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Sunday, December 28, 2008

300th post, 2008 is finally over.

2008, honestly, in essence was not a great year for me.
Heck, to be honest, my last great year was 2006.
2007 was plagued by SPM, follow by a huge, public meltdown.
and 2008 is not without its fender benders as well.

It started with National Service, NS.
Which I am sad because of 2 things
especially number 2.
  1. That I could have gone to school much earlier
  2. That some bastard made my sideburns uneven, till now, its still fucking uneven, one side longer than the other.
  3. The friends I made there, about half of them are fake. '
  4. I lost 8kg, now I gained them back
Then came to college where I look at a college to call home
Curtin, nope. Too far
KDU, UTAR, Taylors and Sedaya nope,nope, nope and nope
KDU, my uncle thinks the people are just there to play
UTAR on the other hand was not in my cards
I wanted Taylors but for some problem, cannot be achieved
Sedaya, well, lost cause.

Which ended up me working for 3 months, bad mistake
I should have so totally joined March intake at Swinburne.
Swinburne is not my first choice cause
  1. I wanted journalism
  2. Its in Kuching, I wanna switch scenery.
My driving skills sucked real bad due to very short intervals of driving for nearly a year.
Luckily I was able to get it on track before 2009 starts.

Then, there were few near deaths experiences, like almost stabbed and almost being ran over.

Adding insult to injury, I have a boyfriend and then I have no boyfriend.
I thought that I am going to finally have a girlfriend till she reveals that she has boyfriend who is thankfully not the boyfriend aforementioned.

I gained friends, lost them and regained them.

I have absolutely no BALLS to enter the Swinburne gym. Because
  1. No friends who are buff maniacs or desperately in need to look hot
  2. For some reason, the guys look hotter than me
In short, I was intimidated.

My relationship with my mother has worsened.

My Laptop (Andes) has anti virus haywire.

I feel lonely and depressed at times, I have my moments.

But 2008 is not without good ones too.

The real ones and I stuck close... for the first few months after NS.

Swinburne was sort of bittersweet, friends were made, lost and regained

I got a new car, laptop, camera and iPod.

My relationship with my dad has gotten better, although in general still kinda bad.

Single life means only me, so it has been better,

Travelled to KL, Miri, Labuan and Limbang.

Matured a lot

A bit more positive in life

Nicer and less bitchier blog.

So yeah, 2008 is bittersweet though it taste more bitter.
I wished that 2009 will be an incredible and successful year to me
Both in career and life.
I also wish everyone to have a better 2009
We are reached towards the end of a decade.
I wish you, my readers well, with all my sincere heart.
You know that I am blatantly honest about people at times
So trust me, I really mean you well, with all my heart.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jingle Bells

I had a real hearty dinner
Can't finished em though
First I had mushroom soup with pasta.
Those twisty ones you get in soups, yummy.
Then followed by some salad
It has lettuce, rocket, croutons, cherry tomatoes, some tuna I think and some coriander with thousand island dressing.
My mom made mashed potatoes.
Its mixed with salt, pepper, milk and butter
Its lumpy too, ugh.
I like mine with a healthy serving of curry in it, lol.
Then we also had ham
Where we turned them into sandwiches
Plus sushi!!!!!!!!!!
Japanese food, the wildcard of the evening, haha.
Plus I had drank a lot of alcohol, soda and stuff, lol.

Note: I know this post sounds genuinely CHAO AH LIAN, but I was drunk, so please, don't blame me, that hard. *

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

These days, its very rainy, with lots of thunderstorms looming around. While others are having a White Christmas, most of us are suffering from disastrous rain and climate changes due to global warming and typhoons. Sometimes, its just best to sit down, have a cup of hot cocoa, wrap yourself in a quilt made by your grandma and reminiscence and enjoy these songs in your iPod. This is what I call peace, if only there was rain without the rumbling thunder and flashes of lightning that are annoying. So here are the songs that you should so totally enjoy during this winter.
All these songs are hot! But my personal favorites are Winter Song, Broken Strings and songs from this cool Irish band called Script, real hot. Of course, you can always trust Natasha Bedingfield

The Winter Song by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michealson.

Broken Strings by James Morrison featuring Nelly Furtado

Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke

Breakeven by The Script

The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script

Next Plane Home by Daniel Powter

Love Remains The Same by Gavin Rossdale

Sober by Pink

Superhuman by Chris Brown featuring Keri Hilson

Rabbit by Matt Duke

Mercy by One Republic

Angel by Natasha Bedingfield

Soulmate by Natasha Bedingfield

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I like men now.

