watching television?
This survey so that I can teach ppl how to piss you off.

3. How are you feeling today?
I feel... (vomit)
4. What is on your bed right now?
A guy

5. What are you looking forward to?
Having sex with the guy next to me

6. Do you miss anyone?
Yea, I miss my boyfriend which is you

7. Where is he or she?
He is next to me while she is in the next room with a penguin doing you-know-what

8. Does he or she think of you always?*
He always thinks of me, she thinks about the stupid penguin

9. When will you smile?
when you suffer from pain

10. Did you see anyone you knew lastFriday night?*
yeah, lots and lots of penguins

11. What are your plans for Saturdaynight?*
same thing only with more men

12. Do you have classes tomorrow?
Yeah, a how-to-kick-your-ass class

13. What other windows do you haveopen beside this one?
the window outside

14. What are you going to eat fordinner?
my boyfriend's 14-inch penis

15. Is it your favorite dinner?
Of course, especially the mayo inside

16. Do you knockn or ring the doorbell?
I use your head
17. Do you love compliments?*
Yes! but not from you

18. Do you believe in yourself?*
always. but i don't believe in you though

19. How many times have you showeredthis week?*
dunno, but all of them are with my boyfriend

20. Do you have a daily planner?*
Yeah. monday, i beat you up. Tuesday, I beat you up. Wednesday, i beat you up

21. If so do you keep up with it?*
No the schedules the same everyday and everyweek, excluding weekends and public holidays

22. Who was the last person youcommented?*
You!. You are stupid, your feet is so smelly that flowers will wilt and die after you walk over them

23. What did you say?*
I said that you smell like shit. Ever heard of soap?

24. Is your love/crush on yourfeatured friends?
Am I on your featured friends?

25. Did you take your default pictureyourself?*
yes, every part of it. want 1?

26. Did you change anything on yourfriendster page today?
I changed you from a boy to a girl
27. You got a message, who is itusually from?
You. because you keep on sending me this stupid survey
28. Name one person that you haven'tseen in a while.
29. What would you do if he/she/theyshowed up on your front porch.*
I will rip his pants off, tell her the penguin is in the kitchen and them to join me and him
30. Do you love someone asides fromGod, your family and your friends?*
You! cuz I love kicking your ass
31. What song is playing right now?*
The 'I am gonna beat you up' song
32. Does that song remind you ofsomeone?*
yeah, reminds me of beating you up
33. How was your day?*
It will be fine... after i beat you up and senseless
There's this little thing called...
What do you think about the post that Rachel
'conveniently' added
That my best friend and sex mate posting about us having sex
She is very the PB
she woke up at 6.30
and I can sense she was up to something
So I went down and she hacked into my blogger account
another PB thing is that
She got in the 1st TRY!
How the fuck she knew me so well?

There's even a piece of paper and a pencil on the table
With my name, nicknames, a bunch of numbers
Like I am some math question she easily figures out!
How can she be so damn good at math?
Isn't she supposed to be stupid or something?
What kind of aspiring journalist are you?
You left your digicam on the plane!
Nobody ever does that
Not even ME!
Leaving your contoh karangan on the plane home from Grecce
was a mistake but quite smart and good move
A very good reason to tell Mdm Ramona
but your digicam?
Come on!
She probably bragged about the sex we had
(which was not true)
ever hear about heavy petting?

Anyway there was this Christian students magazine
published by SMK Green Road
priced at 2 bucks
1 buck goes to help tsunami victims at Java or Jawa Island
So there was this thing about dating
These students suggested that we draw the line at the nice kiss on the lips
Yeah rite
Only really faithful christian ppl
who are basically
um... too innocent
do this shit
another thing
they are also too old-fashioned, conservative malaysians
who also read their bible in chinese
like chinese music
sing all the songs in CHINESE
call Jesus 'Ye Shi'
watever that means and basically think they are way better than other ppl

While those ppl like sean, lawrence, lucy, samantha and stacy
who go to an english church
likes english music
and sings the song in english are way better people
and actually call Jesus, 'Jesus'
are ppl like me fit in
and are way more humble
plus, we rarely say la, loh, ne, ni, me
and watever stupid endings you pro-chi ppl use
you say that you use these slangs to feel good when talking
but honestly though
you are wasting energy, youth, time, saliva
extending the period of
ppl smelling your bad breath
hearing you talk
plus, you bore ppl
and talk a lott of shit
Sometimes not even when you talk but type?
Accidentally saying is one thing
but typing?????
wat type of ppl are you!!!!!

Oh yeah, gays in malaysia are called PLU
which means 'people like us'
Real LAME!!!!!!
REAL Dumb!!!!
Just because the word 'gay' sounds so 'insulting'
I can also call myself and Rachel PLU
Our PLU is egotistical, fabulous, top models, hot, sexy and slutty!
How's that for PLU?
Its about 6.45 a.m. Malaysia time and...
In this special edition...
I am so totally going to blog about brendan's recent obsession about WWE
Ok, its just that nothing interesting in his life lately,
other than his grandpa's passing away of course.
That's why he is boring you with these stupid posts about WWE!
(Please note that he is right behind me watchin my every move)
Btw, we had sex and IT WAS GREAT
as usual
seriously, we do it all the time
nothin special

Well, first of all, I am Rachel who is not going to post a photo
because i forgot to bring my digicam
as usual
because i am a bimbo who is so forgetful
Not gonna use Brendan's because its of low quality
Never wanna be snaped in a low quality photo

