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Friday, June 27, 2008

Introducing My brother Darren

My Brother Darren,
not studying for his PMR like he is supposed (then again who studies for PMR)
so he plays Dota
The Ah Beng's favourite games
Usually found squatting in Cyber Cafes
They can also be found at home
If the Ah Bengs are rich or something
But I have never met a person with a more worse case of
Dota Siaoism Maniacus
than my own brother, Darren
Here are two hilarious clips (uploaded on Youtube)
featuring my sweet sweet brother
I love you dear brother Darren,
especially when I get to humiliate you.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

WWE Supplemental Draft 2008

Okay, so this is the WWE Supplemntal Draft
Held every year in
Usually involved superstars in the midcard or lower card status.
So the predictions from my WWE Draft still count,
I am adding another 17 predictions to the supplemental draft
Then compare it with the actual result
Then I will give my opinon on it.

1. Mark Henry from Smackdown to ECW
2. Deuce from Smackdown to ECW
3. Kenny Dykstra from Smackdown to ECW
4. Trevor Murdoch from RAW to Smackdown
5. Ashley from RAW to ECW
6. Big Daddy V from ECW to RAW
7. Elijah Burke from ECW to Smackdown
8. Shannon Moore from Smackdown to ECW
9. Charlie Haas from RAW to ECW
10. Curt Hawkins from Smackdown to RAW
11. Zack Ryder from Smackdown to RAW
12. Evan Bourne from ECW to RAW
13. Val Venis from RAW to Smackdown
14. Super Crazy from RAW to ECW
15. Hacksaw Jim Duggan from RAW to ECW
16. Chuck Palumbo from Smackdown to RAW
17. Santino Marella from RAW to Smackdown

So lets compare with the actual result and my reactions
1. Mark Henry from Smackdown to ECW (right)
yay, me right!!!

2.Jamie Noble from Smackdown to RAW
unexpected but i expect chuck palumbo to stay on smackdown then

3. Trevor Murdoch from RAW to Smackdown (right)
Yay, I am right. Great move murdoch now you can annoy smackdown instead of me

4. Big Daddy V from ECW to Smackdown (right but wrong brand)

5. Deuce from Smackdown to RAW (right but wrong brand)
(kana sai, switch brands mah, WWE)

6. D.H. Smith from RAW to Smackdown
WTF? D.H. Smith is RAW MATERIAL DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!

7. Hornswoggle from Smackdown to ECW
Huh? OMG! This is going to be interesting

8. Super Crazy from RAW to ECW(right)
YAY! right again!!!

9. Chuck Palumbo from Smackdown to RAW(right)
Okay, seems like all we need is Michelle Mccool *fingers crossed*

10. Brian Kendrick from RAW to Smackdown

11. Matt Striker from ECW to RAW
Great. RAW is now more annoying than ever. Shitty

12. Maria from RAW to Smackdown (right)
YES and I really wanted this to happen YES, now all we need is Layla and Michelle Mccool to come to RAW.

13. Shelton Benjamin from ECW to Smackdown (right but wrong brand)
Ok lah, fine, whatever. sure

14. Finlay from Smackdown to ECW
Knew it he won't be far. Predictable, anyways hope he and hornswoggle keep on disturbing Mike Adamle.

15. Carlito from Smackdown to RAW(right)
Well, its cool so can't wait to see how he fits. Jobbing on RAW sucks for him.

16. Layla from ECW to RAW(right)
YES.*screams, shrieks, claps excessively and in a hyperactive manner following prancing around in the room* Now, *Michelle mccool to raw x 1000*

17. Kofi Kingston from ECW to RAW
*slams table and frets and whines*

Well, that's the draft for you
at least the girls have the Divas Championship to fight for while in Smackdown and ECW
Hope Maria or Mccool wins the match at night of champions
Got a feeling Maria will win though.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WWE 2008 Draft

The WWE draft is a draft held every year
It switches superstars, divas, announcers and GMs to different brands
Last year around 25 superstars switched brands and found new homes.
in Raw, Smackdown and ECW.
This year the draft has been really shaken up.
And I am not that bad at predicting who is going where.

So this my predictions on the original draft that is held on RAW last night.
1.MVP from Smackdown to RAW
2.Jeff Hardy from RAW to Smackdown
3.Umaga from RAW to Smackdown
4.Rey Mysterio from Smackdown to RAW
5.Maria from RAW to Smackdown
6.Kevin Throne from ECW to RAW
7.CM Punk from ECW to Smackdown
8.Carlito from RAW to ECW
9.Vladimir Kozlov from Smackdown to RAW
10. The Great Khali from Smackdown to ECW
11. Michelle McCool from Smackdown to RAW

In the end,
RAW has 5 picks
Smackdown has 4 picks
ECW has 2 picks.