There is a story to go with this actually.
It was during Malaysian Studies
A few girls in front of me forgot to take their medicine/overdosed on their medication/took the wrong medicine/prescribed the wrong medication from the doctor.
In short, they are loony and high.
One of them revealed that she...

There goes my sexual appetite for women
Which follows my intentions of romance with women
Which in turn, I have lost my own appetite for food
Which made me go sick all day.
Which is why, I am temporarily gay.
Guys, quickly ask me out on this period
No competition from women.
God, I can only hope that she knows how to use a razor.

Okay, I DO NOT eavesdrop, okay.
I was reaching down to pick up my iPod which has fallen on the floor (Kesian you Maxt)
Then I accidentally overheard it.
I so totally wished that I could slice my ears off at that moment.
I even lost my lunch.

By the way, I think I will remain gay till the New Year
Though the imagination of it has subsided
Just please don't be a chick and scream 'I have tummy hair!!!' in front of me
I don't want a relapse

Monday, December 22, 2008

Its Hanukkah!!!!!

Happy Hanukkah everyone!!!!!!!
Light some candles
and eight days of presents.
HERE I COME!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

Drown Me With Your Eyes

Its so enticing
It so deep
Is it a mirage of blue?
Or is it a visage of green.
I just wanna fall in and drown inside
Eyes so deep so mysterious,
damn its so invitng
So baby just

Drown me with your eyes
Drown me with your eyes
Suck my soul into you
Drown me with your eyes
Drown me with your eyes
Please let me be with you.

Stare at me
Leer at me
Make me feel weak on my toes
Scan on me
Look into me
Send me hurling into ecstacy
I am at your mercy
So baby just

Drown me with your eyes
Drown me with your eyes
Suck my soul into you
Drown me with your eyes
Drown me with your eyes
Please let me be with you.

I can't escape
I can't wait
I am addicted
Call me delusioned
But I can't help it
I am hooked on you
So please please please
Baby just

Drown me with your eyes
Drown me with your eyes
Suck my soul into you
Drown me with your eyes
Drown me with your eyes
Please let me be with you

Please let me be with you
Because I love you.

The End

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time to snip

Other than my blog that needs a makeover, I need to deal with the messy mop of hair on top of my head
and the flabby mass on my belly
I think I look like I am 2 months pregnant
Either I wait for the first trimester
or suffer a miscarriage.
But all those late nights with buns, ice cream, soda and Mcflurries.
Oh god.
I really hope I don't balloon.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A night to remember

This is the picture of the 2007 class of 5sc1 and 5sc2 of SMK Sungai Maong (chicken not included)

Andrea has LONG HAIR (chick sitting on the floor, right)

Mei Shan has the look of a teacher (sitting on the floor center, behind the chicken)

Senk Siang slimmed down (dude with Red shirt and army pants)

Cyril is sexier than ever (boys front row, second right)

We went to Hartz Chicken (yeah, yeah lame) but seeing everyone, well almost everyone around, makes me feel happy again.

I got a lot of compliments from my friends, I have a lot on them too, lol.
I can see that everyone, (almost everyone) has matured a lot since I last saw them
Its great

Funny, I used to think they are a bunch of backstabbing bitches who have no lives but to ruin others
Now I can see that they are some normality in them
I can also see that I am compassionate and nice
and not insensitive.
I mean, I genuinely feel happy and sad for them

Also, I vacuumed a lot of food, lol.
My ice-cream reminds me of a pile of snot.
Anyway, Hartz Chicken is a crappy place for a reunion
I mean its a great place to dine for all of us cheap bastards
But I prefer a more private and reserved area.

I would definiely think that some friendships can be formed with some of them where in the past, it seems deadly impossible
People change.
Opinions change too.

