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Friday, July 27, 2012

It's been a while...

Why hello there, Brendzblog Legionnaires. Yes, it certainly has been quite a while since I posted something for all of you. Things have been somewhat happening. Here is the DL

One: Australs Debating Championship

Yes, I went to Australs, didn't do as well as I expected. As my growth as a debater and an adjudicator has probably met with some obstacles. I certainly realized that I can be better if I have a more experienced team. I find myself leaning towards the fact that I do better if I have people giving me input and work with me. My team does not do that, trust me. Loads of kinks and amateur mistakes were made. Given the fact that there was 3 wins, which is not bad considering a team that was essentially spelling chaos from the beginning, I am somewhat happy and satisfied. However, I certainly did not regret going to Australs. Met great people and hopefully, I get to meet them again.

Two: Graduation

Well, college life is going to be over, whether I like it or not. It certainly is a great time in my life. I certainly hope that there are greater moments that will come. However, I am not the kind of person that reminisce the past, I have to move forward and see what life takes me.

Three: Identity crisis

I have been going through a sort of an identity crisis and I guess I have been undergoing it quite a while. It's certainly a huge change when in the past, I know who I am and I know what I want. But now, things are getting so blurry that I cannot identify who I am as a person any more. I feel like I am losing a part of myself somehow some way. This has definitely been a challenging year for me. I certainly do hope that my path is straight once more. Don't worry, I noticed that I have lost my edge, so yes, I shall regain it again.

Four: Writing

Starting writing stories and now back to a block. I hate myself sometimes.

Five: Romance

What is that?

Six: Berlin Worlds Universities Debating Championship

Let me just say this. There is always politics when something as grand as this is at stake. It's never about sending the best, it's sending who they think is best. Looks like Europe will have to wait.

Seven: Networking

I hate it. I really really hate it. It's so fucking fake.

Eight: Location after graduation

Current plan? What plan? I am a dandelion in the sky. Floating, wandering. Aimlessly with the direction of the win.

Nine: Dogs

I miss my dogs, my babies.

Ten: You guys

Thanks for 6 years of dedication and reading through all my crap. Well, almost six. Six in August though, so that must be very exciting, haha. Anyway, yes. I promise I will pop in from time to time. Although it's frequency, I am certainly quite unsure of. Till then, XOXO.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Things are not going as planned.
Haven't felt this down in a while
I have to say
Nothing interesting so far happening in my life
I guess I am slowly weaning off blogging.

Looking back, I have more friends now than before
I have very close friends who I miss almost everyday and are practically family.
I was busy with school and clubs.
Now, I actually have a lot of free time
But rather plan on staying home...
I don't know.
Felt like this shouldn't happen.
Its a challenging year for me.

Final year of study
Contemplating on whether to ever get this stupid accounting degree to good use
Whether will I ever make it in Hollywood when I am in actuality in the wrong country
Wrong career path as well by the way.

I wouldn't lie, I don't have friends in Australia here.
I am alone
It's tough sometimes you know
Knowing that friendships take time to grow and shit.
That this will take a while
People have life and roots here, everything is so rooted and stable there.
It's hard for me to break in even.
Well, mainly because no one's been going through drama and shit yet.
I guess I probably have to put myself out more.

I need to be more comfortable here
I need to make Sydney my temporary home
It's not where I belong
But I need to make myself feel like I belong, just for a while.
Save enough cash and make that break.
Thing is
I want to do it
Why am I not doing it?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Asian Drivers

Kuching is not safe any more. It is no longer the quaint, polite and quiet small town that it has used to be. This is because of the presence of drivers who no longer care about the simple courtesy and safety of others on the road. The town that used to pride in hospitality and politeness has become an equivalently uncaring Asian city that is even more depressing by the lack of decent shopping malls. 

Motorcycles now hog the center of the road rather than allowing cars to pass through. Cars speed and shift between lanes repeatedly like they are racing while trying to overtake others. People do not use the indicator to indicate that they are changing lanes or turning in. It is common for someone to drive the wrong side of the road to get to a certain area because it's 'faster'. Traffic lights that were meant to regulate traffic and ensure the safety of all road users are now nothing but glorified colourful lamp posts. People now use the flash instead of the honk for some reason. The worse of all is when people try to take justice into their own hands by dangerously risking their lives and others by doing illegal manoeuvres just to punish someone. 

Most of you probably think that I am just being ridiculous or its just a concern from some faux intellectual that tries to be smart and show off his 'powderful England.' This is however, serious. I don't feel safe driving in Kuching roads. I actually hate driving period. If given what I wanted, I would actually buy myself a tank and cruise down the roads, knocking everything away in my path. Sucks to be you, the driver who has to suffer from my tank. At the very least, I know, I am safe.