So lets compare it with the actual result
1.Rey Mysterio from Smackdown to RAW (right)
2.Jeff Hardy from RAW to Smackdown (right)
3.CM Punk from ECW to RAW (right but wrong brand)
4.Matt Hardy from Smackdown to ECW
5.Jim Ross from RAW to Smackdown
6.Micheal Cole from Smackdown to RAW
7.Batista from Smackdown to RAW
8.Umaga from RAW to Smackdown (right)
9.Kane from ECW to RAW
10.Mr.Kennedy from RAW to Smackdown
11.Triple H from RAW to Smackdown

So now they have a supplemental draft probably about 15 superstars and divas are going to switch brands. So here are my predictions, hope I am not wrong.
Anyway if you actually read finish this, congratulations it meants that you actually read my blog
cause this is a post you should actually ignore
Nobody wants to hear crappy inaccurate predictions but hey i got 3 right, not that bad huh?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Of Abstinence and The Turks

Hey ya'll its time for me to bitch some more.
Betcha miss my incessant ramblings about a certain topic
These days I am sooooo busy
Hard ta believe huh?
Well, for the past two nights I went on dates
Both with the same person.
Its been great.
I still don't know that if I should commit into a relationship with that person.
As usual about my strangely private life
I never reveal the sex, age, race and personal details about the people I am dating
Just say that I am in a relationship then its okay
Like in a need to know basis.
Other than that, I am busy writing my internet soap, Casa La 7
The second episode is entitled
'Something Wicked This Way Comes'
So expect something totally 'wicked' from all the devious plans.
Namely Nate and his soccer dreams
Brendan and his impact.

Well, not to bore you with my private life, lets begin with the idiotic football fans from a country called Turkey.
First of all, what kind of idiot allows foreigners to bring weaponry to their own country?
Secondly, how the hell did guns ended up in the stadium?
Third, what kind of idiot fires guns in the air and call it 'celebratory shots'?
Fourth, if the Croatians win, would those stupid Turkish soccer fans be very sad and i dunno, aim their guns across and shoot all the Croatians at the opposite side of the stadium?
Fifth, why does the Croatians have to lose and not win the Euro Cup cause like my money is on them, now I lost I have to give a guy a blow job and then let him spray his load all over my face?
Well, whatever. Turkey is nothing but a bunch of turkeys
Gobbling their way to the Euro 2008 cup.

Next is Abstinence
Kids, abstinence can be used in your essays.
Its called a sacred vow not to have sex.
Apparently a lot of people attended a workshop on abstinence.
Which I think is absolutely STUPID.
Why? You may ask?
Well, first of all, a workshop that tells you to pledge no to sex is seriously funny
We can't control our feelings.
And the fact that you are a virgin, doesn't mean that you are pure okay?
It means you are inexperienced.
And don't blame the media for this okay.
If you really love someone, you are willing to commit,
more importantly, you have a condom,
and even more importantly, you are legal,
and the most important of all,
you will not gag when you see your partner naked,
you may engage in premarital sex.
There is nothing wrong to wait
then again, there is nothing wrong not to either
So if you want to consummate your love,
then go ahead.
Since condoms are only 95% effective
you can cover the rest with anti pregnancy pills.
Now back to blogging
Remember, abstinence is not always the solution.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tina Barrett is back!

Tina Barrett, former S Cub singer is back!!!!
Her is a song from her called All Fired Up
Definitely should be in your iPod!!!!
If you have it, can you send me the song please?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New blog

However, the new blog is for another whole purpose
Brendzblog still stays with blogspot.
It is not moving to wordpress.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Katy Perry

Katy Perry- I Kissed a girl, enjoy.
Its one hot single.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It may be on the news

I am gonna do this desperate housewives style.

"Oil, the most important resource on earth. It makes our cars run. It can be turned to wrap our trash. It can be used to further stimulate our senses. Yes, oil is a very important unrenewable source of energy. But most important of all, it keeps us... sane''

Well that's what happen when Brendan-who is carrying a Padini bag, a Bata bag, a Giordano bag, an Esprit bag, a bottle of sprite and three packs of now, wilted french fries-saw the 'outburst' of the local community about the oil price hike.

You see, a bunch of people, obviously either really embaressed normal teens or very proud Ah Beng teens saw their parents holding signs and some flag with a symbol of a rocket and produced a public demonstration about the recent prices in oil.

So they demonstrated their unsatisfaction about the increase of oil. And when a policeman blew a whistle, instead of them running of like ants scattering to the four corners of the earth, they slowly broken off and march towards the Spring.

A flock of people, dressed in lame and probably humid white T-shirts and some with red bandanas over their heads came to the Government building opposite Swinburne to protest and made fools of themselves. Plus whoever they are holding the signs to,probably ignored them

Here's a thought, if plastic bags are made of crude oil, then why not charge on plastic bags instead like 10 cents per bag to encourage people to do their shopping in a more environment friendly way. Lets say, buying canvas bags instead.

