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Monday, February 23, 2009

Go Bald, Give Hope (The Chronology)

While I am in London, please enjoy this post.

Well, as you all know, I attended Kenny Sia's 'head-shaving ceremony' at the Spring, Kuching.
As you can see the pic above, he seems somewhat nervous.

Jamie and her not so voluptuous, if-she-were-a-few-feet-taller-I-would-marry-her stature handling the camera and doing camera stuff and acting busy. Jealous? No. Its JUST Kenny Sia, not Perez Hilton. Or me. If Jamie is filming me, yeah, I should be jealous. Cause it should be ME FILMING ME in front of my (in future) millions of Brendzblog Legionaires! But since I don't have an identical twin (or clone) guess I would have to settle with anyone. She takes direction well.

As you can see, a small segment was decorated with stuff and I donated like 15 bucks and got a bookmark and a pin-thingy. Whoopee...

Kenny, (not the change of clothes), is having a few words with the Prez of SSSC himself, Prez of SSSC (sorry, couldn't bother about your name.)

Camera catches a glimpse of Kenny a few times and he did not do some girly uh Chio (copied from Falling Snow Chick with an American boyfriend.) pose. Instead, he does the goofy ones, lol.

Jamie, seriously focused and looking at the video, video-ing every moment. Ooh... exciting. Either that or she is day dreaming about Fillet O Fish again, no idea.

Kenny giving a speech... Yay! COME ON, DUDE! SHAVE YOUR HEAD ALREADY! I am missing AMERICAN IDOL for THIS? Man, people shave their head in the name of cancer, still need speech. Waste of time. Event more wasteful than the American Idol Results Show, The Moment of Truth and Deal or No Deal combined.

PHOTO-OP! *cues Melina's Paparazzi theme* Kenny points his precious locks one last time before its all gone, let the shaving commence!

TADAH! Kenny Sia, BALD. BALD move. BALD move, indeed. BTW, Cutting Edge is doing this. Apparently after hearing numerous complaints from friends, cousins, ex-boyfriends and future kepo grandmas, they done something right.

After Kenny shaves his head, he wanted to raise another 2500 on the spot. And so, the money flows in again and he goes BALDER.


They drag a kid suffering leukemia out. Aww, so cute! In a weird alien-ish sort of way. His hair is gone due to chemo. And a funny quote from the Prez dude: CANCER IS NOT CONTAGIOUS.
Seriously, like, we dunno this? I even knew that cancer is not contagious and I am sure anyone who goes to school and pay attention to classes know so too. What kind of idiot thinks its contagious? Oh well blame the people who live on trees then. Yeah we have people who live on trees in Kuching, well their brains are.

Here are a few hints
  1. They are not famous but they appear on newspapers frequently
  2. Most of them do not manage their money well (embezzlement)
  3. They give out empty threats
  4. They put people in the Malaysian equivalent of Guantanamo Bay just cause you speak your mind
  5. You know that they cannot afford luxury yet somehow they have Rolls Royce, Big House, Seven Wives, etc.
  6. They are religious extremists.
Back to the topic
A little camera session with them, and I get to rub his head. He is such a nice guy. I think the girlfriend dumped him cause he is fat. So he went to phuket, hairless.

There you have it, the remnants of Kenny's hair. They are not going to phuket. They go to someplace where they can rot peacefully. Here is a hint.

"Could somebody get a vacuum?''

Thursday, February 19, 2009


My last post, Sam, remember?
Well, Sam has chosen to go with the internship in Penang.
Sam's hometown
Which leaves me devastated.
Apparently, Sam thinks I am not important enough.

Btw, the bastard broke me off from FACEBOOK
of all places,
My life is worse than Kathy Griffin's.
Here it is

Didn't really get to reply ur msn it's either i'm busy with my assignments, poor wifi here... but the last msg i was actually meeting with my tutor. Anyway, about the practical, i got a good offer in a famous firm in penang, and i think im sticking to it. thx for offering to help me, now i hav two firms at hand.. dono how to reject the other...

So... damn professional.
Damn, hope that firm crumbles down and declare bankruptcy.
But I have to say, career comes first
I am happy for Sam
though I am terribly sad that I can't fuck the shit out of Sam

Oh well, maybe I am too nice.

