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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Danity Kane
This is the band's name.
The girls from making the band 3.
Sounds nice.
Its got that exotic feel in it.
I am going to download the songs this afternoon.
I can't wait for the single.
The album was released on august 22 which was a shock!
Shows cha how back news travels to malaysia.
Gotta find their first single show stopper.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Vultures of 4sc1.
Its that season again! A pack of vultures are circling around a turkey forced to guard a cave full of treasure that has been recently produced. some are generous, some aren't. Once the turkey gives, some still did not give up and continue on throttling the turkey until a bell rang that allows makes the vulture to stop and the war will still continue until an ammendment is given.
Seems like some story from the ancient times right? HELL WRONG! Cha can see it here in today's world!
The vultures: Melissa, Jia Jia, Brigid, Senk Siang, Ying Ying, Jenny, Eric, Hubert, Liang Juin, Ricky (usually)
The turkey; teachers
The bell: school bell (DUH!)
The treasure: Marks
The ammendment: Report Card
The season: Exam
I personally would never sink to such low unless it is needed for me to pass.
These guys aka the mentioned vultures however are quite good (i got last twice)
But they still wanna get some friggin extra marks.
Especially melissa, jia jia and liang juin, these guys are the super kiasu type who always pick on teachers that are better off living in Singapore.
(Kiasu meaning sore loser)
I got last TWICE i should be the whiny kiasu one not THEM.
National day is commin luckily i don't need to go cawat whatever it is.
Hello, you are talking to a guy who said "What's a bus?" in his reality show.
Our class should be called 4 SCam-ass 1 not 4 SCience 1 because of the recent increase of mutated, kiasu, snobbish vultures.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rachel Stevens
All i can say she is hot for her age.
Her sucess may not be big.
But she was ranked no.2 as the sexiest woman on earth.
Look at the pics and guys you know you agree.
I agree 100%
I highly reccomend her.
Buy her album, download whatever just get her songs!
She is what makes music so cool
I admire her.

My favourite show ever!!!!
My favourite character is definitely piper, as the eldest she leads very well and her powers are extremely strong!
Her sarcasm is my favourite quality about her.
I read all the books.
I am going to buy the season dvds.
I cry every season finale especially the final one.
I would definitely love to star in their movie (if there will be one) no matter how small.
This is my first time uploading a picture to my blog and its about charmed!
Aint this like so totally cool?
This post is dedicated to charmed and the fans cause without charmed our tuesday nights will be spent on tuition.
There is no better excuse to bail on meetings, have dates at home and no having tuition on that day other than charmed!
Thank you for 8 great years!

Saturday, August 26, 2006


My mom is potentially the most kepo person on earth! (F.Y.I, kepo means nosy)
She just tried to look what i am doing which is blogging.
Kids and Future bloggers, never let your mom look at your blog!
All your thoughts , feelings, sexual experiences may be in here and your mom can never know.
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! Think of the possibilities!!!!!!!
If you have a mom like mine, eccentric, neurotic, paranoid, a little bit crazy and loves to exaggerate oh yeah and extremely nosy!
It is a warning to all!
Seeing you looking so hot,
Flirting with me like you are the one,
Look like you wanna fuck,
Cause you wanna feel the oomph!

That is not the girl that i know,
That is not the girl that i want,
I know that girl is inside,
And she is what i want!

Why are you so naughty naughty,
Why are you so wan pi, wan pi,
And i know you want me
So stop seducing me,
And show me who you are.

You approach me and say
"Hello Handsome, do ya wanna fuck?"
I was so shocked
And i could only drift away



Who i want is a fun and pretty girl
Not the prostitute i just met
Please listen to me
Be who you are cause that is the girl that i want!


My debut single, well at least its gonna be.
Its a dance music.
Making The Band 3

After watching them every friday at 11pm for months, diddy FINALLY made a band!
First of all let me tell you the girls that i chose to be in the band.
1. Aubrey, she is extremely talented, a great leader plus she has star power.
2. Aundrea, she is talented, sensitive, humble and an extremely great dancer.
3. Shannon, she is blonde, every girl band has at least one, for example, sugababes, pussycat dolls, spice girls. She is also an incredible dancer.
4. Jasmine, she brings in the oomph!
5. Melissa, I love her style.

However, i only got 3 out of 5 right (not bad)
Aubrey, Aundrea, Shannon, Dawn and Wanita made it.
Dawn i can understand but Wanita? I prefer Denosh but her bitchyness gave way.
I would like to congratulate the girls that made it and i can't wait for the album or single.
As for Denosh, Dominique, Kelli, Melissa, Jasmine and Taquita, i wish you all the best.

