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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Baby

*Exams season, no time to blog, last paper tomorrow. Current order: fuck up, fuck up, unknown but most likely will be fucking up, depends on how fucked up the assignment is*

Santa Baby,
Slip an iPad under the tree,
For me,
I've been an awful good boy,
Santa baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight

Santa baby,
A Macbook Pro too,
13 inches and accesories too,
I'll wait up for you dear,
Santa baby
So hurry down the chimney tonight
yeah yeah

Think of all the fun I've missed,
Think of all the girls I haven't kissed,
Next year I could be just as good,
If you check off my Christmas list

Santa baby,
I want a Blackberry and really that's not many,
I've been an angel all year,
Santa baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight,

Santa honey
There's one more thing I really do need,
From the Dean,
To a fully paid scholarship at Yale,
Santa honey,
So hurry down the chimney tonight,

Come and trim my Christmas tree,
With some decorations bought at 688,
I really do believe in you,
Let's see if you believe in me,

Santa baby,
Forgot to mention one little thing,
A nano,
And I do mean from Apple
Santa baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight

Monday, November 29, 2010


Its 3 am, I couldn't sleep. I dunno what to blame, my loss or the bad bed that is making my back sore right now. But I think the fact is that I am no longer who I am again. Everytime I did something that I thought was right, never came up as I intended it to be.

But simple fact is this, I am pissed off.

But then again, having uncertainty in the future is what I like the most, it gives me the best opportunity to flip. Either as an ally or as an enemy or nothing but a mere neutral party. I am given the freedom to do whatever I want. I guess that I am free enough to get a part time job, or focus on the drama production more. But whatever it is, my loyalties have been diminished. I felt that I am free to do whatever I want. Like a released pro wrestler, I can go to rival organizations, work independent events, retire, become a personality the list goes on and on.

Oh don't worry, I will still continue. But you will definitely see much much less of me, unless there is a matter of importance arising.

Even though I am pissed that I did not get what I want
I know this

I am free to grow.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A little update on my life

Well, I know I have not been spending as much time as I should have in this blog but the fact is that I have quite a lot of drama in my life right now and my life is also preoccupied with a bunch of other priorities that blogging just has to take a step back. I dunno if its good or bad because I know that I blog whenever I get creative, inspirational, sad or angry but mostly sad and angry. So here is a bunch of stuff that is going on in my life right now.

Hairspray, the musical.
Yes, you are looking at a cast member and the playwrite of this musical. Its basically a modern, glee-ish version of the play. Very feel good and what not. People loved it, it got rave reviews and those of us who require a sense of intellect and wit in the play will certainly love the obvious and not so obvious puns and references in it. However, things may end prefectly but I can sure tell you that along the way, there is literal hell to pay. I faced with envy, animousity and even neglect (how can u forget the script writer in the flyer?). I hated the power players there at first but I ended up valuing them, liking them and respecting them as individuals as we all pulled through in the end. I have to say, it was fun putting up a production.

Yes, I attended prom. It sucked big time. I was pretty pissed off with the layout of the prom. I don't feel like a celebrity and I certainly don't feel like one of the VIPs. Plus the buffet line. I know that everyone is hungry but seriously, there is a thing called a line. There is one line in and one line out. Move in an orderly fashion, not attacking the food! Idiots!We are not chimpanzees, we are human beings! Seriously even refugees at some camp are more orderly than you are. I also saw something absolutely atrocious. Someone stuffed white rice, tomato rice and pasta all into one plate like a pile of carbo haven, godness gracious.

Looming exams mean one thing, less blogging, go figure.

Professional Life
Professionally I guess I would have to say its heading towards the right direction, getting more creative and intellectual side of things down in the resume. Sports which will be a difficult challenge will also come into play sooner or later. My grades are also probably going to slip this semester, things are getting slightly tougher this semester and I am up for the two VP posts at Debaters Club, simply because of my unconfirmed status in the future, I can't be president.

Personal Life
Romance department is a dud. Its failing its dry. Friends though are abundant, I am having a lot more close friends, I have gained new family members. So my social life is not as pathetic as before, but then again, its not my fault that I got sent to a shit hole of a high school but then again, kinda happy as I find myself appreciating my new cast of friends more.

Potential Doom
Lets just say that there is a sequel in the works, difference is the sequel is I like both the tangible and the intangible. And I can only hope that a repeat is not going to happen, its going to be disastrous for me if it happens.

Friday, November 12, 2010

I wonder if he knows

I wonder if he knows, that no matter what he does, the daisies will keep on popping up

I wonder if he knows, the dog he loves so much has so much love to give... to other people

I wonder if he knows, his dog loves me too

I wonder if he knows, the novelty has passed

I wonder if he knows, not to mess with cats when they are not meant to be touch

I wonder if he knows, this cat is going to give him the love prowl

I wonder if he knows, its time for a little GG

I wonder if he knows, something big is coming up

I want him to know, watch out.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Digi 24 Hour Movie Marathon

RM2,500 or an ipod shuffle if you just stay for 24 hours cramped inside dark theater, sitting on the supremely uncomfortable synthetic movie theater seat upholstery and make sure you don't curse loudly, have a conversation or closing your eyes for more than 10 seconds.

Sounds easy huh?

Well, it is. If you just stare at the theater screen for like ever, why not?

But then you gotta pay attention, as questions will be asked on the movies that you have watched

That is when we say, shit happens.

Or if you wanted to put it in the terms of a certain Brit afficienado with a high tendency to curse and where the curse words alternate and have their phases where this certain Brit affiicienado has a high tendency to use them, then you would say: KAH NEE NEH (which literally means "motherfucker" in foochow which this certain Brit afficienado currently constantly uses and has only learned about the actual meaning of the word precisely 48 hours ago and is now trying to use the conventional curse word "bollocks'')

Anyway, I ditched the debaters for this. Yes, I have no principles when it comes to money or desperate because I need the cash, look, whatever makes your dick stand or breast erect is fine with me. I need the cash.

I woke up at, approximately 6 or 7 hours prior to the start of the marathon. Why? Duties first, public speaking competition. Chaos ensued. Thankfully, we prepped well, so even though the delays were horrible, at least we managed to complete within the time frame. But it was almost 11 which is when registration starts.
I was already rushing with Ashik along and met up with Fitria, Tina, Kim Seng and Albert when I learned that I left my disclaimer form at my table lamp. Fuck, so I had to go for another wild goose chase looking for a photocopy machine where Digi thankfully has one. After registering at the last minute, I am in.

My energy was completely drained after entering the theater. Thankfully, a witty, romantic tale of The Time Traveller's Wife set my brain in motion. This is followed by Ip Man, which was really cool to watch. Then came to Pandorum, which was real horrible. Since it is a sci fi thriller.

Then, at the next alternate even numbers (movies number 4, 6, 8 and 10) are all in mother fucking bloody cantoneese. I hated them all, except maybe number 6, which is called Echoes of the Rainbow, a lovely tale and a very very cute guy, okay, in fact there were a bunch of cute male extras in male school uniforms (perverted bi curious fantasies arising that shall no longer be elaborated) But fact is, I think I am pretty fluent in Cantoneese now. Oh well, you are always learning, it can come from the most unexpected unimaginable way possible.

Then, they were the Thai movies, the first one was cheap, horrible and there is those mic muffler things that are visible on top, how can you portray a bloody emotion if there is a bloody hairy, furry thing on top that looks like the balls of some gigantic gorilla? Next Thai movie incorporates all my personal favourites, a British setting with a little dash of French debonaire, a coming of age plot, indy movie like direction and cinematics, the emo feeling and of course really really hot chicks and dudes except you know, the movie is mainly in Thai. The marathon apparently ends with a personal favorite, The Proposal

If you are reading carefully, you would know what has happened to me already, if not, simply continue on.

So then there was the trivia questions. The first one got half the hall eliminated, the second one got another half eliminated, which left till 15 people after the second question. The third one got another 3 gone and then the 4th question, you can say the semi finals. I got eliminated then. The answer is red and I was wearing red pants, I did not know that answer, was not confident but I should have paid tribute to the red pants. So the significant reminder of my lost of 2,500 or the iPod shuffle is evidenced by what I am wearing on the waist down.

