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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Things are not going as planned.
Haven't felt this down in a while
I have to say
Nothing interesting so far happening in my life
I guess I am slowly weaning off blogging.

Looking back, I have more friends now than before
I have very close friends who I miss almost everyday and are practically family.
I was busy with school and clubs.
Now, I actually have a lot of free time
But rather plan on staying home...
I don't know.
Felt like this shouldn't happen.
Its a challenging year for me.

Final year of study
Contemplating on whether to ever get this stupid accounting degree to good use
Whether will I ever make it in Hollywood when I am in actuality in the wrong country
Wrong career path as well by the way.

I wouldn't lie, I don't have friends in Australia here.
I am alone
It's tough sometimes you know
Knowing that friendships take time to grow and shit.
That this will take a while
People have life and roots here, everything is so rooted and stable there.
It's hard for me to break in even.
Well, mainly because no one's been going through drama and shit yet.
I guess I probably have to put myself out more.

I need to be more comfortable here
I need to make Sydney my temporary home
It's not where I belong
But I need to make myself feel like I belong, just for a while.
Save enough cash and make that break.
Thing is
I want to do it
Why am I not doing it?