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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Random thoughts 2
Just for the sake of posting another post, I am blogging more random thoughts.

Okay, so Mika and April will go to the village with Aaron and Danielle which is their home. So there should be a feast, an intro to the scenery of the town and I have to give it a name, maybe tranquil or serenity or Amnquil since I imagine the town to be a little Amnish plus reflecting the simple, peaceful life of the town. I am thinking cobblestones instead of dirt paths. Should I put a traitor within the town that set Mika and April up or an attack that left the town in ruins like Alderaan. Oh yeah, I possibly thinking of adding in parents of Aaron and Danielle and maybe even their spouses. I don't know, spouses or parents? All I know is that Aaron and Danielle are not related.

What about me? When am I going to be in the book? When am I going to be included? I don't know really maybe I will not be included at all. Then again, seeing how narcisstic am I. There is a definite chance that I am in. So there is a Jia mentioned. Should it be Jia Jia or Jia Zhi or Darren's friend Jia Yi? It will be easier to make the Jia is Jia Jia or Jia Zhi but I will see.

There should be a warden in the Hellen Prison so I am thinking Senk Siang or Kenneth Kon. How about Kevin Yeo?
I was also thinking of adding Ivonne Sim into the novel but then she should be around somewhere in the late chapters.

I am also in selection of finding a traitor in a certain situation and it should be a girl. So I have four choices
1. Josephine
2. Catherine
3. Ying Ying
4. Caroline
Comment on what you think.

Is chicken tuna?

What is a bus?

I hate Math

Y=Mx + c

Aspartame sounds like a word that should be used in Harry Potter

I hate Physics so I don't wanna learn anything associated with it.

Some people are so fake and boring

Pissed, pissed, pissed

1st girl eliminated off America's Next Top Model Cycle 9 is Mila. Well, I can tell you I have a few of my favourites now.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Ashley Massaro was voted off Survivor: China!!!! Damn, she only lasted 6 fucking days!
No Exile Island means that Ashley would not be returning.

Krissy Vaine is on the Smackdown brand and kicked it off my brutally assaulting Torrie Wilson with the sadistic Beth Phoenix look in her eyes.

The U.S. Premiere of Desperate Housewives airs on sunday, 30th September.

Out of thoughts. I can tell you that there are 20 characters who are taking on Nightmare and his army. To tell you the truth, none of the characters are safe from being killed off. I might even return Franco and Peter later in the book. All I can tell you right now is that April will be one of the 20 characters involved in fighting against Nightmare's army at the end.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Crappy Stuff that should have never existed
Okay, this post is gonna be a little sensitive
So If one of those stupid losers who watch predictable, monotonous chinese soaps (almost everyone)
or likes pathetic cutsy childish stuff like stupid gender confused pigs with contrasting colours (xiang lun, athena, jamie and michelle chung)
or likes stupid chinese copycat popstars who think they can be the britney of asia (melissa, caroline, jenny, hui sang, ivy, lisa and michelle lim)
or likes stupid chinese guys who wanna be black but ended up as pathetic excuses for rap stars that can't rap because they never utter a single word right aka plain asian nerds (khoon sheng)
or simply loves the world of chinese (yee ying and mei shan)
or likes decency (andrea)
Please read this and get a FUCKING wake up call!!!!!!

First of all is the stupid cutsy wootsy stuff that makes me puke.
The gender confused pigs, the dumb looking gingerbread man that Jamie got, the stupid skeleton thing, the smily turtle that should have been rammed over by a car like ages ago.
Honestly, grow up! These are one of the most stupidest things created ever.
They are so not cool and are lame and are meant for bratty nine year olds who wanna act rich.
I can't believe its actually a trend as its really really a pathetic excuse for one.
almost everywhere I go I see those stupid pigs
Really makes me wanna rip it off and burn it in front of everyone.
If there is a convention for these cutsy stuff
I would definitely be there,
using a forklift and destroying everything in sight.

Okay for all you hypocrits out there
Who hates Britney but worships Jolin and don't know who is Rihanna,
Britney and Jolin are the same
They like dancing and shae their booty plus lip sync
Except Britney is way cooler because Jolin and that SHE band copycat her songs
So if you worship Jolin, Britney is God!
Please, these stars have no originality
Very superficial like some people.

