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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Its not all about the food

Everytime there are dinner gala events held, be it Kuching, Australia or wherever. Unless organized by myself or esteemed and renowned party planners, there is a very high chance that I would skip it. Especially when it comes to events made by students.

To be honest, I would obviously not mean everyone but so far, the ones that I see or have been to are not satisfactory. Swinburne's version obviously have a lot of flaws as in shittier organizers, crappier budget, overall disgusting taste in decor as well as organization. 

Plus and besides, people will always follow the things that I suggested a year later than usual. Here is an example, Hollywood gala night is the creation of Brendan Goh circa 2009 and fucked up by the 2010 Swinburne Prom Organizing Committee in 2010. Now, UNSW is copying what I started with their very own Malaysian Students Gala Night. 

Thing is, I would definitely love a good night out. Just to let my hair down, socialize and have fun. But there is no way in hell I am spending money just to torture myself. I am not gonna fork up 28 bucks just to enjoy a macaroon tower or three because I am pretty sure I would be miserable there if the company is not good or the organization is not good. 

I usually know when a party is going to be good or bad, cause come on, I have taste. So I decided that I shall impart some of my knowledge to you people. 

1. Do NOT attend if there is a word called 'Buffet' in it
Buffet = Chaos. I have already suffered the Indian equivalent of populated chaos in Swinburne's 2010 prom where idiots do not know how to form a fucking line and understand that there is only one way of entry and one way of exit. Not cutting around left and right, you already have that habit on the road, you still want to portray it on a buffet line? Next, when there is a buffet, there is a line. That line is usually painstakingly long and no. I do not want to hold my plate on my hand for 10 bloody minutes just so someone can decide which side of the lasagne they want. 

2. When people start promoting special attractions about their event
Be it macaroons, a dance floor, a red carpet or whatever. When someone utilises a certain good part about their event, chances are the rest are just gonna suck. Why? Because if you event is a fantastic one, you would promote ALL aspects of the event. For example, we have a terrific menu giving you various choices of starters, mains and desert from various countries like Morocco, Scandinavia, Canada, Samoa etc etc etc. We also have Kesha coming to perform. We have a fabulous decor designed by (insert famous interior decorator). We also have the Glamcam 360 that you see at the Emmys. If the shining star of your event is just fabulous performances and great food, chances are the performances suck and food is suckier. 

3. The people
Good people make good parties. Shitty people make shitty parties. It's all about the company. A carefully plotted guest list that includes people who you want and get exclusive invites will definitely liven up the atmosphere as well as lowering the trash factor. Having a hodge-podge of Tom, Dick and Ah Chong is obviously going to dreck the atmosphere. 

4. The organizers
Evaluate the organizers. If you are in uni for a while and know who they are. Chances are that you can predict how good are they in organizing the prom. If you do not know them, I sincerely say that you should judge the book by its cover but in this case the cover can tell a lot about the person. If he or she overall is a person who's taste in fashion is something you do not like, chances are you are going to have a miserable time. 

5. The price
The price must be just right. Too expensive and you think it is not worth to go, too cheap and you think that there are corners being cut. Swinburne's price of 50 bucks is way too cheap. I would pay 100 for a fantastic night rather than some shoddy, low class, half hearted, budgeted shit that cost me 50. Its simple economics. You spend a 100 bucks on a night that you are bound to enjoy, you feel that the 100 was worth it. If you spend 50 bucks on a shitty prom, chances are you feel that you spent 50 bucks for nothing. Not to mention the new suit and perfume you bought, the limo you hired, the pack of condoms and breath mints in your back pocket and the corsage/necklace that you gave to your date. 

6. The venue
Do check out the venue, if its a good one then so be it. If its some hall like your local university hall, forget about it. 

7. The theme
Costumed parties like masquerade and dead celebrity parties would flunk unless you are a bunch of enthusiasts . There will always be a vast majority that do not obey the rules. 

8. The presence of sponsors
If there are sponsors, do check if they are related and are potentially able to lift the prom experience. Example of bad sponsorship that do not work, having a bridal showcase at a local prom. Honey, this ain't 16 and pregnant. Nobody is gonna be getting married that soon. Unless it is known that marrying at a young age is common in your community, do not do it. 

Monday, September 05, 2011


If I am only allowed to return to Kuching once a year, I would choose to return around the time of the mooncake festival.
Now there is nothing special about mooncake festival in Kuching
There are no lanterns hanging or floating or whatever
But it is my favorite festival of the year

I do not know why
There seems to be nothing specially momentous that happened at mooncake festival
But its definitely special to me

It represents hope, love, mystery and family
Enjoying the lanterns that you hung on the plants or fences
Sipping tea
Eating mooncakes
Watching the unfortunate lanterns burn
Relighting the lanterns that are out
Trying your best to fill the pitch black skill with organic candlelights encased in coloured paper rather than the artificial ones
More importantly spending time with 5 very special dogs

This is the first time I am spending mooncake festival away from home
I do admit that I am vulnerable and a bit homesick
Especially since the mooncakes here are so not up to par compared to ones at home
I blabbered to my Australian friends about home
I could not believe that
But I did
And I guess I made friends and grew closer
Its lonely but hey, its an adventure at the same time
Till then, ttyl bitches