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Monday, August 31, 2009

5 types of girls, I will forever love

I can honestly tell you, I love these kinds of girls. They really turn me on, and I instantly will think that we will absolutely make a great couple, in a sense, hahahaha. Remember the post below that says 5 types of girls, I will forever hate? The anti of those 5 types, which are girls who likes and works for the designer look, good English, not an Ah Lien, doesn't acts like a kid and doesn't smoke period are my 5 faves, her is five of my other.

1. The girl with a nice voice tone/accent.

I am sorry but I really do not like girls with a strong Asian accent. I always find girls with a neutral accent extremely attractive, a neutral accent is sort of like my accent. A girl with a neutral accent says that she is a person who even though grew up in a country with an accent, loses it due to the fact that she prefers to be able to communicate with anyone. Plus, I find girls with neutral accent and a nice voice tone attractive and mysterious.Its just something about them.

Plus I am pretty sure after sex, you don't want to hear her say this in a strong Asian accent 'Wah, so nice AHHHHH!!!'

2. The girl who is fun!

I like a girl who has a sense of humor and is always funny to the core. I like funny girls because I know how important it is to always have a good laugh instead of moping around everyday.

3. Big Boobs, Long Legs

Self explanatory

4. The Je Ne Sais Quoi Factor

The Je Ne Sais Quoi factor is a kind of instant connection that you just like about her, nothing can explain it but you really just like her. It like hot butter melting on a pan by Tefal, its like how J.K. Rowling wrote the first words of the first Harry Potter Book, is like Bella Swan undenialbly is in love with Edward Cullen.

Its that kind of magic.

5. She is a tomboy, but a feminine one.

Think Cameron Diaz. She is outgoing, funny, likes to have fun and play sports but she still knows how to glamor herself up into extremely hot works of art.

That's cool, lol. Fun but girly at the same time.

Friday, August 28, 2009

5 types of girls, I will forever hate

I am bored, so allow me to share you about my taste of women. Since I have nothing to blog about and I am bored, might as well tell you guys about my taste in women. These five are the ones that I absolutely hate!

1. The Ah Lien girl.
Oh you know and I know how much I hate those trashy little slut whore zombies known as Ah Liens. Oh dear GOD, how much I hate them, from trashy fashion sense to horrible attitudes to annoying habits to even worse taste in music, these girls are like the jack of all trades in everything anti-Brendan Goh. I would never go out with these kinds of girls ever. It degrades my status as a more tasteful person. Plus if I date an Ah Lian, people would think I am some kind of old foreign leech who got nabbed by the local slut as a husband where I treat her like the prostitute she actually is and she treats me like some ATM machine.

2. The girl who smokes
I absolutely hate people who smoke period! If I were the Prime Minister, I would ban smoking from all public areas, smoking adverts will be full of real over-dramtic effects of smoking and the import tax on cigs will be so fucking high that it will cost 750 bucks just for one small stick of fag.

I am an asthmatic and have very sensitive lungs and nose, a small whiff of cigarette smoke would send me coughing and gasping for air. Plus being a tree hugging, future PETA supporter/ inconsistent vegetarian who hates gardening, I have to make up on a lot of environmental stuff to protect our Mother Earth. Don't you know smoking is like one of the main causes of air pollution? Plus smoking is like such a huge turn of as most of the girls who smoke are fat and failing horribly in their futile attempt to get thin and they also have bad breath and lopsided breast, most likely have smelly, hairy vaginas and likes anime. Girls already have to suffer with Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer. My grandmother had breast cancer, my mother had a breast cancer scare and my teacher died of cevical cancer, do I want my future wife or girlfriend to suffer brain cancer as well??

3. The girl who acts like a kid
When I want a girl, I want her to make decisions for herself. She needs to be independant and give me some space. Sure I know, it will suck to be not with her where my fucking retarded imagination will get supremely paranoid but its for the best. The girl needs to think for herself, and should not always depend on me. If I want a kid, I can always go to Cambodia to adopt one.

