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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spinoff? Definitely Maybe :)

If you have been following my blog, you would have realized that I have not posted any form of a movie review in a LONG time. Well, this is mainly because, when it comes to movies, I am really outdated.

Now, I love writing movie reviews but the fact is that they are usually outdated and I find that not many people really give a damn about them since well they are old. I also find that my Spotlight segment is also comment draught. However, music is something that I do update frequently but my spotlight segment is also not catching a lot of comments

All in all, I am thinking of doing what Chester did. Create a spinoff blog. A blog that is mainly about the things that I love, music, movies and clothes and maybe food but I don't spend a lot on food. Tech stuff, but maybe I will leave the food on the facebook page, lol. I really don't like posting food over here, I might suddenly go into a craving and binge away.

So now, it's time to make me think what Brendzblog is all about. And after a long thought, hence the low post count, I decided that Brendzblog is going to be just me, my feelings and yes, creating drama in my life. Well, maybe cut the drama, I don't need another Hilary vs Lindsay or Christina vs Britney war erupting over here again.

But the question is... would my spinoff be successful?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spotlight On: Katherine McPhee

There is this chick
She lost to a hick
Back in 06
Life's a bitch

After Idol, she got a contract
After one album, RCA retract
Now she is back to attract
Unbroken, her album to track

Now she sings "Had It All"
Let's hope she will stand tall
Spotlight shined by Brendan Goh
McPhee, take it all

Katharine McPhee :: HAD IT ALL (official music video)

Katharine McPhee | MySpace Music Videos

Monday, January 25, 2010


I am neglecting this blog
This is bad
Very very bad,
for the past few weeks, I have only put up four posts in this damn blog
My lowest in a month is zero but it's NS and not my fault
Next to it is 5, but that was February and it's Chinese New Year break back then and I have like a week to put them up
Now, it is 5 posts this month (including this one) and it is done voluntarily.
Well, I really am busy with the past week in Kuching League and now I have a report to finish
Amazing, isn't it?
Well, at least we finished on time and everything went smoothly like I planned.
Well, almost, some bastard showed up late but we finished on time, thank god
Or else, I am pretty sure I am gonna be stuck there till six
Debate events are always so dragging and finish later than usual.

My results are as good as crap because I get no money.
I should have gotten a freaking job.
I just HAVE to slack off and wait for my money to come.
Yeah, happy now Brendan Goh?
You got no money and your CGPA is literally collapsing like the World Trade Center in 2001
Yeah well, I can kiss my 300 bucks goodbye because there is no way that I am going to buy my Esprit jeans for Chinese New Year now even though I have the money to do so
But what to do?
Aunt told me I should save.
Apparently, my animal sign aka the horse, is not good at saving AT ALL.
Which translates to my spending habbit

I guess it's not too late to find one, I can find one of those seasonal promotion job things.
Dunno if there are still any around or not
And earn some small wad of cash, that I am most likely will be spending
Sigh, after that I am thinking of getting a part time job during weekends
But I am thinking of getting involved in the council
Well, truth is, the only reason I am thinking of joining is me not bearing to see cheap bastards with extremely poor taste levels organizing another cheap lousy prom (PROM IN COLLEGE), with a stupid failing theme that never makes sense because they want to COPY what other TV shows with a HIGHER BUDGET can do.

Tyra always says, you can copy but your copy must be better than the original

Seriously, honey, your nylon ruffly gown is just amazing and that shine just brightens up the room like a neon Las Vegas sign.

Plus with the world's crappiest 16th birthday title resting on my shoulder, God forbid, that there should be an award for this, I need redemption. Sigh, but I am even too lazy to pick up a pen and write out my resume. I am literally at crossroads again. Not to mention, considering to switch my major, again.

Swinburne staff are so going to be happy to see my face again.

So what am I going to do? Join the council, prove myself that I am more than just talk and remain poor for the rest of the year? Or, suck it up and be all talk but at least I am earning about 300 a month.

I hate Kuching, people here like everything cheap. Bunch of cheap bastards. The reason why you get paid less is that you don't pay more you know?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lazy to blog...

So sue me.

Here is a little something something from a place called Brisbane

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Hit Wonders of the Future? released a list of top 40 one hit wonders of the noughties (2000-2009), some of those notable names include:

  1. Daniel Powter - The guy who sings "Bad Day"? Remember him? Yeah, American Idol hyped it all up as one of their goodbye songs and it helped Daniel hit number one, after that, the poor Canadian was never heard from again. His next single, "Free Loop" did not so well, but you can listen to his latest one, way back in 2008, it's called 'Next Plane Home' which yeah, sucked on the charts, seems like Daniel's bad day has turned into a bad one hit wonder career.
  2. S Club 7 - "Never Had A dream Come True" is by far the most popular song by my favorite childhood band. Bradley McIntosh, Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Hannah Spearitt, Jo O Meara and Rachel Stevens hit number 10 in the US but was never heard from again. Notable Songs such as "Reach", "Bring it All Back", "You" and "Don't Stop Movin" all are successful everywhere EXCEPT the US.
  3. Mims - The annoying guy who keeps telling everyone that he is hot is hot no more, his second single only reached number 77, poor guy
  4. James Blunt - James Blunt (with Oprah at his backside) hit number one when he sings "You're Beautiful" but unfortunately, his career is not so beautiful anymore
  5. Gnarls Barkley - They sang "Crazy", the song drove me crazy and everytime I heard that nasty falsetto, it made me pukey, thank god it's bb for them.
  6. Bo Bice - The idol runner up behind Carrie Underwood, hit number 5 with "Inside Your Heaven" and after that, he disappeared.
  7. J-Kwon - J-Kwon asked everyone to get tipsy and we did and he hit number two, after that we got a serious hangover and forgot all about him and his career probably died of extensive alcohol abuse by now.
  8. Cassie - Cassie hit the chart's with "Me & U"  but her song "Long Way To Go" only peaked at 97 and has since disappeared, it's probably gonna be a long way to go for her to get back on track again.
  9. Lou Bega - Remember that song "Mambo No.5", it was so cool and so fun and since then Lou Bega is nothing anymore.
  10. Hinder - "Lips of an Angel" kissed us and we were stoked by it, but after that, Hinder is hindered towards the sidelines.
  11. Fort Minor and Holly Brook - "Where'd You Go" was Holly Brook and Fort Minor's success and then Fort Minor went to the lower end of the charts and since then, Mike Shinoda went back to Linkin Park
  12. Vanessa Carlton - "A Thousand Miles" was a great song and Vanessa went and disappeared, but "Nolita Fairytale" a single from her obviously failed album Heroes and Theives still proves that she still has it, it's just that the charts don't like her that's all
  13. Nick Lachey - "What's Left of me" is the song that he sang to Jessica after the newlyweds called it quits. It touched us all and we feel for him that his song reached number 6 on the charts, after that, he was not really successful, maybe he should marry a girl, spend three years on a reality show, adding a funny, confusing scene about chicken and tuna and then divorce the girl again so that he can spawn another hit.
Other notable one hit wonders : Aly and Aj, Hoobastank, T.A.T.U, M2M, Stacie Orrico, Yellowcard, Click Five

*Note: This is the list of one hit wonders in the US only, this means that the songs by the artist only appear in the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 once.

So it got me thinking, there will be other one hit wonders in the spawn already, but who will they be? Well, some might not come true but who cares? It's always great to do a little prediction.

Sara Barielles
She gave us a love song and "Love Song" charted in the top 10 of the billboard hot 100, but her next single "Bottle It Up" was way less successful, could this mean that Sara's career is bottled up and the given the title of a one hit wonder?

Metro Station
Metro Station annyoed me with "Shake It" and hell yeah they annoyed me, seriously who can listen to the words "Shake, shake, shake it" 267 times? Apparently, everyone. "Seventeen Forever" their second single, did not so well and will Trace Cyrus and gang leave the super stardom stuff to Miley? Let's pray, people, pray.

"Tik Tok" hit number one and we love the degenrative Hannah Montana look. We loved the song so much but would her second single, a more emotional song called "Animal" will fare better?

David Archuleta
We love him, we really really love him and on American Idol, when Ryan Seacrest says David... Cook won, little girls, mothers, cougars, grandmothers, gay men and perverted aged gay pedophiles weep in sadness when sweet David got second and with joy when his first single "Crush" hit second place! But as we see the failures of "Touch My Hand" and "A Little Too Not Over You", would we see the end of our beloved Archie?

Owl City
Owl City charmed the world with "Fireflies", the hit song was made by a guy living in his parent's basement while working in a Coca Cola warehouse, so we wonder is this the end of Owl City or would "Vanilla Twilight" be able to save it from being called a one hit wonder.

Jason Derulo
He charmed the ladies with "Whatcha Say" and the girls fell in love with him, that they hailed him as number one of the billboard hot 100, but is "Whatcha Say" is nothing but all talk? Well, lets see then.

I personally hope that everyone except Metro Station would not be one hit wonders, so pray people! Pray!

Update: A song from Kesha's album Animal hits the charts at no.7 even though it is not released as a single, therefore she is no longer considered a one hit wonder. The song is called 'Blah, Blah, Blah' and it features 3OH3! Sorry for not updating guys, been real busy these days and lack the inspiration to blog.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Singapore Story

After like an hour and a half, stuck within a cramped and nasty, not to mention boring plane with colour blinding seats that sets off a serious headache and nausea ( I hope you like the stuff I left in the bag you dimwitted and rude MAS flight attendants). Me, Darren, my aunt and two unwanted and extremely lucky stowaways (my mother and Ryan) have finally landed in the land of ultra competitive-ness with an added mask of superficiality that I call the tropical and modern version of London = Singapore. The stowaways were called stowaways because not only they were able to go to KL and leave me and Darren home alone as a sort of preemptive strike of jealously towards my pending Australia trip but as we can guess, they tagged along at the last minute. A sarcastic bastard that insults your body size every five seconds and a directionless illeterate with a pig headed moronic brain who thinks it always goes the right way and most of the time it's not and leads us around in circles. When it's not leading, it's annoying as hell as those little hyperactive kids in the back seat of the car yapping 'Are we there yet? Are we there yet?' God! Those stress pimples and back knots are acting up again! Sometimes I sincerely think that I am the only rational one in the family. And no I am not jealous of my mom and Ryan getting to go to KL, I am downright pissed of that I am not able to get peace and quiet for 2 weeks!

