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Monday, March 31, 2008

Off to Kuala Lumpur
Funny how I said that I would never step foot or even live in that shitty and rude place.
Where people will just run you over and not give a damn
But I know there is nothing for me in Kuching
Nothing that makes me wanna stay.
So its time for a change
A change of scenery.
I don't wanna stay in Kuching
Its too small for me.
Besides I am bored of it.
So lets hope my uni tour will help me make a decison.
I really wanna take on college life now.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I should be in school by now.
I am starting uni in july.
I dunno where to choose.
My dad is pushing me to do shitty things I don't like
Idiots giving idiotic opinions everywhere
Fuck them
I don't give a damn
What goes in, what comes out.
I am sticking to mass comm
My blood is in mass comm
I will do very well in it.
I just dunno really
I know what I want
I know what I need
I know what I love to do.
I know where my heart is
I know this
I know that
But why does my parents waste my fucking time
Always asking me to go engineering or computering
Fuck those two geeky subjects
I don't wanna be a geek
I hate physics and add math
I obviously suck at it
And my mom keeps on hailing engineering like the greeks to Zeus
And berates my Mass Comm like its Hades or sumthin
Dad is also berating, down playing it
I am sick of all this talk
Sometimes I just wanna slap them and kick their arses.
So I am slaving away at Food & Tea till July
Not sure that I am making the right decision or not
But I need to work and try to grow up.
i was at Swinburne this morning
Saw Jamie, Jia Jia, Alex, Jacyln, John and Joon Ching
Jamie, Alex and Joon Ching have the image change.
With their hair resembling the colour of my dog's shit.
4 some reason, golden blonde on asians make their hair look like dog shit.
So I am going for a Swedish Blonde.
And get an expert dye
They probably got a cheap one.
My mom actually said 'My son wanted to enrol into the university'
I was scared, shocked and close to freaking out
I thought its some kind of ploy my parents are pulling
I almost wanted to give her a Sweet Chin Music
Finally, mom realized her mistake
As 4 me
I think swinburne's not for me.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I hate Jay Chou!!!
Damn you Jay Chou!
Damn you
Damn you
Damn you.
Food & Tea plays the same shitty msic everyday
Its always Jay Chou this and Jay Chou that
I am Wang Lee Hom!!!
I am not part of the Jay Chou Family okay
(I will explain why later and its not because I love Wang Lee Hom, Even though I showed my affection towards him at his short concert some years ago. Ah memories, that will last a lifetime.)
But more importantly, its just Wang Lee Hom
I just want to shake hands with him
Not like those boys from RBD, now they are HOT!!!!
I fell in love with their music and them.
If Christian is divorced, single and available, well,
lets just say I will be first in line.
Plus there's the girls from Danity Kane!!!!
Aubrey, Aundrea, Dawn and D.Woods, come to Malaysia!!!
Wait a minute, go to Singapore!!!
I'll fly there!!!!
Shannon is married I think so no go there.
But I love Candice Michelle the most!!!
She is so cool!!
She has been a great inspiration for me
And so is Trish Stratus.
I think I know what to spend on
Get tickets to Wrestlemania 24!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

I pity my blog
I have been working so much lately that I have never thought about blogging
All those orders and codes
All those food and drinks to be delivered
All those stupid ppl making a mess out of the table.
Screaming table numbers and bills
The clatter of plastic, glass, ceramic and stainless steel
The chatter of customers, some about stupid unimportant things, some about gossip, some about secret confidances
I hear a snip or two of each conversation
but never have time to listen

See, as waiters, other than being servers, they are also good observers
Especially when they have time to observe.
At those moments are a lot
But not during lunch hours of course
Like yesterday, i was so busy until i dunno where the hell i was.
It took me a moment to realise that i am WORKING in food & tea and not DINING there.
Working with restaurants, observing different types of people
Really give me a fresh, creative outlook.
Watching the world go by
With people hustlin and bustlin in their vehicles, zooming past
While the customers just sit around and enjoy their time
Having different types of delicious dishes offered there.
Meet a few funny people there
And also met a few people that I just wanna fling them through the glass windows.
All in all its just a job
I wanna earn some cash and buy something with it.
I just dunno what yet.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Plkn quotes and catch phrases II (yes there is a part 2)