I feel defeated. Sigh. I left after my elimination and called my mom. I knew I would be stuck even longer at Spring since I know my mom will shop and I needed rest fast. So I ditched the Proposal and went shopping and left. Ashik is in the final 8 btw, congrats to him but lets hope he wins the iPod shuffle.

All in all, not bad since I won my mom her birthday present. And I got a nice T-shirt. Another T-shirt to wear to debate... yay me!

Okay guys, I am gonna stop righting here. I have to start preparing for the funeral of my RM2,500 and possibly bracing for the announcement that I need to prepare another one for my iPod shuffle.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Remnants of You

So I am sitting here on the floor
Looking at all the photos I posted around my wall
When I look all the pictures around
Memories came fading by
About all the good times we had

I tried not to cry
Cause you have already left me
for someone else
But I can't help myself
So I needed to vent...

So I grabbed a pen
Tore myself a piece of foolscap
And started writing about all the good times we had
And then I shredded it to pieces just like our romance had

Because you are nothing but a piece of ass
A schmuck who made a serious mistake
I wanna throw away
All these remnants of you

I went downstairs
I grabbed a box
Started tossing all the things you gave me into it
Cause they are nothing but a bunch crap
And your presence should be ridded

All those beautiful pictures of us
About the great times that we had
At the beach, at the park, at the carnival
Are all going in there

Right now, I am right here at the yard
Staring at all the gifts that you gave me
All the things that remind me how I loved you are right before me
I lit a match and set it on fire

Because you are nothing but a piece of ass
A schmuck who made a serious mistake
I wanna burn away
All these remnants of you.

Let it burn
Let it burn
Let it burn all my pain away
All the frustration dissipate to ashes

Let it burn
Let it burn
All the memories of you
All the love and time I wasted on you

Because you are nothing but a piece of ass
A schmuck who made a serious mistake
But I know they will still be there
All these remnants of you.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Emo Monday

Rain is pouring down on the street
People rushing with their feet
The cool London sky in ash grey
Emo Monday is here again

A couple is squabbling about life
Cassie is stuck at crossroads
While a puppy stands alone
Without someone to hold
Remnants of his master now gone

But I don't let it get to me
I pray the dark sky will go away
I want the sun shine bright as day
So that Emo Monday can go away.

Feel of dread is every where
Mundane routines begin at this day
Moving in the pessimistic way
Emo Monday please go away

A boy sits on the street looking sad
His favorite jacket is out there somewhere
It is all that is left from him
And he can't bear it to leave him like he did
Emo Monday got to him

But I don't let it get to me
I pray the dark sky will go away
I want the sun will shine bright as day
So that Emo Monday can go away

Please tell me (Please tell me)
Why do Mondays have to be so cruel
Work starts and we all felt like a snooze
Why can't we all be cheerful
And treat Mondays like any other happy day

But I don't let it get to me
That's life as they say
Although I pray the dark sky will go away
And I want the sun to shine bright as day
We all know Emo Monday is here to stay

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I can't stop cursing.

My mouth is like a hub for profanties. I call it the 'Profinaty Hotel in the Brendan Goh's Mouth'
I just can't help it
It is like everything bad or annoyed that has happened to me
I would just curse
It is such a bad habit
A bad habit that sometimes I don't feel like myself when I not curse.

By the way, do you know that I curse more than 99% of facebook users?
See how nasty my mouth is?
Oh and it's not a phase, the cursing stands
It is just the curse words that rotate amongst themselves.
How am I going to deal with this.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Immortalized as 3rd

I am a finalist
I got 3rd
No longer allowed to compete
Immortalized as number 3 forever
Fuck My Life

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best

I am happy.
I guess deep inside its been a while that I actually smile for joy.
Into the final four of the debate cup
A chance to win big
A best debater trophy, signifying recognition and status of high value and rank
A proud senior who loves me like her very own little brother
A bunch of friends who you know will be family.
All I need is a lover by my side and it will be all perfect.
Life so far has been great, given the circumstances.

But I am hungry
I still want more
I want the grand prize
I want to win big
It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
It will be tense
It won't be lighthearted
And I will get my emotions in it but I won't let it get the best of me.

I know I sounded like I didn't believe that I was considered to be among the best
Beating someone who you thought would be a shoo in all along
And its true
I lack confidence in myself when I debate
I still look up to those people as my seniors
Nothing can change that
Though I am pleasantly surprised.

But now, I am ready
For the final battle
I don't care if you are Swinburne, UiTM or Unimas
All of you are going down
I want to be the sole survivor, the winning team, the only one left standing.
I am prepared to fight and give it my all.
There is nothing to lose form here on out.
But I can honestly tell you guys
I am nervous
I am tense
I felt like there is a ticking time bomb where I will crack and burst into an ejaculation of stummers and short circuitry.
I know its all on me now
I guess all I want you to say is...
Wish me good luck
I think I will need it.

Monday, October 04, 2010

That damn Gray Cardigan.

When I saw it, it literally felt like there is a gold light shining on it among the tons of clothes squeezed together on the clothes rack.
Okay, fine, it maybe the glaring orange light and the heat of my shopaholic glazed ecstasy that made me felt like God was shining a light on to that rack.
But hey, a glowing light is a glowing light right?
So anyway, there it was, oh so shiny, oh so gray, oh so damn sexy looking and the material, oh my god, it looks fantastic!
Did I mention it was grey and not my usual obsession with purple?
Oh god, just thinking about it makes me feel so euphoric.
Its like heaven.

I was literally thinking like how a girl would assess and dream about a perfect future husband
Except well, I am a guy and this is one awesomely hot gray cardigan.
Anyway, I plan to buy this awesome looking gray cardigan on a day where I would have debate training
And then I would show it off and go all dramatic and obsessed about it
After that I would rub my forearm while to feel the awesome cardigan fabric while admiring the color, the texture, the sheer knit of the fabric.
I would wear that cardigan with me, so comfortable yet not so thick.
Perfect for debating, I can imagine myself debating while wearing that awesome piece of knitwear. 
I love my Camden Town hoodie but no offenese but I so need another colour
Plus and besides, it is always good to have another addition in my closet and I have never owned a cardigan before (sorry but until today, all of them are pretty sucky).

So, all I need is time
Time for me to get paid,
I am still waiting to get paid
I am getting very impatient
Die Die Die
I can only pray that the cardigan would not disappear.
Oh god.
Sigh... You know discounts and people of Kuching, especially if it concerns Esprit.
Yes, the cardigan I saw is in a discount rack.
Hidden gem, even a trained eye like mine do indeed make omissions
I am human after all.
Till i get it, I can only dream of that gray cardigan.
Remuneration, please come in a bountiful manner and quickly please :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ignorance is bliss

I don't know what to do right now.
I am being held against my own will right here.
I am trapped, stuck.
I want to run
I want to move
but I can't
I felt powerless, hopeless, weak...
I felt like there is absolutely nothing that I can do.
I felt like I have nothing
I am nothing.
I felt like my role is just to assist
Nothing but a mere supporting role that I grew out of and now tire of.
I want to leave but I could not.

I felt like my heart is getting eaten alive
I felt envy and discouragement at the same time
Its like I want it but I don't want it at the same time
Something is holding me back
And that gold I found seems to look more and more like pyrite everyday.
Sitting there, watching it getting sampled like some morsel.
I felt gutted.
I guess I felt like I am not strong enough to handle it yet
I get jealous real easily, I get sensitive and touchy real easily
I just wish that I for once can find something that gives me some form of happiness and content.
With daisies and roses, peaches and butterflies and all that.
A form of utopia like bliss that I would love to experience.
Man, I got issues
I need to settle them
Definitely Maybe
But being an alcoholic is the last thing I want to be right now.
I don't want to self destruct
But self destructing feels more and more like a treatment, a theraphy, an escape each and everyday.
To not care, to not wallow in pity but just explode into nothingness
Into euphoric relief that will set my heart free.