"Well, at least Malaysia is truly a place of peace, and I appreciate that. Even though relations between the public and the government is straining, even though the king still has a big fat cake on his birthday after the news on the high inflation increase in Asia. Even though some woman's group thinks that drug addicts actually remember to use condoms when having sex''

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The difference between classy and trashy IV

Like a Mortal Kombat sequel that never dies,

Here is part 4 of the difference between classy and trashy,

with your hosts Brendan Goh and Rachel Stevens.

Rachel: Hi, I am Rachel Stevens and I found out that John Morrison's palace of wisdom is actually a toilet.

Brendan: And I am your host with a new iPod, Brendan Goh and Welcome to Classy and Trashy 4.

Rachel: Today, we are going to talk about dating.

Brendan: And our rating has also changed to suit the mood like previous posts

Rachel: We are going to give you a list of scenarios and our opinions of what we think about the dates Malaysian couples have these days, with Brendan as the man, yeah I know the producers should really rethink about this one.

Brendan: And with the airhead, tomboy Rachel as the girl, that is if she qualifies as one.

Rachel: Okay, moving on. we have a new rating system for this one

Brendan: As you can see, the ratings change frequently.

Rachel: So we gonna do this X-play style

Brendan: Giving it out of fives and then we add the total.

Here is how the rating system works

1/5: Are you kidding me? There are dates like this? Its either too stupid or too boring.

2/5: This is a date only a serious couple can love, or else, bye

3/5: Its okay, mediocre. Nothing interesting yet nothing drastic. All in all a normal outing

4/5: Good, defintely worth a second chance. Quite impressive albeit a few flaws

5/5: Perfect/near perfect. Worth a second chance defintely.

Rachel: Here is our review of date number 1.

Date1: He brings you to Food and Tea to eat Western Food, there you have a nice conversation and of course, delicous discounted set meals.

Verdict: Look I know that I want to be economical but eating economical and BAD food is a whole other story. Plus the cheese sucks and who goes to a Hong Kong restaurant and eat Western Food? Brendan: 2/5, Rachel: 2/5

Rachel: Food and Tea, didn't you used to work there. You seem to have a knack at picking lousy restaurants.

Brendan: Haha, very funny. Its a place for those sakai and ah bengs and ah lians. Next date please.

Date 2: The couple are seen in the movies, watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Verdict: Indiana Jones is so overrated. Like a famous chicken dish that actually taste like shit. Another example is Jason Castro who should go to NS and get that messy tangled up dreadlock shaved. Brendan: 1/5, Rachel 2/5

Date 3: The couple are seen strolling hand in hand in the waterfront.

Verdict: Its okay, normal. There are no bushes around or something. If you want to have sex in public areas, its a good place to fulfil your fetish. Brendan: 3/5, Rachel: 3/5

Date 4: He takes you to the area behind the airport where you watch the airplanes fly in and fly out of the airport.

Verdict: There is a date like this? OMG!!! What the hell? What is so intersting about the airplanes. Never been to one? Go to the airport and smell the air con is better la!! Out there, you smell nothing but kerosene. The exhaust fumes of airplanes is that nice to smell?

Brendan: Wow, it needs a special verdict

Rachel: I agree

Both: -5/5

Friday, June 13, 2008

The difference between classy and trashy III

There is even a part 3 for this, well stay tuned for more to come.
Part 3 is all about well, TV
You should have understood the hint rite?
So, TV is not about the series cause well, like I said we watch TV for entertainment
Doesn't matter what show we like or don't.
If its as great as those cool,unpredictable and suspense like Ugly Betty, Greys Anatomy'
Action packed like Lost, Heroes, Chuck
those boring chinese soaps where everything is predictable
those over-dramatic daytime soaps like General Hospital, Bold and the Beautiful or Neighbours

What matters is how you watch the damn thing
Do you even remember what happens and who are the actors playing them?
Do you know how to relate them between the show that htey are playing and the tabloids shown on E!?
Do you know which are the names of the characters and which are the names of the actors?
Okay, I am going to make an example out of an episode of Desperate Housewives
Its the tornado episode, 'Something's Coming'
Instead of the usual rating of Just Plain Trashy, Sucker For Trends and Classy Cat
I go for 3 new ratings Supreme SAKAI, annoying narrater, intelectual
Supreme Sakai is A (1 person)
Annoying narrater is B (1 person)
Intelectual is C (2 persons)
(To prove that manglish is seriously stupid, manglish words are in italic and manglish pronounciations is describe with a dash in the middle with each syllable)

Okay, lets start with the opening sequence.
Brenda Strong/Mary Alice Young narrates:
It was supposed to be a beautiful day, children should be playing in the park, husbands should be doing their chores, wives should be tending their gardens but at 2.15 p.m. a tornado arrives at Wisteria Lane. In just twenty-four short hours, one of the women will lose a husband and all of them would lose a friend.

A: Hah, what she talking about? Ang mo so chim oh. Hah? EEE, TOR-NAH-DO

B: Wah, beautiful day. Ei, why nobody one?What is that, typhoon? Owh tornado.