I do not tolerate childish behavior and I defintely do not like girls in school uniforms. School girls never look hot for me. The coy and innocent play is fucking ridiculous. And definitely no cutesy wootsy stuff. I also do not need to call her every fifteen seconds, its not romantic, its creepy even more so if you are the kind that wants to be stalked.

4. The girl with bad English
I am sorry but all those deep and touching conversation is currently conveyed only in English. So unless you are fluent, please move along because we are never gonna have that Je Ne Sais Quoix moment

5. The girl in complete faux designer.
This is weird for normal guys but it is such a HUGE turnoff for me. For someone who worships the designs of famous brands like Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci and Marc Jacobs to famous comercial brands like Topman, H&M, Padini and Esprit to unknown future powerhouses like Jillian Lewis, Uli Herzner, Rami Kashou, Christian Siriano and Korto Mamolu, someone in fake designer bag who want the look but not the quality or the prestige pricing of the product is an insult to an industry that highly influences me in my teenage emo years which I can never be hypocritical at. Sorry, fake designer = fake bitches

Next, 5 kinds of girls that I forever LOVE

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cast of my life

If my current life is to be a like some kind of scripted drama, which no doubt would be absolutely boring because most of the footage would probably be me acting like a drug addict on the peak of euphoria and cracking up crazily. You know, all I need is a male BLONDE sidekick to do the more nastier things. Haha, *hint* *hint* then we have this show which is a 'The Simple Life' ripoff called 'The High Boys' starring me and said crazy blonde teen (Macaulay Culkin or Aaron Carter?). I was thinking of wrapping someone's car with toilet paper since he always put on a shitty face in school, lol. (Obviously scripted duh, so what if the guy's car get teepeed because he is a shithead, he would get paid for it obviously. Like a few hundred bucks AT LEAST, plus the plate number would be mosiaced/blurred/blocked.) Also, we have to have a super computer for editing and uploading, you would not believe how large the file is of an original filmed movie via webcam is, if it were on a DVD cam corder in HD?

Unfortunately, I don't have a crazy male blonde teen so yeah the show wouldn't work nor a DVD cam corder and I am pretty sure my NEC will commit suicide with the large files of footage. So here is the cast members of the untitled, unfilmed, unscripted show that nobody knows about starring Brendan Goh, aka my life. Unless I am a celebrity of course. Oh btw, season 1 is Foundation sem 1, season 2 is foundation sem 2, and season 3 is degree and so forth. My show would be Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill thrown into a blender with a little garnish of Grey's Anatomy.

Principal Cast aka Main Characters

Brendan Goh (Season 1- present)

Its me, the unpredicably creative and somewhat nutty guy who is depressed because he is stuck in Swinburne but is not so depressed anymore. *hint* Somehow, his depression unwillingly attracts a lot of attention. Obviously I am Gabrielle Solis aka Eva Longoria Parker adding a little Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) flair of Gossip Girl and the inspiration of Chad Michael Murray's character plus some Brooke Davis drama.

Kong Siaw Wee (Season 2- present)

The reason why KSW is my number two is because, she is my number two. I always know that no matter what, Siaw Wee is a girl I know who will always have my back! I trust her a lot and I trust her judgment. She is considered to be one of my truest friends. I am pretty sure and I hope that in future we are and will be life-long friends. She is honestly, the nicest being on Earth and I am glad to have a friend like her. I call her the Susan Mayer (optimistic side) of my life because she always knows what to say. Her relationship with me is a tight and close bond but strictly platonic and not romantic.

Belinda Liew (Season 1- present)

Belinda Liew is a former wushu athlete who is also a scholarship student. Real smart, pretty and always hardworking, a real good potential wife if it were not the wushu background. She is confident about herself and always strives to improve herself. Backing her up is her ever loyal boyfriend, Kian Hoong. You can say she looks pretty much perfect but deep inside, I see she is like any other normal girl. I stick with Belinda because she is realistic, keeps me grounded and inspires me that we can always get something right for once or at least create a facade that we are perfect. She is sort of like the Bree Hodge/Izzie Stevens composite of my life.