Currently, I am now holing myself in my own world
I work, I focus and I concentrate
Blocking my senses from the world
Oblivious to the competition, rivalries, betrayals around me
Allow myself to manifest the growing creative surge within me.
In a way, I am hallucinating
But not knowing feels a lot better than actually knowing right now.
Time will tell about my estimated time of recovery
But for now, some anasthetic in necessary dosages is required.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I shall vent... for now

I feel angry, animosity crawling into my veins, causing tension towards my psych.
I guess, deep inside, all I wanted is to be accepted.
Being a accepted for who I am as a person and not because of my lifestyle choices, my personal preferences and labels that subjugate me into nothing but a common stereotype where that stereotype clearly does not define who I am as a person, and clearly does no justice into pitting me into a soulless category as some statistic.
Clearly that does not exist here.

You think getting stuck in Central Africa, living with limited rations and suffer from the scorching heat and civil war is bad, then try getting stuck into a time loop that seems to repeat itself only in a different environment. That is the situation that I am in now. Unfortunately, it just has to be high school.

You know, back in high school, all of us high school rejects with that naivety of hope and slight cynicism would wish that college would be a much different environment. Where everyone lives in peace, have common interest and friendships, sure we do have people we hate and bitch about it but at least we are not that bored that we turn menial things into huge issues. Unfortunately, that case applies to some universities but I would not be surprised of there is none.

Well, that is the experience that I am experiencing right now and I am guessing my so called rival is also experiencing it to. See, I know and I think he knows that we are not rivals. But a certain third party that he hangs out with and a small issue that happened between us in the past,  has made him make the issue into an actual serious one. Peer pressure is so sad on teens, it is sadder if you allow it to influence you in your college life, you would thought that being young adults, being considered to have an adequate level of maturity, being able to make right choices and what not would not be so stupid to succumb to that. What is even more worse is that those people who are of a slightly higher seniority is putting the pressure.

I honestly have nothing against him now. I was hurt, I was angry and now, I am just plainly indifferent but the fact that he wants me to remember those feelings long forgotten is just pathetic and annoying. I cannot handle it, not because I am not able to suppress the feelings because the feelings are not there but it is a part of my history that I would love to forget. We can laugh and move on, but repeating it time and time again?. Sometimes, I just wish that I would just stop myself in getting involved in the activities we have where we have to see each other's faces so that at least there is some form of peace. But I am not the kind of person that is willing to submit once conflict happens. After all, it's his problem and not mine. If he wants to make it his problem then so be it. I am done, and was done quite a long time ago.

But now, this has apparently gone to far. Those people have clearly no respect for me at all. It is evident by an event happened a while earlier. And I have to say, I am still furious with them right now! You would at least give a guy some kind of respect or mutual kind of respect rather than making a fool of him in public and then trying to blatantly steal my thunder. I am pretty sure someone is less than impressed with me right now and plainly, I am angry, pissed and literally crushed. A rare gem that flew away and now that I found another and now I am feeling that it is about to float away too! You just do not know how rare that kind of gem is in this kind of sad community. Right now, I feel like they just want to make my life a living hell just for their own amusement from a make believe rivalry that came out from a conflict long resolved, long over, long gone.

I feel like this is the first strike that I very reluctantly struck down but has become evident that that is no longer the case. It felt like try to keep a person with multiple organ failure alive and I don't have the cash to do it. Right now, I am coming to terms and I am waiting for the 2nd and 3rd strike before making mine a bit more preemptive. They want to unleash the bitch, well, the bitch is making a comeback, just wait and see. Brendan has his limits, when bitch comes out, all hell will break loose, I swear it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Brendan from the Block

Time passes, as it passes things change whether we like it or not.
Little things that we take for granted, the sights we are so used to see, usually meant nothing but when a seriously life changing event occurs, it hits us hard.
Its like there is an elephant in the room, a tiny little speck of an elephant that we ignored and allowed to grow. Well, it grew and grew until it tramples us which is when we get our epiphanies or sudden realization of great truth.
We felt like we have been thrown into a curveball but its not. We allowed it to happen, we subconciously made it happen because ignorance leads to bliss where we got caught up in because of the comfort it brings where we store it way back into our minds that when that event happens we were in shock but only to remember moments after as the issue scrambles back to the forefront.

I realized that now, everything in Kuching is changing, even the small street where my grandma's house is. The old drain where I used to catch dragonflies is replaced by concrete
The plot of land where there used to be scorpions living there just opposite my grandma's house is now a plot of land for some business people to grow plants.
The once weedy plot is now replaced with plants in pots and gravel rocks.
The house that used to have rambutans dangling from the tree that we used to pluck from is now gone and now houses a bunch of idiotic Africans students who do nothing but drink, smoke and listen to horribly cheesy rock music
Nature as it seems, was just not in sync with modern globalization.
Even the people have changed, my grandma passed on, my dad shows serious signs of aging, my aunt moved back and my great aunt is currently in a phase of old age which I think will be genetic and will affect the women in my family.
I still feel like running up to my grandma's room to see her again.
Sometimes I even thought she was alive until I realized that she was already gone.

However, I am still glad that some things have not changed.
My grandma's room still smelled of old lady (loads of talcum powder)
The small path leads to the back where my great aunts live is still there
The moss and plants at that area never changes.
As I walk down that path, imagining myself as a seven year old, full of energy and running down the path, ignoring the risk that I will fall and scrape my knee and now as a nineteen year old still having that energy but now with wisdom to not run and potentially scrape my knee prefering to amble and take in the scenery instead, I felt at peace at that area.
It was a place of my childhood that stood still in time. Nothing changed.
It might not be the place that houses the fondest of memories as most of them are just about me walking from house to house
But for me, it serves as a portkey.
A portkey to send me back to when I can still hear my grandmother screaming my name to return home.
And currently, apart from my memories is the closest relation towards my childhood.

I can only hope that it never changes.
Like I said, people change. A part of me may still want to be that boy who runs around and screams like a mad man with a case of ADD, the me right now, wants to move on to other endeavours, other adventures and experiences that this town and that portkey can never provide.
Because that boy has dreams, big dreams and now, he wants those dreams to become reality. To make them a reality, he has to leave and gladly he will.
He will never forget that boy but he has to give what that boy wants and with that, he has to leave this godforsaken place.

The sacrifice we have to make for the sake of realizing our dreams is not easy but we must never forget our roots, that we will always be boys and girls with dreams. That I will still and always will be the Brendan from the Block.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To the dude who cut me off this morning

Hey Mr Bloody Fucking Irresponsible Asian Driver Who Thinks He Lays Every Single Stone on the Fucking Road and Paves Tarmac Over The Surface to Smooth Everything Out by Hand. You cut me off this morning and I have to say that, I, sir, am furious because you cut in front of me in a very dangerous manner while I am driving. You purposely squeezed your shitty second rate looks like it is about to fall off any second Daihatsu (you can get a Kancil dilwad, its the same shit) in front of my Proton Saga while looking at me as if it is no problem and nothing happened at all. After which you took out your circa 1980s really really large looking and shitty cell phone (obviously you are not from the 21st century) and made phone call while I was talking to my friend on my iPhone. Now obviously I have come from a better privileged background than yourself. You know, better parents and the wonders of cable television, internet and the obvious critical analysis and thinking adding in the natural writing flair of mine that is oh so amazingly eloquent and inspiring yet straight to the point at the same time. Of course that naturally bitchy attitude of mine that always mean that I am right and your wrong. Now, I am a very nice and forgiving person since I am a good natured soul who usually keeps his temper in check but at that moment I was angry and I am late and I am certainly not pleased with your driving ethics and actions on the road.

So now, I have already imagined the horrible things that I am going to do to you and I am going to vent them in my blog.

First of all, you are laying on the table, your hands and feet are chained and your body is spread wide. Oh, i almost forgot to mention that you are also in a dark room with a light hanging from above and also the fact that you are completely naked.

