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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hey everybody, its the moment u have been waiting 4!!!!!!
Okay, wanna know why I feel so down lately, well I am heartbroken.
Honestly, I dunno why but it is tearing me apart.
Its breaking my heart piece by piece until it turns into little shards of disappointment, hyseteria, despair and sadness.
I think this guy maybe a fluke but I can't help falling for him
Worst of all, its a man.

His name is nicholas takeshi.
More commonly, Kyo
Don't worry guys, I have met him be4.
He is a really funny person that is sooooo adorable in a way, lol.
His laugh is soooooo infectious and warm and comfortable and funny.
Not like the CMS disease or the Catherine Yeo Syndrome
It's sooo nice.
His voice and his lousy English is some what attractive.
Body, HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fashion sense, sorry haven't raided his closet yet.
Oh yeah, when I mean lousy, it means that its lousy to me.
He is fluent in japanese becuz of his Jap-chi background(which i think its a fluke.)
His chinese is worse than mine (so u noe how bad it is)
He is also babelfishing terms and languages to impress and confuse me.
Colette, help me in french
Alana, help in spanish
As 4 Italia, Teresa can do that.
Oh yeah! Isn't Jean part Danish?
Help me in that.
Zack, help me in russian.
I sorta love his know-it-allness
He is also helpful in advice 4 life
Hence, the term confidante.

So we may never see each other again after SPM, he is going to japan to be with his family
(I think he just doesn't wanna see me)
Very paranoid, huh?
Guess its my nature.
It sucks not to see him anymore.
I love him so much
I don't think he is selected 4 national service.
To me its total bullshit! (national service)
It just waste three months of your youth.
Its like a brainwashing campaign or something
Turning teens to patriotic sacraficials
That's my opinion.
never going there, cut my Malaysian IC if have to.
That's he way it is.

So to vent this heartbreak, I ask the casa la 7 4 advice and here they are.
Rachel : Brendan, don't worry about that fluke. Wait for Sweden where we can have um... more of our sessions. Let me release the pain.
Aaron: You can always go out wit ur best friend cha noe?
Catarina: Where is that gay fucker, I'll cut his balls off!!! No one messes with Catarina's friends!!!
Lauren: Don't worry, there is plenty of fish in the see.
Mika: Can't believe you dude,this guy's nothing but a playa like me and u
Colette: Remember puppy love, that's what u are going through.
Melissa: Go straight Mr. Sin, that will show him.
Danielle: Brendan, let it go its a lost cause.
Yumi: Don't worry, there a lot more boys in Japan that are more kawai than him.
Chelsea: He is going to regret for the rest of his life because he let go one of the most extraordinary guy in this universe.
Raquel: Ooi, mate u gotta let go of ur heartbreak kay.
Tori: Remember Paris Hilton who changes friends faster than cell phones.
Chris: Dude, just 4get about that faggy asshole
Nate: Yeah, he is just a bunch of bull
Michelle: 4get bout him, not worth it
Jamie: It is up to you, think he is the one than fly to japan with him.
Ashley: Brendan, try finding something interesting to 4get about him.
Samantha: I was only gone 4 1 week and this happens, Get 10 large bars of Cadbury and meet me at my place.
Anna: Searching 4 the one is always hard, I am lucky to have mine so keep searching, u are still young.
Lawrence: Print his pic, paste it on ur door and throw darts at it.
Ekin: I don't think he is gay, he may be a hater and try to break your heart to satisfy himself.
Lucy: Pretend you are Britney Spears and divorce this K-Fed away.
Alana: If u are bored with Rachel, I am waiting.
Svetlana: Stay single, high school relationships always end up in divorce (britney's 1st marriage)
Todd: I am available too, u noe?
Alicia: Change, like J.Lo who changes husbands once in a while
Tonya: I'll be waiting too
Rebecca: Never give up.
Jessie: kyo, nice name, look Ryushi try dating other guys, if u are up 4 a girl, I am ready for a relationship, don't need it but can't live without it. dump him
Kim: there are other japanese guys that i can introduce, there are korean too, lol. Tell me if u are interested

Well, post more soon my dad's cousin and his girlfriend Julie are here need ta entertain c ya!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

New blog
I have another blog at myspace check it out.
A little facelift
I have changed my blog to blogger beta
and comments are allowed this time.
So comment on any fuck u want.
I know that you guys see that I am a little less energetic I used to be.
Like Brendan's fire is getting smaller and smaller
I will tell you guys soon.
I am still grieving my broken heart
You know what happen to rachel and I\and you also know that it is not the reason I am down
You know that we are cool with each other
My problem does not concern her and hers does not concern me
Its someone else and the fact that I may never see him...
is tearing me apart.
apart from rachel, do you know anybody else I love and care that way?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Britney Spears is divorcing Kevin Federline!!!
Man, finally they are divorcing.
I mean he pretty much treats her badly don't you think?
But that is not why I am blogging
Even though my brother is pissed
If u watch wrestling then u noe
He SLAPPED John Cena
He made King Booker take away his WWE title.
Honestly, I don't give a damn about the drama queen world of wrestling.

