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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So I went to Sematan with my family which is never good to go trips with my family
My dad's idea as always.
Everytime we go somewhere some disaster has to happen
At 2001, we went to Borneo National Park, Ryan got a big bump on his head (Imagine the bump that always appear on cartoon characters after being hit wit a hammer)
4 months ago, we went to KL backpacking.
I got sick because my dad keeps on putting his feet on the foot of my bed!
I like to spread my legs when I sleep.
So i can't sleep and got sick.
I vomitted a few times at KLIA LCC terminal which by the way is so horrible (that's why i puked)
So anyway back to sematan, we went out and my darling ishiteru did not sms me like he/she always does
( not revealing the sex of my ishiteru, keep on wondering)
We were on the road, my brothers are torturing me.
So we finally reached sematan and i smsed my ishiteru 4 times.
I was worried because I have no common sense. (keep on imagining crazeh stuff)
So we went to the beach and did not really have fun (thinking of you my ishiteru)
I calmed myself and walked around the beach. Picking seashells for no reason.
My brothers are going crazeh and drenched themselves in the water
By the way, we weren't equipped with towels.
After they drenched themselves Ryan threw his shirt to the ground.
They played and wrestled. (Imagine them in a catfight but more boyish)
I walked around and played stars are blind in my head.
Wondering wat it will be like if my ishiteru and I spent a day there, alone.
So its time to head home, my mom sacrificed my rubber flipflops to help the the terrible twosome.
Hell ya!
So I followed back and they changed clothes (my bros) in public (plz emphasize)
My mom was CLEANING them (again plz emphasize) in public.
Too horrible to decribe not to mention embarassing (darren's 13 4 God's sakes!)
After that, my dad, swearing, whining, complaining all the way to the sematan public toilet.
My dad rinsed my bros shoes to rid of the sand.
My mom slapped of the sand next to the Avanza, my dad criticize her.
She said "Eww, smell like prawn and closed the door)
I head to the toilet, washed my legs and head into the car.
My mom was bickering wit my dad.
Its so loud that the ah bengs at the market could hear them
I told them that but they did not listened
So we went to Lundu.
Along the way, mom was spitfiring
dad was repeating everyhting she said.
Dad went to buy lottery tickets (like he will win)
Futile effort u know
No matter how much u spend on lottery tickets.
I switched places wit my mom
That's when Mr. Common Sense kicked in (where have u been)
Why don't I CALL my ishiteru.
So ishiteru picked up and told me that ishiteru out of credit
Only reloaded 4 two days and bye bye 30 bucks.
Becuz we played SMS
so ishiteru ask me to buy reload card 4 ishiteru
I say i think first.
I only got 122 bucks left.
need 2 save 4 KL
then, dad was done wit his futile errands, and we drove back to kuching
He was tour-guiding himself the WHOLE way
Everybody was not listening
my bros are sleeping
mom is quiet (very unusual so its a savory moment)
me, listening to music and dancing
also thinking about my ishiteru
so we went back and i literally scrubbed myself to be clean
Ishiteru, only two days to go till our romantic date
I can't wait
I wanna kiss u so bad cause you finished 30 bucks 4 me in two days!
I love u so much!!!
watashi ishiteru honey san
sayonara ishiteru, love you

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oh my god!
I have never realized this but nobody stays for long!
In my life, I have met a lot of people but they never seem to stay
Well, except those in the our secret circle, hehe.
honey, I hope we will be 2gether 4ever and next lives too.
probably is man and man or woman and woman (hahahhahahahahaahhahaha)
Ishiteru honeysan
u so kawai u noe
Yes, the infamous Brendan Goh has caught the love-bug.
I have never felt like this since i broke up with Rachel
Who by the way slept with Buck (eww, he so hairy)
How do I know?
Its kinda obvious if you r living with him 4 1 month (Survivie My Challenge)
He is always shirtless.
Gays scream
Guys impressed
Me, Mika and Aaron, disgusted!
Jonathan Teo, Ivan Chiok, Michelle Tan, Valerie Jee, Threase Marie Siaw, Ellin Ng, Kelvin Teo and other people that are not with me anymore...
Have a nice life.
To Amanda, Ivanna, Darlene, Andrea, Lee Chin, Jamie, Audrey and Cyril hope we stay in touch in future.
Sweetheart, may we love each other and be 2gether 4ever
Doing biology presentation.
Bored with it and decided to BLOG!
So i have a date with a super hottie on Saturday, YEAH!!!!
I am feeling so perkeh right now.
So looking forward to the date my love, i am counting down the days.
I wanna kiss u so badly cha know?
i love u so mch.
Isiteru honey san.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Oh yeah
Bri Riz could u tell me when we are going 2 KL (if we win)
Becuz on November 11th, Tata Young is coming 2 KL!!!!!

