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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Bringing Back the Debate

I guess you can call it a comeback.
I have decided to make a comeback and head back into debating
Things is, the whole experiencing World Universities Championship in Berlin sounds very tempting
So I have indeed decided that I should go back to debating for one last hurrah
I am graduating next year and I want to make my final year memorable
Although it is going to be tough with new subjects that are obviously more difficult than ever
Adding towards juggling a new job in tow
Plus, my commitments to my first love in theatre.
I guess, next semester will be a wild one.
More updates soon, I promise :)

1 comment:

Olympia said...

Hey I just stumbled upon your blog and I noticed in a few posts you said you are studying at swinburne (I'm assuming it's the Melbourne campus in hawthorn?) and I am in the middle of deciding on what uni to go to, so I was wondering if you think Swinburne is good or not. I've been hearing really mixed reviews and yeah it would be nice to get a better idea :) especially seeing as I have to decide in only two days!!