Yuyun Tansari Tan (Season 1- Present)

Yuyun is small, cute and sweet. She is always the gentle soul of the bunch. Something like a mini Peyton Sawyer with the Katherine Mayfair power. She also has a somewhat of a subtle but powerful inner strength in her that I seriously find it so cool.

Kee Jia Jin (Season 1- present)

Another hardowrking girl who always has the best tips to save. A college version of Lynette Scavo I guess. She is nice but she like Yuyun has an inspirational strength in her. I don't get her humor but well at least she has some. Which is great. She also reminds me of Vanessa Abrams of Gossip Girl for some reason.

Giuliano Chang (Previously Recurring, Season 3- present)

Guiliano is like my only guy friend ever since Martin left and Guhan and I don't really hang around anyomre. We have some common ground with WWE but I like Divas and he likes Randy Orton getting his ass kicked. He is a little mixture of Dan Humphrey with the nerdy Mouth of One Tree Hill adding in some Nate confidence.

Bianca (Season 3- Present)

Bianca was a girl from Lodge who transferred to Swinburne. Goofy and extremely fun to hang around with. For the few marketing sessions I knew her, she and I got along real well. She would be something like Edie but less bitchy and more fun, add in a little Brooke Penelope Davis. Also a free spirit like Serena Van Der Woodsen.

Yeah, that is my principal cast, next is the former cast, which I will also talk about but the recurring characters, I would not because I don't know much about them and lazy to write my opinions about them. I write about these people because I have known them for a long time or more well compared to others and consider them my friends (except for Bianca but add her in because she is so interesting and different from others)

Former Cast Members

Audrey Tan (Season 1-2)

Audrey was a real fun girl, that I had a lot of great laughs with. Dramatic, interesting and extremely funny, her attitude just cracks me up and makes her very likable even though it is somewhat whiny. She should enter the Big Brother House because I am sure she has a great chance in winning. Its a 100,000 dollars by the way! I think, lol. She can really be the life and soul of the party with just one sentence 'I want Ice Cream'. Other famous quotes are 'Why are you so slow/stupid', in a very loud and whiny manner. 'Lazy' and 'Brendan... '(in a warning tone) are another few more examples.

Johanna Lorencia (Previously Recurring, Season 2)

Johanna is a girl who is always calm and level headed. The chick is always helpful to others and is somewhat like a rock. She took a break and will return in Season 4.

Martin Nguyen (Season 2)

Martin is a such a sweet, fun, innocent and extremely cute looking guy that is a great potential of a boyfriend. Think David Archuleta but a little more adult. He is back in Vietnam awaiting to join RMIT Vietnam. Fiercely loyal, this guy will definitely be a good person to keep.

Guhan (Season 2, currently recurring)

Guhan is a great and nice guy who chews a lot of mint flavored gum. Since I allergic to mint since the smell makes me gag and my mouth will foam is I tasted it, I usually try not to talk to him much if he has gum breath. Its strictly for my well being. He is a guy who has a passion for cricket and is someone who is genuinely concerned about you.

Tan Meng Siang (Season 1, recurring Season 2)

A guy that is so fun to hang around with but since he is in a different course, I rarely see him these days.

Anderson Lai (Season 2)

He was my friend but a misunderstanding drifted us apart, refer to previous posts for the whole juicy gossip. The ball is in his court now. If he and I can be friends, sure, I think I can manage that and remove the TTYN ban, but it will be awkward, enough said.