Its a fun time, too bad not everyone can join us
I actually can give you a list of people that were not here.
Cause I am kinda close to some of them

  1. Jeremy (yeah, wish you were here bud)
  2. Chai Lee Chin (she missed it, dunno why though)
  3. Catherine Yeo ( she is no longer boring, I hear! She is happy and has a personality)
  4. Joesphine (Matriculation)
  5. Chin Hui Ting (Matriculation)
  6. Luke (Matriculation)
  7. Franco (Matriculation)
  8. Vincent (Matriculation)
  9. Michelle Lim (Sunway College, Selangor. All the best)
  10. Brigid (Adelaide, good luck nurse!)
  11. Melissa ( Saying HI then flew all the way back to Adelaide)
  12. Wong Xiang Lun (Lost case, sorry. Forgot about you, lol. I thought Liong Yew told you.)
  13. Ying Ying (Books more important than friends? LOL. But at least you studied, cause I totally screwed up this time)
  14. Victor (Uh, he is GREAT in music)
This is a RARE post.
  1. Brendan is HAPPY
  2. Brendan is NICE
  3. Brendan has nothing bad to say about people
  4. Brendan has NICE things to say about his EX-CLASSMATES
The hatchet is buried long ago
My evil grievance has officially ended
I think its time to change this EXTREMELY SAD blogskin and template.
Time for a makeover
Cleaner, happier and more of a man.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Just a Dream

Brendan was sitting in his living room when KATE HUDSON dropped in!
OMG, like I so totally can't believe it
she wore a suit, and said that she saw my performance
and then offered me to audition for a role in a movie that she was producing
and so I followed her to her car and we drove off
Along the way, I saw my neighborhood being very cheery.
Christmas decorations were hanging everywhere even though the heat was sweltering
Even truck drivers are festive

A thunderous knock was implied on to my bedroom door
Followed by a REAL LOUD 'BRENDAN!'
courtesy of my dear brother, Ryan

Dream Over, fuck.

And there I was, thinking that I would be in Hollywood by now.
Then Ryan said 'Daddy called you'
I like so totally knew it
That man has a very great talent with impeccable timing.
He always calls when something important is happening to me!
Even if it was a dream, it is STILL IMPORTANT
Chi Bye!!!

So then, I am already moody, I went down
And there he was
As usual, rambling something and channeling anger at me again
What to do?
I am his little trash can for his anger
He thinks is my duty to sit there while calls me a useless sleazebag and other explicit
Like some fucking whipping boy.
I am NOT HIS WIFE!!!!!!!!!
The fucking world doesn't revolve around him ya know?

If I didn't do what he says, guess what?
He threatens to pull me off my higher education, using things that value and are important to me a lot and use them to blackmail me.
Fuck him.
During high school, he always use the threat that he is gonna send me to a local university instead of Aussieland if I did not obey him

Now the time comes
His excuse?
'I think your momma is suicidal and crazy, please stay here for a few years till Darren is old enough to take over.'
Say you no money, enough liao ma
Seeing how much you spend on lotto, I already know.
Oh wait, your eldest son, only.
My aunt is also another thing
She was supposed to help me, in the end, where is my help?
All of these promises are fake.

Now, as I sit here, in front of this computer, thinking
Are my dreams merely dreams
Are my dreams meant to be wasted?
I have a lot of aspirations and passion in entertainment and literature.
Business, is a way to expand that, I guess.

If you see me trying to seduce rich, white people
Please don't be shock.
You will understand
The only thing that makes me feel like I wanna live, is my dreams of becoming a star.

Btw, I am sleepy and extremely grouchy
So, the probability of me failing is 50%
So, it sucks, period
I hope he no call me during test.

Oh, by the way, Chris called
Like after 3 weeks since his last one.
Little bastard.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Special Review

Developer: Koei
Genre: Beat em up

So what's so special about Dynasty Warriors 6?
Well, you get 6 EXTRA characters to play with
Its on the PS2, that's it
Also, dueling and swimming will be removed on this game.
Also since its ported from the PS2, you PS3 and X-360 people will be receiving DOWNGRADED GRAPHICS!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Dynasty Warriors 6: Special is just a little addition to the original Dynasty Warriors 6 that has cut 7 characters from the last game and majorly changing the outfits, weaponry and features of the others. Like Obama said, we need CHANGE, however CHANGE is not always good. This implies to Koei.


The Good
Firstly, the maps and the graphics are very improved that it now has elevation into the mixture, unlike the past where you can just roam around on flat grounds, now you can climb ladders and hills just to get to your destination. Cinematics are great too. This game introduces a new Renbu system which as your level goes up due to fighting, the amount of moves you can pull also increases. This also adds the vision of Koei's that makes the player kill loads of people with one hit. Its a little more competitive with healing items are more scrace than ever and new units that pose as a threat. Moreover, animals might come into play and try to eat you.