C: (shuts up and watches)

Next scene
Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman) asks Karen McCluskey (Kathryn Joosten) to let her and her family squat on her house, Karen allows but confrontations began when Ida Greenberg's (Pat Crawford Brown) cat, Toby makes Tom Scavo (Doug Savant) have an asthma attack as Tom is allergic.

A: Hiya, kick the cat out la! Stupid ngiau nya ma, can get new one ma! Ei, why you laugh? Siao ah? What she say? EEE, TOR-NAH-DO

B: Aiyo, cat ah. Owh, the man got asthma lo. He die one liao. Tornado ai lai liao oh.

C: (shuts up, watches and laughs at the funny parts like when Karen tells Ida that the Scavo children are worse than the tornado)

Next scene,
Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany) saws her husband's secret lover, Sylvia Greene (Melora Walters)
in her car. She confronts Sylvia and their bitter spat ended with a spat literally on Sylvia Greene.

A: Wahlao eh, pui chui nua oh. She so rude. Why se hate her so much till pui chui nua?

B: Wah lao, she pui chi nua, sio me sio gau ah neh kuan.

C: (shuts up, watches and laughs as the bitch spat unfolds)

Next scene,
Bree Hodge(Marcia Cross) invites Sylvia to her house to have a cup of tea, but out of despair. Sylvia locks herself into the room. The Mayfairs and The Hodges try to coax Sylvia out, but to no avail. As the tornado looms, in an act of desperation, they make the closet as shelter. Sylvia gets out trys to reveal her intention of coming here but just as she tried to reveal it, she was swept away by a tornado.

A: Wah, she fly oh. TOR-NAH-DO that powerful ah?

B: Wah she fly oh, She die liao. Guarentee she die liao.

C: (shuts up, watches, gasps when Sylvia is blown off and wonders what she is revealing, is she pregnant?)

Next scene.
Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria Parker) and Edie Britt (Nicolette Sheridan) are fighting over the papers on Carlos's secret Cayman Islands account. Edie locked her house but Gabrille breaks in by crushing her window and they took the fight outside, in the end, the papers are blown away by the wind.

A: Wahlao, she so strong ah. HAHA, the paper fly away, bo lui lo. Ei, which one is Gabrielle ah?
I thought she is Gabrielle leh. Why does the short girl call her E-BEE?

B: Wahlao, so strong ah. Wah paper fly away liao, bo lui lo. Cannot live here liao loh.

C: (shuts up and watches. Laughs at appropriate occasions)

Next scene
Carlos Solis (Ricardo Antonio Chivara) and Victor Lang (John Slattery) are fighting, a car flysover and lands in front of them. In the end, Just as Victor is about to end Carlos, he gets impaled by a picket fence and Carlos gets knocked in the head and goes out cold.

A: Wahlao, the TOR-NAH-DO so strong. The car fly, so ku. Wahlao, wood so very the sharp ah? Chak through the sin ku bo. Haha, kena KO.

B: Wah, the car fly boh. Ou-Ou, he die liao, he going to shoot him liao. Eh? What happened? Wahlao eh, wood so sharp chak through the sin ku, hao xiao eh. He die liao, wah got knocked on the head, dunno die or not.

C: (shuts up and watches the damn TV like any other normal person)

Final scene
Lynette finds out that Mrs. McClusky's house is completely obliterated. With Tom, Preston, Parker, Porter, Kayla, Penny and Ida trapped in it. Lynette gives a loud moan of sorrow.

A: Wahlao, the whole house boh thi khi, so very the ku man!

B: Wahlao, no house. Everybody in it die liao.

C: (shuts up, awes in the destruction of Mrs McClusky's house and awaits the verdict in the next episode)

After the show, A, B and C comment

A: I like the TOR-NAH-DO, so very the ku.

B: I dunno, so-so la

C: (discusses the plots and rabbits on in rapid speed and hyperventilating till the next episode.)

A: Eh, just now you so quiet one? Now you spiak ang mo and show off?

B: Ya loh, I thought you felt boring leh, so quiet one.

Ladies and gentleman,
the moral of this post is to

This awareness campaign is brought to you by,
and sponsored by
A Brendan Goh productions.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Introduccion del nuovo Maxt

When I saw this, the tears welled up in my eyes,
I have never felt so emotional before,
The joy in my heart is all a flutter.
That doesn't mean I cannot resist to camwhore
Doesn't it look absolutely perfect on me
Like that diamond neckless Blake Warldof (Leighton Meester) has on Gossip Girl
Its very you know you love me, Gossip Girl
And Gossip Girl will definitely blog about this if I live on the Upper East Side
Of course there is also the wonderful collection of my pic on the iPod,
its cute and it fits me and my personality
Personally, I would choose pink cause its newer
But the effortless chic silver is a spot-on-fit for me.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, its my pic and yes, I am singing a song downloaded to my iPod

I am so fit to become the coverboy for iPod,


Cause I deserve it and I am addicted to them.

This doesn't mean that the torture of my lecture between Classy vs Trashy is over.

I am just giving you the breaking news.