Recurring Cast Members are people who I actually talk to or at least recognize in the hallway(hope I don't forget anyone)
Recurring Cast Members

Jilly Tagore (Season 1- present)
Stephanie Seem (Season 1- present)
Kong Pei Long (Season 1- present)
Ling Sing Jin (Season 1, recurring Season 2- present)
Kelvin Jong (Season 1- present)
Joshua Leong (Season 1- present)
Bryan Lee (Season 1- present)
Andy Law (Season 1- present)
Elton Jong (Season 1- present)
Yong Kiat Seng (Season 1- present)
Jacqueline Kong (Season 1- present)
Edina Chong (Season 1- present)
Ashik Rahman (Season 1- present)
Sherrie Pui (Season 1- present)
Lam Mun Yin (Season 1- present)
Evelyn Gan (Season 2- present)
Doreen Wong (Season 2- present)
Liu Kian Hoong (Season 2- present)
Liaw Min Chiong (Season 2- present)
Cheryl (Season 3- present)
Alvin (Season 3- present)

To my principal cast members, I really did not mean to offend you, I just want to show how great you people are and how you influence my life. Think of it as a tribute or a thank you for being in my life and helping me to learn and grow as time passes. If it is offensive, then, I shall put on a password protection (if there is) or just delete it. Hope it doesn't change our friendship.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Project Runway is BACK (finally)

After a TEN month hiatus,
(Yes, you heard me, ten fucking months, not ten days, nor ten weeks or the usual 3 to 4 month hiatus of normal shows, but TEN awesomely fucking grueling long months of no Project Runway)
Project Runway is FINALLY back.

So before I begin on why the hell happened to Project Runway had to be on the shelf for Ten Fucking Months, allow me to explain what Project Runway is. This is for all of you idiotic, dumb, oblivious, frogs-under-the-well, stupid, foolish, ah lien, ah beng, bloody-asian-sovereign, tacky, pathetic hermits that have disappeared from the face of this earth for five years for some fucking reason that I do not care about but am extremely grateful and glad that you were gone for the past five years because I am pretty sure I will fucking hate your fucking shittastic guts if you were around which you are now.

Project Runway is a reality television competition where 16 designers will compete to win. The prizes are an editorial feature in Marie Clarie magazine, $100,000 to start their own line and an all expenses paid trip for 2 to Paris (which I have been to before, just wanna add, lol). Every week, the designers will be put to the test in a series of challenges where they will be eliminated one by one. The challenges generally will require them to create a garment of non traditional materials (car parts), for a celebrity (Brooke Shields), for a corporate fashion line (Diane Von Furstenberg) or a specialized theme (Prom Night), or a specific client (WWE Divas). The designers are usually required to create the garment within a limited amount of time usually one or two days before the runway show. The final three designers will be given the opportunity to present their collection in Bryant Park where only one will be the winner. The models paired with the designer are in a competition too. The model paired with the winning designer will win $25,000 from L'Oreal and a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine.

Heidi Klum is the host and judge of the show. On the panel, she is joined by Micheal Kors, fashion designer and Nina Garcia, Fashion Editor of Marie Claire Magazine. The designers are mentored by Tim Gunn, chief creative officer of Liz Claireborne. For more information, just find the wikipedia for 'Project Runway'.

The idiotic, dumb, oblivious, frogs-under-the-well, stupid, foolish, ah lien, ah beng, bloody-asian-sovereign, tacky, pathetic hermits that have disappeared from the face of this earth for five years for some fucking reason that I do not care about but am extremely grateful and glad that you were gone for the past five years because I am pretty sure I will fucking hate your fucking shittastic guts if you were around which you are now has ended.

Now, let me just give you guys the summary for the reason why Project Runway was sidelined for Ten Fucking Months.

The producers for this show, The Weinstein Company decided to leave Bravo and headed towards Lifetime, ie they switched networks. Which then NBC who owns Bravo decided to sue the Weinstein Company which was settled in April, then Lifetime decided to air it on August 20, 2009. Which ended with me saying 'Fuck.'

Now, other than changing networks. The sixth season of Project Runway is in Los Angeles instead of New York. Other than that, their studio is now the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) instead of Parsons The New School of Design. Also, Nina Garcia jumped ship from being an Editor-at-Large of Elle Magazine to Fashion Editor of Marie Claire magazine.