My trip to London is tomorrow morning, 11.05 a.m.
So I will be there around 10-ish.
I guess.
I posted this kind of late
So I don't think any of you guys will come and wish me a safe flight.
Funny that I am not bragging and in-your-facing you people that I am going to London for a month for holidays.
Its just London, okay.
Some of you people will get there later in life.
I just got there earlier that's all.

Man, I am actually getting more and more impatient by the second
This trip is not only an opportunity for me to explore the land of the UK
But it is also a time for me to find myself.
NS maybe a great time for all you people
But I felt like I lost a part of myself.
I need to get my life in check
I don't know if I am depressed or not
But I feel like my life sucks
After all, I am going to LONDON and PARIS of all places and I am unfazed by it.
Maybe my time there
Will get me to change a few perspectives in my life
After all, I really felt like I am stagnant now.

Its sad.
Maybe what I need is some romance.
Maybe what I need is more schoolwork
Maybe this and maybe that
Oh well, I am unhappy in life, in general
I need to feel like I am worthy of living
Waking up everyday, looking forward to the day and the next with full enthusiasm instead of depression.
This trip is probably what I need now,
And I need it, badly

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Emotional Drama

I know that I have not been fulfilling my blogging duties lately.
By the way, this is one of those emotional cryptic dramas.
Its about a possibility of a romance.
Yeah, real life story.
But names have been changed and some details are not mentioned for 3 reasons
  1. To protect my privacy
  2. To protect the person's privacy
  3. To piss you people off.
Sam and I met about a year ago.
Sam is on the West side and I am on the East side of Malaysia
We click so well in so many things.
Our msn conversations are usually really long, as long or possibly longer than the posts on Casa La 7.
We talk about almost everything.
We have common taste in music and common philosophies in life
Sometimes we felt that our friendship is more of a relationship

And then, Sam disappeared.
Like after 3 months of daily chatting, Sam just vanished
I never noticed at first, thinking that Sam is just very busy.
It took me a while to realize that Sam does not want to talk to me anymore
Hurt, I cut Sam off my msn contacts.
It was not until last month, Sam came back into my life.
So you bet I was still pissed, I took Sam back as a friend anyways.
And then, the romance between us came back.
Then we talked about a lot of things

Now, Sam is going to do Sam's internship.
Which means Sam has the opportunity to do Sam's internship here, in Kuching
I even received Sam's resume and letter, just in case.
If Sam comes here, we are practically dating for 3 months.
However, Sam has been really busy lately
and still has not made a decision yet.
Which in turn, pisses me off

There it is, an opportunity to have a possible romance with a guy you are so into.
And yet, you hesitated.
I thought it was going to be a no brainer
Since we have serious feelings for each other.
Its not lust, I can tell you that
We wanted to share our dreams and lives together.
We usually look into each other for advice and comfort.
And there are times, we felt like we are already a couple.
Yet Sam is till somewhat holding back
It was a serious piss off.
Sam broke my heart once
You think I would let Sam back into my life, romantically?
Probably not.

I am honestly, in an emotional dilemma right now
I have never felt so confused in my life.
Last time it was add math, now Most Confusing Moment goes to my drama with Sam.

Sam, if you are reading this
Which I doubt
Well, I know that we have serious feelings for each other
If you think that I am important, it would be a no brainer for you to come here to Kuching to do your practical.
I really need some form of closure
I need to know that we have a potential romance for each other
I need to move on with my life, with or without you.

I want to date you
I want to know the real Sam
I want to hug you
I want to see you in flesh and not in webcam
I want to kiss your lips and taste your mouth instead of imagining them
I want you, period

Which is why, I might go with this ultimatum
Come to Kuching or get out of my life.
I have decided to lay it all down.
At least till the next internship comes.

Readers, do you have any advice for me?
The practical starts in April.
If you have been reading my blog for the past two years
This is the time that I need the Oprah or Tyra in you to help me with the relationship advice.
I just want to say that I love you people
And I hope you respond.

Man, if I am in KL, this wouldn't have happened
Hopefully my time in London can set my head straight.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Don't You Know (I Love You)

Don't you know that I am worried for you?
Don't you know that I want to be with you?
Don't you know that I have fallen in love with you?
Don't you know that I want to make love to you?

