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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Pressure To Couple Up

Whenever, you go to the mall, or being at school, or having a meal at a local restaurant, or generally being anywhere. A single person who has never entered into a relationship before would definitely feel envious or rather uncomfortable when hanging around with a lovey-dovey couple. This is because this is when that certain single person feels that there is this void in his or her life, this void cannot be filled by just anyone, it has to be filled by someone you care about, someone you cannot stop thinking about, someone that when you meet that someone, it makes not only makes your heart flutter, your hormones go crazy and your objects of sexual desire tighten, harden and pulsate with pumping blood vessels of the need to engage in sexual acts, but also a feeling of pure content, happiness (not THAT kind of happy okay) and relief aka a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

The void that exists has a hunger of a need that is to be fulfilled, that hunger turns into insecurities and then all of a sudden a fear rises within you. You begin to ask yourself  'Am I going to be alone for the rest of my life where my only campanionship is four dogs who I treat like human beings?' By the way, the aforementioned four dogs are on hormone overload right now and yes they are trying to satisfy their beastial urges by fucking each other, especially Liberty! God, my most prized pooch is nothing but some high class slut who wants a fuck any chance she gets, going around mating with every single dog in the neighborhood! I can seriously tell you, the male dogs were literally LINING UP for it! And here I thought that I raised her better! Screw that slutty dog! (as if she isn't screwed up already).

Anyway, where was I? Oh right the void thing.

So then you decided to go crazy like those male dogs, searching around, seeking a suitable chick to screw around with, sometimes your hormones cloud your judgment that you decide to get any pussy you can get, even if they are fat, smokers and have shit for brains. (Don't you know smoking makes you fat and so not hot?)

After that, you got what you wanted, then you realized those lovey-dovey fantasies that your beloved non-single friends are painting do not come just like that. It is not something as easy as opening a pack of instant noodles okay? It takes a lot of work, honestly, a lot. I mean even though, I am in the dating game for a short time, I honestly already feel exhausted. It takes time, a lot of work, a lot of care, a lot of attention, a serious hangover, toleration and consequently, a lot of money. With my trip to Australia coming up, it honestly is a bad time for me to start a relationship, jeez, with the money I spend these days, I am really feeling the burn. It's like, I wanna impress you but Australia is coming up and I wanna enjoy, have fun, go shopping and buy some stuff from Quicksilver so that I am wearing what you people will be wearing next Chinese New Year (the 2010 one is THIS Chinese New Year by the way.) Well, at least I got my shirts down, I have one from H&M, and another from Topman, ready rock your socks off, there is another Topman top, but I am kind of worried about my bulging tummy. It is tough for me you know, when it comes to working out, I wanna work out but it's tough without support. I have no friends interested in working out, my brothers are lazy like sloths that somehow have a high metabolic rate, my parents are characters that if I go working out with them, I think I should move far far away or disappear from the face of this earth and hide in a hole somewhere in the Antartic, me myself needs constant motivation and support because I can't do it alone and I don't like to be alone. Moreover, that stupid mother of mine likes to buy unhealthy snacks in order to entertain Ryan, me being a person who likes to eat, finds it difficult to not succumb to temptations. Oh by the way, Ryan unlike his older brothers, get to eat whatever the fuck he wants.

As I said, relationships are tough. Those lovey-dovey couples are either drugged by hormones or truly went through it. The early stages in my relationship, which is now is tough, because we always argue and make up. It's been a while like this. We just got to know each other and taking it slow, very slow since it's a long distance relationship which I do not like. My adivce? Make sure that you prepare yourself before going in, because it's going to need a lot of energy and concentration, and sometimes it makes you feel that you need to rethink your priorities.

If you feel that you are not concentrating on work or school, and you feel that your performance is ailing, by all means, end it. In the end, your girlfriend is supposed to support you, not distract you.


Chester Chin said...

You know what I've always thought that Facebook should have the status "Happily Single" instead of just "Single".

Anyway I don't believe in rushing into things. You don't define your happiness by the presence of another individual. So rock on all you single people!!! :D

Brendan Goh said...

Viva la Single People!!!! HAHA

Yumimi said...

"Happily Single" sounds a bit arrogant though @_@ It's like telling people "I don't need anyone" if you know what I mean =) Besides, "Single" doesn't mean u're a sad individual =D