MY SANITY!!!! yup, you guessed it. G.O.N.E.

 I am seriously thinking of getting a job and then hopefully Swinburne will get me the cash I need through scholarship and then I would fly off to a foreign (nearby) country and spend two weeks there. ALONE or with friends, preferably with friends, as long as there is no family around. Lets see... Thailand, Vietnam or Singapore again? Speaking of Singapore, I have to tell you guys about my trip there.

The Singapore Flyer... World's Tallest Ferris Wheel (currently)

We are staying in the Marriot Hotel as you can see... on the 28th floor. We spent the afternoon, hanging around Bugis Junction. Shopping, obviously. I got a watch and a purple plaid shirt from Topman! Loves! Yeah, girly moment... Uhm... Uh... Yeah... Well lets get on with the night shall we?

The streets were paraded with like loads of decorations and stuff like a huge Christmas celebration. There were really cool cutouts of Jesus, Joseph, Mary and whatevers around.

There were also street performances, like this one, a live Christmas play about... something... no idea. It was two weeks ago and I forgot all about it. Was too busy taking pictures anyways. Like the Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree below! Awesome, ain't it? But it is not made of real chocolate (duh! Chocolate would melt when exposed to harsh and environmentally unfriendly light bulbs at night and harsh tropical humid sunlight at day.) Still, you cannot resist to imagine biting into a Ferrero Rocher that is as large as a bull's testicles.

Then we headed up towards Paragon, the Singaporean Suite for all those TDOs (Top Designer Outfits) that you probably can never afford and had to settle for a cheap 50 dollar knock off from a Malaysian/Hong Kong/Chinese thrift store. Since all the stores were closed and we had to leave early the next morning, 5 a.m. to be precise, I decided to camwhore with the brands, Ryan decided to butt in to ruin my life and get his fairshare of camwhoring. Little bastard. Wait till I know how to use photoshop! That will do you some good. Lets kick things off with Prada.

Followed by Jimmy Choo

Swarovski... I think and yes I was trying to be a Lady Gaga on an economy budget.

Then its Gucci not Ucci. Stupid Ryan blocking the 'G'

Miu Miu which Ryan mistakens it for Calvin Klein

Rocking it out with Salvatore Ferragamo

Must I act so pompous at Yves St Laurent? Yes... yes I do

Next is Hugo

After all the parading with brands and whatever (most of the pictures are on Facebook), it's time to call it a night. The next morning's picture is a family affair as you can see, at the Golden Lounge of checking in.

Did you see the fugly looking glasses that Darren is wearing?Even though a) he does not need glasses, b) he looks trendy in them (ie his kids will laugh at his pictures like they would laugh at a clown or cry, well, clowns are fucking horrifying okay!) and c) he can pass off the look as very cool? Yeah, well my aunt complained that it will do some harm to his eyesight and it is now donated to the needy children of Africa, sponsored by UNICEF and Qantas plus a few Malaysian coins that will be deemed useless to the Australians. Now my aunt being a Gold Frequent Flyer, gets to enjoy this.

Complimentary brekkie at the airport!

Complimentary beverages at the airport

And the best of all... Complimentary Wine and Champagne at the airport! Btw, there is a soda dispenser at the side.

Plus some pretzels and cookies for your enjoyment!

The picture above with the horses was displayed at the hallway leading towards the lounge.
Why is it so special that it has to be in this post and it's picture taken?
Because I have the exact same one at my grandmother's house.
Shows that my grandma and the decorator have the same good taste, lol.
Well, that's Singapore for you, after that I might be posting up Sydney next! So stay tuned!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Spotlight On: Jordin Sparks and Guy Sebastian

Happy New Year to you guys, I will upload some pics of Singapore, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne soon, but for now, I need to share with you this earth shattering collaboration that's heating up Australian airwaves! It's Australian Idol Guy Sebastian and American Idol Jordin Sparks, yup it's an Idol combo packing a one two punch!If you don't know who Guy Sebastian is, well, google him up. Sheesh. I am not a Lexipedia or a Sarafie or a Greggle, okay!

The song is called 'Art of Love' and yes it's like what the title suggests, its a ballad from a duet about learning the art of love, a nice power ballad that will probably make you forget another earth shattering collabo from a certain optimistic pollyanna featuring one of TV's breakout star in a super hot show who he happens to beat me to it in showing it... hahaha...

Jordin and Guy defintiely make a great combo, both of them have that balck soul that comes in handy when it comes to ballads like these. Well, I am no expert music reviewer or anything who uses technical jargon like lisp, senstous, electro and whateverb but I know good music when I hear it and I am always miles ahead when it comes to the hottest hits. Let's face it, I make look like a channel meant for outdated ancient beings. So let's cue the video people!

Guy Sebastian ft. Jordin Sparks - Art Of Love [Official Video]

Guy Sebastian | MySpace Music Videos