Now, I shall enter. Looking at you menacingly and yet seductively at the same time. You can also see an obvious and wide grin on my face while I allow my eyes to trail and observe your body. I circle around to allow my eyes to analyze your body from every angle. Admiring its obviously lacklusture built.

Now when you see me, you will see that I am holding not the usual knife, machete, axe or letter opener but a spoon. I shall use this spoon to gouge your guts out. I shall dig the spoon into your guts and then from there scooping up fat, blood and your intestines. Next, a meat tenderiser is used and it shall be used on your limbs. I would relish the fact that your limbs are neat and tender from the pounding they shall receive. Next I will intorduce to you a small nail clipper and its going to clip the tip of your dickhead.  After a nice dab of salt. I shall move on to your face, I would now introduce those little acupuncture pins and I shall pin them wherever I feel like but generally its all over your face. Next I shall make you rain blood by making holes all over your backside and make the blood drip and trail down. Next, I would stuff a rolling pin covered in barbed wire into your ass and make you eat habaneros at the same time.As you scream and relish in pain I would suddenly introduce clorox to clean the blood and you. Just when you are screaming at me to end your life so that you no need to suffer any more, I shall drill holes in to your brain and then after that, I would wire you with explosives  and then I would leave while you explode into nothingness.

Got it?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Allow me to introduce to you the Bratwurst
Which is also known as the burly bitchy ugly twin sister fo the hot dog
Famous in Germany (duh) and in Wisconsin where they are called brats or beer brats (if they are poached in beer that is)
They remind me of the look and shape of a human penis
See how there is a slight curve and a more enlarged tip compared to the middle part

As seen below, the shape of the bratwurst honestly resembles a penis

So yeah... it really looks like a penis...

I can tell you something though, it does not taste like a penis
Because its cooked. (Sicko)
The penis looking thing obviously is in a deep need of some serious flavouring, poached with beer and onions and then grilled with a slab of butter on each side.
Then I will call it bratwurst and not meat that looks and shapes like a penis
Cause you know, it looks like a penis.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Of Beer and Debating

You know, when someone hears of the word "debate", there are two kinds of naysayers

One side would say its a bunch of arrogant nerdy bastards who sit in the room and talk crap for an hour who have nothing better to do.

While the other side would fear it as it involves speaking in public.

Looking back, those were the two reasons why I wanted to join the debaters club in the first place. Not because I wanted to prove them wrong but to prove them that even though it is difficult and viewed as a non challenging sport but simply because I wanted to be an arrogant speaking bastard and I wanted people to fear me. I wanted to be regarded highly. I wanted to be king. I saw the Swinburne Debates Club not as an avenue to learn but as an avenue to exert control and of course to vent my frustrations.

But as I walk along the path of debaters and all about debating... I felt that my intentions that once was all about making a scene and walking tall... disappears. It was hard at first as I took somewhat of a hiatus from it to deal with the initial shock. Debating is about convincing people, it is about using words correctly and strategically place your statements properly so that it is the best avenue for you to convince people that you are right. It defintely at first make you an arrogant and aggressive person but once you past that you are back to your humble self albeit more wiser than you once were.

My last trip to Iskandar Debating Championship really opened my eyes on to what has happened in the debating scene. The reason why debaters come together and compete with each other is to not only test their abilities and strength in the sport but also meet new people and form friendships that will probably last a lifetime. Plus there is good money in it too.

But with the influence of alcohol, the party and the sharing of life stories and what not is what truly matters. It is where people bond and have fun and hang together like a bunch of BFFs even if it is for a few days... Would I do it all agian? Yes, definitely in a heartbeat.

I love this life as I felt that within these trips, I get to know more people, know people more and more about myself. True colours and what not fly high and I am extremely excited that I found out this little secret life. It is truly a gem.

Rafie, Kasun, Paul, Ashk, Raj, Crazy, Sophia, and Sailesh, it is great to know more about you... I hope I get to go more trips in the future wth you guys.

Nicholas, Brigitte, Kohta and Taro... it was great meeting you guys and I hope to meet you guys in the future. Hopefully in your countries and as a competitor rather than an adjudicator.

Life goes on in the life of Brendan Goh but I will definitely never forget the experience and even if I do, I still have facebook and my camera to remind me of the great time I had there. I guess this movie special has ended but the memories I have will rerun in my mind will have to suffice for now until I get to travel that is.
Pictures are up on facebook while the Brendzblog Legionaires will have to wait a while, hope you guys are on my friends list, if not, add me... lol.

Monday, July 26, 2010

My results are like toilet paper

I am not satisfied
I am angry
I did not get the results that I have aimed for
Oh woe
Oh poor me...
3 Distinctions and a credit.
Although I can sustain Swinburne's exams
I still would prefer to be at overseas...
I can only just hope and wait for the opportunity to strike
Some say, I have to look for the opportunity
But how? I can't find it, I am exhausted and tired.
Oh what am I to do

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


But I don't wanna look at it
I am so scared
GOD, I am so nervous...

Part me says, lets get this over with
The other part asks me to wait for it
I really dunno what to do...
I guess I shall wait for it?
I dunno, I am pretty sure today and tomorrow will have a lot of people queuing up for the results, there is no need to stand there for hours literally for those hopefully 8 letters and at least 6 that must all end with a D...
Tomorrow is the result for the foundation kids.
There is no way in hell that I am checking it online, hahaha.
They kinda jinx everything so, yeah no way in HELL!
So I am guessing I will get my result on Sherrie Pui's birthday?
With Sherrie Pui as my good luck charm?
Why not?

There is however, one certain thing remains
By the time I know of my grades, everyone else will know of theirs already.
Stay tuned people

Saturday, July 10, 2010

To all who miss London

It has been more than a year since I went to London and honestly I am a bit homesick
Man, how I wish I was in London right now
Enjoying the warm summer breeze, the nice heat and all those awesome British concerts like the Glatsonbury Festival
Which is like Kuching's very own Rainforest World Music Festival
Only much cooler.
Actually much cooler is an understatement
Its MUCH MUCH MUCH cooler, after all, Kylie Minogue debuted her latest single there

So here is a look back from all the awesomely fantastic memories and experiences I had over there
Now forever immortalized in picture
But how I wish to experience it again

First thing I miss, is the first feeling of me landing in London.
The crisp, cold winter air
The air is dry and it feels like God has air conditioned the whole city
Dunno about you, but it really brings a sense of comfort for me when I first landed here
Its like saying, its okay Brendan, you are home.

Next thing I miss, are the landmark areas, like Picadilly Circus (below)
If you are taking this picture of me, behind you will be a shoe store
And you all know Brendan and shoes

Of course who can not forget about Madam Tussauds.
Taking pictures of me and celebrities who I hope to meet one day
Pure awesomeness.
I also miss the West End shows too, all the awesome theather shows.
Watched Avenue Q and Stomp
Next time, I am taking on the classics.
Wicked, Les Miserables and Billy Elliot here I come.

Another thing I miss is the food, especially the hearty scones with clotted cream and jam.

The indulgent and eloquent gourmet chocolates at Harrods

The ever simple yet delicious laymans Bagel sandwiches which I know and love
This is what I usually eat while in London
I loved them so much, I think I already ate all the bagels offered there.
It feels just like what all those sad pathetic losers feel when they eat McDonalds
Onlythere are two differences.
Mine is HEALTHY and taste like REAL food
McDonalds makes you grow fat thighs and taste like something that comes out of a pigeon.

And finally and of course, the SHOPPING.
From the cornucopia shopping paradise that stretches for 2 kilometres at Oxford Street
to the classic yet trendy Carnaby Street
From the high end designer labels at Bond Street
to the more affordable and youthful teen/punk/goth style at Camden Town (where I bought the 'How to use the 'F' word' shirt)
From the colourful and fun styles of Uniqlo
to the more classic and essentially conservative look of Zara
From famous brands like Nike to Britain's proud Umbro
Whatever you want and need is there.
It is a blissful slice of heaven

I want to go back.
Goddamnit, I want to go back.
But for now, let these pictures remind me of the great time I had there.
Non of this would happen if it was not for my aunt.
I thank her for the opportunity to go there
Next time, when I am there, I will have someone take a picture of me and Britney Spears
Instead of me camwhoring with her.
Do you know how difficult it is to adjust yourself around the statue in order to fit into perfect candid camwhore position?

