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Monday, July 26, 2010

My results are like toilet paper

I am not satisfied
I am angry
I did not get the results that I have aimed for
Oh woe
Oh poor me...
3 Distinctions and a credit.
Although I can sustain Swinburne's exams
I still would prefer to be at overseas...
I can only just hope and wait for the opportunity to strike
Some say, I have to look for the opportunity
But how? I can't find it, I am exhausted and tired.
Oh what am I to do

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


But I don't wanna look at it
I am so scared
GOD, I am so nervous...

Part me says, lets get this over with
The other part asks me to wait for it
I really dunno what to do...
I guess I shall wait for it?
I dunno, I am pretty sure today and tomorrow will have a lot of people queuing up for the results, there is no need to stand there for hours literally for those hopefully 8 letters and at least 6 that must all end with a D...
Tomorrow is the result for the foundation kids.
There is no way in hell that I am checking it online, hahaha.
They kinda jinx everything so, yeah no way in HELL!
So I am guessing I will get my result on Sherrie Pui's birthday?
With Sherrie Pui as my good luck charm?
Why not?

There is however, one certain thing remains
By the time I know of my grades, everyone else will know of theirs already.
Stay tuned people

Saturday, July 10, 2010

To all who miss London

It has been more than a year since I went to London and honestly I am a bit homesick
Man, how I wish I was in London right now
Enjoying the warm summer breeze, the nice heat and all those awesome British concerts like the Glatsonbury Festival
Which is like Kuching's very own Rainforest World Music Festival
Only much cooler.
Actually much cooler is an understatement
Its MUCH MUCH MUCH cooler, after all, Kylie Minogue debuted her latest single there

So here is a look back from all the awesomely fantastic memories and experiences I had over there
Now forever immortalized in picture
But how I wish to experience it again

First thing I miss, is the first feeling of me landing in London.
The crisp, cold winter air
The air is dry and it feels like God has air conditioned the whole city
Dunno about you, but it really brings a sense of comfort for me when I first landed here
Its like saying, its okay Brendan, you are home.

Next thing I miss, are the landmark areas, like Picadilly Circus (below)
If you are taking this picture of me, behind you will be a shoe store
And you all know Brendan and shoes

Of course who can not forget about Madam Tussauds.
Taking pictures of me and celebrities who I hope to meet one day
Pure awesomeness.
I also miss the West End shows too, all the awesome theather shows.
Watched Avenue Q and Stomp
Next time, I am taking on the classics.
Wicked, Les Miserables and Billy Elliot here I come.

Another thing I miss is the food, especially the hearty scones with clotted cream and jam.

The indulgent and eloquent gourmet chocolates at Harrods

The ever simple yet delicious laymans Bagel sandwiches which I know and love
This is what I usually eat while in London
I loved them so much, I think I already ate all the bagels offered there.
It feels just like what all those sad pathetic losers feel when they eat McDonalds
Onlythere are two differences.
Mine is HEALTHY and taste like REAL food
McDonalds makes you grow fat thighs and taste like something that comes out of a pigeon.

And finally and of course, the SHOPPING.
From the cornucopia shopping paradise that stretches for 2 kilometres at Oxford Street
to the classic yet trendy Carnaby Street
From the high end designer labels at Bond Street
to the more affordable and youthful teen/punk/goth style at Camden Town (where I bought the 'How to use the 'F' word' shirt)
From the colourful and fun styles of Uniqlo
to the more classic and essentially conservative look of Zara
From famous brands like Nike to Britain's proud Umbro
Whatever you want and need is there.
It is a blissful slice of heaven

I want to go back.
Goddamnit, I want to go back.
But for now, let these pictures remind me of the great time I had there.
Non of this would happen if it was not for my aunt.
I thank her for the opportunity to go there
Next time, when I am there, I will have someone take a picture of me and Britney Spears
Instead of me camwhoring with her.
Do you know how difficult it is to adjust yourself around the statue in order to fit into perfect candid camwhore position?

Saturday, July 03, 2010

I love Korean BoyBands

Their lyrics don't make sense

The have subpar dancing skills

Those who like the more intellectual side of things would call them a combination of the Disney Channel and Pussycat Doll's response to the Asian market but in a sort of male version

Most of their videos involve lots of them being shirtless, kissing some girl that you don't really care because most of the time you cannot get a clear picture, horrible wardrobe (sans the suits of course) and acts of violent rage as a consequence of a display of pure male chauvinism and testosterone including a few dashes of those acts where you are supposed to do to infants and not the counterpart that you are about to fornicate in front of the camera.

They are also mass produced and marketed faster than Lady Gaga causing controversy for her videos

They all sound pretty much the same.You have the frontman, the rapper, the soulful one, the cute one that you so wish that if you have a Korean popstar boyfriend, he would be the one and the other dude who makes all those wails at the end while any additional members would served as high profile featured dancers like Jessica Sutta, Kimberly Wyatt and Ashley Roberts of the Pussycat Dolls, well formerly of the Pussycat Dolls.

But damn, I love those Korean boy bands and I dunno why as all reasons stated above, I should damn well hate it. Maybe it is because of the beats of the music? Korean producers are good with music, I liked them. I dunno, it is either the penultimate culmination of me beginning my transformation into some low taste, blind, no motivation, no inspiration, zombie like slave to Asian culture or me just plain evolving myself to be more acceptable of others.