Other than Project Runway, Lifetime has another show for the models of Project Runway called Models of the Runway. Its something like America's Next Top Model, only it has half an hour and no challenges, oh and there is no, Tyra, haha.

Man, Ten Fucking Months of no Project Runway is fucking depressing, but I have to say its worth the wait. Other than a new sister channel (Models), they also have an All Star Challenge, featuring 8 of the past favorites.

Daniel Vosovic, Santino Rice, Sweet P, Chris March, Korto Momolu, Mycheal Knight, Jeffrey Sebelia and Uli Herzner battle to compete for another shot of $100,000. Where the fuck is Kenley Collins, Rami Kashou and Jillian Lewis? Jeffrey already won $100,000 back in Season 3!

Damn, anyways, its good to have them back. Thank god. I didn't know that no Project Runway is making me getting a shortage on insulting women's poor fashion sense, lol. Well, TV is not going to be boring no more, lol. I cannot wait till me weekly youtubing sessions start.

This season of Project Runway promises to be fun and dramatic like previous ones, can't wait to catch more of it. Now I would rather stare at the computer and wait for Youtube to stream them, but if you have the patience, then please go ahead and wait for another, I dunno... Ten Fucking Months for the Malaysian Premiere.

As for my busy TV season coming up in September:

I am DEFINITELY going to watch these shows: Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, America's Next Top Model, Ugly Betty, Private Practice, Eastwick and Cougar Town.

I am going to TRY and watch these though: Hank, 90210, Melrose Place, One Tree Hill and Beautiful Life.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


This is a more whimsical, hormonal and fun Harry Potter compared to the other books. Something like being in form 4, you know, the honeymoon year? It somewhat a great little soup to brew that will end up in the large finale of the franchise. Obviously romance is seriously in the air.

The Good:

The movie has real great special effects like the previous films, though it has not much action like the past ones to begin with, the movie holds up as its own as the calm before the storm, a more mellow story if you compare with the whirlwind of the Goblet of Fire and the Order of the Phoenix. It defintely sets the tone for Deathly Hallows 1 & 2

I love the director's vision, its exactly like mine for the movie, albeit, mine looked more like a budget cut version rather than the super imaginary special effects ones of the movie.

I absolutely love Helena Bonham Carter now. Her character, Bellatrix Lestrange definitely has a great nutty and psychotic impact in the movie. Although, her screen time maybe less than the principal cast, but she definitely shines in this one. Alan Rickman, as usual is great with Severus Snape

The Bad:

More Luna Lovegood, I barely see her throughout the movie. It sucks to tell you the truth. All in all, the romance, hormones and snogging is a little boring. I yawned through some parts.

For some reason, the movie seems to coast a little in some scenes which is why its so boring.

And there was nothing about the disappearances and if I am not misktaken, a heated argument between Mr Weasley and Percy is in order? I cannot fucking believe that that was not portrayed!


Not a bad movie, defintely a nice one to catch, however, it only applies if you like Harry Potter or read the books and obviously have a fucking brain to think about it. As your uber flashy special effects are sort of lacking in this one.


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince gets a 3 out of 5

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Better than Rachael Yamagata

I am serious, listen to this song
its called maybe by Ingrid Michaelson
I can tell you its so hot.

Mature, risky, sassy.
Oh so adult contemporary, loves it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

R.I.P. Madam Leong Wei Yan

It wasn't until late in the evening that I discovered what my mom told me in the afternoon was actually true.
My form teacher for the first three years of primary school, Madam Leong has passed away.
She had contracted Stage Three Cervical Cancer which spread to her colon and intestines just like Jade Goody
It honestly sucks.