Saturday, July 03, 2010

I love Korean BoyBands

Their lyrics don't make sense

The have subpar dancing skills

Those who like the more intellectual side of things would call them a combination of the Disney Channel and Pussycat Doll's response to the Asian market but in a sort of male version

Most of their videos involve lots of them being shirtless, kissing some girl that you don't really care because most of the time you cannot get a clear picture, horrible wardrobe (sans the suits of course) and acts of violent rage as a consequence of a display of pure male chauvinism and testosterone including a few dashes of those acts where you are supposed to do to infants and not the counterpart that you are about to fornicate in front of the camera.

They are also mass produced and marketed faster than Lady Gaga causing controversy for her videos

They all sound pretty much the same.You have the frontman, the rapper, the soulful one, the cute one that you so wish that if you have a Korean popstar boyfriend, he would be the one and the other dude who makes all those wails at the end while any additional members would served as high profile featured dancers like Jessica Sutta, Kimberly Wyatt and Ashley Roberts of the Pussycat Dolls, well formerly of the Pussycat Dolls.

But damn, I love those Korean boy bands and I dunno why as all reasons stated above, I should damn well hate it. Maybe it is because of the beats of the music? Korean producers are good with music, I liked them. I dunno, it is either the penultimate culmination of me beginning my transformation into some low taste, blind, no motivation, no inspiration, zombie like slave to Asian culture or me just plain evolving myself to be more acceptable of others.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Its like Germany and England and we are England...

First of all, I would like to announce that HELL MONTH is officially OVER!!!

I can hear birds singing
I can smell fresh air
The water of tranquility flowing by, making the sounds that water makes when you pour something in to another something.
The taste of freedom is superiously awesome

That would have been the case if it were not for one certain subject called FIS...
Its like a dark cloud that has just plunged the sky into darkness
Like USA and Korea, two of my favourite teams were eliminated in just one night
Oh the pain...
Oh the sorrow...
Oh the worries towards the impending doom that will screw me all over!

Oh don't get me wrong, Financial Information Systems aka a fancy word for advanced accounting is easy

Easy to fail that is.

All of my friends are now in regret and in mourning

You know all of those questions like
why didn't I study harder
why didn't I do my tutorial questions that has marks as instructed
why I did not highlight my book
Why was I thinking about fucking my girlfriend when I should have been thinking of how not to fuck up this subject.
Why... you get the point.

All in all, as I reflected through back of mind, succeeding in FIS is probably as slim as England beating Germany in the world cup which has not happened since like what? 1966?
The rest of the time, the uninspired way the brits play all come crashing down.
So yeah, the Germans are the team that always beat the Brits
And we are the Brits.

No use now... All I have to do right now is pray that at least 2 of my subjects get a High Distincition and another 2 getting a Distinction at least...
Oh the stress...
I shall now go back to my game of decimating the stupid Uruguay and Ghana team for eliminating the Koreans and the Americans respectively.
Yes, I am getting revenge... in the video game world...
Okay, I seriously need to get a life here.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Baby, just lie next to me
Right here on my shoulder
And feel my warm embrace

Baby I will protect you
With all my life
And I will never leave you alone

Because I could not live without you
I would never leave your side
You are the air that I breathe
You are the soul of my heart
And I am glad to have met you
Even if its just...

Take off your clothes
and leave them on the floor
Come and join me in this bed right here

Let me kiss your beautiful lips
Let me carress your body
I wanna feel you within me

Because I could not live without you
I would never leave your side
You are the air that I breathe
You are the soul of my heart
And I am glad to have met you
Even if its just...

Illusions can be a bliss
Just a mind trip to the utopia that I wish
Where I am at your side
And we make love all through the night
The passion that we had
The secrets that we shared
Baby, you make me love you more and more...

Oh how I wish...
That it is not...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

5 things that will get me motivated in exams.

Exams are just around the corner for me and this means its hell month for me. I will be studying, not watching episodes of glee and the season finale of Grey's Anatomy over and over again which may I still add is ABSOLUTELY EPIC!!! I will be cramming my face onto the books instead of staring the screen of my computer. Highlighters and pens replacing the keyboard. Books, slides and whatever materials that have some form of intellectual relevance towards the subject that I am taking scattered across my although technically large but still seem small desk. My brain being crammed with accounting formats and equations, law principles and cases, management tactics and whatever i learned at business information systems which I cannot remember since I never bothered to listen in the first place is rushing and filling up the space in my brain while evicting the normal occupants of my brain: music, debating, making fun of the bad fashion faux paux of normal Swinburne breastless chicks, shopping and sex. Yes, I am a sexless, asexual body for the next month, no more fornication for Brendan. Which is the exact opposite for my dogs since its mating season (ever wonder how quick two dogs enter the stage of sexual intercourse?). Finally and of course, me writing on paper with study stuff rather than typing on this blog.

So since I am tired of studying for the moment while the supposedly silent inner voice of Brendan Goh which is silent on the outside of his mind but making a serious ruckus inside, wailing like a 2 year old who just lost his favorite Barney the Dinosaur doll. You know, its screaming : "DON'T FUCK UP BRENDAN!!! STUDY!!! STUDY!!! STUDY!!!!" As if I do not have enough drama in my life right now. I have decided to compile five things that will make me want to work hard in the exams and achieve my target which by the way is just doing my best without any regrets. Yeah, I do not really want full HDs this semester even though I really really want it (secretly) of course, 4.0s are fine for me, as long as I can get my CGPA up.

1. Proving my parents that I can manage my own priorities.

Parents, normal ones at least would be proud that their kid has a social life, has friends that he can entirely depend on and is associated with people who are leaders, who are influential and who are the only people bringing trophies and glory to the school. More importantly, holding a post in a club. But NO!!!! My parents want me to be some anti social nun that has no social life and stay at home all day and bla bla bla bla... Especially since I went to UKM in May which they obviously do not support. So this semester, its not really about how much the money can benefit me in getting all the fancy toys that I can get but a matter of pride and proving myself that I am plainly just better.

2. More money, more tournaments

Other than striving to get a job to support myself in my debating needs (as if my parents would want to fund me to go for more tournaments), I need the money, so that at least I do not need to get a job and concentrate on my studies. Well, might still get a job since the more the merrier right?

3. A Macbook

I think this is a bit self explanatory :)

4. Redemption

A personal grudge that I hold on to myself for fucking up two subjects last semester. Honestly, it is a wee bit unacceptable for me as I honestly felt that my marks that I get should have been a lot better. Oh well, what does not kill you makes you stronger. I am back for revenge!

5. iPhone accesories

I have been staring at a lot of iPhone casings these days. Just so that I can be more different than other people. The simple chic black is not working for my reputation anymore as more and more undeserved losers who are not honored to hold and obtain an iPhone are plaguing my school right now, showing them off like its some kinda 24 carat diamond ring with platinum casing and whatever. The iPhone is for function and fashion people, not flaunting it off like some Maserati and so called texting it in public and whatever. I need those accesories, maybe I might add a Nano into it, oh you know me and my collection of Nanos.

Alright, its off to the books, exams are on after next week so yeah, I know, serious lack of posts, will try and update more if I have the time (and the inspiration) TTYL my Brendzblog Legionaires!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Swinburne's Got Scandal

The following blog post is about to be presented in a seriously mind BLOWING manner, a serious EJACULATION of the mind containing the concentrated JUICES of creativity. Any thing written here is seriously fictional towards an actual situation that actually happened. If its too vulgar, then JACK OFF now or forever hold it to YOURSELF. As for the rest, I invite all of you to COME. This is a SOLO opinion but I am sure my fans would find this intellectually SATISFYING.