The Bad
Your worst enemy is not Lu Bu when he is extremely pissed off, its your damn camera which can be confusing at times and a little distracting, its basically, just not good. The camera is actually better in the past games. Who needs enemies when you have cameras like these. Also, even in easy mode, the game can be damn hard too. The commanders are very powered up that a few hits can send you scrawling back to your bases for health. Story modes are only available for 23 out of 41 of the characters available, moreover, they have their own unique movesets. While the rest are available in free mode. With the sole exception of Xiao Qiao and Sun Ce who have a unique moveset but no Story Mode and Zhen Ji who shares movesets with Diao Chan, the other characters share movesets among them selves. For example, Xiahou Yuan and Huang Zhong share the same movesets with a large broadsword as their weapon of choice.

Now on a post a while ago, I commented on the appearance of the characters, now I am going to comment on their move sets.

Character and movesets

The Good

Lu Xun
Lu Xun is a brilliant young tactician who is great with fire attacks, from Wu, he is the BEST character in the game for me. His combos are sweet and I had a lot of fun with the fluidity of the motion. Definitely a plus to use him

Diao Chan/ Zhen Ji
Vicious yet delicious, the Chain whip on them can do some serious damage. Why so? Even if you down on the ground, you can play possum cause the whip will crash on the floor, slamming you even harder. Sometimes it so easy to defeat enemy officers by just tackling them down then use the same buttton to kill them all.

Cao Pi
Caop Pi like Lu Xun is fluid and fast, though he lacks the range and effectiveness Lu Xun has, his moveset makes him virtually unstoppable with quick strikes that kills the enemy in a matter of seconds. Real fast and real good.

Xiao Qiao
I still like the old Xiao Qiao but this one is okay, she can kick major ass but you really have to be a little more experienced first.

The Bad

Yue Ying
Yue Ying's bladed bow is a major disappointment due to the length if the weapon, there is not much good use about it. She has potential to be great but since I am new to the new fighting system, I think I rather out her at the side too.

Sima Yi
Oh dear, where do I begin? He slaps like a girl and shakes his ass when he fights I used him for 5 minutes and gave up

Xiahou Dun
Clumsy one, the club he swings is not effective. You would expect him to send everyone flying since he weilds a club rite? Well, you wrong, dead wrong. They are real weak and pathetic.

Overall: 2 out of 5
Recommended to fans of the game only.
Wait till Dynasty Warriors 7 come out
or till give Zhen Ji her flute back
or till they fix the camera angles and give Zhen Ji the fute back.

When I was supposed to study, I...

I am supposed to prepare for my Malaysian Studies exam which is like on TOMORROW!!!!!!
But during the weekend of spare time which I am supposed to study.
Well, I did a few things

I hung out with Derrick, my cousin
I IMed Aini till 2 in the morning or something cause
a. I am bored
b. I don't wanna join my parents for breakfast. ( wanna sleep, lol)

I played Dynasty Warriors 6 SPECIAL
The PS2 version but its in Japanese
Luckily there are walkthroughs in net so I have no problem with it
Gonna do a FULL review later.
English versions unfortunately are not compatible with my player, sad
I am forced to understand Japanese
Luckily, I can make out some of the missions and objectives

I RAIDED Padini (literally)
You know that if my mom did not stop me at 4 shirts, I would probably raid the whole store?
Imagine, how happy Padini Designers are
Imagine how happy I would be
Imagine how full my closet is
Imagine me being Padini's spokesman (This is where you find a bucket and puke if you hate my guts)

I went shopping and I shopped for stuff including a new number, lol
But its for weekend purposes only
and to not allow Darren to steal my precious Sony Ericsson
I am still using my original number
its in my Dopod now
I still prefer iPhone (hello? Apple freak!)
Why am I telling you this?
You guys wouldn't even care about my cell phone, lol

Oh, I went shopping with my grandma
She went to those local, small little shops that are like frozen in time, in front of the moving world.
Which is really exciting since well, you know, blonde and all
I mean, whoever heard of FERMENTED TOFU?
She bought a couple of groceries and stuff
I was the butler, my mom was the chauffeur, lol


And I think that's about it
I am gonna be so dead tomorrow
Cause I just can't concentrate
Whether it be slides or notes
It just ain't working

Friday, December 12, 2008

Explaining myself

Okay, okay
You saw me
I know I was disrespectful and very immoral of me
I do not incite hate or rebellion or any kind against the lecturer
Even though he is a whiny old windbag that is very the annoying


And I cannot control my bowel movements
So, what should I do?
Releasing particles of excrement resembling the hair color of Chao Ah Bengs and Chao Ah Lians in front of my fellow acadamia peers?
In other words
Shit on floor in front of everyone?

