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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Obviously, i am very different
I am liberal
Gay, well half
American acting (even have an accent)
Plus, i hate chinese music!!!
More into English, Latin and Korean
Now most Malaysians are into rock
I like rock
but hip hop and all those pop and dramatic music
(think beautiful liar by beyonce and shakira)
are more my taste
I dress like a slut
If u have a body, just show it right?
Teen Porn Star with Cleavage is always my preferred way of dressing
I am very deep in my English
Plus, I am destined to go international and never come back.

The people who are the same are the opposites
I will let you to figure out.

Obviously, i am not well liked
I am a nice guy
but if u piss me off, beware of the bitch inside
I am not well liked because i am very open
Ppl in Kuching are over-conservativ.
Its like a sin to even be 0.0000000001% gay

However men today are losers
The good ones are obviously rare as most of them are gay.
Women are malicious sadist, especially chinese ladies
damn poisonous
Don't say that I am patronizing my own race
Its true
Look at the whack up bitches and you will agree with me 100%
A few examples would make you do a sweeping statement immediately
Don't wanna say their names
Not worth to share.
As usual,

Neeways nothing much to say, need ta do my public speaking script
Somehow the script is not perfect
I mean not 100% perfect
*0% perfect is fine but i still can't manage it
Call it writer's block.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

My life obviously sucks becuz it does
I am feeling so lonely right now
Real close to cutting myself
Everyfrucking elder member of my paternal side is criticising the shit out of every fucking thing
The younger ones repeat what they said and did their fucking victory dance
The dumbshit, the ah beng, the bitch-ass snob and the faggot rat all dance in joy
Obviously that makes me sick
So what if i flunk my test
I did my best
Improve on average but still not enough.
Which obviously sucks

As for me feeling lonely
When I went shopping, seeing couples or groups of pals
I feel lonely
When I am in school and see how tight knit some people are
I feel lonely
Its not that i did not try to make friends
I did
Its not that i am some stuck up jerk
I am a real nice guy
I am always there for everyone
Always be there to help
However they just did not treat me well
They never treat me nice
I guess I should stop being nice to other people and be
something not me
be a more meaner me
I have multiple personalities
Time to show the stronger me.

At the public speaking seminar
Which is a total eye-opener
great speaker, Mrs J and Great food (thanks jackie)
Those of you who missed it ,
its not like it is too good (hehe)

There was this thing about women
It sorta reminds me of
The way that ia m strong for everyone but get treated like a piece of shit
Really told me to chose my friends and dates more selectively
And so that's why i decided to lose a couple more friendships that are worthless.
Don't worry, my net pals u guys are way more important than some trash that i meet.
Anyway i am soo pissed rite now that i need to get some pepsi max to cool off
my latest addiction.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Birthday Recap
Gee, i am sooooo damn lonely these days.
First of all, i know that i don't have a birthday party this year because of SPM
However, my birthday will be celebrated at 29 December, 2007 at Milan.
Yay me!!!!!
( Claps like brenda song's character, london tipton from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody)

Well let me tell you what happened on the day where you are supposed to be happy
(because you are only 1 year shy of being legally able to have sex in all countries)
As usual i do my routinual grooming (5 minutes)
Its just school, no need to look good to a bunch of pathetic, superficial, seriously bitch-ass posers.
So neeways, alex, jeremy, luke and bla bla bla (including a couple of idiots who are not deserve to be mentioned) why i did not held a birthday party this year. (because they bailed the last one aka my first in inviting tuition and schoolmates. other than my usual friends)
I simply replied SPM.
Honestly, i was in no mood of celebrating.
Thank you, SPM

Guess what did the school gave me as a birthday present???
Not 1 but 2 add math papers
WOW! I am sooooo damn lucky to recieve 2 presents!!!!
Honestly, do you think I am happy?
Obviously not!!!!
Hello, add maths test is the worst possible birthday present on earth
What kind of idiot loves add math?
Don't answer that, its a rethorical question!!!
I dunno about add math but WHATEVER!!!!

Who wished me happy birthday?
Other than the usual 80 closest friends
Jia Jia (unexpected), Morgan and Ivanna wished me happy birthday.
Jia Jia may have heard when i told my unlucky fate to Xiang Lun.
Still, the thought is what counts right?

My mom took me to Little Saigon, its a Vietnamese restaurant.
As a celebration of my birthday.
The food is DAMN delicious.
Anna, Lawrence, Samantha and Lucy had a special slumber party at Joshua's house with me
It was a surprise party with the 5 of them and Sam's sis, Cecelia and Ekin!!! Who returned from Singapore for me!!!
It was school break mah!
The slumber party was sooo Gr8!!!!!!!
Apart from pizza, soda, choc, hot music, and the Wu family's infamous Korean cuisine.
I got PRESENTS!!!!!!
Rachel and Aaron mailed me some seriously HOT jewellery.
Jenascia got me HOT pants
Alana sent me a pic of hers
Most ppl send b-day animations
I got a thong from Blake
Tori got me real world DVDs
Rebecca got Charmed DVDs
ALL 8 SEASONS!!!!!!!!!!!
YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!
( Claps like London Tipton again)
While the 7 available ppl put up a special powerpoint presentation that brought me to tears!!!!
That happened on 11th March

Before that i was pretty bitter.
At least i enjoyed my personal small purchase
(Okay, i was just being humble)
I enjoyed a BIG spree!
However, a large personal shopping spree cannot match the caring things done by your pals
Maybe i didn't spend enough.
I don't really know.
Let me tell you my jealousy.

First of all, Elton and Michelle Chung are 3 and 4 days younger than me respectively.
As I was sitting alone on my seat, eating an apple.
Yee Ying came out with a cake.
To Elton
The others are singing him happy birthday
Everybody eating cake on tissue (ewww)
At least i enjoyed that
Watching low class ppl doing low class stuff.
Doing their low class shit
No candles because no lighter
Ms Hwong was there, collecting bio workbook debts.
She look at the cake and said 'Happy Birthday to Me'
Then, for more amusement, she took a correction pen and used it as a faux lighter.
And Yee Ying splats Alex's head with cake, cool!

As for Michelle, she got a powerpoint presentation by Mei Shan
Plus pressies by Cally and her chung hua no 6 friends

You know what the weird thing is?
I am having a party and the one organizing but they never show up
Let alone, they want me to organize another 1 so that they can break me again.
I actually cried at after the party
Now, thier friend's birthday is coming and they go and splurge on them
Bringing the party to them!!!
What did I ever did to them?
Who gives a damn, at least i have friends of my own.
You know what?
I don't appriciate those ppl, well maybe some but definitely not all.
Glad this is my last year seeing their face.
I don't think i can stand another year with them.
God, send me out of this cursed place i am living!
I am not insulting this country, i think its a nice place to travel but not stay
I can't stand the global warming.
Its just that i would have a better chance of not seeing some faces again after i leave.
Besides, my family keeps on saying that i should leave them in malaysia.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

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