Okay, my dear Brendzblog Legionaires, I have always complained that my life here in Swinburne, aka the Pig Uni is extremely BORING. Seriously, nothing happens here, its very very peaceful... that is until now. With a new president promising change, the school's environment somehow changed as well. It has becomed more of a mixture between Grey's Anatomy and those lovable CW trash Gossip Girl and 90210. In the famous words of WWE Hall of Famer, Announcer and owner of a barbeque shop, Jim Ross: Business is Picking Up!

So here is the super juicy details:

A dude was like looking at like semi naked pictures of chicks (pathetic I know) and he was like masturbating in the OPEN LAB! Like literally flipping his dick out and wanking while viewing the pictures on his computer! And while he was in the course of um... pleasuring himself, his actions were videotaped by some chick and she posted it on facebook and now, its spreading like well a virus. Wow, its a serious wonder on how fast news spreads via a scandal.

I shall now type this like I am writing my law essay or something like that, so yeah, super wordy, so like prepare to print! Its gonna be like a debate to those of you who wanted to follow my tutelage where unfortunately like I am not a senior debater but I am like a somewhere there senior debater but still juniors can get some pointers from me right?

On the um... star?

Well, dude deserves it. Point blank. You masturbate in public while looking at pictures of topless Asian girls, be prepared to take the risk of getting exposed on your public indecency. Be preapred to be famous. I mean come on, this is a university that literally screams boring in a boring town, so things like this happening is as rare as Britney Spears coming to Kuching to prepare a small concert in conjunction with my 21st birthday. Where the whole crowd will sing me happy birthday and I get to perform "Oops I Did It Again" with Britney Spears and the both of us are wearing the ever infamous red jumpsuit. So obviously, when caught, people who have no life will video tape your actions and then post it up on facebook for everyone to see.

Its already a crime, Public Indecency, why not add insult to injury? 

Also, what the fuck is it with topless Asian girls? I mean seriously, the quality of pornography is like so softcore and you can jack off to that? Proves that this guy is sad, desperate and he has his um needs that cannot be satisfied with a laptop and a bathroom. Look at it this way, getting busy and steamy with a real actual person, rather than a virtual picture of a topless woman with her mouth semi open.

Also consider the mentality of the general populous of Swinburne. Everyone is like so hooked on Gossip Girl and 90210, so scandals like these need to be made public cause that's what gossip girl does right?

However, I am not entirely mad at him publicly flipping his penis and well, moving it up and down continuously. Its called a freedom of choice. If he feels that its okay and it does not harm anyone physically, then by all means do it. Children maybe mentally scared for life or something but we are all adults, we know that there are needs to be satisfied. So I don't really see much of a problem but maybe the guy making a fool of himself and that's about it. I mean seriously, if you want to jack off in public at least you must have something sizeable to show right? Plus in his defense,dude has a potential form of mental disability.

On the person who taped the act, added techno porno music and uploaded the whole video on facebook for the whole community of Swinburne to see which literally spreaded like a heart attack or something.

I know that it is an act of indecency, i know its rude and i know its sick and disgusting. But seriously, is there a need to blow everything out of proportion? Is there a need to over dramatize everything? Do you even have a life to lead? Do you have a grudge that is so deep towards the guy that it behoved you to do something as ludicrous, cruel and immature as something like this? Or is it that you are so bored with your life, you decided to become gossip girl and post all this shit that blew everything out of proportion. Whatever happened to student council or whatever happened to proper social justice. You cannot just do something like this, taking law into your own hands and posting something as humiliating like this. You are a college student for god's sake. You are taught to think rationally and calmly like an adult and not overreact everything like some 15 year old. This is not high school! Have you even thought through the whole process?

Looking at the video, you recorded the act fine. However, you also revealed his identity to everyone! You basically exposed his indecent act to the whole word, probably every Swinburne student has known of this by now and the news has already spreaded as far as Australia and Vietnam for god sakes. Have you not known how large the impact a scandal like this can cause? Not to mention that horrible techno music, have you no taste, do you have to cheese everything up?

Well let me tell you, since you like blowing everything out of proportion. He would not only lose his dignity but also everyone else around that knows him. You basically have made him a lone soldier, no friends at all. His college life is now probably more unpleasant than ever before. Everytime people see him, people will start whispering to each other, pointing at him and then start giggling like little school girls. People he know would avoid him and would not associate themselves with him because of the bad reputation. Other people will make fun of him, probably even to the extent of bullying him and damaging his property like his car. Some would use him as an excuse, as an escape as bullying him is fun. Calling him a wanker and doing the wanking charade in front of him. He will feel insecure, unsafe and absolutely humiliated. You have turned an institution meant for him to pursue an education into a living hell. Just because of the two minute video clip, 120 seconds. You know what they say, it takes years to build up a good reputation, but seconds to crumble it; it takes seconds to become infamous but years to for it to crumble. Basically, you just ruined his college life and he will forever immortalized as "he who has jacked off in public in Swinburne's open computer lab".

Oh by the way, the paragraph above is what is actually happening, now for my drama plot.

What if the guy commits suicide? You will probably be an accessory to suicide or something like that kid in UK who killed himself because he is constantly bullied on facebook. Or what if its even worse. What if he was mentally depressed or something and then decided to bring a gun to school. He would start small,working from the one of the floors in swinburne and then start shooting people, beginning with the cleaners, th security guard and then he makes his way towards you. People who are in his way will get shot and possibly die. He might even hold people hostage somemore or something like that. What if he ran amok and stabbed everyone, causing Swinburne to be unsafe. You are putting yourself and more importantly others in danger if he is criminally insane. Have you ever thought of such probabilities?

Apparently judging by your actions, you did not.

Honestly, this is college, it is meant for a time to have fun and the word fun is subjective. To you fun is probably bitching and wishing that you get to blow everything out of proportions so that you can emulate the cast of 90210. For me, fun is being me,goofing off with everyone and acting like a major bimbo while giving Blair Waldorf like quotes. For him, its fulfilling his fantasy of jacking off in public while staring at a picture of a topless Asian woman.

Honestly, its just masturbation. Sure it is indecent, obviously not socially appropriate and what more to say embarassing. If you think this is horrible, then wait till you see two people having sex on the side of the road, or porno stores blatantly exposed in the streets of soho, or two gay guys swapping tongues and sucking dick at a public toilet is probably hell for you. Well guess what darling? There are people doing it, not persons PEOPLE. We are talking probably in the millions. What you have experience is just nothing but a culture shock that is not used to your own norms and comfort zone and I personally find that understandable, stemming from your lack of logic, need of drama, possible over obsession with trashy Asian bands and predictable dramas and overall stupidity.

If you feel that this is wrong, why not report it to the authorities, give the man some dignity. He should be embarassed and ashamed of himself but you do not need to put the shame on him into something as public as this!

We all find our own ways of entertainment, some not socially acceptable compared with the others that are. However, it is a no harm principle there, no one was harmed because of this, it is just you causing the harm to him. However, I need to thank you too. You made my life a lot less boring than it should be.

Oh yeah, my people, this is what I think and thoughts like these cannot be on facebook. Its just too long.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some pictures from my trip to UKM

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present to you the highlights
of my trip to UKM, Bangi
for their inter-varsity debating championship.

First of all, no trip is considered to be blessed without a good cup of Starbucks.
Its the new caramel coffee thing.
Also, allow me to present to you to some of the members of our contigent.
Kevin is carrying the red backpack, Edina is the girl, Adrien is the dude with the glasses clinging on to his shirt while Ashik is the dude with the glasses. They are all late, unfashionably.
Wee Chung of the F.B.I. having a serious conversation with Ashik and Salim, the black dude.
The motion was This House Would Ban Facebook for Minors. This is how the case was set up.
Minors are defined as the minority of Saudi Arabian women who are not allowed to have facebook accounts.
The policy is that Saudi Arabians will work with China who is the lord of censorships where they will regulate facebook websites and at the same time banning Saudi Arabian women from access
In return, the Saudis will give the Chinese camels.
Because camels have the ability to withstand hot temperature.
Yeah, got nothing to do.
Debaters are awesome anyways.
Its pure truism.
OMG, the brownies are rich and amazing
Its a sin that these things are in the middle of no where
Yeah, its that good man!
Oh god!
Its like, erotic!
Everything actually started with a wine session of pinotage.
Where Douglas, being the son of a wine shop owner, is very particular about the way the people handle the wine.
Its true, the wine sucked.
My tongue has a very high class taste in wine and coffee
My wine must be refirgerated and handle properly
My coffee must not be instant or the regular joe type, there also has to be milk.
I thought that this the pic is a great way to end this post
Because, in the end,
Whatever, you are doing, it is the people who you are doing it with that counts.
I definitely had my share of fun and hell
But all in all, it was a rewarding experience.