At first, honestly, I was in denial
I mean come on, there are probably so many Madam Leongs in my primary school, it can't be her right.
I didn't think too much about it because, it comes from my brother, Ryan who obviously is someone who is a little inattentive and doesn't bother much.
And when my cousin can't remember the exact name, I still put it off.
It was until Audrey told me her name, and it hit me

The experience is something like a large tsunami wave crushing you with a full force of hardcore reality.
She was dead.
She passed on, and I felt guilty for being in denial about it and not going to pay my last respects or buy every freaking copy of Chinese Newspaper to read about it just to know the location of the funeral.
Stupid rain, for discouraging me to doing some investigating.

As I remember the lady who used to drag my mother all the way from her job just to complain about my messy homework, my seriously messy textbooks that look like the dog chew it while in fact, the bag chewed it.
Which earned me my first school nickname (xian chai or kiam chai or salted vegetables)
I know its the bag because I have no dog at the time.
I am fucking serious!
My old bags can chew books, vomit crayons and blacken my pencils.
Its the BAG's FAULT *pouts*
I am really serious about this!

It really got me thinking
She was one of the person responsible for changing and developing me into the man that I am today.
Teachers not only teach you and give you information and knowledge about the subjects you are supposed to learn. But they are also cultivators and facilitators of your personality and make you the person you are today.
Though we may not realize it at the time due to our young sense of immaturity and the time that ages our minds where some memories will be forever lost, as we grow up to be the young men and women standing here today, we are the results of our teacher's nurture.
I mean look at me, from a messy little boy who used to hide lunch boxes and puke in the school drawer has matured into a young man, who is addicted to fashion, TV, acting, photography and SHOPPING! Who is also probably gay-looking (okay, TV has to do with this)
Fine, VERY GAY LOOKING and the gay fantasies won't help either. (Fuck you! Jonathan Rhys Meyers! Then again, FUCK ME Jonathan Rhys Meyers)

Anyway, Madam Leong was a no nonsense teacher, when she was strict, she can be seriously strict, but she always has some sort of warmth emanating from her.
Its so weird that in the past, I used to hate her guts.
Oh right, I was a kid who thinks that he is supposed to be the center of everything.
I still do by the way. *winks*

Well, there is nothing else to do but mourn and have a moment of silence
Boy, times like these makes you realize how short life is.
I felt guilty for not knowing this sooner
But instead of me going to visit her, she came and visit me, in a form of a snail

Now I dunno if its Buddhism or just my way of thinking about life.
But during the night after the burial of someone important to me or any member of the family, give or take a few days
A creature will enter my house in a very weird way.
When my grandad died, there was like a dragonfly roaming around every room downstairs as if it was surveying the house.
My family or specifically, my dad said it was my grandfather.
And now its snails!
In front of my front porch was a ridiculously large snail
It was as large as a tiny rabbit!
It was humongous! I tell you!
See! The pics!

I assumed it was Madam Leong 'visiting' me and Darren.
Darren, being the coward that he is, ran away from it like the Chicken it is, Ryan followed suit!
My mom was puking and screaming 'Poisonous' every 5 seconds!
For those of you who say Darren or Ryan are the more manly type brother of the family, eat my shorts.
Then while my mom was folding clothes, she found another snail hanging on Ryan's sock.
You should have seen how she freaked out and squealed like a pig, hilarious, no video since its spur of the moment.
But I guess it was funny, haha
Thanks for visiting Madam Leong, and telling me that you are fine (Assumed since she visited).

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Back to School (Not liking it)

So I am going back to school on Monday
I am not exactly thrilled
I am not exactly ecstatic
I am not exactly hyperventilating out of excitement
I am pretty much... gloomy

I absolutely HATE Swinburne now
All those unrequited feelings of artificial anxiety just immediately creeps back in
I dunno if its because of the less time me and my mates will spend together
Or the fact that I will definitely turn some people the wrong way
Since we have to fight like savages, cavemen, wild animals or mindless drones of chaotic insanity for spots in the tutorials

Yeah, tomorrow is going to be interesting.
Oh, I am thinking of joining the drama club
I felt as if its time for me to get back to my roots
A 2 year hiatus from acting is enough I guess
Since I felt that Swinburne has so much suppressed emotions, I need a place to let it all out
So yeah
I have decided to go back to acting
Biggest decision I made in quite a while
So, where the fuck do I sign up?

