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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Prepare for the Worst, Hope for the Best

I am happy.
I guess deep inside its been a while that I actually smile for joy.
Into the final four of the debate cup
A chance to win big
A best debater trophy, signifying recognition and status of high value and rank
A proud senior who loves me like her very own little brother
A bunch of friends who you know will be family.
All I need is a lover by my side and it will be all perfect.
Life so far has been great, given the circumstances.

But I am hungry
I still want more
I want the grand prize
I want to win big
It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
It will be tense
It won't be lighthearted
And I will get my emotions in it but I won't let it get the best of me.

I know I sounded like I didn't believe that I was considered to be among the best
Beating someone who you thought would be a shoo in all along
And its true
I lack confidence in myself when I debate
I still look up to those people as my seniors
Nothing can change that
Though I am pleasantly surprised.

But now, I am ready
For the final battle
I don't care if you are Swinburne, UiTM or Unimas
All of you are going down
I want to be the sole survivor, the winning team, the only one left standing.
I am prepared to fight and give it my all.
There is nothing to lose form here on out.
But I can honestly tell you guys
I am nervous
I am tense
I felt like there is a ticking time bomb where I will crack and burst into an ejaculation of stummers and short circuitry.
I know its all on me now
I guess all I want you to say is...
Wish me good luck
I think I will need it.

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Jake Lo said...

Well, good luck. Now go and give this thing your best shot. :)