Friday, August 25, 2006

He Did It This Time
Man, jessica called. She was weeping like crap.
Her boyfriend cheated on her with that black WHORE Bianca.
She was so mad when she caught them cheating that she slapped Bianca and kicked her nowb ex in the crotch.
And if that isn't bad, she was wearing her killer jimmy choo's.
Talk about painful.
The guy was sent to the emergency room and due to his playboy situation, the doctor advised him to lay off the passion that involves his penis to avoid an infection.
When i heard this, i can't stop lauging.
She asked why did i laugh at her misfortune.
I told her that the next time he cheats he should make sure the girl doesn't pwn any Jimmy Choo's
She laughed.
Still haven't heard from aaron' i am getting worried.
Rachel was like stop the paranoia already.
But i can't help it he didn't answer his cell for like hours and i need to know that nobody got hurt.
Modeling in Grecce
On the June Holidays after spending my dead body involved tortorous vacation in kl, I went to do some modeling in grecce.
Rachel's mom got us modeling jobs for 4 guys and 10 girls.
We took photos in swimsuit and beachwear for teen vogue magazine
Did i mention that we are on the cover of the August issue?
Would like to show real bad but did not have the magazine.
So the guys are me, aaron, mika and blake.
The ladies are alana, rachel, julie, michelle, rebecca, tori, jenascia, roxanne, colette, and surprisingly melissa.
That girl is turning into an ass-shaking bootylicious smarty pants.
Anyway, we visited tourist attractions and didn't buy anything because of the photoshoots, interviews and the spa treatment.
When school reopens i felt like quiting malaysia and migrate to the states.
However due to my paranoid mom's fear of liberty(the dog not the statue as my dogs av PROSTITUTE and WHORE that always get pregnant)
I can't go unless i take liberty with me which is impossible because soufle and liberty are like rachel and bianca, enemies to the bitter end.
F,Y,I, liberty's sixth prenancy is coming soon (saw her fucking with another ugly mongrel does my pure bred peikingesse loves to fuck or be pregnant? (my mom is starting to nag and giving the dog lectures aboout sex.)
I guess we gotta do a little vaginal ligation or just cut the male dog's balls off when i see him fucking my liberty
My best friend Aaron Tan confessed to me that he is gay.
I was like okay, no problem, i accept and will still be your best friend.
So after kuching fest, interrogated by my mom and eating that lovely calamari sushi, i took of my shirt and then he called me and revealed to me about his homosexuality.
I was being a terrible friend just because i am seriously shocked.
I can never forgive myself.
Aaron is my buddy, confidante, rock and nicole and i BAILED out on him.
Luckily Aaron understands my hysterical paranoid nature.
He is going to break up with Danielle today (just when rachel and i saw we are together again.)
I am extremely worried.
Told rachel to watch over Danielle as she may be suicidal.
Why? because they dated for 3 years and his going to break up with her just because he chose TO SUCK COCK instead of flirting and hooking up with girls or be loyal to Danielle.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
I can't believe it!
Rachel and i are getting back together!!!
Man, it feels good to have her back again.
Let's just hope she doesn't try to loose my virginity.
She lost hers to her best friend, Danielle.
i am shocked to know my best friend, Aaron Tan is GAY!
He is going to break up with his girl, Danielle and i am the only one who knows this.
So anyway, ifelt a certain emptiness inside and it links to my best friend at kindy, Jonathan Teo.
I got a best friend, a girlfriend that i love that love is not puppy love, its the real deal so homosexuality rules out completely, Todd!!!
Oh Pocot!!!!!! I still want Jonathan inside my life.
I can't get over him.
Wow, my first post.
Anyway,why does everyone say bad stuff about paris hilton.
Her single stars are blind are doing well in the bilboard 100 and i bet turn it up will do the same.
Cha guys keep on saying that she is a brianless party girl whose singing voice is electronically generated well,SCREW YOU AND GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!
She is so great that for my next project for the casa la 7 is to shoot a video of me singing TURN IT UP!!!!!!
Rachel, Houston and Samantha are in too but they will be dancing.
Even Celcom agrees i could show you the add but i am new at this.
You can go to Friendster to check it out.
Oh yeah there is this guy, tyler hilton, who sings great sentimental and country music. I recommend you should give it a try, Rachel stevens has also a few great singles such as so good,the ost for my not so sweet sixteen. It was ment to be sweet but family ruined it. FUCK YOU DARREN AND RYAN!!!!!