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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why pink?
Have you ever seen those scary movies
Where they turn really really scary ones into comical relief
This movie franchise is like a 'happy' and 'comical' versions of scary movies that some of us admit that we have absolutely no balls to watch them
This is why people play golf.
To search for the balls that they have lost.

So lets talk about my scary movie dream shall we
Well, maybe it should be called TV Movie
Maybe the scary movie sickos who write them should check this blog
Its really just like a small cameo-ish thing
Something like a long sketch.
Anyways it's good to remeber your dreams
Because most of your best inspirations come from there.

So we started of with like five guys doing this animorphs thing
Me, Aaron, Mika, Jeremy and Nick were like walking along the street
We decided to take the short cut through the construction site
So as we were walking in to the middle plain part of the site
Which will be barren and lots of dirt and stuff.
We were suddenly surrounded by me n in leather
Holding whips and chains and stuff.
A large group of men in bondage, stroking their parts
looking at us
Mika and Jeremy were terrified
Aaron and Nick were fascinated
As for me, I was actually petting a small cat
and then turned my attention towards them

They charged, we ran like the dickens.
So Mika was fighting eveyone in dramatic power rangers fashion.
When they flipped him,
he fell in slow motion while the rapists, i guess
were sipping drinks and ready magazines.
After that the action continued.

Nick dive himself into the crowd
While Jeremy ran and ran till he lost them
However he was knocked down by a metal pillar
Aaron was running and running.
He was stripped into his undies
And then water sprayed and he did that Baywatch thing
where he ran through the sprinkling water in fabulous fashion.

Me on the hand was ready to take them on
However, Kung Fu Fighting was on
so I switch to Hit Me Baby One More Time.
I did my thing which followed by Gimme More
where the rapists were somehow flung away by the stripper poles.
Then, I suddenly got stripped to my undies
I ran in my red underwear and grabbed an axe
Running like Paris Hilton.
I cut off a rope and rocks fell.

However, we were surrounded.
No place to run, no place to hide.
about to be tortured and fucked by weird men in scanily clad leather.
Aaron and Nick were actually grooming themselves
While the rest of us stared in fear.

Suddenly, Mika pulled out something from his pocket
He looked at it in a very confused way
The rest of us imitated him and we got them too.
They were power ranger morphers.

'Ain't this Power Rangers?' Mik asked
'Yeah' I said
'Weren't you a big fan?' Jeremy asked
'Yeah! Well used to.'
'Well? Morph!'
'Ok, ok'

'SPD Emergency!'
Nothing happened

'Magical Source,Mystic Force!'
Nothing happened

'Dino Thunder! Power Up!'
Still nothing

'Hurry!' They said

'It's Morphin time!'
I screamed.

Tyranosaurus, Mastadon, Triceratiops, Saber-toothed Tiger, Pterodactyl
We morphed.
Nick is red because he is a red head
Mika is black because he comes from a black background
Jeremy is blue cuz... he wears glasses
I am yellow cause I am Asian
Aaron is pink cause he is gay and does gymnastics

Aaron complained that he should be yellow cause of his blonde locks
I (for some reason) wanted pink because pink is the new black.
So we demorphed and remorphed.
So I am the pink ranger.
Not red, not blue, not black, not yellow but pink
I gotta say though,
I look HOT in pink
We said power rangers, kicked ass and there you go.

Oh yeah, my blog will be on hiatus until November 26th.
That sucks!
Oh well, SPM always ruin lives
No wonder most Malaysian are nerds.

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oh my god, you are so pathetic.