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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bad week much?
My life sucks and this is pretty much the worst week of my life.
Well, how can I put this?
First of all, to everyone who is wondering I am not in school on Friday
I am in the States attending a funeral, maybe back on Monday or Tuesday
So anyway, I failed Moral Suckies and Physhits (Physics)
Predictable and I passed History (Yeah!)
Then Jamie text and said Celcock (Celcom) chose Madumb Hillbillies(Matang Hilir)
Which hit me up to the roof!
Man I am sooooo PISSED!!!!!
Why do they chose them
Our team is the best there is and there is no competition
However, Celcock has made its decision
and good luck to Madumb Hillbillies
Hope u fuckers lose!!!!!
Oh yeah I am going to change my cell number soon
In protest to Celcock
Dunno yet

After Jamie its Kyo, my ishiteru
Yeah, yeah, sorry Andrea 4 lying to u
so Kyo is a guy and a great charmer.
We got along well as friends and i fell for him
but since i may never see him again, its better to let go before we get hurt even more

After it ended, I got a phone call from Tara Miles
She said that Stephan died and will tell me about the details when I am in the states.
I was like shit and i called Kyo for sympathy
By the way, we are confidantes now.
and told him about it.

Stephan is a good all round STRAIGHT guy.
It sucks to see a good person go
and we must question good Jesus
why does he have to die so young!
he is only 22, in his senior year in college.
He died in a car crash, while travelling wit friends who are now in critical condition.
Their car got rammed by a truck which sent them to the rive
They got stuck
The driver called for paramedics
They saved the rest but he died of hypothermia.
Which made me cry even more
It really just sucks
And to make matters worse,
I left my add math stuff in Kuching!!!

However there is one good thing that happened which compensated everything.
I had lost my virginity!
Yes and I am announcing this to the world!
To who?
Which means we are back together again
Thanks Stephan but i rather have you living than me losing my virginity
May you be at peace and in heaven chatting with Jesus.
Yes, I am a full-fleged Christian
but haven't got my Bible yet
Sherrie where to get one?

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