So I did what my instinct told me to do
Run off and shit the fuck out
If you were on the 8th floor bathroom and you hear someone groaning and saying the word 'fuck' about 11 times, then its me.

My bowel movement is very the CB
It kept me in the damn toilet in my house for a whole hour
(Yes, I rushed to the bathroom after I reached home.)
There is no shit coming out
But I feel agonized and in pain the whole time
My legs were like damn numb
I dunno how my bowel movements work
But am damn sure pissed it did not work well
Luckily I didn't accompany Jamie and her friends for dinner
Or else, I can't imagine what will happen.

On a side note,
Trauma Center rocks
Its on Jamie's DS and had a lot of fun with it
I am also hooked to Pokemon Dash
(Duh! Me love POKEMON)
Trauma Center is so cool
Its like Grey's Anatomy
But so far, I played trauma things
Like the scenes on a pit
It was fun
It sort of fulfilled my dream to be on Grey's Anatomy
Now all I need is to make out with someone in the on-call room
(As usual, I do not discriminate, so men and women are welcome)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am getting popular!!!!!

Having haters and bad critics only means one thing
I am getting popular

Though I sometimes still do prefer my blog to be private
But I am bold
Making it public
Making bold statements
like 2 guys kissing each other are as hot as 2 girls kissing each other.

I know at times I may sound a little creepy, exterme and erratic
But its a part of my personality
That's why I am call unique
I am not a person who blogs about the minor mundane things about my life
I do blog things that are outspoken or virtually unacceptable to the norm of a very outdated, traditional and conservative society
Plus, some people think my volcabulary is a little too complex
Some people feel stupid after reading my blog, then has the damn nerve to say that my blog is crap

Though yeah, I do still sometimes complain about things
but its genetic, what to do?

I felt like I have matured a bit since after attending Swinburne
But I don't think its the place
Its having friends who care
I guess
I am glad that I have people to hang out with
No matter how much or how few
Hey, if I am alone
I can always crawl and hibernate in a hole surrounded by an emotionless wall
Writing a book, publishing it
and earn lots of bucks, lol
Though to tell you the truth
I tried writing a book once but I got stuck and gave up

Monday, December 08, 2008

Some jokes

I am bored and too lazy to create a tag, do a tag and tag people. So read some jokes from me, which are gathered and compiled from various unnamed sources or originally created by me?

Joke 1
Why did the one handed man cross the street?
To go to the secondhand shop

Joke 2
Gentleman, I have some good news and one bad news when you are looking for a wife

Good news
There is a girl who cooks great food

There is a girl who is silent and continues to love you unconditionally

There is a girl who never gossips or talks on phones with her friends till 5 a.m. in the morning

There is a girl who is there for loving you and not loving your money

There is a girl who is not a bitch

There is a girl who is low maintenance

There is a girl who looks hot with a T-shirt and a make up

There is a girl who would never make you scared or worry whenever she goes shopping

Bad News

There is no such girl with all the qualities above.

Joke 3
A man never worries about the future until he takes a wife

A woman always worries about her future until she takes a husband

A man is successful if he is more successful than his wife

A woman is successful when she can find that man

Joke 4
One day, a nun wanted to test 3 sisters on the art of sin, so she locked them in a room each with a hot sexy man in there. As she passed the first two rooms, she can hear groans, moans and orgasm but as she passed the third room, it was silent So the next day, the nun asked

Nun: It was so silent in there, I thought you should be screaming in there.

Girl: I know but my mother thought me not to talk with my mouth full

Joke 5
Kissing leads to humping like farting leads to pooping

Joke 6
I hate Asian Men, they are clean, butt loud and *tut* making gesture that an Asian man's penis is short

Joke 7
Your momma so fat, that people hired her to be a trampoline for children

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Darren Goh's Antics on Brendan

Act 1: He likes to play crappy shitty music
He likes Simple Plan, Linkin Park, Boys Like Girls, you know all those yesterday bands.
Simple Plan stale, Linkin Park, too old. Boys Like Girls is so last year
None of them are good
Metro Station are like one hit song, one album, disappear
I hate it when he plays them like 30++ times a day
I hope he doesn't go Ah Beng Techno
If then, honestly, I will commit suicide.