Chinese soaps are so lame
Always talking about family honour
Upholding the name of 'biar mati anak, jangan mati adat'
So what if your son got someone pregnant
He doesn't need to marry her
They can abort the baby, raise it by themselves or giveit up for adoption
Marrying someone just because of a baby is wrong
Unhappiness for eternity
No pussy to fuck forever.
Besides you can predict when one of them has cancer, an affair or died.
Its so predictable
Only the faces are different and the wotrds are different.
But timeline is still the same.

Decency is so lame
Never dress decently as they make you look:
1. Fat
2. Unfabulous
3. like a total loser
4. lame
Always put your best foot forward
If you have curves, show it, don't hide it.
Never fail to be pretty, handsome and sexy.

For those people like Khoon Sheng
Your chinese rap stars wanna be black but honestly, they are so lame
Its really comical at times to see them try to do a little Timbaland, T.I., Kanye and 50
If you haven't heard of them then jump from the top floor of Civic Centre.

As for all you chinese enthusiasts.
You gotta stop listening to all those chinese crap okay
Don't you ever get tired of it
Try english movies and soaps
Their plots and sub-plots are always different, keep you on the edge and begging for more
Don't always stay glued to your pathetic asian values
They are useless these days
I mean I do indulge in different cultures other than the mainstream and popular American culture.
I listen to spanish songs and watch this cool new soap called El Cor de la Ciutat
I also watch Japanese anime like Fate/Stay Night, Paradise Kiss and Honey and Clover
I am also interested with Italian and French fashion
See, I am also very contemporary and cosmopolitan
So I am not a hypocrit.
Honestly, try it before you become lame like a certain bean looking mama's boy

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yes! Yes! Yes!
After Jaslene won ANTM Cycle 8
We right now have ANTM Cycle 9!!!
With a new batch of girls, the game is on once again to crown a new America's Next Top Model

If you don't know what ANTM is
Its is an acronym aka short form of America's Next Top Model.
Now if you don't know what America's Next Top Model is,
then there are three reasons
1. You don't have Astro and/or computer
2. You lived in a jungle for the past 4 or 5 years
3. You have been watching way too many pathetic chinese soaps that always involves death, affairs and cancer in a certain range of episodes.
Well, if you got one of the three reasons above, then allow me to explain.
America's Next Top Model is a competition to give aspiring models to become top models.
33 girls are selected all over the US to compete in the semi finals
Which will late be narrowed down to 13
And then one of those thirteen will be America's Next Top Model.

Now if you are out of the blue about the winners, then here are the names of the past eight winners
1. Adrianne Curry
2. Yoanna House
3. Eva Pigford
4. Naima Mora
5. Nicole Linkletter
6. Danielle Evans
7. Caridee English
8. Jaslene Gonzalez

Other past contestants that are my favourites other than most of the winners are:
Cycle 1
Shannon Stewert (runner-up)
Kesse Wallace
Giselle Samson

Cycle 2
April Wilkner
Shandi Sullivan
Jenascia Chakos

Cycle 3
Amanda Swafford
Norelle Van Herk

Cycle 4
Brittany Brower
Kahlen Rondot (runner-up)
Christina Murphy
Tatiana Dante
Michelle Deighton

Cycle 5
Kyle Kavanagh
Jayla Rubinelli
Bre Scullark
Kim Stolz
Lisa D'Amato

Cycle 6
Joanie Dodds (runner-up)
Sarah Albert
Kathy Hoxit

Cycle 7
Brooke Miller
Melrose Bickerstaff (runner-up)
Amanda Babin
Michelle Babin
Anchal Joseph
Megg Morales

Cycle 8
Natasha Galkina (runner-up)
Renee Alway
Brittany Hatch
Felicia Provost
Jael Strauss

Samantha Francis

As for cycle 9, I am keeping options open
First, I gotta see how they perform and their attitudes
And all those stuff
The girls are good though
You know what?
I should be a host or a judge in the top model franchise

Friday, September 21, 2007

I Got It!!!!
That is one stupid line.
Add Math screwed me up so Goddamn much
When I finally got a brainwave,
I was so excited and there you go.
not sure whether i will pass or fail
Most likely fail as I screwed up my index.
The second brainwave came like five minutes before bell.
Pissed off real bad.

I am desperately trying to get Candice Michelle's latest theme.
Its so cool and real hot
Keeps the adrenalin pumping.
Besides its the main inspiration in me wanting to get good grades.
It helps me to work harder
Thrive the competition and work my ass off to straight A glory.
Actually changing the attitude of a lazy bum that I used to be.
After hearing that song, it really makes me dive (figuratively) into the books
Making me scream after thinking that I might fail add math
No wonder i did well for biology.
I actually know that I am gonna get 40 questions right and it came out 41!

