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Friday, April 22, 2011

Shit people say in debate

I have said a bunch of crap in debate but obviously none that would exceed my current best, which is

"We would torture these terrorist by feeding them pork and alcohol only''. (Debate on whether torture was a legitimate tool in interrogating terrorist)

Yes, I am a very insensitive and sadistic little bitch.
But when it comes to fun debates like about legalizing prostitution, the 'fun' factor just increases.
And when I mean fun
I mean dirty comments that are down right stupid and hilarious.
Though obviously I do not say any of those following
But the fact that juniors said this, was hilarious

My favorite was this

'Prostitutes earn more than Google, Nike and Starbucks combined'

Other notable quotes are

'By legalizing prostitution, you would have a lot of unwanted pregnancies'

'Swinburne University turning into a sex show' (Don't ask me how or why was it there)

'One person can only be allowed one prostitute as a partner'

'Prostitutes have to attend a workshop and a test'

'Money earn from prostitute can be used to fund schools and other government initiatives'

'I do not want to attend a school funded by prostitutes'

'Legalizing prostitution will cause a severe decrease in the work force because everyone will get STDs'

'The opposition say yes to bribery and no to prostitution'

'Humans have the right to get laid'

'What if the clients are underage?'

'Possibility of fake results on STD test'


Jake Lo said...

Hahaha! Man, that was good!

Brendan Goh said...

Just you wait until you hear the debate about banning gay rights

浩Douggie said...

WTF!!! paty arguments, even I know those are more than just vade argument ....

Cass said...

Doug! *petty and vague

...hanging around a certain someone really does have adverse effects.