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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I can't stop cursing.

My mouth is like a hub for profanties. I call it the 'Profinaty Hotel in the Brendan Goh's Mouth'
I just can't help it
It is like everything bad or annoyed that has happened to me
I would just curse
It is such a bad habit
A bad habit that sometimes I don't feel like myself when I not curse.

By the way, do you know that I curse more than 99% of facebook users?
See how nasty my mouth is?
Oh and it's not a phase, the cursing stands
It is just the curse words that rotate amongst themselves.
How am I going to deal with this.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Immortalized as 3rd

I am a finalist
I got 3rd
No longer allowed to compete
Immortalized as number 3 forever
Fuck My Life

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best

I am happy.
I guess deep inside its been a while that I actually smile for joy.
Into the final four of the debate cup
A chance to win big
A best debater trophy, signifying recognition and status of high value and rank
A proud senior who loves me like her very own little brother
A bunch of friends who you know will be family.
All I need is a lover by my side and it will be all perfect.
Life so far has been great, given the circumstances.

But I am hungry
I still want more
I want the grand prize
I want to win big
It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
It will be tense
It won't be lighthearted
And I will get my emotions in it but I won't let it get the best of me.

I know I sounded like I didn't believe that I was considered to be among the best
Beating someone who you thought would be a shoo in all along
And its true
I lack confidence in myself when I debate
I still look up to those people as my seniors
Nothing can change that
Though I am pleasantly surprised.

But now, I am ready
For the final battle
I don't care if you are Swinburne, UiTM or Unimas
All of you are going down
I want to be the sole survivor, the winning team, the only one left standing.
I am prepared to fight and give it my all.
There is nothing to lose form here on out.
But I can honestly tell you guys
I am nervous
I am tense
I felt like there is a ticking time bomb where I will crack and burst into an ejaculation of stummers and short circuitry.
I know its all on me now
I guess all I want you to say is...
Wish me good luck
I think I will need it.

Monday, October 04, 2010

That damn Gray Cardigan.

When I saw it, it literally felt like there is a gold light shining on it among the tons of clothes squeezed together on the clothes rack.
Okay, fine, it maybe the glaring orange light and the heat of my shopaholic glazed ecstasy that made me felt like God was shining a light on to that rack.
But hey, a glowing light is a glowing light right?
So anyway, there it was, oh so shiny, oh so gray, oh so damn sexy looking and the material, oh my god, it looks fantastic!
Did I mention it was grey and not my usual obsession with purple?
Oh god, just thinking about it makes me feel so euphoric.
Its like heaven.

I was literally thinking like how a girl would assess and dream about a perfect future husband
Except well, I am a guy and this is one awesomely hot gray cardigan.
Anyway, I plan to buy this awesome looking gray cardigan on a day where I would have debate training
And then I would show it off and go all dramatic and obsessed about it
After that I would rub my forearm while to feel the awesome cardigan fabric while admiring the color, the texture, the sheer knit of the fabric.
I would wear that cardigan with me, so comfortable yet not so thick.
Perfect for debating, I can imagine myself debating while wearing that awesome piece of knitwear. 
I love my Camden Town hoodie but no offenese but I so need another colour
Plus and besides, it is always good to have another addition in my closet and I have never owned a cardigan before (sorry but until today, all of them are pretty sucky).

So, all I need is time
Time for me to get paid,
I am still waiting to get paid
I am getting very impatient
Die Die Die
I can only pray that the cardigan would not disappear.
Oh god.
Sigh... You know discounts and people of Kuching, especially if it concerns Esprit.
Yes, the cardigan I saw is in a discount rack.
Hidden gem, even a trained eye like mine do indeed make omissions
I am human after all.
Till i get it, I can only dream of that gray cardigan.
Remuneration, please come in a bountiful manner and quickly please :)