And telling you that I look good with an iPod.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The differences betrween classy and trashy II

Okay, ladies and gentleman
Its time for part two of my classy vs trashy segment
Obviously, this is one part of my blog that I will press on and bitch about for quite a while
Like a TV series, either you like it or you don't
If you do, continue forward
If you don't well, then why are you reading this?
You should go outside and discover that big round orange ball in the sky.

Okay since its summer movie mania,
and everyone is watching all the hottest hits
Doesn't matter if you like breakout money makers like Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda and Iron Man
Classic chic chick flicks like Sex And The City
comedies like You don't mess with Zohan.
Dark, dramatic and enticing, Narnia: Prince Caspain

Situation A: You are at the movies, what is your opinion on the movies below?
Similarities: You have watch all the movies below.

Lets start with Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (that's a mouthful), at least its a movie and not a four minute music video from Fall Out Boy who are renowned for lenghty titles.

Well what do you think about this Indy sequel?
(Note: MG stands for movie-goer)

MG A:Wow! It was so cool, the ants, the aliens, the car fights, is so cool, kick ass man!!! Plus, it so funny when an animal looks at them when they land on the floor, so cute and funny. XD

MG B: Its okay for me. Its weird for me cause I laugh at the parts where people don't laugh and the parts which I think are stupid is stupid but other people laugh so hard. They say its cool but for me nothing much.

MG C: So you combine the great minds of Star Wars and E.T. and you came out with this piece of shit? Its a waste of my time and money, only!!! It seems that they are not even trying at all! The way that the movie ends is so lame! If this is what my parents liked in the past, then I am glad I wasn't born in that era. Moreover, he rarely even used his whip! Which was supposed to be a trademark of the damn movie.

First of all, if you watch this movie voluntarily and not forced by your parents who want to relieve Indy's heyday and pass it on to the kids then you are a sucker for trends no matter if you are, A,B or C.

If you chose A, and unless you are someone under the age of 14, you are just plain trashy. There is nothing cool about people jumping between cars, Jacky Chan does it all the time. Plus if you think the falling down in front of adorable animals part hilarious, I basically know what kind of person you are.

If you are B and you are in Malaysia, consider yourself classy, cause the funny parts that you laugh are actually funny, and the stupid parts are stupid. If you are not then depends, if your area is very posh, trashy and you area is middle class or low class, then classy and you should not belong there.

If you are C, then consider yourself classy, this Indy movie sucks. Nothing interesting at all. You can't tell if Speilberg and Lucas are trying too hard or barely trying at all, whatever it is, its crap. And they make 101 million for it, shows how much suckers and/or poor teens like you and me dragged by parents for this.

Okay, off to the next movie which is Iron Man

MG A: Wow, I love the explosions and the suit is really cool!!!! Great movie!!! Who is Robert Downey Jr? I love that Iron Man guy though.

MG B: Personally, I love it but not only because of the movie but because the characters are very indepth and well played. Robert Downey Jr. protrays a very great character that looks for redemption and makes his genius brain for the greater good.

MG C: I want the suit, its really cool.

A: Trashy, you don't even know the person who is playing Iron Man, anyone can create explosions dumbass, go to Iraq, Darfur or Afghanistan, there are a lot of explosions there, plus you get to experience it.

B: Classy, you look the explosions and gunfights, and total trashing of technological warfare as a way to see the progress and power of Iron Man and how great Robert Downey Jr, is at playing him. Not because its cool.

C: Sucker for trends, next he would try to get bitten by a mutated spider all over again.

Next is the animated hit, Kung Fu Panda

MG A: The Panda sooooo cute!!!!! The fighting is so funny and fun, I love the food stunts too. The plot is very good cause very easy to understand

MG B: Anecdotes are HILARIOUS!!! I usually hate Kung Fu Movies, but this is one of those exceptions. Although I prefer a team effort instead of paralyzing the other characters, but its nice.

MG C: For children but I love the anecdotes, caters to everyone, however its too straight forward for me. I like something to have more of a mystery.feel into it. But the all star cast definitely makes up for the blatant straight forward plot. Plus how can a goose produce a panda?

A: Are you a kid or are you an adult? If you are not a kid, just plain trashy and you are brain dead to me.

B: Sucker for trends, you like it cause its funny and never thought that how come the panda's father is a goose, well at least its not his mom, cause that would be seriously confusing. Besides, shouldn't the panda's dad be i dunno a panda?

C: You know that its meant mostly for kids but at least you have questions that are logical to ask, classy.