Ok. brendan loved WWE ever since he was allowed to stay late at Tuesday nights
Which is, 10 to 11 months ago
He loves divas (as any hormonal male teen should)
I could feel his penis rising
Probably the fact that my hand is in his pants
but he hid my lip gloss in there somewhere.
found it
He stuck the butt of the lip gloss in his ass
Does the term 'mentally ill' say anything

Trish Stratus
Torrie Wilson
Victoria (maybe not)
Mickie James
Ashley Massaro
Maryse Quinlet
Cherrie (another maybe not)
Jillian Hall
Michelle Mccool
Kelly kelly
layla Murni
and of course
Candice Michelle

And a few guys
Randy Orton
The Miz
Kenny Dykstra
John Cena

But honestly whatever
He is so obsessed with it that i swear to God
That he cares about it more than his own dogs
\Liberty, Devil and Funky Doggy
meant the world to him
Nah... can't be
I will be posting more posts on this blog
because i am on summer holidays \
and staying here for two weeks
I am blogging here out of boredom
because there is nuttin to do but
shopping, talking, playing ps2, psp, gameboy
and sex, sex, sex and...
I am off now
Brendan is starting to unbutton my bra
Did you know how many bra's and panties that
he has ripped.
Equal to me ripping his boxers and underwear
I am not wearing any underwear

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Too much WWE?
Hey guys!
Here are the 9 superstars and 1 Diva switching brands
After the WWE Draft
1. The Great Khali from RAW to Smackdown
2. The Boogeyman from Smackdown to ECW
3. King Booker from Smackdown to RAW
4. Ric Flair from RAW to Smackdown
5. Chris Masters from RAW to Smackdown
6. Chris Benoit from Smackdown to ECW
7. Bobby Lashley from ECW to RAW
8. Snitsky from ECW to RAW
9. Mr. Kennedy from Smackdown to RAW
10. Torrie Wilsom from Smackdown to RAW

Goes to Smackdown???
Well, that;s it!
If you get Torrie then I want
Michelle Mccool
Jillian Hall
go to RAW
If you wondering why I have not chosen Ashley Masarro?
Well, she is like a blonde version of Lita aka Amy Dumas
So she is quite powerful and I want Candice to be Women's Champion
Besides, Ashley has her chance
She is also suspended
Oh yeah at the end of the draft nite, Mr. Mcmahon aka Chairman of WWE
is presumed dead
After his car exploded
So the supplementary draft is postponed to Sunday.
or possibly postponed to Monday Night RAW

Um, honestly though,
have i been posting too much WWE lately?
Well, maybe my life has been pretty slow lately
Lets hope my next post is me bitchin something
and not obsessing about WWE.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

As promised
Sorry for the really long delay
Well, if you live in Malaysia and read the borneo post.
Or got my phone call
You know what happened
Its really sad.
1. Torrie vs Carlito
2. Candice & Cryme Tyme vs Melina, Nitro & Dykstra
3. John Cena vs Khali vs Umaga
4. Ric Flair vs Randy Orton

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Its been 10 days
and you still haven't finish your stupid french open?
How many years does it take for you to finish?
You are lucky those kids are having school holidays.
And are bored or poor and need a summer job.
Now tennis is my most hated sport
I hate Chonjg Zhia Hwa too!
Wait a minute, I already hated that fucker
Still, Chinese Chess and Tennis are 50-50
Seriously, what the hell is so interesting about tennis
Other than imagining you imaginig sex while playing.
Other ppl also have work to do.
So I am going to redeem myself (again) with 3 matches (again)
1. John Cena vs Umaga vs The Great Khali
2. Candice & Cryme Tyme vs Melina, Nitro & Kenny
3. Carlito vs Torrie Wilson
4. Cade & Murdoch vs The Hardys

Saturday, June 02, 2007

So there 100 words that every high school kid in the USA should know, lets see how I fare:
laissez faire(no)
62! Brendan Goh has never got this low!
Its like I barely passed!
In my book, I failed!
This is how stupid of me.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Brendan's obsessions
I am here to tell you guys about my top 10 favourite women who are not related to me
Cuz your mom is always the number 1 woman in your life
Unless you are married, got a daughter, orphaned or your mother is some bitch-ass skank who never cares about you or a scheming bitch who tries to get everything her way.

1. Candice Michelle
The header, the videos and the post?
If you haven't see it then you have to get quadfocal lens
for your eyesight
because you are
astigmatism patient

2. Paris Hilton
Excuse me?
I am the male version of paris Hilton

3. Rachel Stevens
Her vid is on friendster
I loved her since her S Club 7 days
till now as a solo artist

4. Trish Stratus
The 7-time Women's Champion
Besides she is such a sweetheart
And the best wrestler of all time.

5. Karolina Kurkova
Russian supermodel
Her blonde hair is so blonde and bright
She's hot

6. Heidi Klum
I love Project Ruunway
Besides I went to youtube to check out
the german version of
America's Next Top Model

7. Carrie Underwood
Country singing sensation
American Idol
Bought her album last year
Love it to death

8. Jennifer Lopez
Accomplished actress
Great singer
Talented mentor for American Idol
Her spanish song 'Que Hiciste'
Keeps me dancing

9. Gail Kim
And you think I am some potato king
A potato is brown on the outside
and white on the inside
Like an asian who likes white boys or girls
Gays and women are called potato queens
She is Korean
And a wrestler on TNA

10. Tyra Banks
I love her energy!
I love her surprises
She makes me screaming like the girls on
America's Next Top Model