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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Debate future in doubt

To be honest, at first I really liked debating. Not only in the sense of intellectual discussions and the obvious mind blowing realizations that you get into it but also the friends that I have made through debating. Debaters are not just a bunch of people getting into a club and sit in a stuffy room and then talk shit, debaters are also a community of heavy drinkers and interesting life stories that you can listen to tirelessly. It's fun, its great, its fantastic but after I leave Swinburne, I highly doubt that I would continue debating  nor return to it after a hiatus. In fact, I am actually contemplating on retiring debating.

It has come to a point in my life that I ask myself this question: Debating maybe fun but is it something that I would use to its full extent in my future? The answer is no. Unless I am into political science, I highly find much use of it other than arguing with my parents to get myself out of messy situations or proving my points properly. I am a writer at heart, a person who likes to write, who likes to read and convey my feelings through a pen and paper or through a keyboard and a monitor or through the ipad or the keypads on my cell phone who by the way, is currently pursuing an accounts major. Speaking maybe one of my fortes but I'd prefer to write any time of the day.

Next, it has also come to a point where I am need of the feeling to expand my horizons, finding another side of me. The debaters club and its debaters have housed my social needs for the past 3 years. I have made many friends there from book geeks to womanizers where I have become someone's potential groomsmen and someone's enemy. But now, there are other horizons unexplored, other communities that are practically unseen and invisible to me. It is now time for me to weed out another cast of people with the same interests as I have where those interests that I have never explored yet. It feels interesting to do that.

No one can replace the friendships that I have made from Swinburne, especially the debaters. Which makes me highly doubt that I can make close friends from other debaters club. They are just a bunch of really cool people that I don't think other people may be up to par with them. It took me exactly a whole year to finally being able to be comfortable with the debaters. I highly doubt I have that kind of patience anymore. Plus and besides, I kinda miss having a small cast like Entourage or Sex and the City or to a certain extent, Desperate Housewives. The whole Glee cast thing was fun, but I want to have a larger spotlight in my life now.

Well, in the end, lets just say this. Tentatively, it looks like I am heading to MDO and KDO as my last two retirement tour dates.

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