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Thursday, May 31, 2007

As promised
Here are the matches from RAW starting with...
1. Lashley & Cena VS Khali, Umaga and Shane McMahon
In a 2-on-3 handicap match
2. Randy Orton VS Rob Van Dam (2 parts)
3. Carlito & Victoria VS Ric Flair & Torrie Wilson
4. Divas Battle Royal (IN BIKINIS!!!!!)
I am a man

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stupid Tennis French Open
Interrupting my RAW till 3 in the morning!
You know how long RAW was delayed?
5 incredibly long fucking hours!
All thanks to tennis!
I hate tennis!
Used to be neutral but thanks to you I cannot see divas in bikinis!

It all started after tuition
we wanna watch RAW
but there's tennis on
So we watched desperate housewives and ugly betty
I waited and waited
RAW gets delayed and delayed
All because some fucked up, Goddamn cocky, bitch-ass tennis players playing so long!
And I pity those french kids
Having to run here and there and pick balls
No chair to sit also
All given to the fat and old umpires and referees
The kids in the middle of the court are forced to do the position like when u begin a sprint
All just to pick, hairy, green balls.
They have to throw 3 balls to the player
One used to play
Another kept in the pocket
while the other they throw on the floor
and the kids have to pick up again
sickening wii?
Not to mention illogical.
Give 2 and problem solved
Waste energy, waste time, waste oxygen, waste youth, wasteTV space.
Not to mention
torturing the kids who are like your maids
reducing the fans endurance of holding their bladder and urge to pee
after every half or quarter or whatever you call it
I see a large crowd of ppl running to the toilet.

They also play so damn long
1 match takes about 2-3 hours
They start at 5pm and then finish at 3 a.m.
(malaysia time)
You know how long is it

I waited and waited
Mr.Sandman keep on dumping sand into my eyes
Like its begging me to sleep.
So I tried my best
I failed
Becuz Mr.Sandman is very the
'peka kepada inovasi sains dan teknologi'
So Mr.Sandman invented a missle
filled with sand
Aimed it between my eyes
And fire!
I fell asleep in front of the TV!
Thank God there's youtube
Btw, the WWE tri-branded draft is on after 2 weeks
Can't wait

Anyway, what the fuck is so damn interesting about tennis?
Its like badminton with balls.
And then those stupid tennis players have groan everytime they hit
What's their problem?
Its like they think playing tennis is like having sex
Sickening wii?
Damn stupid
I wonder Chong Zhia Hwa does that too.
I dunno.
Don't really give a damn.
Btw, if you ever wonder how I know Mr.Tennis King of Kuching,
He and I were classmates since primary 1 till Form 3
After that, Zhia Hwa jumped the bandwagon to SMK Green Road
I wonder Green Road's principal is as glory-houndish as
Helen Tan of SMK Sungai Maong
Puan Faridah of SMK Batu Lintang
If it is, then Helen Tan is just perfect for me.
Becuz all those BL blogs that I have read
(not only jonathan ok, daniel and some others too. Just too lazy to do links)
makes Helen Tan look like a mouse.
Besides Helen Tan is a caring principal.
(I am not kissing ass. I am just saying how fortunate of me)
Anyway screw that.

In order to redeem myself
is going to upload 3 matches
1. the divas bikini battle royal
2. Carlito & Victoria VS Ric Flair & Torrie Wilson
3. Lashley & Cena vs Khali, Umaga and Shane McMahon

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie
Read your post
Real Romantic
"I wish you were here so we could talk till the sun rises"
"Miss you so bad"
Makes me wanna

Monday, May 28, 2007

Candice Michelle vs Melina Perez
Candice is seriously improving
Check her match with WWE Women's Champion,
Amazing Visuals

Then you are seriously blind
Changed my layout!
Yay Me!!!!
(Youn know what I am gonna do)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Congratulations Jordin Sparks!!!!
Here is her new single
This is my now

To My Best Friend, Aaron
Happy BFF Day Sweetheart
Cha know I will always be with you.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Dude like whatever!
I wish I can have my driving licence with me
Plus a new car
So that I can drive to Joshua's
And then
Yeah, right.