Act 2: He likes to kill my laptop
A little Dota once a week is fine
But when you are a no good, bastard, ah beng, nerd ass , dota addict like Darren, please think again.
He plays the game non stop like almost 24/7
Moreover, he is using my LAPTOP
why not my desktop?
Well, the desktop tends to jam halfway through and the graphics can't support it.
So my LAPTOP has to endure his torture
So I have to lug my laptop to school everyday so that hopefully
He doesn't break it.
My dad never helps
He just nags even more
Moreover, HE treats MY LAPTOP as HIS OWN!!!

Act 3: He likes to suan (piss) me (off) a lot
He and his pathetic ah beng lingo expertise
Crap all ah beng craps
You know that he can rap and make a damn poem out of expletives?
I mean, ugh
He is just a piece of trash

Act 4: He looks good in Ah Beng
No, seriously, he looks good in Ah Beng
At boulevard, we tried some cheap Ah Beng stuff
The fabric is cheap and itchy for me
But it works so DAMN fucking well on him
Afterward, you see him having blog where he takes pics through the mirror with his camera on the phone in some department store.

Ugh, why do me and my brother be so different
Why can't I have a little clone of my own
Or even better

Friday, December 05, 2008

Gary has a blonde moment

Lecturer: If you don't you use your head but your other head, bla bla bla (boring stuff)

Jamie taps at Gary

Jamie: You know what head he just said?

Gary: No

Brendan: Dickhead!

Gary: Oh, Hahaha.

Yes, yes. Moral studies, premarital sex.
Saying its a sin
Its a something
Well, whatever it is its bad.
Can't wait for them to touch on homosexuality
I am a Democrat!!!
I am open-minded, free Ala Amsterdam, Holland

In Amsterdam,
Prostitution is legal
Girls show thier hanging tits on the display window
Guys can make out with guys in public.
Marijuana is also legal
also GAY marriage is legal
I want girls to touch each other, yeah, so hot

I am so craving Starbucks right now

Damn, I want STARBUCKS

Some nice rejuvenating coffee

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tagged by Mun Yin 2

Damn, this tagged thing has a sequel
Oh Well, lets get this over with while I spend my pathetic existence on Earth.
Yes, Brendan is very moody today
Yes, Brendan might have gained a few inches on his waist
No, Brendan cannot stop stuffing Ice Cream into his face.
Yes, The vanilla ice cream dripping from Brendan's mouth might let you think that he received a blowjob.

8 people to tag:
(8 people? Fuck la)
  1. Cynthia
  2. Tan Meng Siang
  3. Gary
  4. Derrick
  5. Jamie
  6. Joshua
  7. Belinda
  8. Audrey
8 things I am passionate about

  1. Writing
  2. Blogging
  3. Singing
  4. Bitching
  5. Dancing
  6. Money
  7. Baking
  8. Showing Off
8 things I say too often

  1. Bitch
  2. Fucktard
  3. Seriously
  4. Honestly
  5. Anyways
  6. Whatever
  7. Crap
  8. Oh Shit
8 movies I have watched recently

  1. Sex and the City (total 9 times)
  2. P.S. I love you (total 5 times)
  3. Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa
  4. Harold and Kumar 2: Escape for Guantanamo Bay
  5. Enchanted (6 times)
  6. Get Smart (Twice)
  7. Eating Out
  8. Another Gay Movie (4 times)
8 songs that I can listen to over and over again

  1. Womanizer- Britney Spears
  2. I Hate This Part- Pussycat Dolls
  3. Crush- David Archuleta
  4. Untouched- The Veronicas
  5. Satellites- September
  6. When I Grow Up- Pussycat Dolls
  7. Single Ladies - Beyonce
  8. What Love is (Candice Michelle Theme)- Scotty and Levelle
8 things I learned the past year
  1. That sex is not all what it is cracked up to be
  2. Pornography is boring
  3. I can never associate with people who come from jungles
  4. That I like sweets
  5. I have a large ass
  6. I love to camwhore
  7. I love to sing while driving
  8. And I like to be a bitch
8 places I like to go in Kuching
  1. Spring
  2. Starbucks (craving liao)
  3. Coffee Bean (craving liao)
  4. Atmosfera
  5. Pet Stores
  6. GRAPPA!!!
  7. BDC
  8. Tun Jugah
8 things that you will be doing today
  1. Games
  2. Sleep
  3. TV
  4. Another round of the movies aforementioned
  5. Masturbate
  6. Camwhore
  7. Play with Dogs
  8. Dance and Sing
8 things I regret this past year:
  1. I regret not joining Swinburne in March
  2. I regret not going to KL this year
  3. I regret to be too nice
  4. I regret not pursuing my dreams
  5. I regret getting writer's block
  6. I regret chickening out to get circumcised
  7. I regret not bathing my dogs often
  8. I regret scratching the car