Finally is Narnia: Prince Caspian
(I wanna put in Sex and The City but haven't watched it yet)

A: The swordfights is so cool!!! Other than that, nothing much

B: The plot is darker and I like it, its more phenomenal than the last. The plot is interesting and twisted. A very interesting movie, if you like Harry Potter but with more grit of swordfights and arrows otherthan flinging projections of coloured light around, this is for you

A: You are missing the reason of the movie. Pain Trashy, to violence minded. Movies are not all about violence

B: Good, you found out that like Malaysia and the rest of the world, whether if its democracy, monarchy, oligarchy, politics is dirty

Monday, June 09, 2008

The difference between Classy and Trashy

Okay, I have absolutely nothing to do
So I am here to show off my ability to tell on someone
If the person is classy or trashy
Although it only refers to the Malaysian demographic
but still, you can know who is classy and trashy all around asia
I have been living in this country for like 18 years now
So my victims references are Malaysians

So lets start with the first impressions,
In body language, the way you dress, act and smell is like a very simple yes or no question.
Strangers almost always have a neutral open view about someone
And a good impression is definitely an advantage
While a bad one makes him or her chooses to ignore you rather than acknowledge you.
You are still aquaintances,so he or she doesn't really give a damn about you.
I say almost always cause they might be having a bad opinion about you if you already have a kind of infamy.
Turn on or Turn off, its that simple.
So to determine that you are classy or trashy, take this quiz, not survey, tag or anything stupid
cause it will help me determine that you are a Classy Cat, Sucker For Trends or Just Plain Trashy

Ladies or Gays first:
Situation: You are in a club, who are you going to take notice?
Similarities: All three men are HOT!!!

Guy A: Guy A is your typical All American. His shirt is a simple graphic T that enhances the sihouette of his already amazing body. He is cute, smart and sexy. You can see the buddhist pendant/christian cross accidentally hang out on his neck. His jeans are straight, tight fitted and gives you a really good look at his nice, firm ass. He isn't the life and soul of the party but his presence is seen and heard LOUD! You see him on the lounge area or on the dance floor with his friends. No alcohol for him.

Guy B: Guy B has a very trendy hairstyle. He wears glasses like they are cool or something, and sits in one corner, surveying the scene, like a hawk waiting to pounce on a prey. He wears a dress shirt with a very nice pattern that heightens and slims his figure. Complimenting his look is a silver/ gold watch and/or bracelet. He leans to an angle to show off his 'package' that sometimes looked like he stuffed a small balloon or ball or even a roll of paper in it. He usually drifts from woman to woman like touch n' go cards and gives very tacky pick up lines. He usually gets a drink as dutch courage before approaching his prey. He has presence although sometimes its a nuisance

Guy C: Guy C has the same trendy hairstyle as guy B, only longer, with a cheap dye that makes his head look like his original black hair is laced with a large wad of dog shit as hairgel. His hair is 'alive'. He wears a print tee filled with crosses and a very baggy pair of jeans that looks as if its about to fall of anytime soon. With flashes of his ass, usually found near the bar, smoking or sitting with a drink, trying to act all emo and cool to expect someone to notice.

If you like guy A, you are a Sucker For... Cliches. But no doubt, makes you a classy cat. He is the epitome, the pure essence of Italian Women's Fashion, being sexy without revealing too much. Briniging in the best of both worlds in his fashion sense makes him look so appealing. As an added bonus, your mommy will totally be smitten with him and your daddy will probably want to marry him himself. Now the problem is to lure him out and hook him up and making sure he doesn't know how much of an advantage he has with you and the other 27 women in the club.

If you like guy B, you are a Sucker For Trends, sure he got nice hair, nice look and the ever 'enticing and mysterious' glasses. But all in all, he is nothing but a zombie to the legion of trends. You might see the sensitive insercurity from his facade which is very hard to penetrate. Plus, he is very superficial. If the trend is clown costumes then he goes out with a multicoloured afro and overalls.

If you like Guy C, I don't know what to say, who likes a guy with over-sized pants and hair laced with dogshit? You are either blind of desperate.

For Guys:
Situation: You are at a mall, and you see this girl, she is so hot but what does she look like?
Similarities: Gentleman, you are spoilt for choice, you have 4 girls to deal, and they are all fully clothed and wear underwear.

Girl A: These type of girls are found together like football players in a 4-3-3 formation. These types of girls usually wear short dresses with capris or a topjean combo or a very tacky looking headband. They all have one kind of fashion faux paux on their clothing like over-sized handbag, tacky headband, plastic jewellery. But they all have one thing in common, some furry green thing that looks like a plant but actually is some kind of mutated flying chiuhuahua sticky out from their purse, wallet or cellphone. In some occasions, handbag, dangling around. They also like to do extremely lame poses when taking photos thinking they are cute. Found in the food court and stalls and shops where they sell tacky things. When leaving the mall, holding hands with the girls like long time lesbian lovers.

Girl B: She has the long, straight, silky black hair like the ghost from The Grudge. Usually caught in black. Whether wearing a T-shirt/tank top/tube top and jeans or a dress in pink. She doesn't wear much accesories like some kind of eccentric gypsy. Her earrings are not made of plastic and she wears heels in a dress and boots with her jeans. A very charming necklace, hangs on her neck like its meant to be there the whole time. Holding a very nice Gucci handbag and wearing things from Padini/Esprit/Parkson. A very chic belt to complement the look, found alone or with friends, never blends with the crowd. When taking photos, she works to stand out. Found at designer clothing stores or starbucks or secret recipe. When leaving the mall, loads of shopping bags dangling on her forearm.