At time before math exam
I feel so damn lonely
Everybody was chatting away
Jamie flirting with Elton
Jeremy, Franco, Alex and Luke fooling around
Jenny and her gang of future fat, ugly clothed bitch-ass skanks talking about stuff
Don't ask me
I am so not interested in tacky shit
Like your wat liao?
Shao Nian Zhou Cang or something like that.
The lousy chinese catalog where you order stuff.
Price range from 50 cents to under 20 bucks.
Liang Jiun and Liong Yew taliking about...
on second thought
I have no friggin idea what the hell they are talking about.
Cyril and his pals are talking and bonding
Victor and Xiang Lun are talking about games
Whacked up Mei Shan and her fellow sidekick Catherine laughing like crazy old women with billions of cats
Michelle L and Michelle C and Andrea are trying to tolerate their mental problems
Eric, like the dog he is
Lying by Jenny's side
The way she pats him really makes him look like 1
Even my exes don't treat me like that
Rachel, Jenascia, Roxanne, Samantha, Alexis, Lauren, Raquel, Alana, Chelsea and Lindsey never treated me like that.

I know that I have been bitching about everyone.
Maybe its that lonely feeling
The way people diss me or cutting me off like other ppl are more important,
just pisses me off.
Ppl just don't appreciate me
I know I am way different but seriously that does not mean that I am like some freaking alien
Its sick!
Do you know how does it feel to freakishly


You know what
I love the fact that my days in Sungai Maong are numbered

I DON"T NEED TO SEE YOUR FUCKING FACES EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, May 21, 2007

Sean's Coming Out Party
It was a friday night
I know that I am supoosed to study Moral Suckies
but I didn't (It's pointless and bogus anyway)
So I did something I vowed I would never do
Something very stupid
The dangers are high
But I did it anyway cuz
1. I am a stuborn prick
2. I get 10 bucks for just attending
3. I am seriously and obviously nuts and have officailly lost my mind
4. Moral is shit, why does the Ministry of Education put such bogus subjects in our school curriculum?

So I went to Sean's coming out party.
So that he can announce to the world that he is gay
Bogus reason to have a party
Bagus becuz I really need to party.
So there I was, riding with Lucy's Proton Savvy
(Stupid looking car, but she thinks its cute.)
I even said that I would never be caught dead in it.
Unfortunately I did.

I arrived and give Sean a kiss on the cheek and a hug
Please note on the CHEEK.
and walked in
Strangely enough the guy who I kissed did not tried to rape me and tear my pants off.
I went in to dance and gave those hormonal 20-year-old guys a eye-candy
When I sat and took a rest
Ppl keep on asking me this Goddamn stupid question
"Are you Sean's boyfriend"
"No" I replied calmly
"But you kiss him and hug him bo!"
"Only on the cheek"
"So? You are his boyfriend becuz you kiss him"
Are these ppl stupid or just way too dumb and naive
Cuz conservative and discreet is out of the question.
After that the geeky guys play spin the bottle
(becuz no one wants to make out with them)
I made out with Samantha, Lucy and Sean only becuz he is the host
Plus Joshua, twice
He is cute but our chemistry is seriously physical
So I made out with him 4 times
I think
I lost count but I know its more than that
Then ppl keep on asking me the same Goddamn stupid question this time on Joshua
I am too tired to argue cuz my lips are sore from lip-locking, spit-sharing and kissing
So I said yes
Then they said you are so damn lucky and started asking what does he taste like
These idiots never get off my back!
I said like quiche lorraine
They asked what is that
Seriously, aren't gays supposed to be cultural and metro and stuff.
I am straight and I know all about culture and metrosexuality
I said fly to france.
They said "Wow! You have been to france Ah?!!"
Obviously geography also not that good
Quiche comes from Israel dumbass
Every bakery in Kuching has it, just look more closely
So they talked and talked
Ppl made out
Seriously though, i don't where Sean pick upp those ppl from
Middle of the street?
They are hunky
(Some of them)
But all are duds
Some even play Chinese Chess during the party
(Sean's little bro loves chinese chess thanks to his dad's influence)
Boy, these ppl are serious duds.
Apparently my school has a lot of them.
Seriously, how many trees died just so they can play that stupid thing?
Its supposed to make paper!
Honestly, in a party there should be things banned from it
Like Chinese Chess!