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Puppy Love

And they call it Puppy Love
Oh, I will guess that they'll never know
How a young heart really feels
And they call it... Puppy Love

Yeah, I sorta want to be the power couple in Swinburne
At least I look better than a pathetic excuse for a power couple who are a bunch of street trash, future trailer park dwellers in a certain high school I used to attend
*ahem ahem*

Couples here, couples there
Couples everywhere
Oh what joy would I have
If I am in a couple, yeah.

So lonely you know that
Comma so gay and I are like on an unofficial non talking basis
Which is sad
Cause I kinda missed talking to him.
He's a fun dude
Now we look like we wanna seduce Hsun Yuan, lol
Sad really
Well I don't even know that he reads my blog or not
But whatever I said that has hurt him
Well, just wanna say that I am sorry
I am never good with apologies

I also kinda need a girlfriend beside me
But honestly, I am kinda scared
Cause well, my mom and all
Not because my mom being over protective and disapproving
I got that covered
But because my mom being well, very embarrassing
Seriously, very embarrassing
I mean, I bought a totally talkative GUY, GUY HAH
Then she started to blah blah blah about my secrets, dirty habits and well other dirty little secrets (pornos)
The fact that my relationship with hers is like a lunatic mother and a gay, cynical, emo, Blair Waldorf type son.
No wonder girls don't fling themselves at me
They thought that I am a momma's boy/gay son
Yeah, yeah
I always accompany my mom shopping
First born and mommy bonding and all

Its usually like this (weekends)
Dad goes golfing or be with my grams
Momma and considered-to-be-gay-son go shopping
Ah Beng will be torturing Andes (laptop) with hours and hours of DOTA
Fucking game
Little monster will be either playing PS2, Lego or watching TV
If not, he is up to trouble.

I dunno what to do
I would try and just live my life
Have fun
Hopefully get an exotic, non Asian wife
Hey, excuse me, some Asian girl's boobies are just not up to my standards, sorry
Sometimes, I don't think there are even any
Sorry, but I want long legs, 34C boobs, long hair,round ass, fit, not thin nor fat or at least she looks thinner and smaller with me at the side to compare, height, not an issue, must have supermodel looks (joking)
And after that
I am going to pull an Angelina Jolie
but maybe not that much kids
2 is fine
One biological
One adopted from some country
Maybe an infant from some poor African or South African country, lol

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Casa La 7 long overdue, again!!!

Yes, I have been playing too much games again
Casa La 7 is long overdue, shit
What to do
I feel lazy
Plus I think I got all the plot wrong
I dunno what to do
Its hard creating something fresh, new and not stereotypical
Plus I feel like bitching

So this is what I decided
I add a list of songs at the side
That you should download
You should, you must and you definitely will
Don't you know English?
Will is only 50% of probability
Shall is 80%
and definitely will or shall is like 100%

Monday, December 01, 2008

World Aids Day and Derrick's Birthday

Both happen to be on the same day
Since he is turning 18, I have found a perfect present to commemorate both
And its not a condom

Its not any kind of condom
Giving condoms as a birthday gift is so juvenile
It is
Joking about it is too
Tabooing it is even worse

So there must be something that I can do to commemorate both
I know
*evil luaghs*


Its time to do some shopping
For me
My family doesn't celebrate christmas
Well, everyone of them.
I though, celebrate Hanukkah or the Festival of Lights
If you don't know what is Hanukkah is pretty much known as Christmas but for Jews
I celebrate it for like 8 days
(Not bad, considering the Chinese celebrate for 15 days)
I will be celebrating Hanukkah on the 22nd to the 29th of December
21st will only be celebrated in the evening
I have to buy myself 8 presents
(What? No one celebrate with me ma, lol. Kinda sad but its not, its something that I like to do and its just me)
So basically, yeah I will be eating a lot of donuts and fried foods
Hanukkah Chanukah, Shalom I forgot so... Whatever la
Gonna get smacked for this
But Hanukkah seems fun, lol