'Is this chicken or is this fish? I know its tuna but it says 'Ayam Brand'.'
by Brendan Goh

'Party Brendz'
by Mustika Dewi

'The only reason I am so nice to the canteen people is so that I can take more drumsticks'
by Az

'50 bucks just to become an alumni of this camp? I wouldn't join even if they give me 50 bucks to become one.'
by John Lau

'The only reason I go to Betong is to go to the cybercafe and play dota.'
by Ah Liew and Yeo Kian Khai

'The only reason why I joined the Methodist group is that I have more time to shop.'
by Brendan Goh

'At Bau, after you had ur lunch and shower, you sit on the bed. Before your ass warms up the place you are sitting, you get dragged down for another activity.'
by Jee Wen

'Rose? Those people actually drink rose?'
by Brendan Goh

'There's only one reason why we have fried fish everyday. There is a Manhattan Fish Market nearby and we are eating the 'Reject' pile.'
by Brendan Goh

'I ran 3.9km and my whole body is sore, even my asshole. Shitting has never been this painful and difficult'
by Brendan Goh

'So you expect us to pee through a bamboo tube whenever we want to pee?'
by Brendan Goh

'So you expect us to shit in that hole whenever we want to shit?'
by Brendan Goh

'I didn't know that chickens is nature's personal handbags! Look at them, all tied up in newspaper with a handle on top, its so adorable!'
by Brendan Goh

'Are you sure those fried balls they made are not bull's testicles stuffed with onion and sausages?'
by Brendan Goh

'Isn't the dough made for donuts supposed to be white and not orange?'
by Brendan Goh

'No matter how u make those long bean dishes, i will never ever touch them.'
by Kevin Law

'Its very easy to see who gain weight and who lost weight. The ones who lost weight will be very active and involved in almost everything. While the ones who gain will sit there, do nothing but eat canned food and maggi every night and add msg for seasoning on every meal.'
by Brendan Goh

'You know what, Betong is a peaceful town cause there is lottery stallls hanging around.'
by Brendan Goh

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Famous Quotes and Catch Phrases from PLKN

'Oh Shit!'
by Brendan Goh

'I am not spoiled! I am just well taken cared of'
by Brendan Goh

'Pintu sudah dibuka, sila keluar dan berambus'
by Cikgu Frank

'Nurul, sila datang ke depan. Dengan itu, saya ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada Nurul kerana dia telah menang. Tahniah Nurul kerana memenangi... tempat ketiga'
by Cikgu Frank

'Company Alpha is made up of 70% idiots, 28% weak and lazy and 2% sissy'
by someone who is gonna get his ass kicked

'After this, I will never ever touch fried fish again.'
by Lu You Kwong

'The only reason the Malaysian government is putting us in this programme is to watch the Malay fight with the Chinese'
by Ma Yi Zhong

'There are 5 types of animals in this camp. There are humans llike you and me. Then there are the monkeys who play too much and act crazy. Cats are those people who strum the guitar all day and sing out of tune loudly. Racoons are people who always look for a fight and will never hesitate to grab food from others. Finally there are the sloths who never join anything and look like dead bodies'
by Brendan Goh

'Tell her to say wo zai wai mian mai pi gu'
by Chai Li Hsia

'All people who want to be my faux big brother will eventually fall in love with me'
by Carmen Kho

'How the hell do you wash your clothes with your hands? Isn't there supposed to be washing machines?'
by Brendan Goh

'Very good'
by Esther Sia

'Wow, Christina! You really know how to make guys do favours for you'
by Esther Sia

