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Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Short Note from the Golden Lounge of Qantas in Singapore

In the famous catchphrase of Krusty the Clown 'Hey Hey Hey' all the way from the superficial tropical version of London in an island known as Singapore. Now, I decided not to bring my laptop along due to the fact of a new copyright law, so I can't talk much with you guys and my one blog post a day plan remains obviously ruined again (London was an excuse, but this is a valid reason, well slightly invalid but stronger than London's). Sigh, adding more homework only, lol. Also, my cell is unable to connect to Twitter or Facebook, so my status updates are also left in vain. It just goies to show how us humans are now so dependent on our electronic devices that it gets downright frustrating that it just doesn't work.

Just a short summary of my trip ie a helluva long wordy post so be prepared to squint your eyes people!!! Or so I think it is, I dunno, I have like an hour to type before leaving for an 8 hour flight towards Sydney.

So just a short summary on my trip:

Arrived on airport around 10 or 11 as flight leaves at 12, checked in and had Starbucks with family. Got my BRAND NEW DEODERANT FROM UBER MEN CHUCKED INTO THE TRASH because it is only 25 FREAKING ML MORE THAN THE DAMN LIMIT! ARGH!!! So ticked off. Not to mention, my dad is on hyper stress mode, cussing here and there, (here and there meaning me), don't worry, I am already used to the degrading verbal abuse.

After that we arrived on the plane and guess who decided to make a guest appearance in this episode of my life? MAKRETING CONCEPT LECTURER: Lynn Wee! OMG!! HAHA, pleasantly surprised, I know. After leaving, we checked into the Marriot Hotel and had a blast at the 27th floor. I forgot to take the pic of the room though, sad, but later I will show u pics of my bro in a bathrobe in the bathroom! I also got my hair before the trip... HATES IT! Damn should have waited for the better one!

Since we were on a bit of a time crunch, we only went to Bugis for shopping. HUGE discounts on my fav store TOPMAN!, bought a purple shirt for CNY! Also went there and bought a new watch from a stall there, the watch isn't cheap but it is not expensive either, the design is quite impeccably cool, and I also kinda got enticed by the hot chick selling them, haha. Okay, a part of my watch dropped, screw that bitch for selling me that stupid watch!

Also, the people in Singapore are like H.O.T.! Seriously, I have never seen so many people, locals and foreigners alike that  I would so like to date and have sex with haha! Seriously! Hey, a certain Canadian Hot Chick is studying there right?? God, and funny thing is that they looked at me too but kinda not liking my ahir so.. I need to shave off that effing hair and lose weight and... Kuching makes me fat because there is absolutely nothing to do there and if there is something to do, then all those stupid suburban bozos will be there and I am not like them, so yeah. You get the point and no Darren you cannot borrow my iPhone. No Darren I seriously mean it, no! Darren needs to chat in MSN but the comp in the lounge got no msn.

Oh, and I also had problems guiding a certain direction illiterate person through the Singaporean street who acts as if she knows the way but actually doesn't and since she is on a higher heirachy in terms of family positioning than me, it all ended with us walking around like aimless ducks on the streets. Also, I have to use colours and numbers to explain to her.GOD!

So here goes like this: We need to go to use the red train and the go to City Hall in order to connect to the Green Train to get to Bugis. But we stop at the wrong station so because this is for the purple train so we need to go back to the red train again and go to the next stop which has the green train.

Her question: Oh oh oh so we go which way?

Me: Didn't you look at the sign?

She looks (directions point towards the left but she looks towards the escaltor which is her left): There?

Me: *slaps head and points toward the actual direction*

Her: Oh that way... How do we get there?

Me: *ignore*

And you ask me why I rather travel alone or with friends, backpacking and living in very very cheap and dirty hotels and probably having to resort to prostitution to get by rather than an all expense trip stay at Disneyland Paris with my whole family...


Chester Chin said...

At the rate you're going observing the hot people of singapore, the singaporeans better beware of brendan! =P

Brendan Goh said...

Very Funny Chester, very funny. But seriously though, you would be drooling too if you walked into a club and see a bunch of girls with guitars waiting their turn to sing in a bar and all of them somehow have the voice and hair of Rachael Yamagata XD

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