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Friday, February 11, 2011

Album Review: Science & Faith by the Script

This has been a while, its not because I was really late in buying this album. The reason is that I keep looping the album in the car and I always seem to have somehow forgotten about blogging about this album or when I actually do remember it, it was not the right time, so now finally, I have the time to do so. So now here is the review. The song list are as follows

  1. You Won't Feel a Thing
  2. For the First Time
  3. Nothing
  4. Science & Faith
  5. If You Ever Come Back
  6. Long Gone and Moved On
  7. Dead Man Walking
  8. This is Love
  9. Walk Away
  10. Exit Wounds
Notable Songs: Nothing, Science & Faith, Exit Wounds & If You Ever Come Back

The Good: The fact that the songs in the Script can range from a soothing song that calms your nerves, to songs that can make you feel good to songs that you can see yourself making out with someone in your car is just fantastic for my car. No matter what song it plays, it would set the mood straight. If I feel sad, the song comforts me, if I feel pissed, it calms me down. But now from a non psyche standpoint, it really is not much different than the first album in terms of sound, you still hear what you hear from the first album. This can only mean one thing: it justs gets better and better. The lyrics are poetic and the songs by the Script this time do not really drone on like one real long song like the first one. Which is fantastic

You Won't Feel a Thing is a nice song, a sort of intro towards the main content like it is some kind of prequel. I liked it as I felt it was a good taste before dwelling into more deeper 'Scriptness'

For the First Time may be released as a single but it does not stand out for me as it kinds of blends in or gets out shone by the other songs, definitely less catchier than the others.

Nothing is a great standard Script song. I love it because it just reminds me why I liked them.

Science & Faith is my favourite in the album. I love how the lyrics just speak out in relation to well science and faith. I love it so much that its just so romantic. Slightly different than the usual Script's emo tone, but I love it more than usual.

If You Ever Come Back is noted because I find myself connected to the song, post Science & Faith syndrome a maybe but hey, I love it none the less.

Dead Man Walking is a catchy song and somewhat eerie. Definitely a pop out but a subtle one.

This is Love talks about sacrifice and love.

Walk Away is really really catchy and it has that slightly eerieness that's present in Dead Man Walking

Exit Wounds is my personal favourite as it is pretty much the most dramatic song in the album and I know how getting your heart broken feels like and if I ever need something to set my mood, Exit Wounds it is.

The Bad: Its the same old thing, there may be slight variations but nothing much. I also feel that for some reason 10 songs is just not enough. After Exit Wounds, it felt like a cliffhanger for some reason.

Overall: I find it a very enjoyable album to listen to, definitely room for improvement but very enjoyable nontheless, on par with the first album though I do find myself preferring the first one at times.

Rating: Script gets 4 out of 5. Good but not good enough to warrant a huge success from me

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