Friday, August 07, 2009

Mariah Carey 'Obsessed' Official Music Video

The official video
Click play to play
Play la
WTF, if you still reading this, I am telling you to CLICK PLAY

Thursday, August 06, 2009

CHEEBYE!!!! Paula Abdul Quits Idol

Words cannot express my utter disappointment of Paula Abdul choosing to leave Idol.
So I decided to express it in the utterly trashy Ah Beng way




Now, that has been settled.

I really loved Paula Abdul in Idol
I love her arguing with Simon
I love that she always find the positives instead of the negatives
Which all bloody Asians that do not accept criticisms love it.
I love how she contrasts with Simon
Simon is like the arsehole of the father who you wish you never had
Paula is like the mom who is caring and nuturing
Kara is the creative and no nonsense aunt
while Randy
Well, they should just fire Randy
All he says is nonsense, its just 'dawg' ok?
So honestly, it just sucks that Paula is leaving Idol.
Worse of all, I have to find it out while Twittering

As for you die hard Twilight fans, you guys should so listen to Blue October
They are an indie band that is the main inspiration of the whole Twilight thing
Stephanie Meyer says that there are songs playing in her head during scenes in the book
Personally I like 'I Never'
Because it is how Taylor Lautner's character feels for Kristin Stewart's character aka Jacob Black and Bella Swan

I love Taylor Lautner
Well in truth I Love Taylor Lautner's BODY
I WANT to have his body
But unfortunately mine is close to the bodies of Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill (I know, sad)
Anyway, he is 17
So I don't think its good for me, or girls my age (statutory rape)
But at least its good to admire from afar
Okay, its not good, its creepy
Very Very Creepy
But still I wouldn't mind to worship that kind of body
I wonder though
If I am ever casted in Breaking Dawn (if they allow a male Asian vampire to be in it where that aforementioned Asian vampire to suck the blood of Taylor Lautner's neck) hahahaha yum!!!
Oh shit
I drooled on my keyboard!
Damn it!
Okay, I leave you with this really really really really really really HOT pic of Taylor Lautner

But please be careful, make sure your mouth is taped to avoid drool
Get a watch to be aware of the time you spent drooling at the hot body
And guys, please don't make a mess in your trousers (thank god I didn't)
Now I am off to clean my laptop!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Spotlight on: Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler was a contestant on the ever popular show called American Idol when it was on its 5th Season. She finished 6th. Which sucks because I thought she would actually win this thing, because I find her so cute! LOL!

After releasing her first album 'Small Town Girls' with amazing singles like 'Red High Heels' and her ever infamous song 'I Wonder' where she broke down to tears at the CMA Awards, she is back!

Her second album which is self entitled aka her name is the name of the album. Comes up with two singles, 'Don't You Know That You're Beautiful' and 'Best Days of Your Life'

Lets concentrate on 'Best Days of Your Life.' This single is Kellie's most successful single to date. It was her first crack into the top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100 and her first Top 10 Country Hit. So why is it so successful?
  1. She wrote it with Taylor Swift who also sang background vocals in the single and appeared on the video.
  2. It was about her now ex-boyfriend who cheated on her with someone else
  3. This song is so catchy! I love it, can't stop singing it whenever I play it on my iPod!
You should so totally get this song into your iPod, it really is a song that can cheer you up. Lets say you fucked up your accounting and you feel down. But don't worry, because just play her song and dance to the tune! Because it may not be one of the best days of your life but it definitely makes you feel better!

Okay, that was somehow retarded. Anyway, presenting Kellie Pickler in 'Best Days of Your Life'.
I am also adding 'I Wonder' and 'Red High Heels' respectively