Regarding whether I will be joining the following tournaments.
I will do it Ausiello style.

Taylors Inter-varsity (KL) on 17 and 18 July: A safe bet
Iskandar Debate Championship (Johor Bahru) 6 till 9 August: Could go either way.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Perils of a Law Student.

My major in my school is law. Comercial Law to be exact. Basically I study law which enables people to sue each other till they ran out of money where regardless of the outcome where of course I want to win, I get paid. Other than that, according to Yahoo, my course is one of the best returns in income ie... I am most likely to settle my student loans, get a Porsche and my first purple Armani suit faster than anyone else. However, probably among everyone in the whole school or to be a lot more accurate, my batch of fellow business students. I am the only guy who is taking law as a major. This means that either every business student in Swinburne sucks at English or lack the confidence to have proper English or the more accurate and true fact, I am the only idiot dumb enough to take that subject.

Ever since I chose this major, I begin to question myself. Maybe I should take accounting, after all I am the so-called accounting rockstar but I find accounting a bit boring and scary at the same time. Plus, I absolutely hate numbers. I actually liked law, however, the final exam format that costs a whopping 65% of my total grade, made me begin to doubt whether or not I am going to do well for this.

Exam worth: 65 marks.

Examinable chapters: Topics 3 – 9 (excluding Chapter 4 - Terms of a contract)

There will be 3 questions in this exam. You are expected to attempt all the questions. For each question the candidate may choose between two alternatives.

Exam Duration:

Two (2) hours.

Materials Allowed

Pens, pencils and English-foreign language dictionaries. Candidates whose first language is not English may use a translation dictionary, provided it has been inspected before the examination commences. Electronic devices of any kind are neither required nor permitted.

FORMAT of the paper

Question 1: (25 marks)

Problem (Case study) OR Theory (Essay type)

Question 2: (20 marks)

Problem (Case study) OR Theory (Essay type)

Question 3: (20 marks)

Problem (Case study) OR Theory (Essay type)

Good Luck.

Basically for two hours, I will be vomiting words. When I wrote my first problem essay, I was not thinking at all, I was literally vomiting words from my mind, everything relied on pure instinct, I cannot be sure that what I wrote was correct or not, and it was hell yeah scary. Therefore, I kind of assumed that I am the biggest idiot in Swinburne right now because I took law as my major.

By looking at the format, yeah, I am pretty sure I am a big idiot right now

However, I always succeed in doing idiotic things.

What is this blog for?

Brendzblog Legionaires, you can know my life through facebook and twitter
You can view photos through facebook and twitter
You can also hear me bitch through facebook and twitter
So then, why is this blog for?

Well, this blog is for me.
I can do whatever I want with it
If I wanna ignore, then let it be
If I wanna delete it, then I will delete
If I wanna remodel it into a porn site, so be it.
I don't give a damn.
But right now, the thing about this blog is to talk about things that you cannot describe through 140 words or a few pictures.
It's about the more 'deep' stuff if you might say, though I would not call it deep in the first place.

My 2 wins and 3 losses were commendable I guess and my speaker score which I do not know the average is okay too I guess. However, I found out that I lack something serious when it comes to debating. My matter.

Matter means all the facts and info that will help me in the debate, I need values and support. I find myself being fed with information from my teammates which obviously sucks in the sense that I realized that if I were to lead a team, I would most likely suck at it.

Its tough but I can still grow and develop. I can still be strong.

After all, I am a bitch not a whiney wimp.

Well, pictures are supposedly to be up soon.

I think, yeah, no clue.

Anyways, will try and post them up.

No promises

But its time for pics

Till then tata

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 wins, 3 losses and a whole load of fun!

 Yeah, just a little short update. Went to KL, head to UKM and then I came back with 2 wins and 3 losses. I still need time to like settle first, these days are pretty hectic for me. Ah college life, so so busy.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Play Me

I opened up to you
I showed you a part of my life
A fraction of who I am
But you played me like a fool

How can I
Trust you (trust you)
When I am nothing but a joke
A foolish jester in the court

If you wanna play me (play me)
Then go ahead and play
I am nothing but an object of pleasure
A mere tool for your amusement
But if you expect me to trust you again,
Keep on dreaming

Its time to repair my heart
Assess the damage that has been done
Because there is a large hole blasted through my heart
And I don't insurance is going to cover it all

Reenforce my walls
Tighten the defense (the defense)
Because I am going to guard my heart
and then completely shutting you out

If you wanna play me (play me)
Then go ahead and play
I am nothing but an object of pleasure
A mere tool for your amusement
But if you expect for me to trust you again,
Keep on dreaming

Because I really like you
And I really want you
But if you think its great for you to act like a jerk
You have no objections from me
After all its a free country
I rather be nothing but a tool
Than to fall in love with you.

If wanna play me (play me)
Then go ahead and play
I am nothing but an object of pleasure
A mere tool for your amusement
But if you expect me to trust you again
Keep on dreaming

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Out of Control


In the club now y'all...

It's getting crazy...

Fuck it...

I am gonna go outta control!

Baby tonight I am going outta control
Gonna set my soul
And let it go
Baby tonight I am going outta control
Don't wanna feel no more
Gonna let it go

Tonight is the night, I am going outta control
Fucking in the club with all them hoes
I got no direction
It ain't in my discrention
Roofies given to my homies
Tonight I am gonna lose control

Because I don't care
I just wanna dance
Taking my stride and move to the groove

I don't give a damn
on who you are
Just step behind me and grind grind grind!

Baby tonight I am going outta control
Gonna set my soul,
And let it go
Baby I tonight I am going outta control
Don't wanna feel no more
Gonna let it go

Move it, shake it, shake your ass bitch
I got me some money
You gonna show me your pussy
All I need is your body
Come and sell it to me
Cause I know you a hoe and showing off is all  you got

Move aside, I care of my pride
I am here to find a cutie that's easy
Cause I am a predator
You are my prey
Nothing but a piece of meat
That I am going to enjoy tonight

Baby, tonight I am going outta control
Gonna set my soul
And let it go
Baby, tonight I am going outta control
Don't wanna feel no more
Gonna let it go

So what are we doing here in this club?
Bitches and bastards hanging everywhere
All these losers are depressed destitutes
But I don't care
I just need your body
Cause all I wanna do
Is fuck the shit out of it!!!

Baby, tonight I am going outta control
Gonna set my soul
And let it go
Tonight baby I am going outta control
Don't wanna feel no more
Gonna let it go

Gonna let it go now
Gonna lose control now
We are all nothing but a bunch of sluts

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Its so discouraging

Losing four times in a row is seriously what we call demoralizing
With a 5th loss obviously underway
I wonder how am I going to do well in UKM
Having a bad month right now.
However, life goes on
This darkness shall past
In life we must be resilient
Ready to stand strong like the rocks, being the defense while the waves crash on to us.
We have to be like the little blue penguins at Penguin Island
Strive and beating the waves from the sea
It was inspirational
I loved it
Every time I feel down,
I look back into my memory and think of those penguins.
If those penguins can brace the cold sea waters and the cold night atmosphere, heading towards home.
Then I can at least lead my team and beat my other debaters in school.
I need to work on it
But I need to make sure that my priorities do not stray.
Financial Information Systems and Law come first
That's my resolve.
For now, all I have to do is hang in there
And when the motion is right
I strike them to the core
Build up matter.
I am resilient
I been through bullies
I been through cowards
I been through non-believers
And I am still standing and proved all of them wrong.
I need to just hang in there on this difficult time.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy as a bee!