After I saw that match between Candice and Beth it really got me thinking.
Candice is small but she can defeat beth who is large and a total Glamazon.
I supported Candice all the way
But the way she got thrashed at Unforgiven but still came up as the victor really inspired me.
I mean beth is like the real tough exams
Candice is like me the underdog who was always underestimated
Generalised as nothing but a pretty boy.
So that really gave the push.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The never ending torture of exams
Exams never end
Just when you thought you put down the last one
Another one pops up again
Other than trials going on we still have one more before
the ever notorious SPM
We have diagnostics test
Its a lame test where they ask you really easy questions
Finished it within 45 minutes and started dreaming about America's Next Top Model
Man, I can never get tired of that show
Wonder how life feels like without ANTM.
Man am I going to cry for three full months.
My parents are desperately trying ti haul my ass of NS
It seems I am gonna do a twinnig program
Well, that just sucks.
I am doing my 'best' to get into that damn camp for two reasons
1. To get myself back in shape
2. To show people that i actually have balls.
As for getting myself out of the camp:
1. Don't wanna get my head shaved
2. Don't wanna get the stupid patriotic songs stuck in my head ( Jalur Gemilang and Negarakuku is enough)
3. Don't wanna get brainwashed by patriotism
4. Don't wanna die at the hands of ignorant trainers
5. Don't wanna be some military doofus
6. Don't wanna be influenced into being a terrorists
7. Don't wanna get raped by pedophilles posing as trainers

Anyway, Jamie is singing Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girl the whole day
Plus she is reading a new Cecelia Ahern book.
Its good for her, dancing aimlessly away
I would also like to congratulate Miss Candice Michelle for retaining the Woman's Championship against the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix at Unforgiven

Saturday, September 15, 2007

America's Next Top Model.
The question asks:
What is the title given to the winner of America's Top Model?
The answers:
Top model
or even worse,
illustrious title.
What the fuck?
Can't believe that some people from 5 science 1 can be as stupid as that.
The answer is:
Buch of dumbasses
Simple question also don't know how to answer correctly
Even a five year old knows the damn answer.
Cyril got it wrong which literally set me off.

I know its just a dumb question that cost 1 mark
but seriously, any idiot can get that right.
This is seriously insulting
especially to me
who watch ANTM so religiously and was so addicted to it.
It really is an insult
this is what happen if you watch to many chinese soaps that look like total clones of each other.
EVERY plot is about death and cancer and affairs
bla bla bla and crap crap crap
its repetitive and lame not to mention hypocritical

At first, I was laughing and said that everyone in the class should have got it right
unfortunately, it wasn't
turns out almost everyone got it wrong
I freaked out and was stressing that damn questio for the whole recess
I wanted to choke cyril.
Xiang Lun who as usual decided to amke a fool of himself
decided to ask Mdm Malizan
I said if I got wrong then chop my head off
And I was right as usual
Meanwhile a somewhat bitter Victor Lim wants to pull me down into his deep hole again
He keeps on stressing that is just one mark
but still you should not get it wrong right?Victor is such a hypocrit
I come to see himas a chubby, straight-edge guy but
in the end, he is just a hypocrit.
I used to have respect for victor as i always thought he is the guy who will always take the high road
but now, he is just a plain hypocrit.
I don't really give a damn about the coward and left.

I reached home and Sean, Lucy, Samantha and I decided to meet for a special meeting
Anna was there to join in the fun
Lawrence was still at Lodge so he wasn't around.
we discussed it and were shocked to find out the same damn things happened at our schools!
I IMed Rachel, Melissa, Aaron and Colette to tell them the shocking discovery
Rachel was furious and bitching and cursing throughout our webcam conversation
Colette was like laughing till she had to rushed to the bathroom to pee
Melissa did the same thing
Aaron was like 'are you serious?'
It was real ridiculous to him

Right now, I have no respect for anyone who got wrong that question
It is an insult to my passion of fashion, photography and modelling
This is seriously unforgiven
The Undertaker will see you at September 16th
where you bury your unforgiven souls and may you rest in peace.
Low self esteem
Although I try to be cheery and funny and try to be myself
I really can't
Having the scars thanks to chicken pox got me to an all time low.
I cry very hard
I feel so sad
It really just tears me apart.
I can't bear to see myself like this.
It just sucks

my face as these horrible scars which I am not responsible of
I look and feel ugly
I have almost no self-esteem
my pride has been shriveled up into nothingness.
its so sad and horrible.
That's why I have decided to amke this conclusion