So then I made out with another two guys
Chien Kiong and Gabriel
Chen Kiong is dark, muscular with spiky red hair
Gabriel is also dark but skinny with black hair
Something like Carlos Mendez
Then I heard ppl saying like that old chinese proverb
One leg step on two boats
Brendan Goh?
One leg step two boats?
Or in this case three?
Me, one leg step on your nards is more like it!
My relationship with them is seriously platonic
Besides Gabriel ain't that hot
But Chee Kiong and Joshua maybe
What they are hot, you can't doubt that.
Neeways, I left at midnight
Slept at Joshua's
And no
Nothing happen...yet
Unless you consider sleeping in the same bed
then yes.

But then whatever
My life is my life
and that's the way how I lead it.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Inferno 3
Nice show, check it out at
Writer's Block
When you get that in exams,
it means total destruction
And I was a victim.
So I had chosen the narrow escape.
I can't think of anything
I stared into space for about 20 minutes
Did the first question
Then began the narrow escape
I have thought 5 TV shows that can symbolise that title
1. American Idol
Because of that moment being in live TV and stuff is so exciting but then nothing interesting
2. Heroes
Some scene about the cop who can read minds getting thrown out of the window and survived but I did not chose that because its not logical
3. Desperate Housewives
The hostage situation that got Nora killed but then, I can't imagine myself being Lynette
4. Ugly Betty
How many times did she almost got fired again?
5. America's Next Top Model
Now that's something
Btw, I arrived late too.

So I started my essay saying that therer were seven girls left
After much contemplating, I wrote the seven girls.
1. Joanne Fong
2. Beverly Jong
3. Jenascia Stewarts
4. Hu Chi from Death to Supermodels
5. Trishelle aka Joon Ching
6. Lakisha Jones
7. Roxanne stewart
I wrote as Roxanne and yes she is dating yours truly during the competition
No rachel and sammy though
Been there done that
So i wrote and wrote till asked Ricky the time and he said six minutes left
The bell rang before i even finished
My ending sucks literally
Damn lah
Should have followed harry potter or charmed or even mountain climbing!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Like whatever
My brother is one of the world's most paraniod idiots in the world
Its only 1.15 and he already wants to go to PBK
Honestly, it starts at 2
Other ppl haven't finish and you are already there
So damn stupid

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A little direction
So you all know that i am recently bi
Well I guess its time to shed the light
Well, not really
but there is this quiz you can do.
to help you prove that you are gay or straight
It doesn't really determine that you are gay or straight
Its the fact that the person you fall with
Let it be a man or a woman
Or else why is there a thing called homosexuality in this world
It really does boil down to who will be your love of your life Open the range a little
Or else you may regret for the rest of your life
Life is all about living it to the fullest.
Btw, you have two options : man and woman
But that doesn't mean that you can't add quirky comments!

1. Who do you see sleeping beside you when you wake up every morning

2. Who do you imagine having your wedding with?

3. Who is the person you are fucking?
A really HOT guy!

4. Who do you see strolling with you in the park?
A guy

5. Who do you see lip-locking in the movies?

6. During a thunderstorm at the middle of the night, who is the person you are holding very tightly?
A man definitely

7. When you walk into the bathroom, you see your toiletries and a...

8. When you are in a party, you are most likely be caught in a closet with...
A sizzling brunette woman

9. In your sexual fantasies, you are most likely having sex with a...

10. When you are holding your first newborn, who will be there watching him with you?
A woman who had just given birth

11. Who do you kiss goodbye every morning before you go off?
A woman

12. The person's shoulder you are lying on while watching a movie at home belongs to a...

13. Final question: You are sharing food with a...?

Turns out I am straight.