'Lau Gong'
by Noviey

'Go away, I will die when I see your face!'
by Yeo

'Abang, kuku saya patah, bang'
by Jason

'I think Cikgu Frank is deaf as half of the finalist are tone-deaf and bad singers'
by Aaron Ong

'Anjakan saya adalah...'
by Cikgu Mejot

'Apabila saya kata mula...'
by Cikgu Lily

'The only reason people smoke is that they miss sucking cock'
by Brendan Goh

'The only reason I support gay marriage is that I have more women to fuck'
by Brendan Goh

'Back at home, I never had cabbage. Now, I have cabbage everyday.'
by Boon Chau Siang

'Um, where is the nearest Pizza Hut?'
by Brendan Goh

'Its not that I think sago worms taste awful, it's that I don't dare to eat sago worms.'
by Brendan Goh

'Today's fish is not bad huh?'
by Andy Jong

'Wow! I didn't know that you Malaysians are so modern, Incoperating hiphop in your national anthem is so cool.'
by Rachel Stevens

'Vincent is the epitomy of every rich, fat and old gay man's sexual fantasy because he is so lean, slim and fatless.'
by Brendan Goh

'Hah, I am not in the bottom ten but I am in the bottom twenty'
by Brendan Goh

'At the end, Ben and I ran with our lives all the way to the finish line and other people where looking at us like idiots when we passed through'
by Aaron Ong

'Omigosh, your name is Tommy? That's my dog's name.'
by Brendan Goh

'Chou Jie Yi Jia, Wang Yi Yi Ren'
by Brendan Goh

'I don't miss my home, I miss the computer in my home.'
by John Lau

'All 3 Johns are weird. One looks like a dead body, the other is a super villian wannabe and the other swings his underwear in the middle of the night.'
by Ma Yi Zhong

'Brendan, tuna in OIL? That is so fattening'
by Aaron Ong

'Brendan, the reason that we are friends is that you love to be bullied by me.'
by Carmen Kho

'I miss my pork.'
by Brendan Goh

'How do you use a payphone? Wait a minute, what's a payphone?'
by Brendan Goh

'I swear those green blankets are made of moss.'
by Brendan Goh

'Are you sure these square things are edible?'
by Brendan Goh

'The first time I shitted in the camp's toilet is one week after I came here.'
by Malvin Tan

'Shi meh?'
by Malvin Tan

'I love that cat so much that I wanna kidnap it and take it home'
by Malvin Tan

'I thought the flying fox is fun but when I actually rode on it, its nothing.'
by John Lau

'I didn't join anything because all of them are pointless and stupid.'
by John Lau

'The only time when I will smile is when I leave this camp.'
by John Lau

'You call this a bed? The mattress is so thin and the bed is so small! How am I supposed to toss and turn at night?'
by Brendan Goh

'Yes, You went under my underwear! Total world domination.'
by John Wong

'Wow!! I got an sms from Shi Ting!What should I say?'
by Ah Liew

'I started to learn English when I was only three, that time my English so good. But when I was in Primary 6, I don't study English anymore, that's why my English so bad.'
by Ah Liew

'The only reason I have an MSN account is that I can talk to my girl more.'
by Mackenzie Tan

'Brendan, did you know that you screamed so loud on the flying fox that everyone in the hall can hear?'
by Alex Wong

'The rainbow cake you made sucks! Can I have another one?'
by Alex Wong

'I hate the Malay boys here, they eat like they haven't eat in years!'
by Jee Wen

'Why these people love to cut lines? They never had rice before?'
by Brendan Goh

'Excuse me! I don't care that they don't allow me to talk to girls. I do as I wish! If I wanna talk to girls then I go and talk to them. Its not like I am gonna fuck them in the hall.'
by Brendan Goh

'I have never seen so many trees in my life'
by Brendan Goh

'The classes there remind me of kindergarten.'
by almost everyone

'Brendan, did u see a ghost while you were on the flying fox?'
by Cikgu Narok

'No wonder most of the alpha chinese guys are pathetic! They read comics, play chinese chess and bitch about the place like a bunch of grandmas.'
by Brendan Goh