If this chicken pox scars do not heel
then I will die
Somehow and someway
only God can tell how I will die or when chicken pox scars will disappear.
i feel so sad.
As I wait, I will work hard and try to be optimistic to get my face restored its former glory
and improve it till it looks extremely beautiful like never before!
Red is so cheesy
Decided its time to go blue.
red is soooo goddamn cheesy
Next time, if I am invited to a craphole chinese dinner
i will bring camy along and expose how cheesy and horrible the redness of restaurants
The only place where there is no cheesy red is...
The Hilton Hotel Grand Ballroom
Its green

Anyway, I read Luke's blog
and he blogged about September 11th 2001
Those horrifying scenes sent me nostalgics.
Nostalgic means renimiscment
Renimiscment means remember the past
which means looking back.
Just in case my English is real 'deep'
no one i know outside of my school who is close to me is going to NS
Sucks, no companion but good because can make new friends
I really don't know if I should go though
Because i have never exercised for quite a long while
But of course i dream of having a dark and lean body

Anyway as I was trailing off
My sympathy goes out to the lives lost
and those who are affected by the loses
The destruction of the World trade center
maybe smart but
to prove a point at the expense of thousands of lives is not just worth it.
Life is preciuous.
Appreciate it.
Its sad that we send people out to do a politician's dirty work
Sometimes the famous quote of Madam Maggie Jong works
"Give bush five bullets, give osama five bullets and see who kills who"
Wish life was that easy
Apparently politicians have nothing to do but to look for trouble and lives to be lost
Like the National Service incident in terengganu

Friday, September 14, 2007

The physics table layout.
Among the seating plans at Chemistry, Biology and Physics,
I find Physics has the most diverse
and easiest to group and regonize
It may not be picture perfect but you can see the various forms of cliques

Group 1: The Bitch Group
The bitches of 5sc1 are all there.
Brigid who Rachel thinks is a bitch
Ying Ying maybe invisible but she is sorta jenny's right hand girl which pulls her to the same category
Jenny is so obvious
As for Josephine?
I think she is just a victim of circumstance
So, no hard feelings Josephine.

Group Two: The Space Filler
Nobody sits there but Jia Jia and Melissa
If it gets too crowded then I will move there
There is nothing much in this group
Pretty much like a free land.

Group Three: The Lords of Clowntown
Alex, Jeremy, Luke, Franco, Ming Bong and sometimes me.
There is a lot of fooling around at that table.
With antics and practical jokes
its never boring

Group Four: The Male-Bitch Group
They do nothing but gossip and complain and complain and gossip
If they were a fraternity which they never willbe
It will be called Sigma Bitcha Alpha
Eric is the Alpha Freako Bitch
Hubert is the sleazy right hand man
Elton is the sneaky one who wants take over as Alpha Freako Bitch
Khoon Sheng is the 'enforcer' that 'humphs' a lot
While Kheng Yong will be the weasel for the team.

Group Five: Sing Sang Song
Ivy, Caroline, Hui Sang and Yee Ying.
They sing all those Chinese crap songs
Sing Sing Sing
Bitch Bitch Bitch
Its all they do.

Group Six: Lisa
Just Lisa because I don't know where to put her.

Group Seven: Biru Blossoms
Michelle Lim, Michelle Chung, Andrea, Mei Shan and Catherine
They actually do study
They like hanging out with each other
I wonder how they tolerate freaks like Mei Shan

Group Eight: Harmony Hijau
The hijau girls.
Jamie, Hui Ting, Athena, Lee Chin and Joon Ching aka Princess
Wanted too call emo, sarcastic and bitchy but only 3 people qualify.

Group Nine: Nerds and Nerds wannabes
Nerds: Liang Jiun, Liong Yew, Senk Siang
Wannabes: Victor, Xiang Lun, Cyril, Vincent and Jia Zhi
The nerds are there to study
The wannabes are there because there friends are sitting there (Victor and consequently Xiang Lun)
The others have no place to sit but the front
I wanna drag Cyril's freaking tight ass to my place
Unfortunately Vincent and Jia Zhi are holding him down.

As you can see, I belong to two groups
maybe I should be in Lisa's group
Brendan and Lisa
Lisa and brendan
Buck toothed model and drama queen
Nope, doesn't match
Now Adam and Lisa
Lisa and Adam does ring a bell

Monday, September 03, 2007

I love gossip.
I do, I really really do.
If its about someone, then its cool cause we can thrash how bad that person is in an exaggerated level
If its about my friends then I can use it as an advice to help them
If its about me, then it means people are talking about me and that is a good thing
There is nothing about bad publicity
Boy, I sound a lot like Natasha from ANTM Cycle 8.

