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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brendzblog Sanctuary Breached

Brendzblog is my avenue of releasing stress when no one is around
It is one of my comforts, releasing what I feel or what I want to say in this little website of mine
No repurcussions (well almost none), no censorship, no control over what I should say or what I should not share
I set up this website way back in 2006 because I have no one to relate to and I needed a place for me where I can feel accepted
I was lonely back then

I mean, I do have friends and I love them for that but the level of closeness of what I have experienced between my friends in high school and the ones in Swinburne were worlds apart.
I don't miss my high school friends but I certainly do miss the uni ones, (yes Cyril u maybe form both but ur better in uni)
I was ecstatic when graduated from high school but leaving Swinburne, transferring to a different country, I find it very surprising that it feels bittersweet.
I was sad that I could not get to know better some of the newer friends who I have begun to be closer with and I was sad that I could not spend more time with people that I hold dear, people who dare I say, consider that they are family.
I never had that kind of closeness back in high school.

But now as you can see, most of the stuff I write here are cryptic somewhat
Come on, if you read closely you would know what I am writing about
But yeah
I 'complicate' things
You see... my sanctuary has been breached, my parents found my blog site
I was pissed that now, I cannot say or do whatever I wanted to do
But now that I am in a different country and they cannot remember the name of this site
I guess you can say that I can say whatever I want
But I cannot think these days for some reason

I guess having friends in uni, they are my main source of people that I bitch to about
I have an avenue to release my stress
Yet at the same time learn to care and appreciate them like the individuals that they are
A form of mutual respect that grows in to care and love.
I love my friends and it kills me that they are not here with me
I am leaving my support system and I know I can create a new one
So here it begins
My journey in Australia, awaiting its commencement
Lets hope it does not get cancelled before it even started
Then again, lets hope it the series has run its due course
I do not know what to expect, but I know this journey is not easy
I hope I have the strength to do this


MeLL said...

good luck in Australia, Brendan! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't be so sad uncle, everything happens for a reason! I am serious, you've just got it believe it :)