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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its like awaiting the the premiere/green light

Well, the Brendan Goh spin-off from the Swinburne Debater's Club is awaiting green light
Whether or not the green light will be given
Whether Brendan will be staying in Sydney or forced to return to Kuching
You cannot deny that on both sides, you can have a great story and journey with endless possibilities to write on.

On one hand, the spin-off (Brendan staying in Sydney), gives him new adventures, new cast members, a fresh start essentially. It definitely will be different as there are new tasks and other priorities taking ahead of what he wants

''You definitely see some changes in Brendan, things will be different for him. There are a lot more opportunities and paths that he could take. A lot more dynamics coming in to play, there will be a part-time job, more emphasis on work and career as well as fitting in a much more easier to adapt environment'' said Fate, the show runner for both shows

When asked about the fact that Brendan will be living alone, caring for his aunt's apartment, Fate adds, ''The independence factor is certainly another new dynamic, Brendan now has more responsibility and roles to play around with. As well as living in his aunt's place, we definitely will see more drama, not only with his aunt but the house itself as well.''

''Debate is certainly taking a back seat this time, Brendan joined the debaters club to find friends and connect together with people who have some significant common ground with him back then, and we certainly have seen some lifelong friendships being formed,'' said Fate, '' Now, with an even more expansive list of association and clubs, we certainly see that Brendan is very much tempted with joining all the other societies, but who knows, as you have seen in the season finale, his debate books are with him, so who knows, there might be a return towards debate, everything is very much certainly up in the air in that department.''

However, Fate does add that the new cast members won't be revealed until later episodes, which could stretch as far as until mid-season. ''This series really emphasizes on Brendan himself, so the first few episodes will be about living in a new place and adjusting about it as well as the numerous problems that come in the way, we certainly do have a rotating cast of recurring and guest actors to interact with but certainly nothing has set in stone about the other cast.''

As for the other side of the spectrum, if the pilot fails, then Brendan would indeed return to the original show as a series regular

''We will have Brendan dealing with the regret, the sadness and disappointment of the withdrawal and we would definitely see his emotions go a bit unstable at times, he will definitely be sad. Although, yes, he will accept the fact that he is not going to study overseas for now, it does not mean he cannot do it later or that he cannot be pissed about it. Moreover, there was a romance in development with him and another person which was cut short due to the potential of the new series. We see what happens when he returns to that. There definitely is a few more stories left untold here and there but we'd really wish that the new show pulls through because of the more stories that can be told.''

The new Brendan Goh show which is as yet untitled is still in limbo with the network executives but there are certainly a few names were thrown around. There are a lot but we are showcasing a few ridiculous ones that are actually being considered. Therefore we are listing the ones that we do not like or think would not work to the showrunner that these titles should not even be considered or even thought of:

Ugly Brendan
Brendan and the city
Brendan: Life on the uni lane
Brendan takes on Sydney
The Life of Brendan Goh
How I Met Brendan Goh
Bimbo Theory
Charming Brendan
Project Brendan
Goh's Anatomy
Keeping Up with Brendan Goh
Sydney Shore
The Only Way is Brendan
Brendan Who
The Brendan Goh Show
The Brendan Show
The Good Student
Gossip Boy
Desperate Brendan
Brendan Legal

As well as the Chelsea Handler rip-offs
Brendan's Horizontal Life
Are you there Chardonnay? Its me, Brendan
Brendan Brendan Bang Bang
Lies that Brendan Goh told me

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