Girl C: Plastic jewellery, tacky headband, multi-coloured pumps with a tank and mini skirt. Hair is permed. Wears accesories around her arms that are sometimes mistaken for a rack selling taking jewellery, black and white checked, not to mention over-sized handbags, usually with contrasting coloured pigs with gender identity problems or some stupid skeleton that makes Polly the Pony look scarrier than him. Polka dotted pumps, also black and white and of course the stupid mutated flying chiuhuahua dangling somewhere in the mess of clothing. When taking photos, she either reverts to a lame pose or acts cute with those powerpuff girls bug eyes. Found in Food & Tea, or some chinese restaurant, or i-socks or stores selling tacky stuff. When leaving, usually with a small bag or two.

Girl D:She wears a collared T-shirt that has the name of some company on it i.e. Maybank, Canon, Penaga Dresser, Pam, IPDM, 5Sc2 of Smk Sungai Maong 2007. Paired it with a pair of jeans. The only jewellery, a pair of studded earrings, plastic. Looks haggard, looks only at discounted prices and prefers to go to the kopitiam to have her lunch rather than the mall itself, window shops for modest, and unattractive clothing. When leaving, has a plastic bag containing last year's fashion item or nothing at all.

If you like girl A, you and I should never go double dating, I hate those kind of girls. They make me sick, as protest to see my gal-pals holding hands, I will probably find one of the guys and do that too in protest. Its so sickeningly fake and disgusting to me. If you want to go on and hold hands liike a sickening lesbian couple, go to a LGBT parade and walk and scream 'I am proud to be a pussy-licker' while holding your hands and heads up high, that way, i won't brand you as a hypocrit and respect you, in fact I will even go as far as salute you. Unfortunately none of them are, they say they are not in support of gays yet they hold hands like long-time lesbian lovers. Just Plain Trashy

If you like girl B, you are a classy cat but be ready with a big wad of cash. Cause her lifestyle is pretty much on the uptown.But if you are broke, don't worry. She will pay for you, as an equal and independant woman. She might be a shark and difficult to tame but in the long run, its worth the effort.

If you like girl C, you are a sucker for trends, but unlike girl B, they expect you to pay for EVERYTHING. In return, they act cute, pout and moan while leaning on your shoulder. They are the 'Damsel in Distress' prostitutes, instead of making you cum, they make you look feel like a hero, a rock. Sucker for trends

You must be really cheap or really poor to like Girl D, although it might prove to be the most genuine girlfriend of all. So she likes to eat at food avenue, and watch you watching football while enjoying her kolo mee and teh o. Just Plain Trashy

Well, that's all on the first impression part, next we will be looking at what movie, music, magazine, books, he/she likes. And what stores, he/she goes.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

New Hair, New Attitude, New Brendan
I am so totally loving my new hairdo
Been taking pics with it all day
I have some real great shots of myself
Sure, my mom is gonna miss her goody two shoes son
But the rebellion, free spirited fire is coming out
And is more devilish than ever.
And now, time for me to introduce to you a new artist
that has been one of my current favs right now
This is Girlicious
and this is their single Like Me

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Its Fantasy's first time, fine, I will do the damn tag.

Your 5 impressions on him/her
- fat full figured
- a nice person
- very religious
- wise
- look that's all, i dunno him that well, okay.

1Most memorable things he/she has give/done to you :
- well, just being a friend and talk is fine

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is because :
- He is China and I am Tibet

5 things found in my bag
- lubricant
- some old, expired candy (Ryan, here have some!)
- A Cecelia Ahern novel
- Tissue
- Oil blotter

5 things found in my purse/wallet
- money (duh)
- ic (duh)
- pics (duh)
- a pore plast (duh)
- condom (duh)

5 favourite things in my room
- my ARMANI SUIT (evil laughs)
- my designer pillow
- my KING-SIZED bed (rolls and streches around the space)
- My rack of jewellery
- Last but not least, Maxt, my iPod, my shrink.

5 things I always wanted to do
- ride the roller coaster loads of times till i puked all the weight out.
- travel around the world
- joined a reality show (oh wait, been there, done that)
- Publish a best-selling book
- Toss Jason Castro off a stage and scream 'You suck Jason Castro!'

