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Thursday, October 30, 2008


I just killed off my first character, *sob*
to find out who got the axe
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dynasty Warriors 6

So I love to play this game called Dynasty Warriors which is in its sixth installment now. For those of you who don't know about this game, Dynasty Warriors is a hack and slash game where you basically run around and beat the crap out of your opponents, simple?
Since I love playing this game (seriously, if you ever wanna release stress, just play this game, u will be surprised how fun it is when you imagine people you hate, and you all know who I hate geting beaten around like rag dolls.) So anyways, I am just to come here and give my opinion (like so many die hard addicts would, only that they are more immediate in their response) on what their revamped image on all the characters, the decision to cut seven of them, their new weapons which some are shared.

Lets start with my go to girl, Zhen Ji

Zhen Ji

Now, Zhen Ji is my MOST FAVORITE CHARACTER in the series, Zhen Ji in pre Dynasty Warriors 6 (PDW6) is definitely fun to play with. She is also the first person I chose when I started playing, she also earned me my first 1000KO (memories, memories). Her flute is sensationally whacking. I love using her and her flute to whack the shit out of people plus her knockback kick attack (Square button 3 times followed by a traingle) kicks ass, literally. I mean u hit some one from behind like that, the person FLIES literally to another corner like someone getting their ass kicked out of the bar!
Haha! Now her flute is replaced by a chain whip aka, clone of Diao Chan since she (Zhen Ji) doesn't have a story mode. So Brendan is extremely PISSED and therefore current rating is a big negative 2!!! Get the DAMN flute back KOEI!!!! Damn, so angry about the flute and forgot to comment on her cute outfit.

Kingdom of SHU Ma Chao
Ma Chao is my go to guy in PDW6. Ma Chao at first is a very difficult character to master, hence, I used him very rarely at first, as my skills improved, so does my ability in using Ma Chao. And now, I kick serious ass with him, he currently sits at the top of my list on the 'kill as much as you can in 10 minutes challenge' in 1538KOs. Which is pretty cool, I must say. I reallty like Ma Chao's design on this one, better than the hard armor he always has on, so defintely a plus.

Yue Ying
Yue Ying is defintely got a drastic makeover, her first appearance in the game was a drabby soccer mom in the Han Dynasty thing and now that she has a MUCH HOTTER outfit,I think she rocks and her weapon suits her, I feel that Sun Shang Xiang who has a story mode, therefore making Yue Ying the clone should be the clone. It defintely suits her very well. Gets another positive from me!

Guan Ping
Guan Ping is a really cool dude. In PDW6, I find him pretty effective and easy to use. Although slower than my usual choices of characters (DUH! He used to slug a giant stone sword around, no wonder mah!) But I defintely love him. I like his style and its got no problems with me. His outfit suits him, young and boyish, although the fur on his jacket will make PETA pissed off. I think a spear suits him better than a halberd though. currently DW6 is at a neutral zero with a mixed reaction with Guan Ping.

Zhao Yun
Zhao Yun is the cover boy of this game and usually has a very pretty face. In PDw6,he is Darren's go to guy. I used him a few times, simple and easy to use, not really much of a problem, really. I am definitely impressed with his new moves and outfit but I won't be using a lot of him though, he may be the cover boy, but I just don't find him interesting enough. Plus one for DW6!

Guan Yu
Guan Yu is a beginner's choice. Slow but very easy to use, in PDW6, I used him and lost my patience with him, he is too slow, like a turtle. People who like it slow and steady will find him perfect. I like fast so, whatever. His costume looks great, not much complaints though so he gives another plus one to Koei!

Wei Yan
Freaky much? I like it though but not really in to the weapon. In PDW6, I do use him, find him a quite okay character, no problems with him but the weapon now, honestly is a disappointting choice. I much prefer the old one though.Mixed reaction, no gain for Koei.

Zhuge Liang

Zhuge Liang is a wise strategist and well, I don't use him a lot since well I don't know how to use him cause I usally die when I use him. In PDW6, i rarely touch him but he isn't that good to play with, honestly, he doesn't suit my tactic of beating the crap out of any enemy in sight as usually if I do that, I will get myself beaten to crap. Now for the costume which is usually very regal but this one seems to look so the sissy on him, it looks like a more regal version of my mother's bathrobe, Zhuge Liang gives a negative one to DW6

Zhang Fei

Zhang Fei is a character that I have never touched in my life. For good reason too, he is just too slow in PDW6. REAL SLOW. Now though, his suit looks good and I hope he is quicker cause everytime he approaches me to get his ass kicked, I usually see him running in slow motion before getting his ass kicked. So Zhang Fei gets a plus one to Koei.