A lot of you Brendzblog Legionaires have come up to me and said : Brendan, what the F- is it with you and the lack of  blog post lately? How come like this one?

Well, if you have not been involved in my life lately, well then, I think its about time you should let me update you guys about it.

1. School

Duh! I know it has never stopped me before, but school has been pretty hectic lately. With the immense homework of Financial Information Systems, the confusion and lack of attention in Business Information Systems, the huge amount of cases in Law (god forbid, come August, I may have four law subjects panned out and ready) and the dramatic Management classes, its really really exhausting. I know studies have been tough before, but this certainly adds some dimension to it, especailly with BIS and Management.

Plus, I have an essay due to tomorrow, an assignment which I admit I have not been contributing as much as I should aka BIS that requires a freaking interview, and an FIS computerized assignment with Quickbooks which I have not installed yet... yeah... falling behind

2. World Schools Debating Championship

I have to find 22 people to be my runners for this huge championship where all schools in Kuching are coming to compete but this year, a new level has achieved with it going national when a school from Kuala Lumpur is coming in. Not only that, extra people is needed for photography, Masters of Ceremony and food and beverage, me, as the head hunter/ admin guy here is literally running and pushing people to join and condsidering how much input my boss has in my headhunting, I have not been exactly doing an amazing job. In addition of begging people to volunteer, the volunteers have to pay 26 bucks for a T-shirt. And there you go, more headache for me... yay. Especially with a certain guy with a creature living in his hoodie... I know I should not have really pushed him till over the limit but I am desperate, okay. Desperation wins...ish. Now, I am an emcee for this event, whopee, more work for me.

3. Team Drama for Debate at UKM

There is some serious drama for my team at the planning stages for the UKM debate championship held on 7-9 may which I am finally going at 5-10 of May (Chester? Jake? Might see you there? Not debate but KL?) Most probably staying at Bintang Walk, hitting the clubs, getting wasted in the streets like Cabo and what not...  I wonder where is the Curve? Any clue? Anyway, there is huge confusion and worry when two of my teammates (essentially, everyone but me) want reimbursement and both plan to drop out. Which gives Brendan more hysteria! Yay for hysteria! Finally, one says okay but the other drop out which is not a problem for me because even though we were supposed to send a team of three debaters and one adjudicator over, we are sending a total of four teams and its not like the other 3 teams are not sending adjudicators, which they may waive the need for an adjudicator per team rule and my adjudicator wants to debate so, everyone is happy... except the one who can't go. Finally, 3 friends decided to sponsor her and she is going to debate. My ticket is booked and everything is fine and dandy again.

4. Debate

My debate skills are good, if I have someone to lead me. Being a leader for the first time in a debate team and in a major tournament, that is quite a lot of pressure and being in a junior team, we need a lot of work and with the championship coming next month... I hope we can pull it off.

5. Mid terms

I hate mid terms, but they are good indicator whether you need more work or not. With Law and FIS mid terms coming up, I am worried. I dunno if I am able to do well or not, because I want the money that the school rewards to fund me.

6. Stupid laptop

NEC is closing its computer division and guess who has an NEC for a laptop? Obviously it is also possibly time for getting a new one... I really have no idea but its a good push for me to get full HDs. 3,000 is not small you know?

That is all about my life lately and it is time for me to find souces for my essay! Seeya!

Friday, April 02, 2010

The Fucking Thing About Organization and Management

I have this subject that I have to take called Organization & Management in school.
Basically, we have to learn about being in an Organization and learn how to follow and perform Managment in a group.
Seems simple right?
Read the book
Crap shit at the exam
Crap even more shit at the assignments
Crap at the homework even
If you think Management is that easy...
You are so goddamn fucking wrong.

You see, in every subject... there is always a little snag that will derail your overall performance in the subject.
In econs, I always screw up at midterms
In accounting, I always screw up a question, by question, i mean whole goddamn fucking question that's worth a serious fraction of your overall grade
In marketing, it is always about the fucking assignments
In math, it is my supremely faltering mental arithmetic skills, graphs that look like a five year old drew it and my obvious carelessness.
In O&M, however, its the project team showcase
A major presentation that you do as a class ie organization in the end where you present it to the class
Yay... teamwork...

My experiences in teams have not always been ones that are positive, the only positive ones are where me, Siaw Wee and Belinda are in a group together and that our numbers trump others or something like that.
Basically, us three have chemistry when it comes to working together as a group. Basically, me, working in a group of others includes the others fucking up and me having to do the work for them... ish... okay that was one bad experience... maybe I was being overdramatic and jumping to conclusions again like my dad... scratch that.

Now, in management, you have 22 other strangers that you would have to work and tolerate with in helping you (and them but mostly yourself, seriously, who fuck cares about the stranger's grades) to achieve success.
Seems simple... no?

Yeah right, especially when you have frogs living under wells as teammates and a bunch of silent animals you add into the fray too.

We have basically three groups, the international students consisting of people of Muslim, Hindu or African origins, the juniors and the seniors (me). Juniors and internationals are basically together, we seniors and more specifically me are the outcasts of the group.

So we started thinking about ideas for the showcase when the juniors decide to invent a trash chute. An electronic, trash chute that stores trash on every floor... congratulations. They have made a perfectly simple and normal idea into a keeping yout trash on the side of every floor of the apartment and then releasing the whole shit as once, think pooping but with less friction.

Anyway, I thought their idea was an absolutely stupid one. So I expressed my concerns like a bitch that I am.

So I wanted something different and something new, so I thought since those people are stupid enough to think that they invented the trash chute, why not introduce my solar color changing clothes as a new product instead. So, I told them the idea and add a bunch of other brilliantly copied ideas that I found from the net(what, I was lazy okay, so what if I stole the idea from a bunch of high school children.) Thinking that at least choose all of these ideas instead of the stupid trash chute.

Anyway, in the end, they still stuck with the trash chute... congratulations again. Then, there was this one guy who stood up to me and called me selfish because I want to go everything my way, now being naturally defensive, I tried to cut him off everyway I can and explain, but he cut me off and I took it like a black man forcing his 20 inch dick down my throat till I gagged and sputter where instead of stopping, he pulled it out and stuffed it in again. And no, unless you are some gay size queen, it was downright uncomfortable.

I have never experienced anything like that, how could someone have the gall to call me selfish when the only reason that I am doing this is because I don't want to get low marks for this showcase and am pretty concerned that the idea was conceived by some idiot who is obviously not a reasonably average thinking person. He was concerned about the same thing too. He apologized later but the damage is done... so what to do?

I might be a bit wrong on my part thinking the juniors are made of plain idiots and the internationals are also made of plain idiotsand add a sense of unreliability (except one person that is). Though giving the loud ah beng and ah lians who are blabbing Asian shit and watching CSI in front of my usual backseat  interrupting me and my friends trying to pay attention, listening to lectures. They happen to be juniors and there are a large group of them, I have the right to be seriously concerned, after all, hello? My grades?

It turns out that I was a bit wrong in the sense that I moved on too fast and also forgot about the more important details about the project which is how we function as a team.

So in the end, I caved in. Not the cave in as in I wait for you to fail and then I become the charming prince saving all of you from getting a can of whoop ass but you guys will be my slaves and under my dictatorship form of caving in but the caving as in I let them take the helm and I follow. She is a good leader, a silent bitch but a good leader and she has everyone, including my, support.

I actually learned something from this. Unexpected but learn. I learned that everything does not need to be on me, it does need for me to be counted on and do everything. What I should do, is lay back and relax. Take a better concern about my own health and sanity. So, I have decided to leave it to them, I will do what I am told and do the best that I can to assist. Taking so many things at the frontlines is not good for me, so I let them take the helm. I am relishing control and will try and stop being a control freak, after all, all work and no play, makes Brendan a bitchy boy.