5 things I am currently into
- writing
- sulking
- bitching
- dancing
- Colby O' Donis

List out the top 4 you would wish for
- a best-selling book written by me
- world peace
- that i would give up meat
- study abroad

First Name : Brendan
Nickname : Brendz, Brooke, Candice, Prince
What do people normally mistake your name as : Bernard, Brenda, Glenda
Birthday : 5th March 1990
Birthplace : Some place where cats come from
Time of Birth : 9.15 a.m.
Single or taken : Single
Zodiac sign : Pieces

[Your Appearence]
How tall are you : 174
Wish you were taller : yeah 183 ( long way to go)
Eye color : "When I first look at you, your eyes are black, when I look deeper, its a deep blue like an ocean, vast and plenty of depth, glicthes of earthy brown is shown and when you look at the sun its almost green" from, a very romantic scene in my life
Eye color you want : BLUE
Natural Hair color : Black
Current Hair color : Black
Short or long hair : Well, short
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : I was thinking of green
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : I want it with bangs
Glasses or contacts : glasses (getting contacts)
Do you wear make-up : a little foundation
Ever had hair extensions : dude, it tried it, but my hair was too short
Paint your nails : sorry but I like it fleshy

[In the opposite gender]
What color eyes : Broken English albiet understandable, blue
What color hair : Broken english albeit understandable, blonde
Shy or Outgoing : outgoing, shy girls make me sick
Looks or personality : Both, everybody doesn't want a hag or a slut for a wife (unless they have no other choice)
Sexy or Cute : Sexy, cute girls are childish, immature and give too much problems, and make me sick. (If you want a cute girlfriend, if you ask me how I feel about her and I hate her, go for it)
Serious or Fun : A fun girl, a free spirit like me
Older or Younger than you : Older, younger girls dream too much and are very immature
A turn on : When she is wet and gives you a naughty smile
A turn off : She smokes things other than cock.

[This or that]
Flowers or Chocolates : chocolates, duh. You can't eat flowers
Pepsi or Coke : Pepsi
Rap or Rock : Neither, crunk.
Relationship or One night stand : Relationship, ONS is so overrated
School or Work : Whatever it is, as long as it makes me happy
Love or Money : I care about 3 things only, money, the pleasures that come with money and my babies
Movies or Music :depends, i have likes and dislikes like any other person
Country or City : City, country too boring
Sunny or Rainy days : rainy days, so i can dance under the rain
Friends or Family :Friends

[Have you ever]
Lied : Duh, If he didn't he should sit next to God. Plus it seems this survey is for 8-11 americans and 12-14 malaysian girls
Stole something : yeah, and i got away with it
Smoked : Sorry, I am not interested of getting cancer.
Hurt someone close to you : Of course.
Broke someone's heart : She broke mine
Had your heart broken : Its life and yes.
Wondered what was wrong with you : Nope, I only wonder what's wrong with others
Wish you were a prince/princess : This is seriously for the demographic aforementioned therefore confirming my suspicions but yeah, who doesn't.
Liked someone who was taken : So far, better him than me
Shaved your head : Yes, sad. I cried
Been in love : Not really, infatuated, yes. Smitten, yes. In love, no
Used chopsticks : I am Chinese, its a sin if you dunno how to use it
Sang in the mirror to yourself : Another evidence that this shit is for the demographic aforementioned, no.

Flower : Roses from Holland
Candy : Tarvers, all the way from Blackpool, England
Song : Currently, Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield
Scent : Paris Hilton for Men
Color : Blue, not baby blue but the rich, deep sea blue
Movie : P.S. I Love You
Singer : Britney Spears
Word : Brendan
Junk food : Ice-cream
Website : this is my favorite site
Location : Paris
Animal : The short, brown haired dachsund
Ever cried over someone : Yes, Dashie, may you RIP. T_T
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : Yeah six pack abs and fist that could pack a punch
Do you think you are attractive : Obviously yes
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose : Cinderella
Do you play any sports :I dance, I swim. That's it.

Who do you tag?
Seriously, this is nothing but a waste of time and I don't want to create more sorrow by forcing others to do this, it ends here. (You can thank me later)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Stupid David Cook
I mean come on!!!!
This is so unbelievable!!!
David Cook as like 4 or 5 songs on the top 50 of Billboard Hot 100.
While My David Archuleta has only ONE
ONE measely remake of John Lennon's Imagine
which by the way is like melting my heart now
Although the best would probably be, in my opinion,
'Stand By Me' which he performed during the top 4.
Anyway, David Cook's new single 'the time of my life is at number 3'
Which means knocking down 'Damaged' by Danity Kane to number 11
which means that I got slamed to the floor and knee on the crotch
While Archie's new single, 'In This Moment' is at number 56.

I hate David Cook cause to me its like another Daughtry.
Chris Daughtry was placed fourth on American Idol
And so, in revenge, ie the people like my brother, Darren Goh
voted for David Cook.
Who listen to crappy songs make by those 'In The Moment' bands.
For example, Hoobastank, Yellowcard, Linkin Park were big in the early 2000s
but now, its fading.
Yellowcard and Linkin Park's latest albums were lukewarm
and for Hoobastank, they sorta disappeared

Now, we have a lot of new artists coming out.
And some of you might still listen to whatever shit you are listening
but please, give these new artists a chance.
So lets start with someone, who currently dominates my iPod
His name is Donnie Klang
You know him from Making The Band 4
and this is his new single called 'Take You There' featuring Diddy.
Play the movie, okay.
And tell me what you think of him.