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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Bitch is coming back

Sydney is fun, it is awesome here.
Although, yes, I do admit that my social life has not been exactly flowering the way I think its supposed to be with constant parties and stuff.
I felt that I do indeed made progress in what as I feel to be possible blooming of friendships.
Although I still want to have fun,
I do believe that it is time that I am going to have to take my life seriously.

I guess... maybe its time that I take my life seriously
Do the things I want to do as well as getting started in a career.
I guess the fact that life is moving on made me realize that it is time to make my move
I have a lot of aspirations but as usual I lack focus and direction.
I need to steer myself properly.
I need to release myself from the constraints that are imposed upon me
I have to realize that when I do things, I do it for me and no one else
I understand that there is a possibility of a lonely road ahead but hey, I have walked that road for 5 years, its not going to be a scary and unfamiliar one.
What is scary is leaving the familiar one
However, I am always known to break out and go my own way.

I guess this trip home is not one of pleasantry.
It is about wrapping up some unsolved shit.
Causing new trouble as well as fixing existing and potential ones
Sort of like a coming out of retirement for a goodbye tour.

As for now, I do feel that film, television and writing are what I wanted to do
Accounting is a safety net that I do not wish to need or rely upon
I felt fortunate to have experienced other possibilities that I can achieve in my life
But as to attain enlightenment and happiness, I know where the path lies.
The story goes on...
The adventure continues...
And most important of all
The bitch is back

Friday, November 04, 2011

Creativity, where are you?

It shouldn't be a problem right? Its just 2,000 words. I write novels okay? NOVELS
But yet, I am still creatively stifled about my contemporary france essay
Other than that, I have tons of other things to worry about

For one, I tried enrolling for my French Langauge and Culture 1 for next semester but I am not allowed to enrol due to some stupid requisite problem, I sent an e request to be allowed to be enrolled and until now, no reply.
Things have been pretty shit for me lately.
I am finding it difficult to find my new support system
I am having difficulty finding jobs
I am spending the next 3 months in KL and my hometown.
It's just a lot to take in
Plus, I am at that point where I feel I should be like making money now and not bumming around
And yet, I am.
Which sucks and its self defeating.
Exams are looming around the corner as well. 

Don't get me wrong, I mean I love it here
This place is awesome
Its just that something is missing
And the retarded enter button in this computer in the uni is fucking annoying.
That is not helping either.
I am creatively frustrated, my temper is certainly on the rise
Unlike before, I realize that I am bottling up my feelings most of the time now.
I need to let the drama out, maybe going back is the right move.
Either way, I will continue to grow, I will be strong.

But in all honesty, I feel like I should cut my hair or bitch about how the losers back home would treat the uni here.
I bet 10 bucks that they will think Building One of UTS is a shopping mall because of the escalators installed there.
It will be like this

Average Reasonable Person: Good, an escalator. It will serve its purpose nicely. *Walks up quickly while assited with the motion of escalator*

You Know Who: OMG, an escalator. *Stands and looks at scenery like she is cruising on shopping mall*. I feel like I am in a  mall *giggle*

Yeah, that sort of stuff. Anyway, ciao bellas. Gotta go deal with reality.