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Sunday, March 28, 2010

It changes colour once its exposed to the sun's rays.

Awesome eh? I will try to get a better version soon.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Man Up

The fact that I am blogging less and less lately is absolutely not a good sign at all, I have been very very busy these days with headhunting runners and debating and what not. Adding in the my financial information systems homework that never seem to end, having 5 dogs to raise and having TV shows to catch, its a huge wonder where I just cannot find some time for myself.

Well, my hunt of runners is over now and its time for a short breather before I am heading off doing more head hunting, especially the ever elusive female co-host, you have to know that like 98% of the students in Swinburne Sarawak lack English skills, zero charisma and have serious fears in socializing with others outside of their social circle or one or two of the aforementioned three.

Also, I found out that they are also afraid of something so scary, so evil, so monumentally astoundingly shocking and dangerous that literally almost everyone in the lecture hall ran out in pure fear and adrenaline when the lecturer announced it.

What is it that was so terrifyingly scary?

Musical chairs.

I am not kidding, when the lecturer announced that they are playing muscial chairs and by musical chairs, I mean tossing a piece of stupid paper around and just writing stuff on a piece of paper and you ran to the hills like scalded dogs with a case of rabies on crack?

Oh, by the way the fastest ones are guys. Did I mention that most of the guys in Swinburne are pussies? Oh yes, they are big pure pussies or small, infertile, insignificant 2 inch dicks. All of them are the same, they act big, they talk big, they walk big, but when it comes to actually DO something... you can hear crickets or an omnious crowl of a lonely dark crow in the distance.

You see, my runners are basically my warriors, they will all be doing the heavy lifting during the debate competition and as runners as the word says, you will be doing a lot of running. I have 5 guys who volunteered, the rest all chickened out, or become recluse hermits like Guiliano. Speaking of Guiliano, Guiliano lets go shopping! Since you watch movies with old friends, then we go shopping, you cannot do everything with old friends you know, you must move forward! TOWARDS THE FUTURE, WHERE I AM STANDING.

Anyways, back to men being pussies. When I mean men, I do not include the prominent male members of the debate club, my beloved runners and future helpers of the debate club competition. I do however include those of you who have shit coloured hair, like girls who act stupid because you are too stupid yourself that is why you wanna act smart but actually are more stupid than smart because you are acting smart and not actually smart which means you are fake clever and not clever in the first place, therefore your fucked up theories of that was thought up by you are not smart but are actually misjudgments and fallacies of your pathetic brain whose size is as large as your two inch penis. Got it?

Whatever happened to the good old fashioned values of the men of the olden days... if there are good old fashioned valued men of the olden days, you know, a sense of duty and responsibility and not MOOCHING OF YOUR FRIEND WHEN YOU NEED HIM THE MOST AND THEN DUMPING HIM WHEN HE NEEDS YOU THE MOST.

Seriously, the guys of Swinburne (if you can call yourselves guys, I prefer pussyboys, or fuck objects) need to wake up and smell the fag in the air. Don't you know that this uni is a popular haven for homosexual prowlers?

Monday, March 15, 2010

A new semester...

With my horrifyingly poor and dropping CGPA in my last exam, I am definitely living the Survivor's Heroes vs Villains motto

Return, Revenge and Redemption

Yeah, I want good grades and I want them bad but its pretty hard to concentrate in class these days. Especially in the afternoons or if I have a three hour class. I found myself that, by the third hour, I am pretty much dozing off. I dunno why but I don't like spending my time in Swinburne, it just drains and saps all the energy out of me...

However, I have to say, Swinburne is getting more civilized... in management. The days of literally rumbling down the stairs like... you guessed it... a survivor challenge are long gone. Now it is all online based. All you need to do is simple, get your friends together and fill all the 25 slots available in the tutorial and you are pretty much done. Rather than the 2 scenarios below.

Scenario A
Basically, what they do is that they announce the Tutorial number and if they are kind, the day and time. After that, it is basically a mad rush down the stairs, hoping you get one of the available tutorial slots that you like

Scenario B
Some gay ass bitch think he is Tyra and starts selecting people at random to go for the tutorial... so not working and unfair.

As for my classes this year which are Business Information Systems, Financial Information Systems, Organization and Management and Introduction to Business Law... well they are okay I guess.

Management is pretty much like group therapy and learning how to team together. Overall, its pretty liberating to be left alone but at the same time, we may stray a lot.

As for Law, well, it is my major, haha but I only attended one class and tutorials are this Thursday

Financial information systems is known to have the highest failing rate in the School of Commerce. A lot of work to do and a lot of reading too. The damn book wieghs a ton, heavy as hell... honestly.

As for Business Information Systems, I think I am in the deep shit category because I don't know what am I supposed to do with it!!! I know the computer part but the theories are pretty confusing, a little deer in headlights moment for me.

Plus with me as Secretary of the Debate Club (goodness gracious with the paperwork) and being a part of the Student Council and with me still in consideration to pick up a third club. (drama, some kind of sport, CPA), I am in one hell of a year this year. Hence the lesser and lesser blog post. Come on, I am already until my 416th post, gimme a break.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

The List

1. Edina Chong (12.20am) (Swinburne)
2. Daniel Ling (12.36 am) (Swinburne)
3. Cyril Lee (12.37 am) (Sungai Maong)
4. Wong JJ (12.52 am) (NS)
5. Mun Yin (12.59 am) (Sungai Maong)
6. Athena Chai (1.55 am) (Sungai Maong)
7. Elton Jong (8.03 am) (Sungai Maong)
8. Melissa Hui (8.17 am) (Sungai Maong)
9. Adeline Chai (9.12 am) (Chung Hua)
10. Guiliano Chang (9.16 am) (Swinburne)
11. Siaw Wee (9.18 am) (Swinburne)
12. Jia Jin (9.22 am) (Swinburne)
13. Jeremy Lim (10.10 am) (Sungai Maong)
14. Stephanie Seem (10.40 am) (Swinburne)
15. Luna Chin (11.08 am) (Swinburne)
16. Vun Tze Hui (11.55 am) (Chung Hua)
17. Kelvin Chong (12.06 pm) (Swinburne)
18. Vincent Chung (12.23 pm) (Sungai Maong)
19. Adrien Ting (12.33 pm) (Swinburne)
20. Olivia Sim (12.35 pm) (Swinburne)

Try and make the list next year, and congrats to those who made it, especially Edina! HAHAHAHA. Aight that all