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Sunday, January 07, 2007

My life sucks
God! with homework, tuition and more homework, life is just hectic!
sometimes i wish i can skip 17 and be 18 so that i can be free and happy and energetic again.
My theme song is Lithium by evanescence.
Its the comfort of sorrow and the possibility of happiness.
My emo meter is rising.
I hope i don't cut my wrist like jamie.
or maybe even slit my throat.
10 months in hell!
Lawrence asked me a question during our usual monthly sleepover at each other's houses
That night was at Anna's house.
So anyway he asked me this
"Would you rather spend 10 months in SPM or locked in the elimination chamber for five minutes and being chokeslamed by kane,F-Ued by john ena, RKOed by randy orton, pedigreed by triple H and tombstoned by the undertaker."
I chose the latter
I mean ain't it obvious, we rather suffer physically than go potentialy psycho.
For example, number bases.
It drove me completely nuts!!!!!
Mr.Thien was grinning like K-Fed defeating John Cena
I was soooooo damn confused!

Anyway, Lucy says that i am too sweet and nice to other people and mus hate some people
Actually, i hate lots of people.
Here's my hate list
1. China
2. KL
3. thung senk siang
4. eric
5. ah bengs
6. those teen golfers at KGS think that they are sooo cool with their clubs, checked pants and collared shirts and ugly golf shoes.
7. mean or boring teachers
8. tyrannical principals
9. bush
10. osama bin laden
11. patriotic ppl
12. fireworks
13. heat and humid places
14. ryan
15. darren
16. flukes
17. Sexelettes
18. Conservatives
19. Badawi and the racist corrupted government
20. ketchup on hotdogs
21. geeks
22. annoying ppl
23. damai lagoon
24. uncivilised village idiots
25. steven seagal
26. my dad
27. soccer freaks
28. F1 freaks
29. basketball
30. Kevin Federline
31. posers
32. Kurt Angle
33. bugs
34. lousy cartoons
35. chinese music
36. chinese male artist (drag queens and posers)
37. ppl who eat endangered animals
38. hunters
39. monkeys
40. ripoffs
see i do have hate in me.

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JaMie said...

har har har. u do hate alot of stuffs, dont u. haaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa. number bases isnt hard once u understood it. but i hate base 2. sheesh.