Your face is like a vision of beauty
Your personality shines among the stars
I can't help myself but be attracted to you
Isn't that enough for you to come?

I know you feel the same way about me
I know you can't wait to be with me
So when the opportunity comes?
Why the hell are you so confused?

Let me make this clear to you that

I love you
I wanna spend my time with you
You are the person that I want
The person that I wanna love
Everytime I wake up,
I know what I live for

It is you,
no one else but you
You are my inspiration
Can't you see that
I Love You

Don't you know that I have dreams of us alone in the beach?
Don't you know that I want us to share a peach?
Don't you know that I want to show people the rhythm of our beat?
Don't you know that I crave your body's meat?

Your lips are so yummy
Your eyes are so dreamy
Your body ignites my fantasy
Don't you know every part of you is perfect to me?

Your warmth comforts me
Your cries will concern me
Your dreams will be shared by me
Don't you know that I want you to be with me?

So let me remind you that

I love you
I wanna spend my time with you
You are the person that I want
The person that I wanna love
Everytime I wake up,
I know what I live for

It is you,
no one else but you
You are my inspiration
Can't you see that
I Love You

Oh baby can't you see that?
I am so addicted to you
I love you with all my heart
cause someone like you deserves it very much

Oh baby don't you know

I love you
I wanna spend my time with you
You are the person that I want
The person that I wanna love
Everytime I wake up,
I know what I live for

It is you,
no one else but you
You are my inspiration
Can't you see that
I Love You

I love you
I wanna spend my time with you
You are the person that I want
The person that I wanna love
Everytime I wake up,
I know what I live for

It is you,
no one else but you
You are my inspiration
Can't you see that
I Love You

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Long, Bitchy Ramble.

I know that its been centuries since I posted one of those bitchy posts where I insult someone at everything he or she does.
Well you are in luck, cause this is one of them

I was watching Real World:Brooklyn.
You know enjoying the four walls of my room, watching people causing drama, this is the only Real World show I followed since Denver so that was a real LONG time ago.
Anyway, this season is a big touch on the emotional stuff instead of wild parties and hookups.
Which I prefer, cause it lets some of the boring stuff out.

What is a piss off is that when you are almost finish watching the show
SOME IDIOT decided to go to sleep
In turn selfishly turning off the wifi in my house.

What Happened?




When I come down, you know what that fucktarded 16 year old, itchy jacket loving, metal headed CHAO AH BENG said?
'I thought you went to bed' was his careless reply.



That little fucktard should have come up and ASKED ME first
How inconsiderate of that person.

Now, I am stuck here, blogging
NO real world
NO happy Brendan
But more him than me

Now what should I do?
Download Porn?
Watch Porn?
Or Masturbate while downloading and watching Porn?

Damn, I can't wait to go to London
Peace of mind.
I am gone for one month
Who doesn't want time alone from his nutcase brother.

As for my car,Sasha, I am gonna pity her/him.
She/he is gonna be Benged up(not Banged but Benged)
by the little fucktard when he recieves him/her.
He wants to paint it MAUVE
HOW GAY (sorry about my language) is that?
Then that little fucktard wants to turn it into roadkill on wheels
and play guitar hero songs 24/7 while he is in the car, adding CHEAP surround sound and a possible port especially for DOTA!


By the way, someone only cut off my internet connection and my anger ramble is THIS long.
Imagine if a bastard is playing with my heart and suddenly pissing me off and decided not to go with my plan.
I need a girlfriend.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Brendan Goh goes OSCAR 1: Slumdog Millionaire

This is my first Pre-Oscar movie review I will only review for best picture and best director nominees (cause the movies nominated are the same) because a. I don't enough time to watch every nominated movie (Oscars are on 22nd February) b. I don't have much cash to spend on buying tickets to watch everything.
If anyone of you people have downloaded the following films, Frost/Nixon, Milk, Rachel Getting Married (not nominated but wanna watch), The Wrestler (same as Rachel Getting Married) please be kind enough to leave a message on the shoutbox. Will be truly grateful, might even get you something from LONDON!

