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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Would somebody save me?
My life sucks, literally.
I have soooo many homework to do!
In fact, its too much that i don't even have time to MSN!!!!!!!!!
I am a certified MSN addict and I NEED TO CHAT!!!!!!
As if my life doesn't suck enough, my laptop has to go completely retarded!!!
Some letters on the keyboard are not functioning well.
I type but the words don't appear on the screen.
What the fuck is the computer's problem?
If u noe how to fix this, pls tell me.
I am using my dad's laptop FYI.

Let me review u my list of homework that i have to do:
1. Add math project, due monday or was it friday?
2. Math, due next week.
3. Add math homework, due before March
4. Chemistry, report and summary
5. English, oral script
6. Malay, TWO EXTREMELY LONG MODEL ESSAYS!, due next week
7. Biology, about 20 experiment reports, due after two weeks.
Not only that, I have to get a friggin cow heart to disect.

Apart from my doodies at the torture chamber/ zoo captivity for teenagers, SMK Sungai Maong.
Also known as my school.
I have to plan a surprise party for someone special.
Not telling who, its a surprise.
Of course, I can't cancel

Not only that, my heart needs company, that's why i need MSN
because i don't have a webcam
because i don't have the software to upgrade the crap i call my laptop.

So here is my miss list and why.
My MSN pal
You sweetness and sensitivity
Not to mention how caring you are is making me missing our intimate chats more and more each day
I hope that we can chat soon, c ya
I love your personality
The 'chats' we had has its own meaning and depth!
You are nice guy to talk to and your opinions are inspirations.
I hope that we can talk soon.
Girl, you are for fun than the Ps2 at home
You are the sweetest girl that any guy could have.
The chats that we had are very fun.
You are carefree, happy and very very fun.
I miss you very much
Plus, the way you call me Paris
Besides, i wish that we can hangout sometime.
Amanda Banana, oops that's for Anna
Your personality always shines in my eyes
That is sooo cool cha noe
You are a nice girl and don't change
Hope to see you soon.
Hope that you and Andre are having fun
Make sure he doesn't slurp okay
Men who slurp are pigs and should be dumped as trash
I wonder that will you be like me
Changing girls fater than changing cell phones.
Are like Rachel, changing boys faster than than underwear,lol.
Our chat's are sooo naughty
Its ALWAYS about SEX
We always had fun, with the jokes and stuff.
Best for last and its my best friend!
We had soooo muchfun, talking, gossiping and blahdy blahding
Chat soon.
F.Y.I. i haven't chatted with hem for days and i already miss them

I wish i was me
The very energetic and fun me
The Mickie James me
I am gonna buy new years revolution
Its funny though, only Anna and I LOVE wrestling
I miss wrestling
I miss RAW, Smackdown and ECW
I miss being happy and fun
I miss not thinking about school or suicide or cutting myself
I miss being me
God help me, i think i am turning to the emo clone of Jamie Ding

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