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Friday, April 29, 2011


Oh...Oh............Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh eh oh oh eh seh oh eh wa
Oh... Oh............ Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh eh oh oh eh seh oh eh wa

I visualize
living in a different place
London, LA, Paris, Sydney
And I know one day
I would be living there
Cause there's nothing here for me

One thing that I would miss
The people who gave me bliss
My circle of friends
Who I can't take with me

I would miss you
I know that I won't be by your side
But though I know it was meant to be
It just sucks that we are departed

I know I would
miss out a lot
And it just sucks to know about that
And even though one day
We would meet again
It would somehow never feel like the same

I would miss all the times
The heartfelt bitching intertwined
All the drama, all the moments
That I am going to leave behind

I would miss you
I know that I won't be by your side
But though I know it was meant to be
It just sucks that we are departed

I know that this is for the best,
I know that these moments would not last
But it does not make me feel better
Cause I wish
That you would be here with me

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I would miss you
I know that I won't be by your side
But though I know it was meant to be
It just sucks that we are departed


Friday, April 22, 2011

Shit people say in debate

I have said a bunch of crap in debate but obviously none that would exceed my current best, which is

"We would torture these terrorist by feeding them pork and alcohol only''. (Debate on whether torture was a legitimate tool in interrogating terrorist)

Yes, I am a very insensitive and sadistic little bitch.
But when it comes to fun debates like about legalizing prostitution, the 'fun' factor just increases.
And when I mean fun
I mean dirty comments that are down right stupid and hilarious.
Though obviously I do not say any of those following
But the fact that juniors said this, was hilarious

My favorite was this

'Prostitutes earn more than Google, Nike and Starbucks combined'

Other notable quotes are

'By legalizing prostitution, you would have a lot of unwanted pregnancies'

'Swinburne University turning into a sex show' (Don't ask me how or why was it there)

'One person can only be allowed one prostitute as a partner'

'Prostitutes have to attend a workshop and a test'

'Money earn from prostitute can be used to fund schools and other government initiatives'

'I do not want to attend a school funded by prostitutes'

'Legalizing prostitution will cause a severe decrease in the work force because everyone will get STDs'

'The opposition say yes to bribery and no to prostitution'

'Humans have the right to get laid'

'What if the clients are underage?'

'Possibility of fake results on STD test'

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Album Review: Femme Fatale by Britney Spears

Yes, you do realize that this review, goes without saying that I did it a little bit faster than the rest of them. Btw, I am reviewing the deluxe edition.

1. Till The World Ends

2. Hold It Against Me

3. Inside Out

4. I Wanna Go

5. How I Roll

6. (Drop Dead) Beautiful

7. Seal It With a Kiss

8. Big Fat Bass

9. Trouble For Me

10. Trip To Your Heart

11. Gasoline

12. Criminal

13. Up n' Down

14. He About to Lose Me

15. Selfish

16. Don't Keep Me Waiting

Notable Songs: Till The World Ends, Hold It Against Me, Inside Out, Gasoline.

The Good: Production was absolutely fantastic in this album. The beats, the music and the overall presentation sounds like a clubbers haven. Its definitely a joy to play this full blast in my car. Enjoying every minute of it while crusing down the street listening to it. Heck, I even curse less when people cut me off or drive very irresponsibly. I love some of the weird songs in there like 'How I Roll', 'Criminal' and 'Trip to Your Heart', they definitely serve some notable singles and the quirkiness of it is much loved.

The Bad: The sad fact is that the album is over worked, it becomes suddenly just myriad of club beats playing with Britney singing along in the background. Kinda sad as Britney does not need all of these production stuff because her vocals are fantastic as it is.

Overall: A disappointment, but still proud, hope we get more of this quirkiness but less of the production value and allow Britney's voice to shine.

Overall: Disappointed at the album but proud of it at the same time.

Rating: 3/5

Friday, April 01, 2011

Redemption... on the verge of an epic fail.