'My grandma can play better volleyball than you!'
by Brendan Goh

'I have finally found breasts larger than Pamela Anderson and it belongs to a guy named Yeo Kian Khai. But the good thing is that his breast is not firm but saggy like and old lady.'
by Brendan Goh

'The only exercise I will do is my dota exercise'
by Yeo Kian Khai

'Brendan, saya panggil kamu untuk guna bahasa Mat Salleh kamu, bukan Mat Kilau!'
by Cikgu Narok

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rock Bottom
This is seriously a down moment of my life
It sucks
Its the worse feeling that I have ever felt
That fact that you never get what you want
The fact that after 2 years of hardwork, sweat, tears, blood and time spent
The fact that my then 14 year old brother has much more of a life than I do
The fact that I toiled hours in my room
And yet, I don't feel accomplished
I don't feel satisfied
I felt... empty, alone and uncontent.
My results are shitty
They are not outstanding like others
And I felt very angry.
However, what's done is done
You grieve and you move on
With cleaning, reading, blogging and cups of tea in between.
When your results are average, you have a cup of tea
Let the aroma of the tea, soothe your unrest spirit
Let it clear your mind and frustration
And allow it to calm you.
It doesn't matter if its English like the English breakfast or Earl Gray
Or the calm Cammomile
Or Rooibos & Vanilla
Or Ceylon
Or Japanesse Seicha
Or Chinese Tea
Or even local Cameron Highlands Tea
Or even the fragrant Jasmine
Or the healthy Green Tea
Just a cup of tea will solve all your problems.
At least that's what teas are supposed to do
I prefer Ice-cream to grieve my soul
But the ice-cream in Kuching is not actually ice cream
its ice confectionary.
Don't believe me?
Read the label at the bottom.
I want some Italian Gelato
I want that goddamn Orange ice-cream with chocolate chips from that New Zealand ice-cream bar with the blue sign
I want Haagen Dazs.
And another thing
Ice cream is fattening so I have to resort to tea
I want some frappacino or arabian mocha
but i guess a soothing cup of cammomile is fine.
I find that I have a less of a temper when drinking tea for some reason

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

List of ways to kill yourself
1. Jump off a cliff
2. Slit your wrist
3. Run into traffic
4. Drink rat poison
5. Drug overdose
6. Obese for life
7. Ran into a pork processor
8. Smoke ventilation
9. Set yourself on fire
10. Drown yourself
11. Get bitten by something poisonous
12. Go to Iraq and be a suicide bomber
13. Get HIV from a Thai transexual prostitute
14. Get a death sentence
15. Knock yourself silly with a steel rod
16. Stab yourself and run into the sea
17. Jump into a pool of sharks
18. Jump into an animal's den
19. Get electrocuted
20. Stay under a tree when there is a thunder storm
21. Run into a hurricane
22. Starve to death
23. Dehydrate to death
24. Hold your breath and never let go
25. Smoke
26. Run into a chainsaw
27. Be a soldier on the frontlines.
28. Stay under a heavy branch that is about to break
29. Morph into a sandfly and get chopped up by ceiling fans
30. Die on the operating table while having a sex change
31. Get raped to death
32. Get mauled to death by crazy dogs
33. Perovoke a malay and let them beat you senseless
34. Rob a bank
35. Get stung by a stingray
36. Hijack a plane
37. Get engulfed by crocs
38. Ram yourself into a wall
39. Anger a bull or a rhino
40. Lay flat on the floor during a human stampede
41. Go to the antartica naked
42. Climb the most dangerous peak on mount everest
43. Hang yourself
44. Shoot yourself
45. Go under raining glass
46. Set the Chemistry lab on fire
47. Run into a nuclear reactor
48. Bury yourself alive
49. Cut the ropes while u are doing the flying fox
50. Piss of the entire wwe and tna roster