So anyway as u noe MTV always has this artist of the month stuff rite?
So why don't I have 1 myself

Artist of the Month: Evanescence
Call me when you're sober is such a cool song.
Way differrent from My Immortal
Its more energetic and has a lot of escence
so Kudos to u guys

Watchout: Kellie Pickler
Kellie Pickler is so worth noticing
her first single red high heels is so cool
It reminds me of Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten
The album is so worth it
Hope it rocks!

Spotlight : my Chemical Romance
I really dunno why but never heard of Black Parade lately
Its like nobody plays it much

Asian serve: Tata Young
Temperature rising is soooo cool
Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy is a great follow up to El-Ninyo
Not Cheeky
DAMN you consrvative Malaysians.

Speaking of conservative,
I think some people in 4sc1 are WAY too conservative
Besides don't u think they are a bunch of goody 2 shoes.
Senk Siang better stay in an Amish school for God sakes
Please, my bio presentation has lots of cute people in not too revealing costumes
Chris Masters was just in his wrestling outfit
And guess what they think it is?
Not softcore but they thought it was HARDCORE!
Pls they have never seen hardcore
just becuz I am the open one doesn't mean I am gay
and they talk about it
Please just because I chose sex before marriage and they think that I defied God or ate the forbidden apple.
Never mind
i cannot wait till SPM comes
because after that I will never see all those fucking conservatives AGAIN

Oh yeah this excludes my friends of 4sc1
If u consider me as your friend then this does not mean u.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

At school...
Brendzblog is getting more popular.
Well nobody leaves comments but whatever
Liang Jiun is well, probably the most wise one in class
Not a Wiseguy a wise guy
He's very political in a way
He is also very intense
Well in a nerdy sort of way but good way
Senk Siang however was an ASSHOLE
guys, the reason I am doing this because I am at school right now
Anyway, Kyo is off the confidante thing 4 5 weeks
To concentrate on SPM
Hell yeah
Who am I going to talk to?
Like who else am I going to spend the phone bills till I get Streamyx
See nsome parents are DAMN cheap!
Ugh, I hate SIMPLE people
Anyway, gonna post it now

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Always using this word lately, dunno why?
Used to say Crap! but now is Chilakah.
Oh yeah, um, to remain the blog's virginity,
I am not going to tell u anything!
Unless u are a close friend asking at a very private moment
U noe wat I mean
you bunch of Chilakahs!
see there is it again
Bad week much?
My life sucks and this is pretty much the worst week of my life.
Well, how can I put this?
First of all, to everyone who is wondering I am not in school on Friday
I am in the States attending a funeral, maybe back on Monday or Tuesday
So anyway, I failed Moral Suckies and Physhits (Physics)
Predictable and I passed History (Yeah!)
Then Jamie text and said Celcock (Celcom) chose Madumb Hillbillies(Matang Hilir)
Which hit me up to the roof!
Man I am sooooo PISSED!!!!!
Why do they chose them
Our team is the best there is and there is no competition
However, Celcock has made its decision
and good luck to Madumb Hillbillies
Hope u fuckers lose!!!!!
Oh yeah I am going to change my cell number soon
In protest to Celcock
Dunno yet

After Jamie its Kyo, my ishiteru
Yeah, yeah, sorry Andrea 4 lying to u
so Kyo is a guy and a great charmer.
We got along well as friends and i fell for him
but since i may never see him again, its better to let go before we get hurt even more

After it ended, I got a phone call from Tara Miles
She said that Stephan died and will tell me about the details when I am in the states.
I was like shit and i called Kyo for sympathy
By the way, we are confidantes now.
and told him about it.

Stephan is a good all round STRAIGHT guy.
It sucks to see a good person go
and we must question good Jesus
why does he have to die so young!
he is only 22, in his senior year in college.
He died in a car crash, while travelling wit friends who are now in critical condition.
Their car got rammed by a truck which sent them to the rive
They got stuck
The driver called for paramedics
They saved the rest but he died of hypothermia.
Which made me cry even more
It really just sucks
And to make matters worse,
I left my add math stuff in Kuching!!!

However there is one good thing that happened which compensated everything.
I had lost my virginity!
Yes and I am announcing this to the world!
To who?
Which means we are back together again
Thanks Stephan but i rather have you living than me losing my virginity
May you be at peace and in heaven chatting with Jesus.
Yes, I am a full-fleged Christian
but haven't got my Bible yet
Sherrie where to get one?