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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A letter to the fucker who schedule the final exams

Dear Fucker who scheduled the final exams...

First of all, I would like to say that you, sir/madam should grab a .38 and stuff it into your asshole and shoot yourself. You have caused serious emotional malfunction towards this very already emotionally deranged, delusional, over-dramatic and drastic student who wants to transfer into a different university in July.Why? Simple... The subjects Management Accounting for Planning and Control and Corporate Accounting are only TWO(2) days apart. TWO freaking days. TWO motherfucking short days which will cause serious mental issues towards every student who took both subjects stated. Do you know how taxing this is? Do you know how much am I freaking out right now? I tell you how much... Enough to make me think of murdering your ass and spending time thinking very very sick thoughts about methods towards torturing your absolutely sad existence. Then to add insult to injury, you put my other subject, Contract Law on the 9th of June... That means that from the period from 26th of May till the 9th of June, I will be spending time to study Contract Law, time that should have been given for me to study Corporate Accounting!

Corporate Accounting is known to be one of those killer subjects with absolutely high failing rates and you put it two days later from another subject. What the fuck are you thinking? And to put it on the 26th aka 4th day of exam to add insult to injury, that really is the last straw buddy. If I am going to die, I might as well take you down with me right? You better hope that my diligence and superior accounting rockstar talent can pull through this or your head is on my plate and my foot shoved deep into your ass and a spoon stuck into your stomach being used to scoop your guts out. How dare you ignore the business students! Fucker...

Seriously, you better hope I pass or else. I will make...

Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson gang rape you. This is to show how pathetic you are as those two are the most submissive, pussyboy faces that you will ever meet and to get fucked by a bunch of pussy boys?

You listen to over 100 versions of Rebecca Black's Friday and watch all the episodes of Dora The Explorer twice! This is to show you the supreme boredom I will face from 26th of May onwards

Gut you with a spoon and then let a vulture come and pick your guts. After that, fire ants shall be spread all over your body and adding in a bit of salt. This is to show you how torturing my current dilemma is

Rob you off all your money. I need to pay for my tuition somehow right? To the University of Newcastle!

Stuff your head inside an elephant's ass and then let it shower poop all over you. This is to make me laugh from a distance inside an air conditioned room.

Yeah... so you better be careful... There are a bunch of other things I wanted to write but I have to study and besides, the thoughts I put here will make blogger to put a content warning all over the page.

You better make sure I get HDs for all subjects.

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