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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Obviously, i am very different
I am liberal
Gay, well half
American acting (even have an accent)
Plus, i hate chinese music!!!
More into English, Latin and Korean
Now most Malaysians are into rock
I like rock
but hip hop and all those pop and dramatic music
(think beautiful liar by beyonce and shakira)
are more my taste
I dress like a slut
If u have a body, just show it right?
Teen Porn Star with Cleavage is always my preferred way of dressing
I am very deep in my English
Plus, I am destined to go international and never come back.

The people who are the same are the opposites
I will let you to figure out.

Obviously, i am not well liked
I am a nice guy
but if u piss me off, beware of the bitch inside
I am not well liked because i am very open
Ppl in Kuching are over-conservativ.
Its like a sin to even be 0.0000000001% gay

However men today are losers
The good ones are obviously rare as most of them are gay.
Women are malicious sadist, especially chinese ladies
damn poisonous
Don't say that I am patronizing my own race
Its true
Look at the whack up bitches and you will agree with me 100%
A few examples would make you do a sweeping statement immediately
Don't wanna say their names
Not worth to share.
As usual,

Neeways nothing much to say, need ta do my public speaking script
Somehow the script is not perfect
I mean not 100% perfect
*0% perfect is fine but i still can't manage it
Call it writer's block.

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