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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Nothing to blog
There seems to be nothing to blog about lately
Nothing to do
Nothing interesting happening.
Really nothing much that concerns me
Its all exams these days
and more Exams
Malaysia really loves exams
In fact, they are addicted to it.
We have
1st mid-term exam
Mid-term exam
2nd Mid-term exam
Final Exam
Diagnostic tests
Surprise tests
Pop quizzes
and the list goes on and on.

Literally makes you feel really tired
Almost everyday I have to study like shit.
I am so beat these days
Gosh what is the Malaysian Ministry of Education trying to do?
Create nerds?
Well, believe me, you have already created a few
like this guy,
Teo Guan Kiat who prefers oldies compared to the music of today.
I really don't like it.
And most of the people in my class are way outdated when it comes to music
Either the music is crappy or its like total history.

In other news,
Kimberly is the 2nd girl eliminated from America's Next Top Model
I like Kimberly for her bright personality
She reminds me of Brittany from Cycle 4 and Natasha from Cycle 8.
However, she is horrible in runway and her photos are a little hoochie.

Next up, WWE Champion John Cena
or should I say former three-time WWE Champion John Cena
is forced to vacate the WWE title due to a severe arm injury thanks to Randy Orton
He is expected to return within six to twelve months.
I am happy that Cena is finally out
Its very redundant to see him walking out with his title for a year already.
I am excited to see who wins it at No Mercy

Finally, Leslie, the christian talk show host was eliminated from Survivor: China
She lasted nine days.
This also marks the first elimination from Fei Long
and two wins from Zhan Hu
Oh well.

I am very excited now
Because next week is makeovers!!!!!!!
The girls will be getting new looks
I am so excited
The preview said that someone's locks is gonna get chopped
and of course, watching No Mercy!!!!!!

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S-H-e-R-R-i-E said...

I agree with you totally...Exams....Driving me nuts...