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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The end of another era and the beginning of a new one.
Sounds a little corny don't cha think?
The 5 hellacious years of being an inmate at SMK Sungai Maong.
Is finally over.
Would I miss my years of being a high school student?
In fact, my memories of SMK Sungai Maong will not be a part of me.
There weren't much good times around
We were always busy
And people hate me there,
Well not all but still,
being branded as a pussyboy, a wuss, a weakling is very painful to my ego.
Although, yes I was nice to everyone at the end
But its nothing but a phenomenal facade
A mere show
Nothing but just to put a face and say that there is no longer bad blood between me and those losers.
I mean come on
You tease me for the last five years and thought that I will forgive you?
You insulted me
Hurt me
Dissed me like I am nothing?
But yeah, I have forgiven
but the next time you provoke me,
whether you are a guy or a girl
don't expect any mercy.
I would like to put the past behind me
and look forward to the future.

Btw, I can't believe 5sc1 students are pure dorks
A buncha noobs
Dude, seriously
Celebrate your youth
Experiment with some alcohol
I mean, don't go overboard.
Try some, its good for your health
It warms your body so its good for a cold night.
Try something like
Jack Daniels
Pina Colada
Red Wine
Gin and Tonic
or just Gin
never only tonic
Tonic is sprite, 7-up, you know carbonated water
Tonic is also those cheap 6-dollar bottles that you get at the supermarket.
So seriously, try 1 and
I guarentee that you will not regret it.
Unless of course you are driving or drink too many.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that Causcasians have immunity system to the alcoholic poison? While Asians are prone to its poison, and may even be fatal?

Anonymous said...