So this is how we trash about people
Allow me to use this as an example.
Lets say a girl named J is known to be a cheap ass slut
So it will start like this
"Did u know that slut J?"
"Yeah, I heard that she and her boyfriend fucked on the first date"
"I hear that she is already 3 months pregnant"
"Oh my God! No wonder she is gaining weight!"
"That's not all, I hear that she likes it when her boyfriend cums on her mouth"
"Ugh, that kinkish slut!"
"Yeah, nasty"
Then everyone gets into a conclusion
"She is definitely living in a trailer park with like 10 kids and drinks her future fat-ass boyfriend's cum all day"

Then there is the friend part.
I hear friends gossiping about him, then advise him
like what I do to Xiang Lun
Unfortunately, not a success
boy he is good at making castles in the air
i really feel fed up about him.

Of course there is things about me
"You know, Brendan's idol is Britney Spears?"
"Eww, why does he want to do that"
" i tell you liao, this guy is the damn real gay one"
" Cyril should be careful afterward he rape him"
"No lah, that Brendan is a pussyboy, he wants Cyril to fuck him"
Oh yeah, I know who are the idiots that gossip this shit
So don't think I don't know
Cyril and I are friends and that's it ok?
he is like the Malaysian version of Aaron

Anyways, what the fuck is you guys with the OIC stuff in history
Alex can say and I figured it out too
So, why the fuck you guys boo at me and not him
You have no respect for me
I hope that all of you will be stuck living in trailer parks
At least the best thing you can do is give me some self-respect that I deserve
Which is hell yeah a lot.
I want some mutual respect, is that so much to ask?

Sunday, September 02, 2007

What's Hot, What's Not
Ok, there are a lot of good music that's out lately
So here are the good ones that you seriously should tune to.
Obviously, I am very up-to-date with my music
Gosh, I am so hardworking
Searching for new singles everywhere
On the road i found a few hidden treasures
So, go download these songs now.

1. Gimme More- Britney Spears
Yup, I got it
Very techno and very sexy and sultry
It started with an explicit
Not gonna tell you though
You can see the similarities and differences between danja (pronounced 'danger') and timbaland
Real hot

2. Fabulous- Ashley Tisdale & Lucas Gabreel
Yes, high school musical mania is everywhere!!!
This is a new one with Sharpay wanting everything to be FABULOUS!!
Very nice and catchy

3. The Great Escape- Boys Like Girls
Yes, there is a band called Boys Like Girls
Come on, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Gym Class Heroes and 30 Seconds To Mars
sound way more weird
Anyway, Its a cool song so check it

4. Love Is Wicked- Brick and Lace
This is real cool
especailly with the raggae done by a girl
Very catchy and exotic

5. Whine Up- Kat Deluna and Elephant Man
Now if you haven't heard of this, it means two things
a) You are stuck or living somewhere in the jungle
b) you are listening to too many chinese crap.
Its the theme of the summer
Its the theme for the biggest party of the summer

6. Get Me Bodied- Beyonce
This song is soooooo hot
You should give it a try

7. Tattoo- Jordin Sparks
like a tattoo
this one will stick to you
very nice to hear

8. Light Up The Sky- Yellowcard
A new one from yellowcard
the only band that has a violinist so far
touching and inspirational

9. Whatever You Like- Nicole Sherzinger and T.I.
This song is so hot
Very sexy and so cool
Plus it is fun and rockin hot!!!!
Makes you wanna scream for Nicole more.

10. Natalie Imbruglia- Glorius
I feel so glorius in this song
Its very nice and cheery
Peaceful song
Like happily ever after

All of them and more can be found in the internet or Maxt, my iPod
So if you wanna listen then wait till wednesday at EST
and I will bring it over if you are a student of SMK Sungai Maong
but if you aren't I will bring it to tuition
If you are out of the country, then give me your email and I will send it to you.
Can't wait for the Britney official video

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Gimme more
Britney's new single!!!!
Its so cool and so catchy.
Gimme gimme more
gimme more
gimme gimme
I want more BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!!!!!!!
If you wanna hear it.
I will bring Maxt on EST on Wednesday
Boy i am so totally enjoying this song
Can't wait for the album
Although it is released at SPM
Boy, am I screwed.
Best power rangers episode ever