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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Allow me to introduce to you the Bratwurst
Which is also known as the burly bitchy ugly twin sister fo the hot dog
Famous in Germany (duh) and in Wisconsin where they are called brats or beer brats (if they are poached in beer that is)
They remind me of the look and shape of a human penis
See how there is a slight curve and a more enlarged tip compared to the middle part

As seen below, the shape of the bratwurst honestly resembles a penis

So yeah... it really looks like a penis...

I can tell you something though, it does not taste like a penis
Because its cooked. (Sicko)
The penis looking thing obviously is in a deep need of some serious flavouring, poached with beer and onions and then grilled with a slab of butter on each side.
Then I will call it bratwurst and not meat that looks and shapes like a penis
Cause you know, it looks like a penis.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Penis sounds so unsophisticated Bren. Say.. phallus.