Slumdog Millionaire is nominated for:
  1. Best Picture
  2. Best Director
  3. Best Adapted Screenplay
  4. Best Cinematography
  5. Best Film Editing
  6. Best Original Score
  7. Best Original Song (2 nominations in this category)
  8. Best Sound Editing
  9. Best Sound Mixing
All in all, there are 10 nominations

In short, a small summary can be described as so:

Jamal Malik is a street boy who lived in the slums of India. He has joined the show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and is one question away to win 20 million rupees. The show made him and overnight superstar, an Indian Slum Miracle. However, he was suspected for cheating, therefore he was arrested and interrogated. The questions in the show revealed his past and every scene in it is a clue and answer to the question. Along side him is his brother, Salim and his lover, Latika.

Before you read on, I would like to warn you that some parts may contain hints of spoilers.

What did Slumdog Millionaire score on.

The direction of the movie is supreb, the scenes captured made me felt as if I was watching a book, unfolding all of its contents. Some scenes are flashy, some scenes are slow and hit pretty much all the perfect places. He depicted a sort of the true and harsh life of Indian slums. The movie also reminded me of Chinese gangster movies with the characters interaction with the gangsters. Also this movie sort of tells children, strangers maybe nice but they are only nice to you for their own profit. It also tells how unappreciated most slum children were. This movie is cruel, sick and mean in terms of how the story is going in general. But the cruel, sick and mean parts were actually the highlight of it, it makes you wanna pull an Angelina Jolie and adopt an Indian slum orphan. (Something that she actually haven't do... yet. I hope I get to do that when I get my celeb status.)

The story is definitely chilling and emotional at the same time. This is not your stupid action movie where everyone goes Sarah Palin and shoot people around and then camwhoring in the last scene. At least there are some gunfights that are simple, none of that missed suspense. It also depicts how harsh life is for some people, makes you sympathize for them and at the same time, glad that you are in your room getting a foot rub from an Asian illegal immigrant which acts as your personal foot rub and foot stool. It also shows you how greatful you are to not jump into a pile of poop, just to get Amitabh Bachan's autograph.

Its a story about love and action, only more emotional and stuff, really its heartbreaking. But not heartbreaking enough to drive me to tears. So far only Brokeback Mountain is the only Oscar animated movie that made me cry.

The story telling, the scenes are enticing and makes you feel real. Overall, a great movie to watch. 5 out of 5. I wish it the best of luck in the oscars.

Slumdog millionaire might carry away

  1. Best Director
  2. Best Picture
  3. Best Cinematography
  4. Best Film Editing

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Like a Druggie That was Injected With a New Formula of Heroin

During the Chinese New Year and the preparations before the actual celebration.
I felt as if my mind was in a stance
Stagnant, blocked, unmoved.
I knew I got a bad case of Writer's Block.
Then I suddenly realized.
I make AMAZING POSTS when I am absolutely angry!

Its like being a firebender in avatar!
They channel their firebending through anger
as a source of inspiration
When I feel bitchy or comical, I felt so much relief.
Tapping through my energy
Feeling it moving through my veins and nerves
The juice of creativity, alive on my wrist
The impulse and instinct of writing, at the tips of my fingertips.
Tapping the energy onto the keyboard.
The feeling of writing is amazing

I feel very much alive.
I am back bitches!
Maybe even, bitchier than ever.

See. when I write when I am angry
I am able to observe details around me
Time slows down, allow me to feel the channel of energy within me
Letting me to bitch about every single little detail.

(Now all I need is my confidence back)
Then I am ready to tackle shit

How did I get them back?
Simple, by diving to the mouth of the devil
Also known as the dump of the high school I used to attend.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

London bound

Hey my faithful Brendzblog legionnaires.
(Wait till I think of a suitable name for you people)
I will be going to the London from the 20th of February to March 15th.
If you haven't realized the video that I posted about a week ago is about me going to London.
So yeah, I will also be taking a train to Paris for a day, maybe two.

Also, support Kenny Sia getting his head shaved, ok?

Right now, not really in a mood to post new stuff or more about the cancer stuff
So hold on, hold your horses.
My emotional side has been haywire and dried all day.
On the 12th of February, 8 pm, I will be at spring to donate some cash and rub the guy's head,lol.