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Sunday, January 21, 2007

I am soooo fucked up!!!

My life is seriously stressed right now.

I noe i can handle the pressure

I just cannot handle the accumulating homework that rises faster than a balloon filled with helium!!!

Honestly, does the teachers have some kind of problem that they have to GIVE us homework almost everyday???

What ever happen to finish it in class???

I honestly just realized something, my blog is very mundane like jamie's and it's also as long as the friggin model essays by ramona!!!

No offense, she is a great teacher but the model essays given are just way too long for my wrist endurance.

Oh yeah, Myspace jesse has a boyfriend

His name is Dan.

I would like to tell my friends and everyone else that


I am happy for him, and not jealous.
Rachel, Aaron, Alexis, Samantha, Anna, Lawrence, Ekin, Mika, Alana, Jenascia, Rebecca and other pals.
I got 5 hot chicks to be with what else can i say???
Although i am officially a bisexual, i still prefer girls more!
Come on!
You see my reaction towards the guy matches and girl matches in the WWE
Once i see girls, i light up
The guys are okay, only jeff hardy, kenny dykstra, DX, RVD, Hacksaw and Chris Masters got me standing.
Now jesse having a boyfriend never was a problem to me.
My matters are more worse than that.
Thanks to my mom, who wrecked the car (thanks mom)
My dad decided to do the worst thing he could do to a materialistic, egoistic, shopaholic and trendsetter/fashion stylist.
Budgeting my CNY CLOTHES!!!!
Ladies and gentlemen, please take a moment of silence in respect to the clothes that will never make it to my extravagant wardrobe.
Because of the matter mentioned, i am officially hating 2007 for now.
Man, graduating is never coming without a fight
Guess that's why they call it a series finale for this stage of my life.
Excuse me, clothes look good on me, it should not end up on the bodies of Eric Chong, Adam Chong or Thung Senk Siang.
The clothes that i look sooooo sexy on are either black or out of price range or out of style.
I cried silently in my bed for days.
No black because of CNY
My grandma said that when my daddy is small, they always wear cheap and out of style clothes, saying that at least we have clothes on our backs.
Nobody laughs at them, so why so difficult.
That's to people who have never met Thomas, Bianca's boyfriend.
Gosh he always mock me, at least i kicked his ass.
he is my rival.
Man, when i said that i am going to wear pink on cny because red doesn't look good on me.
My dad says, you look like and aqua.
I say real men wear pink
the shirt saids that too
and so does everybody in the mall
I truimphed but fell for another hot biege shirt, that looked so good on my converse shirt that i MUST have!
My hell has just intensified and
its only january
God, give me a break.
I am tired
I am suffering Someone help me.
Sammy, Anna, Lawrence and Lucy too.
We are all suffering
I can only hope for the best reward in the end.
But its still a long way to go.
Boy, i miss me.

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Jesse. said...

Well that was a long read. =]
I hope everything gets better for ya boy!
Take care!