Liu Bei

Liu Bei, in PDW6, I used him once and never again. I just don't like the style of his fighting. He is an all round character, best suited for beginners like Guan Yu, only quicker. But honestly I don't like it very much. Now his new costume is much youthful and younger, very unlike his old one. I like the choice of weapon and style so Liu Bei gets a plus one for Koei.

Huang Zhong

Huang zhing is an old dude with a lot od heart, in PDW6 he also sucks cause I don't know how to use him. His new costume is an upgrade though even though it looks drabbier than the previous ones. The old dude gives a plus one for DW6.

Pang Tong

Yikes! What the hell is this? Scary la! He is supposed to be sarcastic, not scary! He is not some wicked old witch of the west okay! In PDW6, he sucks and I don't use him much cause he sucks. Minus one for DW6.


Zhang He

Honestly, Zhang He's outfit should be given to Zhen Ji la. But none the less, the dude loves elegance and beauty in the art of fighting. I think that the halberd is cute although I much prefer his old weapon, a pair of claws. In PDW6, I used him and liked him. He rocks and he looks like he can rock now! So plus one for DW6!

Cao Pi

Cao Pi in PDW6 is okay for me, I do use him quite often but he is okay. I definitely like him better in shorter hair. He rocks, the weapon choice is cool too, more regal looking, very the high class. Plus one for DW6

Zhang Liao

Zhang Liao has a major and drastic makeover. I mean in PDW6, he wears a something like Guan Yu. His weapon is also like that, now his weapon is changed, which I think its okay and the heavy plated armor is okay, I don't know how to react really, its a major change but its not that bad but I still liked the old one. So no gain cause no reaction.

Xu Huang

This is his first appearance in a helmet instead of a turban and he is heavily armored instead of the 'baju kurung' he always wears. More suited for war really. I liked it. In PDW6, I also used him frequently. His axe rocks, lets hope his new weapon which is a dagger axe instead of a traditional axe rocks. He gets a plus one for Koei.

Xiahou Dun

Xiahou Dun in PDW6 used to weild a scimitar, now he weilds a club. I like this new look, really. Way better than the old one, and Koei really made him well so no problem giving Xiahou Dun a plus one.

Sima Yi

Eh! Why Koei make all the strategist macam TRANNY/PONDAN/SISSY/AH KUA punya ha?I thought Zhang He with the feminine silk clothing and high heels is the only AH KUA in the game? Koei getting more open? I love the choice of deadly finger claw weapon things, very the devious but very girly, Sima Yi gives DW6 a negative one.

Cao Cao

Cao Cao in PDW6, is way better compared to the other 3 heads of the 3 kingdoms era. He is more swift in his attacks compared to the other 2 which are Sun Jian and Liu Bei. I like it. His new look has less armor than usual but all in all its ok. Cao cao's new outfit is great, nice weapon, no complaints gets a plus one to DW6.

Xu Zhu

Xu Zhu is a pig. He is also very slow and I just don't like him. He should be cut. Unless in PDW6 he rolls around like a ballwhen he gets his ass kicked, all of this would be different. Not much change in his outfit or anything drastic, minus one to DW6

Xiahou Yuan

Xiahou Yuan is a dude who is really large and used to weild a club. Moreover, he used to be heavily armored. But the really large sword he weilds now looks cool! I like his overall design so he gets a plus one to Koei!

Cao Ren

Cao Ren is a very defensive, heavily armored and slow character in PDW6. And in DW6, he doesn't change at all. So he is still very defensive and the buckler blade (a shield with a blade connected) is replaced by a really large lance. Its not as attractive as compared to the others but still he deserves a plus one to DW6.

Dian Wei

Wow! Talk about a MAJOR makeover. Dian Wei in PDW6, sucks. His axe doesn't work well for me and I just don't like the overall style. But I LOVE this guy now! Koei has now make this guy look and is DESTRUCTIVE!!! Man, he looks real kick ass with this large metal sharp ball and chain. Plus one for DW6!

Kingdom of Wu

Xiao Qiao

Xiao Qiao is VERY CUTE!!!!!! I love her outfit and Koei specially kept her adorable fans for this installment. Although I very much prefer her cute jacket in DW5 but this one seems cute and girly too! So Xiao Qiao gets a positive earning one mark for DW6!!!!

Lu Xun

Lu Xun in PDW6 sucks, period. His moves are too technical for me and I find it very hard to use but in DW6, his usefulness seems promising, I have to say. I really love his costume, as for the sword we will have to wait and see then, Lu Xun gets a positive and gives Koei a plus one.

Gan Ning

Gan Ning in PDW6 is an Ah Beng in the game, a rowdy little sky pirate. His musou (special attack) is an uncontrollably super speed and fast running with his blade which I only use for crowd clearing and rushing without a horse purpose which is also very hard to control. In DW6, he looks MORE Ah Beng and has some sissy looking kunais, negative, minus one to the game.