America's next top model cycle six
premieres 2night.
The pic above is cycle 4 winner, Naima Mora (the guy on the right is kinda perveted don't cha think? Aaron is crushing the center guy F.Y.I.)
seeing hot babes just brightens my day
I especially love the photoshoots
and like the judging too.
Last season, Nicole took the title yay!
Glad God chose my choice, hehe.
second girl i wanted to see to win is Kyle
and my third choice is jayla.
Now its new girls, new competiton and new judges
Well since last season, anyway. (kinda missing janice dickinson, kicking nole marin out is ok with me)
not to mention gay men pimping them up
Besides it keeps me occupied rather than STUDYING!!!!
And i feel happy especially after my mom hogging the 7pm chinese soaps.
this time is about some fortune, superstitious, feng shui, not mention crazeh show about fortune
boring, really
kinda resembles my parents
everytime my dad comesback from KL, they are always arguing about money
and it always happens in the car
plus, it is always the same thing,
my mom going crazeh and spitfire at my dad,
my dad, mimicking EVERYTHING my mom said,
The ending's the same too
My mom slams the door of our avanza with FULL FORCE!
Honestly, i feel sorry for the Avanza, with the passenger door slammed every 2 weeks.
I know and it knows that the door ain't gonna last very long
Hopefully, i hope it will last as long as our recenyly scrap metal, 11 year old Kancil.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Trashin Shit
Episode 1: The passionate blog addict.

Everybody knows who this chick is, Ms Jamie Ding.
Jamie is a straight forward person, kinda self-obsessed (takes a lot of pic of herself)
She is not me in a skirt.
She is not Rachel in an asian version.
She's okay

Jamie can really give someone a freak attack.
First thing people ask her after not seeing her for a year is
Jamie, why are u soooooo thin?
Older people will add
You should eat more.
Models will be jealous as she does not binge and purge to get her model-like figure.
Then again, she is too short to be a model, 5'5 is the minimum height, i think.
Even if you are with her for almost two years (as friends).
She has these gastric attacks that really really scares me.
Its like she can collapse any moment.
That's why if we get to go to KL, she is definitely eating chocolates and trying that great italian ice-cream at KLCC
Don't worry, others will get too, not
Sorry, i am only treating 4 other ppl.
(u think I am going to spend so much in food?)

Jamie is really passionate in almost everything she does
Even though gastric is seriously interrupting her, she still pushes and pushes on
She gets things done and does it in a self-obsessed personal way
When the Celcom judges came and told us that the blog is better than our previously STINKIN report
I was proud of her
She definitely has the passion to do stuff
She went beyond my expectations in this project and I am proud of her
No matter how bitchy or self-obsessed she truly is.
Celcom, if you have a breakthrough Xbassador award, it goes to her okay?
She is truly a passionate girl (too short to be called a woman)
Jamie, you rock!
Hope you rock on in future.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Its been 2 weeks since I blogged.
Thank exams, Celcom and oh yeah, the DAMN lousy connection in computer!
Hell yeah.