Midterms were a definite killer, both symbolically and literally. There is no denying that everyone has to go through this process of jitters, worry, panic, sweat and hours of studying in some room only to go to the venue and do the test and fuck it up within the span of the duration of the test. Yes, of course there are times that we do well and we are happy about it which may I add the fact that I am rarely about that these days and yes there is no need for me to complain about my midterms as everyone has also gone through the same process but having 3 midterm tests for the past 4 days is taxing and makes me imagine how I had survive two weeks of continuous writing and fretting during my days in high school. However, with the road to redemption being a lot more bumpy than it should be, I pray that the vehicle I chose (which by now I still dunno if its a SUV, sedan, convertible, truck, a piece of junk or a very pimped up piece of junk) will be able to reach my destination. I know that I am in for a fight and I am ready for it but I just hope and pray that I can make it. So anyway, here is what happened.

Contract Law

Contract Law, going in, I had somewhat of a full proof plan. I got the guide, I got the textbook, they work well tremendously. Open book test within a span of one hour, no problem till I hit a little snag with one of the questions, thinking too much obviously, I had realized that I had completely omitted one segment of a question, I managed to finished it but only having to sacrifice my last two questions. The second last was fine, only bad handwriting but the last one with 4 marks, I only managed to scribble somewhat of a sentence. My hands were to put it in an over dramatic fashion, gelatinous for the final 5 minutes. With 30% carrying on this midterm, I was obviously not too happy about fucking this one up. More importantly with said full proof plan being not entirely full proof and the unusual and unpredictable nature of the marking system, I am left begging for a high mark.

Management Accounting for Planning and Control

10 multiple choice questions, 40 choices.Gee such an easy task eh? Its only seven percent too. Doing well meant getting at the very least 8 out of 10 correct but with knowing that I already have 2 questions possibly on the wrong end. I am pretty much very worried. Though I do admit that at the time, the two hour Financial Accounting test would be a much larger priority, since its 15 percent of total grade and 100% absolute torture. It is basically down to the same level as putting some straight, homophobic guy to listen to Justin Bieber on the loop in his car and make sure everyone knows that its blaring of the speakers of his supposedly macho junk car. So yeah, I expect some shortcomings from this but I am worried of the extent of damage this neglect has done.

Financial Accounting

DIE!!!!!!!!!! Going in even the great blessings from Mother Monster, Lady Gaga herself could not prepare me for the nerves and jitters and penultimate suffering that I will receive from this baby. 36 multiple choice where most of them were basically holding a gun and shoot at the target, hoping it strikes. The questions at best were very minutely detailed where I realized that I forgotten most of them even though I knew I read them from somewhere. To add insult to injury,there are another two structured questions for us to tackle.Oh the joy, seeing the question being separated in more segments than a cheapskate with pizza! Sigh, it was always the quiet lecturers that give us the most suffering to endure. Never mind about the jerks, they at least warned you about it. Chan Soon Hua with his every continuous ums and hums which can be a very good drinking game (which could end either with you being shit ass drunk or die from alcohol poisoning) and very sweet natured personality was basically an evil spawn from the depths of hell awaiting to pounce on us unsuspectingly with financial accounting paraphernalia. We knew we were in for a fight but not a  long and arduous battle and certainly not an all out war resulting from a planned preemptive strike but there we were, fighting for our lives. We certainly look like we had been in a war when we come back or getting ass raped or both. Either way, the ink stains on our hands proved it. I practically scrambled in the last 5 minutes, managing to finish my paper, though I do not know the state of well being of my paper, I do know this: I fucked it up. Yes we were all crying, basically, some of my friends did not even finish. I can only imagine the shit we are getting into with other future subjects that are obviously more suffering than this.

Well, its all done now. Time to focus on assignments, time to focus on WSDC, time to have fun and relax. I shall await the time where I get to move away from this godforsaken place to a slightly better and much more livable place. No, I can no longer handle my job as the family doggy  nanny, personal assistant and overall punching bag/slave. I need to be out fast. July seems like an eternity now. Also, starting gym. Also my brothers are practically the most stupid people on earth who have never heard of th term 'manual' and 'photocopy'. As if hell in life is not enough.