Zhou Yu

About the fact that Koei makes strategist looks like DAMN Ah Kuas is definitely proven in Zhou Yu, even though he is wearing tights and a MINI MINI skirt which his dick may flash out if not were for those tights, adding the girlyness is boots that are THANKFULLY not high heeled. Plus he has very pale face, paler than his wife, Xiao Qiao. Negative, and a minus one for DW6.

Zhou Tai

In PDW6, Zhou Tai, ROCKS!!!! He has the most japanesse influence in the game, weilding a katana. His outfit doesn't change much only more red and shredded cape but honsetly, I still prefer a Katana than this sword, negative, minus one for DW6.

Ling Tong

Ling Tong is the Kung Fu master in PDW6, he weilds a nunchaku and I had great fun with him. Not much problem with him either. Now in DW6, I like the new outfit but not liking the Halberd he is getting, seems suckish la. Negative, minus one for Koei.

Sun Shang Xiang

Sun Shang Xiang weilds these moon chakrams and is a tomboy in PDW6, now she has a bow and is a girly girl. THIS SUCKS! I want her Chakrams BACK! They were MUCH BETTER, negative, minus one for Koei.

Sun Ce

Sun Ce in PDW6 wields tonfas. This new look is more regal, officiating him to a more ruler-ish role, I like the spear, btw. Very nice except for the chopstick on the heaf, well thanks to the chopstick, no reaction, no points.

Huang Gai

Huang Gai is one of the few people who DID NOT change his weapon but honestly I don't care. In PDW6, I didn't even touched him. However, his shields is replaced by a strong arm armor thing, which I think its pretty cool. But I don't really like the mohawk for the old dude so its a negative reaction, minus one for DW6.

Taishi Ci
Taishi Ci in PDW6 is a very easy to control character but for some reason, I never feel the satisfaction of bashing people from him so I never bother to use him much. But this time, he looks cooler, I have to say so plus one for Koei

Sun Jian
Sun Jian's hair looks WAY MORE hotter than his two sons combined. But are we building a ruler or some aged Ah Beng popstar? Minus one for Koei.

Sun Quan
Sun Quan looks okay. The youthful look really suits him cause in the past games, I thought Sun Ce is the younger brother. Thankfully the mistake is corrected, so plus one for Koei.

Lu Meng
Lu Meng is a character that relies on his strength and technique, rather than the speed or the motion of his attack, he is generally, the weakest player in the game in PDW6. Now, he looks more rugged and shabby which is cool and the only strategist that could not be pulled off as a girl so good work for Koei though I hate Lu Meng. Plus one.

Diao Chan
Diao Chan is one of my favorite characters in the game, in PDW6, she is very decent in her clothing and now, Koei pulls out and gave her this sexy bombshell with a chainwhip which suits her better in this outfit. The face is fine too but I think the whip is better, plus one for DW6.

Lu Bu
Lu Bu is a bad ass and the most difficult character to beat in the game like seriously. He kicks serious ass. And now with more armor, he looks even more badass. But the cricket thing on his head is still there but whatever, it can be overlooked. Plus one for Koei.

Dong Xhuo
OMG!!! Koei, what the HELL did you do?
I know that Dong Zhuo is a fat bastard but do you really have to exaggerate until this kind of level? Its ugly. I know he is a fat bastard but at least make the fat bastard look more presentable? Minus one

Yuan Shao
Yuan Shao is a real rich and cocky dude, and I liked his PDW6 style but this one looks very ridiculous. Like honestly, I can't stop laughing its like someone stuck a gay looking butterfly on the bumper of a proton. Minus one for Koei

Zhang Jiao
Zhang Jiao is an old coot whose ass would be your first to kick. I didn't touch him in PDW6 so no comment. Overall, it looked good, sort of a deranged crazy dude which he is. Suits him, plus one for Koei

These are the seven characters deleted

Jiang Wei

Jiang Wei rocked wonder why they cut him? I love him, its sad. His moves worked well for me though not as effective.

Zhu Rong
Zhu Rong was a very difficult character to master but once u get the hang of it, she works well.

Zuo Ci

Zuo Ci is an old man that ROCKED. He has cards that just kick awesome ass.

Pang De
Pang De was a guy I rarely used but his style is simple, nothing flashy or attractive but very effective.

Xing Cai
Xing Cai is a bitch. Though I am not glad that she's gone. She is a good character to use for more advanced players

Meng Huo
Meng Huo is well, Meng Huo, a barbarian. I didn't used him though, he just repulses me.

Da Qiao
This is the biggest disappointment! I hate it! Why cut her? I know she is annoying and very Michelle Lim and I prefer her sister over her but I like to use her. Why Koei? Why? Such a disappointment.

All of them gets a minus one for Koei.

In conclusion, the new dynasty warriors suck! BRING BACK ZHEN Ji's FLUTE!!!!!!