Speaking of exams, what kind of fucking moron would put Moral Suckies (Studies) and History on the same day???
I have only had free memory enough for 1 subject!
Not only that, but that moron put Add Math and Physics on the same day!!!
My mind was literally fried!!!!
The next day, it was Biology and Math which is more slack than yesterday.
Luckily, i 4got all about Moral Suckies and History.
As 4 Math well, my brain is like so Paris Hilton right now.
Its mush.
As evidence, while Aaron and I talk about his gay issues, i actually asked 'how long is your cock?'
See mushed!
All thanks to that Fucking Moron.

Speaking of Celcom, we submitted our report a day earlier thanks 2 Jamie.
Sis Haniza came to judge, our presentation is very well (to anybody who don't know, I am very cocky)
So anyway, Bro Riz a.k.a google master found my blog and saw the post about me complaining about Ricky
Which i might add that it was only a few statements.
I was like, Oh Shit!
Well, the damage is done and there is nothing we can do.
Only way is for it to delete itself.

Gee Buck,
So why are u suddenly nagging and hacking me to delete that post?
Since when do you even care about what i write in my blog?
Why should u advise me to delete it when you never even checked it out?
Maybe if i am nice and you actually took the time to read my blog(which you didn't) maybe, just maybe i will delete it.
A blog is about self expression of human behaviour, feelings and psycholgical image impulses.
Since u probably are flunking Bio, let me summarize the statement above into a phrase.
And ther is nothing u can do about it, SHEMALE!!!

Honestly, i should make Ricky the first guest on my Trashin Shit segment
When he was CEO, he was so determined and heroic.
When everything changed, he pretty much just crumbles into a wrothless asshole.
Do u know how DAMN disappointed i was?
Now, he pretty much sabotaged our project by bailing us and making out with Shun Chern.damn losserific this guy is.
I bet even the sexelettes won't even accept him. (Ricky)
By the way, Shun Chern is pretty much his boyfriend as they always bail on our activities and meetings.
Did I mention he was also playing Chinese chess while I was conducting of meeting?
Members of the Casa la 7, see how dorky and pathetic this guy is?
Ask him to help in accounts, he says no
His Add Math is 90+ and he says no, thinks he is all that.
That son of a bitch.

Jamie if your gastric attacks keep on coming, you should better tell me.
If we go to KL, I am planning to buy you some expensive choc at the airport.
I don't want any of my team members down when we get there kay?
Oh yeah, u only get the choc if you read my blog F.Y.I.

So anyway, Aaron and I formed a gaming club with our friends.
We have finished Final Fantasy XII: Dirge of Cerebreus
and are now playing, Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria
Damn, that game is hard and leveling up is so hard.
Overall its a good game.

Gamers, if you want i challenge, I reccomend it.
Professionals, try to beat the record
Amateurs, please play something easy first.
Becuz its God Damn HARD!
I reccomend Final Fantasy X2 or the first version of the Valkyrie profile series.

Liberty is pregnant AGAIN!
Second time this year.
Oh My God. (Please say the words slowly in an extremely shocked manner.)
Hell yeah!
Bro Riz, after reading my blog, you may think I am a rude, insensitive jerk.
In real life, I am as sweet and innocent as Kellie Pickler
and as dumb as a REAL Blonde.
After i graduate, i am so getting blonde highlights.

Oh yeah, guys, feel free to flirt my ex-girlfriends, Svetlana and Sandra
I am on a break from women
My main concern right now is getting Aaron back where he used to be
Except, now he is gay.
Aaron is my best friend
no bitch, girl, woman or whore can stand between us
F.Y.I. Rachels on a break from guys too so don't bother to hookup with her because she will fling Jimmy Choo's at your crown jewels
How, i know?
Ask Buck
No, seriously, ask him because I am not telling.
To people who don't know,
I am not Gay, this is what best fiends are for
If you think so, i got 4 words for cha.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yeah!!! We finished but wait report not that good!
We did our presentation for Celcom and they liked it
Except our report.
They even said that the blog is better than our STINKIN report!
So we just gotta do it all over again.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Trashin Shit
A new segment of my blog that will be updated every two weeks.
Its pretty much about trash talking about other ppl.
The facts are ACTUALLY true.
So its first episode will be on next week.
C ya!